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Jerome D. Fairfax, VT

Jerome D. Fairfax, VT Stephen Raymond Fire Rescue / Extinguish the misconception of Autism program

We have been lucky enough to acquire a retired pumper for my two sons. Especially important to my son Stephen as he has Autism and finds great calm in all things related to the fire service! He loves looking at my Leather New Yorker all Battle Scared and retired after 10 years of service and I was forced to start wearing a NFPA compliant helmet (unfortunately not a leather and worse yet not one of yours!) I digress I wish to share a photo with you all a coue of shots of my boys wearing their favorite helmets. They each have several but these are their favorites! They are the Cairns Philidelphian 770. Thanks for making a rock solid product line to help firefighters and EMS providers keep coming home to their famies!!

manny f. syracuse, NY

June of 1981 I started wearing a Cairns, my first was a metal style new Yorker, silver , then red when I became an officer, in 1982 I bought my first new Yorker and used it until 2004 when I left as chief. but have continued to wear a black leather new Yorker until today. I own 10 leathers from antiques to my latest new Yorker white 5a , I am going back in as chief in 2016 so I bought a new white one with Gold leaf front.

Charles S. souix falls, SD

Charles S. souix falls, SD WVFD

Cairns Helmets from 1970's and 1940 aluminum, My story Cairns 1010 black fire helmet saved my skull from burns and falling debris, numerous times to many to reacll all of them. Thanks MSA

Anthony w. New providence, PA

Anthony w. New providence, PA rawlinsville fire company

nothing beats tradition, this is my second leather, before I had a 5A, now I have a 2005 N5A with a flattened brim. I could write a book with the stories this helmet could tell, every call it's the last thing I grab and the first I put away. leather forever boys, because plastic melts.

Adam "Bo" Y. Carbon, IN


I am a second generation fireman. My dad is a career captain. I started when I was 16 and wore a 1010, shortly after I got my 880 for a Christmas gift. Two years and another department later, I'm still wearing my 880 and will never wear a different kind of helmet.

Jake E. Lillington, NC

Jake E. Lillington, NC Summerville Fire Department

The photo of this Cairns 1010 with the defender and bourkes is the result of a flash-over thankfully no one was seriously injured, just minor burns. Cairns makes a awesome product definitely the best helmets on the market

Jim K. Throop, PA

Jim K. Throop, PA Wm. Walker Hose Co.

I have a been wearing Cairns helmets all my career. I have to say that Cairns/MSA produces the best helmets in the fire service. I currently will only wear a Cairns Leather helmet, unless I am teaching a burn class then it either my 360 or 660. The picture shows just a sampling of the Cairns helmets that I currently wear and will continue to wear as long as I can. Thanks for making such a great and safe product.

Jason M. Tonawanda, NY

Jason M. Tonawanda, NY Brighton FD, Tonawanda, NY

I have been wearing my N6A since 1998. It was given as a gift to me early in my service as a volunteer firefighter. It has always kept my head safe through many fire sceenes and training evolutions. I would never trade my N6A in for anything else. In fact I love my N6A so much that when I moved to another fire district I had my N6A referbished by MSA/Carins to do a color change. In my previous fire department wore red because I was an officer, now in my new department we all wear black. Nothing beatd the fit, style, protection and tradition like an N6A!

warren s. Pamplico, SC

warren s. Pamplico, SC Windy Hill, Carrer FF / Hannah Salem Volunteer

I Have 2 old leather helmets a 93 Sam Houston and a 92 New Yorker. Both are still in active service. I have been to too many HOTTTTT structure fire to count and they are still stong as ever. They have all been refurbished and still going. You make the best helmets known to man and God Bless you all.

Robert R. Trenton, MO

Robert R. Trenton, MO Trenton Fire Department

When i took over as the Buyer for the Departments PPE i was faced with a staff of just over 20 and some how only 6 Cairns 1044 Helmets and 2 Cairns 880 Helmets. The others were donning the "Modern Brain Buckets" as we knew them as they were Simply Modern Style (Competitors) helmets. A couple of Firefighters had private owned Traditional helmets made by another competitor but they were way too heavy to be comfortable. When it came time for me to liquidate the old PPE and order the new standard of PPE i was proud to make Cairns 1044 Deluxe with Defender Visor my prime choice of my orders. As some time has gone by i have already had to replace and repair other articles of PPE but the Helmets have held strong and show little wear even on my roughest of Firefighters. Because of my time and experience with Cairns Helmets i am proud to say this January i will be outfitting five new probies with the Cairns Helmets and placing a True Leather Helmet with Goggles & Bourkes on my wishlist!

Teddy W. Bridgeville, PA

I love cairns Helmets. They have always stood up to everything i put them through from my 880, 1010 and my New Yorker leather. Excellent products and great company. I love the history and like collecting helmets from cairns.

Mike K. Schenectady, NY

While operating on the second floor of a residential fire I was assigned to searching for extension along with two other firefighters. We had just received our brand new cairns 1044's a few weeks prior. While pulling ceilings a 8x8 piece of Sheetrock with two ceiling joists still attached came down on top of another firefighter and myself. I ducked and felt myself get hit in the head with what had to have been the ceiling joist due to it feeling heavy and solid. I stood back up and was unharmed due to the great stability of my cairns 1044. Thank you for the protection you provided me that day and the protection you provide to the entire fire service every day.

Ben W. Hemlock, NY

Ben W. Hemlock, NY Livonia Fire Department, Livonia NY

Lined up and ready for the demolition derby to begin, all with our Cairns helmets on.

Justin B. Lynn Haven, FL

Justin B. Lynn Haven, FL Panama City Beach Fire Rescue

Leather Forever! N6a. Training or dark smokey always saves my a$$.

Andrew S. Hodgenville, KY

My carins 1044 is awesome. Ive only been a firefighter for 3 years now but it has already helped me. We were going into a structure fire when all the ceiling tiles decided to fall and smack us upside the helmet. The helmet took the hits very well. Thank you for your amazing quality Stuff!

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA

I used my MSA last week to fight a house fire. Without it we could not have entered the structure. I have tried many air packs but MSA is by far my favorite

Jeffery R. Kannapolis, NC

As a kid growing up there was nothing in this world I wanted more then to be a firefighter. From the start there was no hope for me being anything other then a firefighter because I was raised in it. While other 5,6,and 7 year old kids were climbing out of bed to watch their favoite saturday morning cartoons, yeah but not me I was up and ready to go to the fire department with my dad.I would help do truck checks, sweep the bays,wash the trucks, roll hose, anything that had to do with being a firefighter.The first fire helmet I ever put on my head was a Cairns 660,my dad still has the picture somewhere as he often reminds me of those day but that little boy grew up and became of age to join the fire service as Jr firefighter at the age of 16. I still remember that night like it was last night as the officer over PPE started chunking bunker gear boots gloves hoods saying try this on and then he tossed out a box with a helmet in it. It was a brand new still in the plastic 1010 the guys said it looked as if I had unwapped a gold nugget so now it off to classes getting certified before reaching the age of 18 so by this time I have graduated high school in 2003 and recived my state FF certs for all my hard work for christmas my dad rewarded me with a brand new N6A Sam Houston that I still wear today at my career department this fine hand crafted helmet has saved my head more then once and is now about to be a shelf piece but all my years in an around the fire service Cairns by far makes the best fire helmets and thank you for what yall do.

Robert H. Ward, AR

On 10/27/2012 I was at a mutral aid house fire in a manufactured home with shegle roof me and my crew were pulling cealing in the master bed room trying find the fire and make a stop on it. The fire got ahead of us and the roof and ceiling gave way hitting me in the head and my crew. I was wearing my new yorker n5a and it save my head. My partner had his scuffed a little but my buddy was wearing bullard and it was cracked in back brim and broke his visor. All and all i was back fighting fire next shift with my full time dept

Anthony S. Apartment 101, MN

While operating at a training burn I was asked to move tools and other items out of the path of a garage door that was to be closed. While bending over to pick up the items, another firefighter pulled the door release cord before I was clear. This caused the double wide garage door to free fall down the track towards me. The door first impacted my head. If it were not for my helmet I would have sustained injury directly to my skull. My helmet sustained cracks and required some replacement of parts. I am glad my helmet served its purpose in protecting my head.

Kyle B. paxton, MA

Kyle B. paxton, MA Town of Vernon Fire Dept

As a member of the fire service community for almost 10 years, I have realized how imperative it is for every firefighter to feel completely confident with the PPE they are wearing. Every firefighter is faced with a new type of fire now including new forms of building construction and insulation, making for hotter fires with a greater chance of collapse increasing risk of injury tenfold. What I have learned is that through the years Cairns has been a leading name in firefighter safety. The photo I submitted was a photo of me while I was a firefighter intern for a small town in New Hampshire. Just as the photo was taken fire rolled over the ceiling from fire room of origin. I found this picture to relate because it proves that you can never predict what a firefighter will be faced with. Cairns has protected me on numerous occasions. The one that strikes me the most was while working at a residential house fire. I was on the first fire attack crew to enter the building. After being in the building for no more than five minutes a large bookshelf/cabinet type of furniture fell directly on the heads on me and my crew. Causing the nozzle man to loose control of the hose. I am positive that without Cairns, that situation would have caused me to lose consciousness. This fall only bent the bronze eagle on my helmet and some scrapes. My crew eventually regained control of the hose and knocked the fire down without injury.

David E. Chestertown, MD

David E. Chestertown, MD Kennedyville Volunteer Fire Company

I was in a training exercise when the room I was in nearly flashed. The smoke was banked down to my eye level as I was crawling through the house. I saw flames through the smoke and I knew it was only a matter of time before it flashed. If it weren't for the PBI earflaps on my N6A I can only imagine how I would have faired out.

Pedro V. Elk grove, CA

Pedro V. Elk grove, CA East contra costa fire

While doing a 360 walk around at fully involved structure fire, i was so focused on the job at hand that i did not notice a low tree branch, all i felt was a hit and got trown back my cairns helmet protected me from hitting the tree branch and i was able to get up and continue with the task at hand, to put the fire out and protect the adjacent structures.

Steve C. Marietta, GA

Steve C. Marietta, GA Palmetto Ga. Fire / Rescue

I was hooked on the quality of Cairns leather fairly early in my career. The first time I wore one was all it took for me to want one. The comfort, design traits and tradition, merged with the impact cap technology of today. The sum of all parts accomplished brilliantly into a piece of functional beauty,that will take the beating of daily shift work and allow it to simply roll off the brim. I have been wearing ONLY Cairns N6A leather since 1990, to date I have managed to get four of them in my possession, all of them are special in their own right and all of them are well worn and used. I am not one to send testimonials on products but found this site and was compelled to respond and state my praise for your incredible product. Sincerely and Respectfully Steve W. Cook Palmetto Ga. Fire / Rescue B-Shift

Richard B. Saint Charles, MI

During a training session, a master stream appliance failed. The failure of the deck gun caused large pieces of shrapnel to fly in many different directions. The person on the appliance was wearing a Cairns 660C. Multiple pieces struck the firefighter in the head. His helmet protected him from serious facial and other head injuries. Without it or a quality product may not have had the same result. Our Department has used Cairns helmets since the mid 70's and we continue to use them today. Thank you.

Michael H. New Braunfels, TX

A few years ago I worked for the US Dept of State for the Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. Many times we would respond to Indirect Fire (IDF) incidents within the "green zone" and Regional Embassy Offices. Some of the responses were to car bombs at the check points. While we were issued Kevlar helmets I always found more peace in wearing my Cairns 1010. To my amazement that would be tested one day. One particular day we were being bombarded with rockets and mortars. Due to several reported fires from the attack I donned my turnouts with my 1010. While fighting an Army mechanic shop fire we took several more rounds. Some of the shrapnel hit us during the event. We made a quick knock down and went to a hard structure for safety. While inside a safe structure I looked at my helmet and saw a piece of shrapnel stuck in it. I quickly looked inside the shell and it did NOT penetrate the helmet. For that reason I, and my family, am thankful for my Cairns!

Justin T. Chichester, NH

Justin T. Chichester, NH Chichester Fire-Rescue

I' am a firefighter who started off as an explorer in a near by town to where I' am working now. I have enrolled in a program with Chichester Fire-Rescue where a student (me being the student) will move into the fire house and live there for two years while I attend Lakes region community college for my fire science degree. I have achieved Firefighter I EMT-B Instructor I and many other certifications that are relevant to having in my career. I plan on attending Keene state university for the OSHA program and earn my Bachelors degree while attending being enrolled in another two year Residency Program with the Swanzey Fire Dept. I have wanted to be a firefighter my whole life and I am blessed that I have had the opportunities in my life so far and I want to continue to do this job for the rest of my life. It truly is the best job in the world. Cairns has provided some of my brothers and sisters with unmatched protection from Firefighter environments countless times and I and so thankful that there is a company out there still todays that makes their product in the Best country in the world, The United States of America! And it always will be. As well as the unmatched quality there goes into every product that they make day in and day out. Thank you Cairns for allowing me to share just a fraction of my life as it is so far and how your company has kept my family safe!

Ray M. Helenville, WI

Ray M. Helenville, WI Helenville Fire & Rescue

Hazmat training 2010 Helenville Fire & Rescue

Brian B. Deerwood, MN

Brian B. Deerwood, MN Ironton MN

I was rookie chief standing on the top of a RIT training trailer looking down when one of the guys took the shot. Ten years later still I remember the training and the tuck and roll I did out of the trailer window. No doubt the helmet saved my head during those acrobats.

Sean H. pacifica, CA

Many firefighters at the station i am an explorer at recommend cairns again, and again for being the best fire helmets out there.

jon b. oceansprings, MS

jon b. oceansprings, MS fortbayou firedept

all the old guys just having a good time

jon b. oceansprings, MS

jon b. oceansprings, MS fortbayou firedept

i have had a cairns for years i love this helmets it is a great way to show how things in the fire serivce had came so far from the old leather helmets to the new turtle shell ones most wear today i wont give up my cairns

Kyle R. Shamokin, PA

i love the n5a leather helment there is nothing better

don d. mobile, AL

This product protects the majority of our members, keep up the good work

Richelle A. Union, MS

During salvage and over haul of a structure fire a board fell from the ceiling. It hit me in the back of the head striking my he lmet and shoulder. I was not injured. My husband of 23 years had recently passed away leaving me with an 11 year old daughter to raise. The helmet did what it is designed to do. I went home to my child healthy and fine.

brian a. walnut cove, NC

I was on a 3000 acre forest fire in Virginia and my Chief was cutting stag on the fire break.We had several spotters around tree that was being cut, but we never thought it could happen to one of our own.Once the stag was cut the top portion broke at a fork in tree and large section came down and hit the Chief across the top bridge & eagle of the helmet. There was no damage to the shell of the helmet, but the eagle was destroyed. The Chief was ok and not hurt,but was shaken up good. Thanks to the Cairns 1044 quality shell for safety.The fire was named " Bull Mountain Fire".

erik c. detroit, MI

hit in the head with a cement block and helment crack but my head stayed find.

Brian B. Defiance, OH

My Cairns helmet protected me in a very hot fire. After the fire and upon gear inspection, I noticed that my flashlight and camera mounts were melted, but there was no visible damage to my Cairns helmet. Thanks Cairns!

Tyler L. Shelbyville, IN

My Cairns Leather helmet protected my melon when a portion of a ceiling collapsed while doing overhaul at an abandoned house. The fire was suspected to be arson.

Kristy T. Lake Tapps, WA

Kristy T. Lake Tapps, WA North Highline Fire

Columbia Tower Climb 69 Floors with my MSA

Donald G. Talking Rock, GA

Donald G. Talking Rock, GA City of Woodstock FD, Woodstock, GA

A few years ago, I had got off shift and was driving home in my pick up truck. As I entered a left hand blind curve, a car was coming from the other direction but in my lane. I jerked the wheel to the right to avoid an impact but it was too late. The car hit just behind the drivers door and hit the rear wheel. The impact broke the drive shaft, severed the parking brake cable and drove the leaf springs up through the bed. It spun me around so that I was now facing the drivers door of the car that hit me. I jumped out to check on the driver, but as soon as I took my foot off the brake, the truck would roll towards the car. No drive shaft for gears, no parking brake....what to do? I grabbed my Cairns 1010 sitting in the passenger floor now and tossed it under the drivers side rear wheel. A perfect chock to hold the truck so that I could render aid to the driver of the car. That helmet has since been retired, replaced with another Cairns 1010.

Clayton D. Mocksville, NC

Clayton D. Mocksville, NC County Line Volunteer Fire Department

My old New Yorker "Hank" Seize the day, Prepared for anything, Onward to victory Photo credit to Adam Berry

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA North Highline Fire

This was my 10th year wearing my MSA to climb 69 floors in full gear to fight Leukemia. 1,311 steps up the Columbia Tower in Seattle is a small price to pay compared to what cancer patients endure every day. My wife Kristy participated as well. I wore my GoPro camera to film each step. Our department name is North Highline AKA Rat City. Scott T

Thomas M. Murfreesboro, TN

Thomas M. Murfreesboro, TN LVFD

I have had my Cairns 1010 for two years and it is the most comfortable I have ever worn! Keep up the good work!

Frank L. East Norriton, PA

Frank L. East Norriton, PA East Norriton Fire Marshal's Office

My Fire Marshal's Helmet after nearly 20 years of service and three Fire Marshal's (me being the third). The helmet is in great shape for it's age and continues to do it's job. It has been on countless fires and inspections in those years. The helmet is beginning to fall apart and recently had to replace the racheting system and the shield. Other than the fact it is not NFPA compliant and can not be worn in an active fire scene. It work's for now but needs to be replaced.

Lance S. Allentown, PA

Lance S. Allentown, PA Fountain Hill Fire Department

Cairns has been an intergal part of my firefighting career. I started off with a Cairns 660 Metro. I then bought my own Cairns 1044 and got plenty of use out of that helmet until I was recently promoted to EMS Lieutenant. I now wear an orange Cairns 1010 Defender. I have never trusted anything else but Cairns for my protection. Thank you for making such a great product. Please keep up the superior craftsmanship. The attached photo I have titled "The corporate ladder".

William R. ORLEANS, MA

William R. ORLEANS, MA Brewster Fire and Rescue Department

My father just recently retired from the fire service after 36 years full-time, 41 years total. For the last 34 years the two helmets that he used were both Cairns New Yorkers that protected his head and kept him safe in the line of duty. Other then a little smoke and heat damage from many years of fire, structurally they are in great shape and have held up well to many years. When he retired the only thing that he wanted was to keep his helmets as they are his prized possessions. When I graduated college with my degree is Fire Science he asked what I wanted for a graduation gift and I of course asked for my own Cairns N5a.

Jeremy W. Dallas, NC

Jeremy W. Dallas, NC Spencer Mountain Road VFD

Hello everybody my name is Jeremy i have grown up in the fire service. my father is a veteran of 25 years in it. And throughout his and my career in it we have always relied Cairns helmets. As of now he has a 1010 and I have a 1044 my first helmet that he gave to me is a 1010 that i have hanging up on my wall. One day i hope to be able to have the honor of wearing a new yorker.

James M. Exmore, VA

James M. Exmore, VA Northampton Fire / Rescue, Inc.

In 1988 I bought my Dad a Cairns 660, in honor of his election as Chief of the East Milton VFD in Milton, Fla. He wore it thru several years, until he retired in 1995 due to health reasons. He passed away last July,at the age of 85. Before he died he passed the helmet back to me, to wear at my volunteer fire company, after 23 years of service, I would like to retire my dads helmet to a place of honor, and to preserve it to pass on to my grandchildren.

Jason K. Whiteland, IN

Jason K. Whiteland, IN Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department

Me letting my son hold the fire hose with me during a station visit. Moments like this is what I live for and why I need the best protection in the market!

tyler m. South Char, OH

tyler m. South Char, OH pleasant township fire dept.

this training burn pretty much about did me in for my helmet. after wearing it for 8 plus hours and being an old turtle shell, one strap broke, and the pad that sits on the top of your head had shredded and now my helmet sits on the flat spot of my head, and being a volunteer department, we cant afford new ones. so it would be a great if the helmet of my pick could be mine! thanks!

Chris P. Emlenton, PA

Chris P. Emlenton, PA Emlenton Volunteer Fire Department

You just can't bet the protection and durability of our Sam Houstons. Solid helmet!

andrew w. clarksville, OH

andrew w. clarksville, OH clinton warren joint fire district

I recently bought a n5a helmet. It has yet to see a fire but I wouldint trade it for any other helmet on the market. Thanks for making such a good helmet!

chance h. st augustine, FL

During an interior attack on a mobile home fire, an object exploded and struck me in the head and knocked me to the floor. It was protected by my Cairns Sam Houston Helmet. My nozzleman moved toward the fire inside and I quickly recovered and got back to my knees and backed him up. The Christmas tree and contents of the living room were burning and needed to be knocked out to save the home. Steven never heard or saw what had occurred. The smoke was so thick, you couldn't see you hand in front of your mask. We extinguished the fire and went into overhaul mode. As the smoke cleared I could see the object that struck me had been sitting on top of the stove. An unopened can of whole kernal corn had heated up and the can bleved. Corn kernals were every where! And the jagged remains of the can lay on the floor next to where I had entered the front door. Never would I ever considered a can of corn dangerous! Thank goodness for great Personal Protective Equipment! Leather Forever!!!

Ashley D. Jesup, GA

My cairns 1044 defender is absolutely the safest helmet money can buy. I beleive the defender shield is the best invention yet for a fire helmet. Works perfect for keeping ash and trash out your eyes while working at a brush fire, also while working MVC scenes that require extrication. Good job guys keep up the good work in keeping us safe.

kyle R. Shamokin, PA

I've had my carins leather helmet since 1999 and from 13 years of use its been the best helmet I've ever had and there nothing better,last year my dept ran a dwelling fire on july 4th weekend and when we were laddering the house the ladder slipped and fall on my head the leather saved me from getting hurt and all the helmet got was a little bit of paint taken off

Will D. Selma, AL

I have been wearing a cairns helmet my whole career and it has always done a great job. It even held up to the heat while the other bullard helmets that were worn by other firefighters melted.

Gabriel D. Georgetown, TX

Back in 2008 I was in the Fire Academy. We were in live burn weeks and doing nothing but live burn car fire dumpster fire house fire and a hotel fire. When we were in one of the house fire skills a piece of the roof feel off and hit me in the head at the time i didnt know that it cracked my helmet I had a Cairns 1010 that I had got from my father for my birthday. when we got out of the fire I looked at my helmet and could not see or feel the crack. The next thing we did was the Flash over chamber. I went in with the helmet. I could feel the heat on my head. It wasnt alot. when we got out I saw that the top of my helmet was melted and the inside was burned. It never burned thro I was really lucky ever since then I have had cairns helmets untill now my department has morning pride and I just dont have the money to buy a cairns yet

Jake C. brier, WA

My name is Jake Cawsey and fire fighting is my life its something i breath and something i live. My favorite helmet is the Cairns because of the look and feel. Thats what i use and what i will continue to use. My last personal cairns has been to hell and back and kept me safe but its time for a new one. I use my helmet almost every day training and teaching and its held up to some pretty tough hits from falling roofing and daily use. I entered this contest because i need a new helmet and i might as well try to win one because that would make it even better. thank you for your time and your product! keep it up brothers and sister. -Jake cawsey

Brent B. Jerome, ID

Here is my story, At my old department my helmet was my protector, and I treated it with pride everyday. Well one day right at shift change, I had my gear out on the ramp, next to Engine 5 and was distracted by one of my firefighters needing assistance. I then told my Driver to meet me over at our next door station with Engine 5, and we would then head out for our morning training evolution. I was at the other station speaking with my firefighter, and I noticed my Driver walking over to the station carrying something. When he opened the door he showed me my beautiful helmet, which was crushed by Engine 5. I was very upset by this because I put the helmet and gear by the truck, and my Driver did not do a walk around before leaving the ramp. So this was a lesson learned on both parts. The most upsetting thing was I lost my pride and joy and also I paid for this helmet with my own money, and now I am at a new department that can only afford the cheaper helmets. So all I can say is I hope my story helps out, and I hope will see a new helmet in the future. Thank you, and be safe!!

mike r s. glen ellyn, IL

i storm chase and my old cairns helmet has helped me alot with search and rescues after tornado's and severe weather rolled though. now that ive had to retire my old helmet and cant afford a new one at the moment this caught me eye very fast. this is a big opportunity for me.

Todd H. Boswell, IN

we was working a serious accident in 1996 and I was cleaning up around the car when the car came off the jack and my helmet was able to hold up the car long enough for me to get out from underneath the car.

Mark B. Milwaukee, WI

I have been a pround owner of carins products since I got into the fire service 6 years ago. I started with a 1010 then went to a 880 when wy department swithced to a different manufacturers helmet. I then moved up to a '91 new yorker that I refinished myself. I love this helmet but fear I will have to retire it due to it not meeting requirements. In my eyes carins products are the gold stadard when it comes to technology, comfort, and customer service.

Tyler S. Lexington, KY

I was on a working fire last summer during the overhaul stage of a single story shotgun style home with several additions over the years. While operating a member of the crew i was operating pulled a ceiling joist down while pulling ceilings and the joist came straight down on top of my N6A and other than seeing a few stars and stumbling a bit from the confusion associated with the sudden hit i was able to continue operating at the scene. My Leather helmet took the hit and shows no signs of damage. I own three Cairns Helmets a 1044 w/defender that i purchased to where at my volunteer house which has since been turned into a training helmet i wear to Live fire classes. This helmet has exceeded all expectations and more. I was issued a 1010 by my employer and loved it up until i purchased my N6A. Thank you for making such a great product.

Doug C. Independence, KY

I have been a Cairns customer for the past 20 years and love the way they fit and most of all the quality, look and design of the helmets. I currently have a Cairns 1010 and hope to be the proud owner of a Leather New Yorker some day. Thank you for protecting us and representing the Fire Service.

Ron N. Southgate, KY

I've been well protected by Cairns helmets for over 25 years in the fire service and haven't used any others.

Jeremiah N. Delta, OH

Msa is they best of the best there is no otherwise that can even come close to it thanks msa for all your hard work for a great product

Marty M. Dallas, TX

In 2006 our engine was dispatched on a second alarm for a working grain silo fire. Upon arrival there was heavy black smoke pouring from the third story windows. Command immediately assigned our engine to rapid intervention for crews trapped on the third floor. I ordered my crew to throw a 35ft ladder to the third floor to start providing escape routes for the fire fighters working on that floor. Just as we had the ladder raised, but not locked in, a master stream was introduced from the other side of the building trying to cover the escape of the fire fighters. The tactic projected large chunks of metal from the fire floor out our window. We were quickly being rained on by metal weighing up to 25lbs, of various shapes and jagged edges. The largest piece struck the halyard man directly in his Cairns 1010 helmet. He was visibly shocked and lost control of the halyard. Meanwhile, all four of us were still taking direct hits from metal ourselves. The incident did result in a serious thumb injury to one crew member. With that said, it is my belief that without quality helmets, my halyard man would have sustained brain injuries. He was able to complete his shift, after we issued him a new helmet, as the incident did crack his helmet. More than that though, we all were able to complete the ladder raise, evacuate our injured fire fighters from the scene. I have refused to wear anything but a Cairns ever since. Marty Mayes, Captain Retired

Jozef T. Elizabeth, PA

One of my fellow firefighters has a n5a and it's seen fire and is still good. I am turning 18 In October and I really want a Cairns n5a black but I can't afford it and after seeing him have ceiling fall on him and debris everywhere and going into a fire alot, honestly I want a helmet that will be safe then a composite plastic one. I have always loved the leather helmet due to that it's safe light and made from leather and looks " ole school " and I just think i should try and see if I can win a leather. Everyone at my station is like get a leather it won't let you down ever but I just can't afford it due to the price over 500 dollars. So i hope this story is good enough to get picked and I would be super happy if I won a Black N5A and my goal would be success if I owned and used a leather. And Also I bought 3 other cairns 1000 and 2 1010s but I just wish I bought a leather. So please pick this story I would be grateful if I was awarded a leather helmet Thanks you Jozef

John M. Traverse City, MI

I got my Cairns 660 brand new when i joined as an explorer in 2007. it has been with me through out my career and protected my head more times than i can count, probably the most recent was a section of 5" coming off the truck and the coupling smacking me in the head but my helmet was there to protect me. it takes the abuse so i can keep doing my job.

Charlie W. Norwalk, OH

Charlie W. Norwalk, OH Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department

As a member of the FVFD I choose to buy with my own money a Cairns 880 because it is the lightest, lowest fitting, most comfortable, and safest helmet on the market. The 880 is and will be the only helmet I wear during training or fire calls as my career in the fire service continues.

Sierra H. 16 Salem Street, NY

My Dad is almost 77 years old, and he is a long time collector of all things firefighter related, especially helmets and helmet shields. This Christmas I got him a beautiful vintage Cairns from Florida Rescue 1, but I don't have any details on it. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about it. It came from Brooklyn, but from someone that was selling a collection he bought. So, he didn't have any details. My dad loves to know the history behind his pieces and write up little signs as he displays them in his room. Both he and I have a great respect for all the men and women that serve as firefighters.

Nathan J. north saanich, BC

Our department had a practice house burn. the house was probably late 60's and so were the light fixtures. pitch black, no visibility, we entered, extinguished the fire and ventilated. once outside my fellow firefighter pointed at something on my gear and lid. i removed my Cairns Helmet and noticed strings of a thick black melted substance on the brim and top. The substance came off some large dangling light fixtures that had melted and dripped all over us during our fire attack.The Cairns helmet prevented burns and pain that would have gone down my neck and elsewhere. Thanks!

kyle w. baltimore, MD

kyle w. baltimore, MD Prince George's County Fire/EMS Dept

My department responded to a working structure fire. The structure involved was a garden style apartment, 3 stories and two breezeways. The fire started in a storage closet on the first floor and had worked up the side of the wood siding and involved the attic. Upon arrival of our first due companies (less than 3 minutes), the fire had already self ventilated through the roof. I was on my first day of off duty and per our SOP's, responded to the scene POV. When I reported to staging, I was assigned to a four man crew to advance a handline to the third floor of the structure. We pulled our line through the breezeway to the stairway (interior) of the C side of the structure. As we were advancing the line up the stairs, a portion of the ceiling fell on our crew. My Cairns N5A leather new yorker helmet took the hit for me. The right portion of my shield front bracket was broken (I had to use some tape to hold it in place after the fire). My Pass alarm was torn from my SCBA and could not be recovered from the amount of debris. Thanks to my Cairns N5A I was able to continue with my assignment and we were able to save two children from the structure fire. As for the N5A leather helmet, it performed its duties. I'm Cairns for life, baby!

Kyle S. Delaware, OH

Kyle S. Delaware, OH Radnor Township Fire Department

At The Ready

James M. Windsor, MO

Enjoy the safety and comfort of my 1044 with defend shield every day i use it. Thank you for keeping all of us safe and letting us be with our families on chirstmas.

Dave S. Highland Heights, OH

When I was working part time at a FD I had a leather N5A New Yorker helmet. It was great. I enjoyed wearing it on fires and on whatever calls I needed to wear full PPE. Now that I'm full time, I can't wait to finish probation so I can wear a leather helmet as my front line gear.

Jarrid D. Lancaster, OH

I have to be honest, I have never had a scare or a scenario where the Cairns helmet has saved my life. However, I can tell you how safe I feel wearing the helmet. They feel very strong and are very easy to wear. I can vouch for the strength of the helmet. We have demonstrated there strength by beating them with a baseball bat. It held up very very good. I have even had the choice to choose which helmet I would like to wear. Cairns is a 10.

Tony R. Lansdowne, PA

I've been wearing a Cairns N5A New Yorker for over a decade now, and every one I've worn has proven its worth. We were backing out of the attic of a Queen Anne single-family dwelling and were on our way down the steps when part of the roof let go above us. Pieces of roof came down and landed on us, but thanks to the helmets we were wearing we sustained nothing but slightly bent helmet front holders.

Jason D. Kent City, MI

My Cairns 1010 has kept me safe in every situation I have ever been in. I have had drywall and hot ember fall on my helmet with no injury to myself. Thankfully, I have never had to put my helmet to any extreme tests. I have endured countless extrication and extrication practices with injury to myself or my colleges - as we all wear the Cairns 1010. Thank you for making such a great product while still making it affordable for departments to purchase for their members.

Matt B. Flora, IN

A few years ago I was on scene of an incident involving a large commercial fire with several departments responding. I was on the first due engine and already to go once on scene with my Cairns Helmet on. I was working on stretching a hose line as another member on the Engine started lowering the ladder rack. He did not see me, but I was under it at the time he lowered it and dropped it on my head causing me to fall to the ground. Luckily the helmet protected my head and I just got a slight headache from it. If it was not for the helmet I had on, I could have had much more severe injuries.

James B. Delphi, IN

Several years ago I was involved in a structure fire of a large, old style school house that had been converted into residential occupancy. During the suppression of the fire, members of the crew were impacted by a major heat causing the top of the helmet to boil up into the size of a nickle on the top of the ridge of the helmet. However, the heat did not penetrate through the helmet.

Scott S. DeSoto, MO

I have worn Cairns helmets for 15 yrs. A year ago, I inherited a Cairns leather helmet with a date of 1893 on the center medallion. This helmet was my great, great uncles when he was on the job in Secaucus, NJ. It is an awesome feeling to look at the history from that helmet to the current Cairns 880 that I wear on the job today. Thank you for being an American tradition!

Erik H. Norwalk, OH

I can't wait until I can lose this blue smurf colored cadet helmet! When my training is complete and I become a full time member of our department, I will be sure to get a Cairns Chicago 880 just like my grandpa and my older brother wear. It is like a family tradition!

Charlie W. NORWALK, OH

Charlie W. NORWALK, OH Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department

As a member of the FVFD, I choose to buy with my own money a Cairns 880 because it is the lightest, lowest fitting, most comfortable and safest helmet on the market. The 880 is and will be the only helmet I wear during training or fire calls as my career in the fire service continues.

Sharon D. Cahokia, IL

Sharon D. Cahokia, IL Camp Jackson Fire Department

I am the Assistant Chief of a volunteer fire department in Illinois. I am responsible for purchasing PPE for the firefighters, and I only buy Cairns Helmets. I have worn helmets from other manufacturers in the past, but nothing wears like a Cairns Helmet! I personally wear the Cairns 880 and I recently bought a special one; one for my daughter who is 15 years old and an explorer with the department. I trust Cairns to take care of her.

Ken V. Eaton, IN

I have used your helmets at previous departments and will be looking into purchasing one for my new department. We have a small budget very similar to other departments, so I will try to buy items to help save money. One night during heavy floods, we had one firefighter fall in a flooded area off the road and went through a drainage tunnel underneath and the helmet fell off. I went out and found it a week later and found it to be still in great shape. A good cleaning and check and it was back in service.

Stephen F. Crestwood, KY

Stephen F. Crestwood, KY Ballardsville Fire Department

We are proud to say that we have and will continue to use Cairns helmets. I took this picture of my son when he was 3 years old. He has and will continue to love the fire service as I do and have since I was a kid myself. I always get comments on the pic and thought I might share it with you guys. Thanks for helping protect and keep all within our family safe.

Adam L. Southport, NC

Adam L. Southport, NC Boiling Spring Lakes Fire Rescue

This is a picture of me at a control burn in Pinehurst, NC in 2005. This was not long after I had completed DOD fire school through the USAF. I'm wearing a Cairns 1010 with Bourke Eye Shields that I had installed. This helmet was my first helmet I was issued when I first started in the fire service. I still own and use this helmet today.

Brandon L. Artesia, NM

Brandon L. Artesia, NM Boston Fire Department

I was on vacation back in the mid-90s on the island of Nantucket when we found the attached Cairns helmet (Aluminum 350 Senator) tucked away in a little antique shop.

Frank J. Seal Beach, CA

Cairns is a well known helmet in the fire service. I cannot tell how many brothers that have been saved by your products, but I'm sure it's countless. Helmets that I have had melted give me something to talk about. I cannot tell of the burns or trauma I have been spared as I just don't know.

Jacob E. Jasper, GA

Jacob E. Jasper, GA Hinton Volunteer Fire Department

We were dispatched to a vehicle fire on the highway. The rescue was the only resource I had at the time. So, I attempted to extinguish the fire with the extinguisher until I could get an Engine on scene which was approx. 15 minutes for the first arriving engine.

Erick F. Jonesboro, AR

We were paged out to a car fire. I arrived on scene to a fully involved pickup truck on fire. I got packed up and started my attack from the driver's side. As I was shutting off the nozzle, the fire flashed in my face. I assumed it was a result of a chemical reaction from the cold water hitting the hot magnesium inside the truck. My Cairns 1044 helmet did its job in protecting me from the instantly high heat I was exposed to for a few seconds. My helmet was covered in gray dust; I'm guessing magnesium. Thank you Cairns for taking pride in making your helmets and making sure they are able to keep us firefighters safe in the line of battle.

Bryan A. Commerce, GA

Bryan A. Commerce, GA Commerce Fire Dept

Making an interior attack on a two story 2000 sq. foot structure with heavy fire on A/D side. Our crew pulled two lines to the A side pushing the fire back on both floors and we had a very quick knockdown. Coming out of the residence, a piece of a beam fell on my head. I was very glad I had my Cairns Classic 1000 on to protect my head!

Edward M. Indianapolis, IN

While fighting a fire in a single family residence, the roof suddenly collapsed on us. The entire crew was wearing Cairns helmets. The only injury to the crew was a broken arm. Our Cairns helmets performed as they were designed.

James M. Roselle Park, NJ

About 10 years ago, my fire department responded to a reported fire in a 2 story occupied garden apartment complex. Upon arrival, smoke was visible from several windows on division 2. My engine crew of 4 secured a water supply and stretched a 1/34" preconnect to the apartment door and forced entry and did a primary search of the fire apartment which was negative. The crew then began to knock down the fire which was discovered in the kitchen. I was the lead fireman on the nozzle. As I was applying water on the fire, I heard what I thought sounded like rocks hitting my helmet and face shield. About 10 minutes into the job, the fire was knocked down and my crew retreated to the exterior where I discovered my entire helmet and face shield was covered in molten jelly/jam. The jelly/jam jar apparently exploded when the cold water from the nozzle hit it. The jar pieces were later found on the kitchen counter in the area of fire origin. I escaped with nothing more than some redness just below the helmet brim. There is no question in my mind that if I had not been wearing my Cairns 1010 helmet I would have suffered severe burns injuries to my head and face. Also, this same helmet has served me faithfully for many years after this event. Thank you for permitting me to tell my story. Your superior firemen products are outstanding! Sincerely, James D. McCrady.

Nathan J. North Saanich, BC

Our department had a practice house burn. The house was probably late 60s and so were the light fixtures. Pitch black, no visibility, we entered, extinguished the fire and ventilated. Once outside, my fellow firefighter pointed at something on my gear and lid. I removed my Cairns Helmet and noticed strings of a thick black melted substance on the brim and top. The substance came off some large dangling light fixtures that had melted and dripped all over us during our fire attack.The Cairns helmet prevented burns and pain that would have gone down my neck and elsewhere. Thanks!

Ben R. Ardmore, OK

Never would I have thought my Cairns 660C Metro would come in handy at a grass fire. My 660C was just in reach when the call for trees to be cut down was made. In the process of cutting our "road" to the fire, a very large tree decided to make its home on top of my head which managed to break my shield and clips off and knock me out. I am glad my Cairns helmet did its job in preventing further damage. Thanks for making great products. - Ben Rieck

John R. Oxford, MS

A fellow officer and I arrived on scene of an approx. 1200 sq. ft. house with moderate smoke showing. We were dressed as soon as the engine pulled in the driveway. We both packed out and began to make entry. My fellow officer made entry through the front door while I pulled some hose up the front steps. When I felt I had enough on the porch, I entered the structure behind him. As he walked into the room adjacent to the fire room, he began his fire attack. When he began to hit the fire, the fire rolled over the room he was in and hit him head on. He was wearing a fairly new red Cairns N6A Houston. The flames were so intense, even for just a brief moment, that his leather shield almost seemed to melt. The helmet itself sustained no damage other than some melted Bourke Eye Shields and some cool sooting of course. Had he been wearing a plastic helmet, I feel he would have been hanging that helmet on the wall afterwards. There is no way a plastic helmet could have withstood that intense fire that seemed to engulf his entire head.

Mike M. Little Falls, NJ

I'm a huge fan of Cairns Fire Helmets. They continue to keep us all safe in the firefighting community. My department not only just wears them for the looks, but we wear them with confidence that we know we can be safe by wearing them. Thinking back to about a year ago when myself and my captain went into a structure fire, while in the building the ceiling above us collapsed (luckily just a small portion) falling on us both, because of the Cairns 880 Traditional we walked out without a scratch, happy that we were both wearing Cairns!! THANK YOU!!!

Kyle W. Baltimore, MD

Kyle W. Baltimore, MD Prince Georges County Fire/EMS Department

My department responded to a working structure fire. The structure involved was a garden style apartment, 3 stories and two breezeways. The fire started in a storage closet on the first floor and had worked up the side of the wood siding and involved the attic. Upon arrival of our first due companies (less than 3 minutes), the fire had already self-ventilated through the roof. I was on my first day of off duty and per our SOP's responded to the scene POV. When I reported to staging, I was assigned to a four man crew to advance a handline to the third floor of the structure. We pulled our line through the breezeway to the stairway (interior) of the C side of the structure. As we were advancing the line up the stairs, a portion of the ceiling fell on our crew. My Cairns N5A leather New Yorker helmet took the hit for me. The right portion of my shield front bracket was broken (I had to use some tape to hold it in place after the fire). My Pass alarm was torn from my SCBA and could not be recovered from the amount of debris. Thanks to my Cairns N5A I was able to continue with my assignment and we were able to save two children from the structure fire. As for a N5A leather helmet to perform its duties, I'm Cairns for life baby!

Jeremy S. Ashburnham, MA

A few years ago, myself and a friend stumbled across an old Cairns leather helmet from our town on eBay. We made frantic phone calls to other members to start collecting money to buy it. The auction ended as a loss, but in a turn of fate our town administrator/fellow member presented the helmet to the department as a gift. It is now located in our main reception area.

David S. Valatie, NY

David S. Valatie, NY Niverville Fire Department

I am a 15 year member of the Fire Service. My career so far has been filled with Cairns. From the first time that I put on my fathers helmet which is when I became hooked on Cairns. I will never choose anything else. I own six of my own helmets. I also have a Cairns charm that I wear on my necklace with my St. Flourian for good luck. My love for Cairns has been picked up by my Fire Department. My Chief just purchased new Cairns 1010s for every Firefighter. We all are proud of the Cairns name. Thank you for keeping me safe in the past and in the future.

James B. Assonet, MA

I am a huge fan of Cairns helmets and trust their superior quality. They are not only very comfortable but they are also light weight. In regards to the safety of these helmets, I can recall several incidents where my helmet protected me. However, 1 specific occasion comes to mind. In 1999 I was fighting a set fire in a restaurant and the drywall ceiling came down on myself and my partner. Lucky, I was wearing my Cairns 1010 and walked away without a scratch. THANK YOU CAIRNS!!!

Robert S. Lake Station, IN

On 12-10-2011, I was able to pull 2 small children out of a structure fire. After pulling the first child out, the room flashed over. On mke I was able to jump from the room out the window. I then went to the front of the home where the fire was being knocked down and entered and retrieved the second child with help of a Hobart firefighter. My red hat was black and burned, but my head was fine and 2 small children are alive today with the help of my Cairns 880 fire helmet.

Joshua B. Fort Mitchell, AL

While on a structure fire last year I had a roof cave in and land on my head. I was wearing the Cairns 1044. I was fortunate to walk away with no injuries. If it were not for my helmet doing it's job the outcome might not not have been so well.

Tristin W. Longview, WA

I have been on 2 fires that the ceiling has came down on me and other firefighters knocking us to the ground. If we did not have are helmets on we would have been hurt by all the sheetrock and whatever else was up there. Thanks to the helmets they saved us.

Ronnie G. Liverpool, NY

Ronnie G. Liverpool, NY Liverpool Fire Dept. Inc.

Cairns amazing helmets, poor wheel chock

Kyle S. Delaware, OH

Kyle S. Delaware, OH Radnor Township Fire Department

Captains Helmet

Philip H. Lyman, SC

My department responded to a working structure fire. The structure involved was a garden style apartment, 3 stories and two breezeways. The fire started in a storage closet on the first floor and had worked up the side of the wood siding and involved the attic. Upon arrival of our first due companies (less than 3 minutes), the fire had already self ventilated through the roof. I was on my first day of off duty and per our SOP's, responded to the scene POV. When I reported to staging, I was assigned to a four man crew to advance a handline to the third floor of the structure. We pulled our line through the breezeway to the stairway (interior) of the C side of the structure. As we were advancing the line up the stairs, a portion of the ceiling fell on our crew. My Cairns 660C Metro helmet took the hit for me. The right portion of my shield front bracket was broken (I had to use my goggles to hold in in place after the fire). My Packtracker was torn from my SCBA and could not be recovered from the amount of debris. Thanks to my Cairns 660C I was able to continue with my assignment and we were able to save two-thirds of the structure.

Matt W. McEwen, TN

Matt W. McEwen, TN McEwen Fire Department

I bought my Cairns 1010 in 2001 when I joined the Castile Fire Department in Western N.Y. for three years. Then, I moved to Tennessee in 2004 where I joined the McEwen Fire Department. Over the past ten years my helmet has seen multiple incidents. One of the most memorable incidents happened in the winter of 2009 - 2010 where we were paged out for a working structure fire. I was in our first engine out. On arrival, we had heavy smoke and flames showing from a two story house. Myself and another firefighter made entry and an initial attack in the basement where the majority of the fire was located. During the initial attack, my helmet received heavy heat and smoke damage. The basement and first story of the house had heavy damage. The second story was a save from fire extension. The house had little content, because it was in the finishing steps of construction. Being a rural fire department, we had two mutual aided tankers to the scene. We operated on-scene for approximately two hours. This is mainly where my helmet received its appearance. This helmet is still in-service today.

Scott M. Rochester, NY

It's not that much of a story, but I'll enter it anyway. Several years ago, one of the firefighters that I look up to the most and have learned a lot from was blown out of a second story window and landed on the pavement below. I'm positive that his life was saved due to his Cairns helmet. If it wasn't for your guys' helmets, I wouldn't know half the things I do about the fire service.

Gary B. Lebanon, PA

Well, when I first tried on a Cairns helmet I was amazed, and I went on to buy 2 Cairns 880s which have protected me so much. I enjoy wearing them. Once I showed off my 880s to the fire company they went on to buy about 60 of them and everyone loves them.

Daniel F. Verona, PA

Daniel F. Verona, PA Unity VFD Station 233

Over the past five years I’ve been in the Fire service. I have seen and have learned many new things. But, during my experiences I have become heavily reliant on MSA products from SCBAs, helmets, and goggles to a MSA CO Detector that was attached to a First in bag that alerted us of high levels when there was no indication of a problem since we were sent there for a elderly man who had falling and was injured. And, the other time when my crew and I were overhauling after a residential fire and part of the ceiling came crashing down on my head. Luckily enough, I was not injured because my Cairns 1010 did its job. I would like to thank you guys for everything that you do to keep us safe.

Nicholas N. Connellsville, PA

Nicholas N. Connellsville, PA Connellsville TWP. V.F.D.

I was wondering if any one could help? I’ve been actively involved in the fire service for 10 years and collecting antique fire fighting equipment since I've been a little kid. I’ve always admired my father’s extensive helmet collecting, so I’ve been focusing on expanding mine. I recently found an early model Cairns and Brothers Aluminum 350 Senator. The roadblock I’ve run in to is putting a date to my unique find. I’ve found some information and different changes that the Senator helmet line has gone through (like the old versions have minimal rivets, no ear flaps, and no chin strap) which mine is similar to. My main reason for this post is to hopefully gain more information about what I have found. Either way, the research I’ve been doing has increased the passion for something I’ve grown to care so much about. Thanks.

Jacob E. Jasper, GA

Jacob E. Jasper, GA Hinton Fire Department

While Fighting an interior attack in a small residential fire, I was in charge of pulling ceiling. The fire was burning pretty good above me and the ceiling was made of thick plywood. I had burned insulation and plywood fall on top of me. My Cairns N5A New Yorker Helmet kept my head safe and kept the debris from hitting my thin Nomex hood.

Dan F. Verona, PA

I have used Cairns helmets for the past 5 years. The dependability of these helmets are excellent. From the Structural 360S to my Cairns 1010, I believe these products are the best on the market. Thanks for all that you do.

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA North Highline Fire

I wear my MSA Airpack to climb 69 flights, 1,311 steps every year for Leukemia in Seattle. My little nephew has Leukemia. This is my 10th year in a row climbing in full gear on air. Thanks MSA - Scott T

Phillip H. Snoqualmie, WA

Phillip H. Snoqualmie, WA ITT Fire and Emergency Services

MSA Airpack

Dustin D. Glendale Springs, NC

After years of using Bullard and not having the option of using a Cairns, our department finally agreed on going with Cairns helmets, and I'm so happy now! It's been a long time coming. I finally have a black Cairns 1010 with a Defender Visor with Bourkes Eye Shield! I had to literally beg and plead for it. I melted my Bullard in a training fire, and later when we ordered new turnout gear I was calling around for prices and arranging for dealers to come and give us a demonstration for different types of gear. We had enough grant money to order 3 sets of gear, and then he asked us about what type of helmets we needed. The other guys said just give us the regular helmets, and then I spoke up. It was my only chance to get a Cairns. I said the only helmet I trust and the only helmet that's built to last and take the heat is the Cairns Traditional Composite Fire helmets, and I went on telling them about the safety feature where the helmet shell can flip off and the inner shell stays fastened to your head and your still protected. Immediately the dealer throws in his two cents and says "you should get the Morning Pride Ben-2." "It's the toughest helmet on the market and it has a safety feature where the chin strap pops loose. If you have a situation where you fall through the floor and the back brim catches something so it doesn't break your neck." And I'm thinking shut up. Don't ruin this for me; I want Cairns. He just wanted us to buy his line of helmets to get himself more of a commission. I said the Ben-2 may have a break away chin strap but how does that protect your head when you fall through the floor after it breaks away. Your no longer protected, but the Cairns breaks away leaving the inner shell still on your head and you still have protection! I trust Cairns, you can keep your Ben-2. He looked puzzled, but the other guys saw that the Cairns had way better safety features. The next thing I know we ordered 4 Cairns 1010s. And in the future, each time we order gear we are going with Cairns! When you are in a firehouse with a bunch of narrow minded guys who don't wanna spend a few extra bucks for safety and you finally get them to go with a Cairns it's nothing short of a miracle! But I wanna say Cairns is the best helmet ever made! It's truly the firefighters helmet.

John B. Indianapolis, IN

My crew and I were assisting in the rescue of a steel worker that was pinned between a tractor trailer and a loading dock. Before our arrival, the factory had moved their multi-ton overhead lift above the trailer in an attempt to relieve some of the weight off the worker. I was standing on the loading dock directing my employees when the straps attached to the lift broke free. When the straps broke free the lift cables with a hook on the end began to swing wildly striking me on the side of the head. Thankfully I was wearing my N6A Houston with my chinstrap in place so I sustained no injury. My N6A is so strong that it only sustained a minor nick in the brim. That day confirms the reason I wear a Cairns N6A leather helmet. It is the reason why almost all of my employees also wear the N6A. Thank you Cairns!

Ralston S. Lenoir, NC

Hello my name is Ralston, I wanted to say thank you for all you do in the Fire service!!! How you supply firefighters all over the world with gear and everything else that helps them do their job better. But I am a firefighter at my Department, North Catawba, and love every minute of it. Thanks everyone that has something to do with the Fire service everyday!! I know when I work I thank my personal Lord and savior for giving me another day to serve him as a fireman and child of God. But Cairns has protected me for along time as I go about my duty as a fireman. But I am thankful that Cairns has protected my Dad (my hero) as he has been a firefighter for 23 Years now and he has loved his cairns 1010. But it has been put up to the test against fire, heat, and everything! It is a outstanding helmet. But thank you guys for your time and God bless you all for what you do! Your brother in the fire service, Ralston.

George D. Sellersville, PA

George D. Sellersville, PA Sellersville Fire Dept.

Photo of the cairns helmet that I purchased in 1972 as it appears today. I have kept it in good condition.

Matt A. Merced, CA

Matt A. Merced, CA Merced Fire/Rescue

The tradition lives on

Rick C. Hawesville, KY

Just this past Sunday morning, my department provided mutual aid to the Lewisport (KY) Volunteer Fire Department on a structure fire at a carwash. I was on a ladder being heeled by FF Damien Rice of LVFD when I handed my hose line down to the ground and the nozzle fell and struck FF Rice in the head. His Cairns helmet protected his head as he made the comment, "glad I was wearing my helmet today!" Thank goodness there was no injury.

Michael D. Willimantic, CT

Michael D. Willimantic, CT Wales fire dept

I went to a propane drill in Holland, MA. This was not my first time doing one of these drills. We were asked to use the Holland Fire Department nozzles which didn't flow enough water. There was 3 Cairns 660C Metro helmets along with three sets of Cairns bunker gear that got burnt so bad the paint flaked off. The coats and pants were no good either. After that, we used Wales Fire Department (our station) nozzles and we didn't ruin any more gear. The picture of the helmet is the best of all three. It belonged to my dad, the chief of the Wales Fire Department at the time. The helmet may have been cooked and so was his gear, but he's still here and able to tell the story all thanks in part to your great products.

James M. Windsor, MO

James M. Windsor, MO Windsor 4 Co. Rural Fire Dept.

I joined the way of the firefighter roughly 7 years ago and never has a call gone by that I've not worn a Cairns helmet. I have had multiple helmets due to the decommissioning of a few that have been in collapses and falls from rooftops onto concrete. I currently have a Cairns 1044 with the Defender Visor and love it. Gotta be the most comfortable and stable helmet ever. I don't expect to win this but need to let y'all know the helmets y'all produce in my opinion cannot be outdone by no other manufacturer.

Vincent M. Madison, NC

While performing RIT drill practicals at my full time job as a paid firefighter, my captain fell through a hole in the floor of the department's training burn building. The hole was four foot square in size and all concrete, about ten foot in height from the first floor to the basement where he landed. He was standing and stepped back through the opening. Although he received severe injuries and was out of work for months, the outcome could have been much worse if not for his Cairns Classic 1000 helmet. It performed as advertised. The shell separated from the impact liner when he fell through the hole. Instead of losing his protection the impact liner stayed in place and protected him from a serious or fatal brain injury. The liner had several cracks and a flat spot, but my captain had no head injury. He suffered broken ribs, a broken back and a shoulder injury. There were mistakes made in the training, but there is no mistake that his Cairns helmet saved his life that day.

Mark F. Palatka, FL

In 1991, while conducting a live-fire evolution, another Instructor and myself remained in the structure after our students had exited. We stayed to rebuild the fire and prepare for the next team to enter and perform their evolution. While building the fire, without warning, the entire ceiling collapsed into the room. We were both struck very hard on our heads. Visibility went to zero and we pushed the debris off, as best we could, grabbed one another and exited the nearest door to the outside. As, we regained our visibility outside, I noticed that my partner only had a skull saver on his head and then felt for my lid as well. I still had my shell on but the retention clips were broken. Neither of us suffered any injuries. In the end, both of the helmets got replacements parts and were placed back into service for another couple years. At the time, we were wearing 660C Metro Helmets. They held up very well and absorbed the shock that would have otherwise transferred to our head/necks.

Jared J. Livermore, CA

Jared J. Livermore, CA Livermore Pleasanton Fire Department

Two Cairns helmets in use during overhaul of a building fire in Livermore, CA.

Adam S. Somerset, PA

In 2007 I responded to a structure fire with entrapment, occupant refusing to leave the structure. Arriving on scene crews found the double-wide trailer set on a masonry foundation with an attached garage. The garage was fully involved on side 'B' with the fire extending into the occupancy. My engine was first to arrive and proceeded to extend an attack line to the "C" side. Prior to making entry it was confirmed that the occupant, although burned had self extricated from the residence. After making initial entry into the kitchen and attached living room our nozzle team began to extinguish the fire at the extension points and contain the fire to the 'A-B' corner. It was during this time that that the interior ceiling and a fan blade from a ceiling fan collapsed over top of me. I was grateful in the situation for having my Cairns N5A New Yorker helmet fastened and in place.

Stephen D. Sheet Harbour, NS

Stephen D. Sheet Harbour, NS Halifax Fire Department

Different brothers will watch my back but only a Cairns can cover my head. The 660C Metro was great. I love my 1010; covered me in a bale out a window one nasty day. Hope to be wearing a white leather some day. The best helmet there is. Stay safe brothers.

Rodger B. Butler, PA

Rodger B. Butler, PA Lyndora

I bought my self a brand new N5A New Yorker and I wore it one time and this is what happened, but it did its job!!

Keith S. Indianapolis, IN

Keith S. Indianapolis, IN Indianapolis Airport Fire

We responded to a reported fire located in an aircraft hangar. Making entry we immediately had fire above us. Once we knocked the fire down we proceeded into the hangar where debris and tar was coming down with heavy heat. We made good stop on the fire then dealt with the extension into the roof. My helmet did exactly what is was designed to do. Thank you for making a trusted product!

Michael C. Roanoke Rapids, NC

On August 27, 2011 the coastal plains region of North Carolina was devastated by Hurricane Irene. My hometown of Roanoke Rapids, situated on the I-95 corridor near the NC/VA state line, received considerable damage from high winds, flooding and downed trees and power-lines. In the days following the storm my department sent crews out to assist public works with clearing trees from streets and alleys so service vehicles could get in to make repairs and offer services. On August 29 my crew came on duty and I decided that I would go out with one other crew member to clear storm debris. I am the Battalion Chief of A-shift and my thoughts were that I would have my crews carry out regular daily duties and remain fresh for whatever calls for service came in, while I handled the tree cutting with one more member. We had cleared several trees before we came across a large oak tree that was holding down a high tension line between two power poles. We carefully cut the tree and limbs away and had almost cleared the alley when we got to the portion of the tree that was holding down the line. We were both taking full safety precautions while operating the saws, using Turnout Pants, Gloves, Eye Protection and Helmets. I was wearing my personal Cairns N5A New Yorker with Bourke Eyeshields. My partner was wearing his department issued Cairns 1044. After a short discussion about what could happen I made the final cut. Despite trying to stay clear of the large limb as I cut, it still came up with the line and struck me in the face, with enough force to knock me backwards against the pile of debris. It also knocked my helmet across the alley and into a nearby yard, approximately ten yards away. I immediately started holding pressure on my bleeding face and trying to figure out what kind of truck had just hit me! My partner gathered up our equipment and had to find my lid before we could head back to the station and, and eventually the ER. The log that hit me below my right eye was approximately eight inches in diameter and about three feet long. Because I was looking down at what I was doing, the brim of my helmet caught the majority of the force from the log, right between the Bourke Eyeshields. The force of the blow pushed my safety glasses against my face and left a cut below my eye approximately one and one half inches long that was glued and steri-stripped closed at the ER. A minor injury for the amount of force that came from the high tension line. My partner and I both agree that, had I not been wearing my helmet, my face/head would have taken the full force of the blow and could have resulted in possible facial fractures or possibly a head injury. I have been on the job for 22 years and have always used Cairns Helmets, despite the fact our department only started issuing Cairns Helmets six years ago. I purchased my own. I had just bought my New Yorker this year at FDIC, after wanting one for as long as I can remember, and I am the the only guy in our department with a leather lid. My Helmet now has a nice "ding" in the brim where the log struck it. I guess I could paint over it, but I won't. I will just leave it as a reminder of how your Quality product helped me "save face". Thanks. Sincerly - Michael Clements, Battalion Chief ,Roanoke Rapids F.D.

Houston C. Asheville, NC

My best friend is a Firefighter for a City dept. that just experienced a LODD, and if it wasn't for his N6A Sam Houston he probably would have lost his life. Also, at some point in the Line of duty, the Captain that died wore a Cairns, I miss Jeff, but he died doing what we love to do. I want to honor him and the rest of the brothers in the brotherhood by wearing a Cairns Leather N6A Sam Houston, Thanks and as always Be safe.

Lance S. Allentown, PA

Lance S. Allentown, PA Fountain Hill Fire Department

The Corporate Ladder!

Bryan R. Hilliard, OH

I have had many helmets, but Cairns beats them all. No matter what a fire throws at you, your Cairns helmet will take it.

Ethan V. Highland, IN

Ethan V. Highland, IN Merrillville Fire Dept

3 story apartment building fire in Merrillville, Indiana

Dan R. Wilmington, IL

My Cairns fire helmet has helped to save my life countless times from heavy debris such as bricks and wood to little stuff like drywall and insulation. I can count on my helmet to get the job done safely.

Frank F. Cape Coral, FL

Frank F. Cape Coral, FL FMFD

I started the fire service with an N5A New Yorker and its the best a fire fighter can get, its rugged durability and safety are proven every time the alarm goes off. I just wouldn't feel safe with out it. Cairns has been a part of my family and continues from my uncle fighting fires in the Bronx and Spanish Harlem to me and soon my younger brother. It would be great if my younger brother can join the Cairns family with his very own Cairns N5A New Yorker.

Logan J. Carlisle, PA

During a mobile house fire in January our Captain and Asst. Chief made entry into the house and as they did the fire started to roll over top of them and then as they were trying to get out it flashed and caught both of them. My Captain's 1044 was smoking and his shield on the helmet was on fire.

Dan F. Verona, PA

I have been in the fire service for 5 years now, and over these last five year Cairns helmets and MSA products have kept me and my fellow firefighters safe. The products your company manufactures I believe are the best on the market and that is why they are my first choice for safety.

Craig H. Coolville, OH

My Cairns story I guess is short since my department currently wears a different brand of traditional helmet which will hopefully change with this years AFG. However, I did a short tour with a neighboring dept. I had a Cairns 1010 which I will say felt much lighter and stronger. I've noticed they did not chip or crack as easy as the ones we have now and those 1010s have had a hard life but they did their job and did it well. Happy 175th Cairns keep up the great tradition.

Mark A.J. R. Taylors, SC

Mark A.J. R. Taylors, SC Taylors Fire Dept.

"Back in the Day" FDNY used to have what was called CFC's or Combination Fire companies. They only ran for a few years, but Cairns made these helmet fronts for them as well as supplied FDNY with helmets at that time. This is reported to be the only known "complete set" of the CFC fronts known to exist at this time, and were given to me by "Old Sam" at the Cairns plant in Clifton, N.J. Above them is also another Cairns artifact of a Cairns helmet front from Satellite One of the old Super Pumper System. Definitely some rare items.

Sean F. Watsontown, PA

Sean F. Watsontown, PA Warrior Run Area Fire Department

I acquired this N6A Houston helmet from one of the Captains in my department and I quickly fell in love with it. Unfortunately, it met its end one day during a structural burn class, but I refuse to get rid of it. It will always be a showpiece in my house and has even traveled to college with me as it was my first "real" helmet. I wont wear anything but Cairns!

Brian W. Dorchester, ON

How do you say 'thanks' to an inanimate object you wear on your head? It's a simple piece of equipment, but is instrumental in protecting your single most important asset, your head. I can't even count the number of times that my Cairns fire helmet has done it's job and protected my head from injury. It can be simple things like bumping your head against an unseen wall while searching a smoke filled building. It could be the numerous times my helmet has kept falling debris and insulation off my head during overhaul. Or it could be the added visibility and recognition that immediately comes from donning one of our most recognizable pieces of uniform. I guess in the end, it all boils down to saying thanks to the men and women who make that inanimate object. So, I would like to say 'thank you' to the men and women of Cairns for making the helmet that I wear with pride. It has saved me from countless bumps and bruises for sure, and has allowed me to perform my job with comfort knowing that I've got one of the best helmets in the industry protecting my head. Thank you. -Brian Wilson, Training Officer, Thames Centre Fire Department

Aaron B. State College, PA

Aaron B. State College, PA Rheems Fire Department

A few of us decided to get together with all of our Cairns helmets and show our pride for you and the good old USA considering it was Sept. 11th, ten years after. Thank you Cairns for making a great safe product. God Bless the USA.

Tommy M. Merlin, ON

While I was pulling some walls apart in a hallway looking for hot spots with another firefighter during a house fire, a chunk of the roof collapsed in bringing down the ceiling in a hallway down on both of us. Among the debris that came down on both of us were some 2 X 6 boards that were supposed to be used as a walkway in the attic, one of these boards hit me in the helmet with a fair amount of force breaking the shield on my helmet. After digging our way out of the debris with other firefighters thinking we may be injured and running to help us, I must say, I was glad to be wearing my Cairns 1044. It did exactly what I needed it to do in that moment which was protecting my head, and after putting a new shield on my helmet I continue to use it today.

Brendan W. Hastings On Hudson, NY

I have been wearing a Cairns 880 for the past 3 years as an interior Firefighter. I don't have a dramatic story about how my helmet has protected me, but I must say that I do hit my head on a lot of odd shaped objects during normal operations and thanks to the great helmets that Cairns makes I never feel a thing. I can promise you that the only helmets I'll be wearing for the rest of my firefighting career is going to be Cairns.

Jacob R. Barrington, NH

The face shield saved me... While doing a dash lift, a piece of stray plastic came flying out while doing a relief cut in the A post! Probably would have taken my eye out if it weren't for the helmet.

Chip D. Easley, SC

Chip D. Easley, SC Gantt District Fire Dept.

My New Cairns 1044

Frank K. Painesville, OH

Frank K. Painesville, OH Blue Knob Volunteer Fire Department

This picture is of my Cairns fire fighting helmet. It has protected me very well so far as a firemen and I will never buy anything else. I have an American flag tetrahedron to represent my country and remember all of those who have served before me. I also have a St. Florian tetrahedron for that little extra protection while on a call. Also, on my helmet is my window punch, a wedge, and a disposable flashlight.

Adam M. Huntersville, NC

Adam M. Huntersville, NC City of Charlotte

Cairns leather helmets are the only helmets I have ever worn. Purchased my first one as an explorer at the ripe old age of 14. They will continue to be the only helmet I wear! Pictured is a natural I have redone and wear proudly.

James M. San Diego, CA

A good friend of mine was in a training burn down of a structure wearing a Cairns 880 helmet. A member of a neighboring department not wearing a Cairns helmet stood up and in the extreme heat his helmet melted. My friend stood up to pull him down to safety. Once outside the two sets of PPE were fully inspected; the Cairns equipment was fully functional with only superficial smoke and heat damage, where as the other was destroyed!

Ryan C. Winthrop, MA

Ryan C. Winthrop, MA Cambridge Auxiliary Fire Department

Me with my Cairns 880 helmet which has served me well for the past 7 years. Its an honor to wear a helmet that has such a deep root in the fire service. Regardless of the outcome, thank you for keeping the tradition alive.

Gerald M. Fitzgerald, GA

Gerald M. Fitzgerald, GA Fitzgerald Fire Dept / Ben Hill County

Even in the heat the helmets are comfy and glove give us the ability to do our jobs!

Joe S. Howard City, MI

I am a Firefighter and I love using Cairns helmets, but we no longer use them and I miss mine!!

Byron G. Liberty, NC

Byron G. Liberty, NC Chapel Hill Fire Department

When I began my fire service career over 25 years ago, I quickly became interested in the history and tradition associated with the job. I began collecting antique fire equipment early on, and I enjoy sharing that part of the history with younger firefighters as they get started. The helmets pictured are part of my collection, some of which I have worn throughout my career. Left to right are a Cairns 350 Aluminum Senator, a Cairns Classic 1000 that I used for many years as a Live Fire Instructor, a Cairns Leather War Baby complete with a letter from a Cairns family member describing the history behind that model, a Cairns 1010 that I currently wear as a Senior Captain with Chapel Hill, a brand new Cairns N6A Sam Houston ready for service, a Cairns Metro 660C that was my first helmet at Chapel Hill, and my pride & joy - a Cairns N5A New Yorker painted Carolina Blue with our IAFF Local Ram Mascot on the front. Enjoy the picture, remember the history & tradition, and Be Safe!

Taylor S. Richland, PA

I received my first Cairns N5A New Yorker from my father at the age of 7 and since then I have fallen in love and Cairns is the only helmet I will ever wear. You can not find a better helmet anywhere.

TJ D. Pawnee, IL

I remember my buddy going in to a fire, and thank god for a Cairns because that Cairns saved him from falling materials.

William H. Baltimore, MD

A lot of all my incidents where your helmets help me were during trainings. My company was participating in a training with other stations in are battalion so we all try different things. My crew instead be on are engine we were put on the truck when I was climbing up the ladder the operator shifted the ladder and I fell on the roof of are burn building thought it was far it was on my head. Sure I felt it but it could have been a lot worse if I wasn't wearing your helmet. Thank u for making the best, in my opinion, fire helmets.

Eric F. Newington, CT

I am a 17 year old cadet Lieutenant in the NVFD and I love being a firefighter. My first helmet was a Cairns. I took a lot of pride in my helmet because in the fire department helmets are all different from firefighters. It represents there personalities of what they put on it. My helmet was my most prized possession and after doing research on Cairns helmets I felt proud to be apart of there great history in the department. I keep a Cairns magnet on my fridge and a Cairns decal on my bedroom wall next to news paper pics and clippings of fires I was at. I've wanted to be a firefighter since I was 5 years old with it running in my family. I've always been around it and had a great background on what the job was like and when I turned 16 I became a cadet and was put in the firehouse right down the street from me. After getting a few calls under my belt and learning how to do the job I became very confident and I've felt like I've come a long way in a year in the department coming from the "new kid" to working my way up to being named an officer. The job comes to me as second nature and being a firefighting has grown me as a person making me into a man and growing my confidence and responsibility. But, I'll always have that little kid inside of me going to the firehouse and having a smile ear to ear seeing the engine and the warm feeling in my heart when you go help someone whether its going to a working fire or putting a band aid on a little kid who scraped there knee. Everything every day is new, but it never gets old and it's the thing I wanna go on and do the rest of my life. - Lt. Eric Fischl

Matthew P. Virginia Beach, VA

Matthew P. Virginia Beach, VA Newington, CT Volunteer Fire Department

Sitting in the back of Engine #2 one day, on the way back to the fire house after a run, I decided that I wanted a picture of my fire helmet (a department issued Cairns 1044). This is what I ended up with, and even though I am not with that department or don't have that helmet anymore, whenever I look at this picture, I will remember the great friends I had in the fire service and the love I have for having been a part of it.

Jason M. Broken Arrow, OK

Jason M. Broken Arrow, OK Broken Arrow Fire Dept.

My N6A Houston helmet has protected me in many fires and various incidents throughout its life, but on 7/24/11 it saved my life. While on the second story of the 6700 sq ft house me and my other two crew members were preparing to go back out due to our low air alarms activating. I was just inside the doorway of the attic space and was giving it one more shot of water when our area of the house shook and collapsed sending me headfirst into the garage and leaving the rest of the crew on the edge of what was left of the second story. Shortly after hitting the garage floor I heard the roof tumbling down collapsing on top of me, trapping me underneath the burning rubble. While readjusting my mask I heard my guys send out a mayday over the radio and started to free myself. I was able to push some of the debris off me and crawled out from under the rest of it, low on air and with some minor burns and severe pain in the left side of my chest I looked for a way out. After exhausting a couple of different means of egress and having no tools that made the journey down with me to breach an outside wall, I went back to the previously blocked off front of the garage where this time I was able to faintly see the front of the driveway/yard. I dove, rolled,and crawled through the debris and fire to the front of the garage and into a stream of water that was from the RIT team making entry to come find me. They pulled me out the rest of the way, started treatment and put into a ambulance enroute to the hospital. After a few nights in the hospital due to minor burns, cuts and bruises, fractured ribs and a collapsed lung on the left side,they sent me home to recover. A week or two later I went to go look at my gear and realized that my helmet not only protected me from the fall but from the the looks of my bent over bill that it kept some of the heavy roof timber from crushing my neck and or back of my head. Sorry about the length, just wanted to let you know that your products can and do make a difference everyday in the lives and families of fireman. THANK YOU for the craftsmanship, quality, and pride that you guys/gals put into each of these helmets.

Jason R. Bristol, CT

Jason R. Bristol, CT Town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS

Our department uses the cairns 1010 or 1044 for our protection of choice, I've had my 1010 now for 6 years and it has protected me from all sorts of hazards, but one in particular was a house fire we fought on a February morning. All was going to plan until a good amount of ceiling tiles came down on me and my partner; most striking me in the head. Thanks to my Cairns helmet I walked away without a scratch. THANK YOU CAIRNS.

Vincent C. Mirabel, QC

Vincent C. Mirabel, QC Mille-Isles

This is one picture about my Cairns Invader 664 after one night on a house fire. Next morning I see how is my helmet with my flashlight in my streamlight rubber strap. Thanks for your help.

Jonah S. Fayette, OH

Jonah S. Fayette, OH Gorham-Fayette Fire Department

This is a Cairns & Brother helmet that was given to me when I was very young from a retired firefighter from a suburb of Detroit. This helmet was used during the Detroit riots.

Cj C. Wallingford, PA

I was fighting a car fire and there was an air jump in the line and my Cairns 660C Metro protected my head from getting hit with the nozzle at full pressure.

Greg S. Bothwell, ON

I have a Cairns 1010 that I wear on every call I go on. My dad who was the past Chief at our hall told me I had to have to wear it to be safe so that he knows I'm safe. He wore Cairns helmets for 25 years before he retired and now the tradition carries on with me wearing one hopefully for another 25 years. No other helmet goes on my head, keep up the great work! Be safe and god bless :)

Billy W. hopewell, NJ

Billy W. hopewell, NJ Hopewell Fire department and EMU

I don't have many stories from firefighting since I'm just a year into it, but 2 do stick out, the first was when I was a junior (Foreman I believe, rockin a blue 1044) and I hadn't eaten, footing a ladder for our drill when everything goes dark, I passed out. kinda rolled off my deputy (now the chief) chief and smashed on the ground. Lost the lid after I hit but the way I landed it was a good thing. The second one is similar, graduated to my black 1010, middle of firefighter one. A friend Anthony and myself were told to search the room, while the hose team sits at the door waiting for an all clear, trying to be hot shots in the small room, we went separate ways, well he kinda forgot me and got back to the hose team that it was clear, lets just say I was between the training prop and the hose team and the nozzleman didn't quite understand hitting the ceiling, smashed my head on the prop and cracked my visor (hit like square on the thumbwheel, I'm surprised i didn't break that. Well sorry I couldn't bring the shock and awe into your competition but that's the best I've got. Thanks for making great helmets. That not only help in a fire, but when your just starting out and make the mistakes that shape you as a person.

William H. Baltimore, MD

Recently, my company has done a series of training in our flash over simulator at the academy. First time I used another brand helmet, and it didn't last at all. Second time I used my black N6A Sam Houston, and the only damage to it was my shield and Bourkes getting melted.

Joel L. Somerset, PA

Your helmets have protected the most valuable asset I have. My pumpkin!

Sid N. Wichita, KS

Sid N. Wichita, KS Wichita Fire Department

We encountered an extremely hot basement fire one night. The other members of our fire attack team were wearing another brand of helmet without an impact cap. They all stated that their heads got extremely hot during the firefight. I wore my cairns with the impact cap and noticed no extreme heat to my head. Thank you for all you do. - Sid Newby, Battalion Chief

Dan F. Verona, PA

Dan F. Verona, PA Penn Hills VFD station 222

I wear Cairns helmets almost everyday whether firefighting or performing rescue ops. My head is always protected by MSA Cairns helmets. I would never choose another company. Thank you for greats products that keep people safe.

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH

My fire department just recently bought new Cairns 1044s. I already had the Cairns 1010 and loved it. Best helmet. Fits perfect, but its getting old and I have no money to replace it with recent things moneys been getting short. Me and my dad were inside a building checking for an alarm in the boiler room and a tool feel off the top shelf; well thank God I had the helmet on.

Peter P. Krebs, OK

Peter P. Krebs, OK Krebs Fire Department

I joined Krebs Fire Department in 1995. We are volunteer. The helmets we were given were another brand. I didn't like the way they felt and to me they were very uncomfortable. I had the opportunity to try try a Cairns Structural 360S and loved it, so I bought one with my own money. Well, about three years ago they made me Lieutenant and Purchasing Officer, so I ordered a white Cairns Structural 360S and now wear that as Lieutenant. I still have my old yellow 360S. It got me through a lot of very rough calls. I included a picture of it as well. Thank you for making a tough yet comfortable helmet!

Pabel T. Woodstock, GA

Pabel T. Woodstock, GA Smyrna Fire Rescue

I don't want to point at one time when my Cairns helmet protected me, I want to say that the helmet is part of my every shift protection and only "it" truly knows how many times it has saved me from serious injury or worse. Cairns is the ONLY helmet I wear and trust! It doesn't matter if I'm at a fire, technical rescue or what ever the emergency is, I know that my head is COVERED! We take for granted all the light and hard thumps we take on the helmet while operating at fires, Cairns helmet is not only a protector for me but a symbol of my dedication and devotion to the profession. Nothing speaks firefighter like Cairns. The helmet also exemplifies my commitment to take all precautions to stay as safe as possible for the sake of my family. My personal investment to buy Cairns in opposition to what was issued to me is loud and clear message to all who know me that I will ONLY train, fight, and wear the best!! I believe that it is our responsibility to make every attempt possible to give our family and friends a safe return after our tour, I can honestly say that my Cairns helmet can be contributed to many of my safe returns. Thank you cairns my career partner and protector of the most important asset on the fire ground "my head"!

Brandon O. Tyrone, PA

Brandon O. Tyrone, PA Neptune fire company


William H. Baltimore, MD

I started my volunteer service 5 years ago and what I was taught by many people on skills to keep me not only safe but alive and one them is the PPE you wear and some one once turned me on to cairns helmets and ever since I seen and heard from others story of how they have held up threw every thing I've been sold that's why I own two Cairns N6A Sam Houston helmets and would change for nothing

Rodgee B. Butler, PA

Rodgee B. Butler, PA Lyndora Truck 4

We love leathers at my station! Its cool that we can still have helmets with such a history in the fire service. Thank you MSA!!!

Chase W. Lebanon, MO

Chase W. Lebanon, MO Eldridge Volunteer Fire Department

Two firefighters, Deputy Chief Chase D. Waggoner and Firefighter Justin King, making entry to a heavily involved residential structure near the village of Eldridge, Missouri on Dec. 31, 2010. Deputy Chief Waggoner was wearing a brand-new, white Cairns 1044 helmet on its first call. The helmet, along with his MSA SCBA, protected Waggoner despite the fact that signs of an impending flashover forced the crew to exit the structure within two minutes of entry.

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA North Highline Fire Local 1810

I stripped down an old Cairns helmet for a retirement present. Here's the before and the after. It was a lot of work but well worth it. - Scott

Jeffrey S. Beaumont, AB

Jeffrey S. Beaumont, AB Leduc County Fire, Nisku Dept.

We were fortunate to get to practice at the local international airport on the mock airplane, including the airport crash trucks.

Thomas H. Leduc, AB

I think a brotherhood is forged from helmets and patches that bring us closer together the tradition of the Cairns 1044 that we wear. Thanks cairns for doing a great job.

Ray J. Schenectady, NY

We always use Cairns Helmets. They have saved use from a lot of injuries through the years.

Nate P. Indianapolis, IN

I personally didn't experience it but my co- worker rolled a pumper over on an old helmet and all it did was crease the top.

Brandon O. Tyrone, PA

Brandon O. Tyrone, PA Neptune fire co.

Neptune Lt.

Paul W. Fitzgerald, GA

I was in a training class where we were burning a vehicle and the fire got real intense and the stickers melted on my helmet. I didn't know it till we got back to the station. The helmet wasn't hurt.

Doug S. New Castle, PA

I have had different incidents on all emergency calls that I respond too, and each one involved my Cairns Helmet. I had responded to a car accident at around two in the afternoon, at the scene I had to go and grab a portable out of our Support Truck, the truck was approx. 200 ft. away from the accident itself, i was walking back to the truck, I caught the bottom of my bunker pants as I took a step, I went face-first towards the ground and landed onto the helmet face-up, I did black-out and came back alert once I had landed.

Andrew T. Hanna City, IL

Back a couple of years ago when I was with another volunteer fire dept i received a tone out for a house that had been struck by lightning. My engine company was interior and working on getting to the fire which was located in the wall of the bathroom and rear of a split level house. We were going through the hallway to the bathroom when one of the ventilation crew decided to stick a house line through the vent hole they had just cut. When the line was opened up it started to blow the drywall and ceiling fixtures at my team and I and I took several large chunks of drywall to my head. The only problem i had was from snapping my head back to quick which caused my neck to hurt for a few days but the helmet which was covered in drywall did its job especially the bill of the helmet.

Eric C. Endicott, NY

Eric C. Endicott, NY West Corners Fire Dept (Former member)

Myself wearing a red Cairns N6A Houston helmet while attacking a truck fire in the outskirts of Endicott, NY.

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA North Highline Fire

Restored Cairns Helmet for a retirement gift

Tyler H. Latrobe, PA

Tyler H. Latrobe, PA Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department

Traditional Fire Helmet

Brian T. Hillsborough, NC

I've had my N6A Sam Houston for over a year and it is the best made piece of my PPE. It has kept me safe from falling debris and melting building products during numerous fires. I will keep this helmet forever. Thank you for your quality work. Keep up the good job.

Dustin M. Tar Heel, NC

We were fighting a structure fire. When the ceiling fell it hit one of my buddies in the head. If it wouldn't have been for his Cairns 1010 helmet, he wouldn't be here right now. It's gotta be a miracle the great things that yall do. I just want to say thank u for the great gear and pride in your work.

Jason A. Camano Island, WA

We use Cairns 660C Metros exclusively for our Firefighters. Recently, at a practice burn, a recruit firefighter was sitting watching the fire behavior with an instructor at her side and a piece of sheetrock from the ceiling gave way. The sheetrock was soaked with water from a recent rain after the roofing was removed. The heat water caused the screws to fail and release the sheetrock. She was fine thanks to her protective equipment.

Doug S. New Castle, PA

I have worn a Cairns 1010 since I joined the fire service, I have heard guys say that they are uncomfortable, and they had switched over to a Mornin Glory helmet because of comfort. The helmets I have worn have actually I think have kept me from seizures on a fire scene, or on the scene of accidents, due to the fact that I am a clumsy person, I'll drop something even if I have firm grip on the piece. Also, I can be walking slow, and carefully on a road that is covered in ice, and I will slip and fall on my left hip, with my head hitting the ground at a quick pace, as I land. The seizures I get I can not control, and also I do not know when I have one coming, and the seizures are linked to the stem of my brain, and something hitting my head can cause a seizure,but also stress can even cause one. I think the number of times I have fallen on the roads and on ice, even at fires alone, and my head with the Cairns 1010 helmet on has actually kept me safer than without that helmet, as some members do at my department.

David L. Aurora, IL

David L. Aurora, IL Aurora Regional Fire Museum

Three generations of Cairns Helmets - 1890s-1990s. Helmets in the collection of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum.

Mark P. Johnstown, PA

My former lieutenant was fighting a fire about 2 miles from the fire house when he got lost inside the structure from all the smoke. He called a mayday call and felt his way through the room he was in and found a window. Because he was the nozzle man and his partner took the nozzle from him and caused him to disoriented he had no tools so he had to break the window with his helmet so he could be rescued from the structure. He was on his last breath of air the sec he hit the window with his helmet he told us and if it wasn't for him finding that window and thing of breaking it with his helmet he would be dead today.

Bill C. Freeville, NY

Back on January 31, 2010 my house burned, my department along with four mutual aid departments responded. During salvage operations, one of the members asked if there was anything I needed out of the house? I said all our medications out of the bathroom, So with nothing to carry the medications out with, they used the three cairns helmets I had hanging on the wall to carry the medications out, one leather N5A New Yorker (red), one 660C Metro (white), and one 660C Metro (black). They were smoked damaged, but I still have them and will proudly display them again as soon as I get a chance to do so.

Ronni B. Wetumpka, AL

Ronni B. Wetumpka, AL Wetumpka Fire Department

On September 12, 2007, I respond to a structure fire as a Lieutenant (Orange 1010 Helmet) with the Wetumpka Fire Department. On arrival we found heavy fire in the back of the structure. Me and and a probationary firefighter (with a brand spanking new yellow Cairns 1444 helmet) entered the structure and began to work or way to the seat of the fire. As we were going down the hallway towards the bedrooms, the hallway flashed. All we could do was flow as much water as possible and try to get to the seat of the fire. When we exited the structure upon knocking the fire down, we had a chance to look at our helmets. It was then that we noticed ALL the reflectors had been burned off along with some of the paint on mine and some major discoloration to his. Fortunately neither one of us suffered any burns and all credit is due to Cairns for making such a great helmet.

Andrew M. Wetumpka, AL

Andrew M. Wetumpka, AL Wetumpka Fire

This is my N6A Houston. I am the training captain for the Wetumpka Fire Dept.

Jacob A. Valley, AL

I wore a Cairns 660C Metro throughout my internship as an explorer. I wore my helmet proudly on wrecks on Interstate 85, brush fires and a good handful of exterior attacks. Well when the time came for me to move up I was bypassed in the gear receiving area seeing as I already had personal gear that was to date, and the there were certified guys coming in and getting the Dept. issued gear. Well my great Cairns story takes place on two scenes. The first was right across from Chiefs house, we had been scheduled to do mock wreck at the school that day but the tone dropped and we rolled an eighty eight E-One pumper along side one of our 3500 gallon tankers. I was left at the station. When the engine officer topped the hill about a three-quarters of a mile from the scene and had flames visible at a distance he asked for more personnel to respond, so I and a senior firefighter got in the the service truck and headed that way. When we got on scene it was a pre-fab home with flames through the roof, he and I took an attack line to the rear of the house and made egress to the kitchen. Our Battalion Chief that day was also a Captain for the City of Opelika and he recalls it as possibly the hottest single family dwelling fire he had ever seen. As we made our way into the structure deeper and deeper my helmets became heavier and heavier and took some good hits from rafters and all, the weight was coming from the water lines ran in the ceiling that were melting down on us. But after it was all said and done my lid saved me from what my officer was saying. Two days after that we went to a neighboring Dept. for Mutual Aide, I ended up going in with a member from their Dept. Needless to say my lid was there again taking good lick but this time not only from rafters but the entire half of the mobile home. I was in a collapse that day. The cause was by him not leaving when I thought it was time to go, ended up I was right. I was pretty sore the next day but my lid kept my head safe, and that is the reason I would be honored to win a Cairns Helmets. - Jacob Arthur 675 B.F.D.

Brett L. Redwood Meadows, AB

My second day full time on the job, we had a house fire. We had started with an interior attack on the main floor and my partner who was on the first shift working with him. After approx 5 minutes inside chunks of dry wall started falling from the vaulted ceiling. My partner had exposed himself for no more than a minute and a chunk fell on him, knocking him out. Another firefighter from a neighboring department and myself started our mayday mayday and we pulled him out. My partner was wearing a Cairns Structural 360S helmet. He went to the hospital to get checked out and was cleared in two days after the fire.

Joseph M. Indian Land, SC

Joseph  M. Indian Land, SC Shelton Fire Dept.

This one of two helmets I've worn. I wore this white one for 9 years as a LT. in my volunteer fire department in Connecticut. I have seen many fires and commanded lots of car wrecks in those nine years. A leather helmet is a part of the fire departments tradition that I feel is being put to the way side with lighter helmets. The saying "leather forever" for me is a true statement. If it is not a leather helmet it doesn't go on my head in a fire.

Ruben A. San Jose, CA

Ruben A. San Jose, CA CalFire

I have dedicated my life's work for the past 6 fire seasons to Calfire. From time to time I have had some bad calls and some close calls, but I would not trade it for any other career! I have an old Cairns (helmet) brain bucket that was issued to me. It's got to be older then I am, and I'm 35 now. I would love to buy my own Cairns 1044. But after pay cuts, health benefits raised pulse a 2 1/2 HR commute just to get to my station assignment I can not afford it!

Adam H. Wexford, PA

Adam H. Wexford, PA Marshall Township VFD

My name is Adam Hartwig, I have been a Firefighter for 5 years now. I go to school at Penn State Erie, and while I am at school I volunteer as a FF/EMT as well. This past year I responded to the Union City Fire where a structural collapse sent debris flying onto the top of our engine and onto me and my partner. My Cairns 1010 saved me from becoming seriously injured (The picture shown is myself on the Left and my partner on the Right just after the collapse of the Bravo side of the structure when debris rained down on us). In a second incident last winter, I was returning to the Fire House in the ambulance from picking up hose from a structure fire we were on. I came across a vehicle into a guard rail on a dark windy road. I put the emergency lights and stopped to provide aid. While providing aid, I was attempting to walk to the back of the vehicle to get road flares when I slipped on ice. My feet went up in the air, and my head hit off the ambulance, and then I hit the ground. My Cairns 1010 took most of the blow, cracking it. However, my partner said that I was out for 30s to a minute. This incident resulted in 4 months of time off, being drove around my family and friends, and still today headaches and problems.

Rick H. Morrisonville, NY

Recently at a chimney fire I witnessed something amazing. A brick fell from the crumbling chimney and hit a buddy of mine on his Cairns 1044 helmet. It did damage the helmet, but all he got out of it was a neck ache and a head ache. Without a doubt if he had not been wearing his helmet he would be dead. The Helmet did crack and we took it out of service, but without it he would most likely be dead.

Mark B. Milwaukee, WI

I've had Cairns helmets for my whole career. My father wore them for his 29 years in the fire service. I currently have a 880 Chicago. I have always wanted a N5A New Yorker. Just the tradition and stories that go along with such beautiful helmets that are handmade with care and pride. Your company is the highest quality maker of fire service equipment and I would be proud to wear one of your helmets.

Jonathan S. 2724 Mayfield Rd. #6, OH

When I volunteered for the Grand Prix of Cleveland (when Champ Car was still in existence) my third year I was moved up to the "Track Fire Safety/FD," can't quite remember what Champ Car called that particular crew. Anyway, now to the story between a practice and a Trans Am Series race, the media helicopter was taking aerial shot of Burke Lakefront Airport (which held the grand prix), on landing roughly about 15-35 before touchdown the media helicopter had a malfunction in the tail area and had crashed (luckily the crew of the chopper survived). Turned out the rear rotor shaft had snapped on landing approach and caused the chopper to a slow tailspin into a minor crash (the pilot had good hands at that joystick to prevent further damage). Flying debris flew toward where my crew and I were stationed (Turn 1), roughly about head to upper chest height, and part of the rear rotor shaft flew forward and into the engine causing a fire. My crew and Champ Car's Simple Green Safety Team were on scene before Cleveland FD Division Burke Lakefront Airport. Both Champ Car Safety Team and my crew threw our MSA Cairns helmets on and got the crew out to a "safer" area away from the aircraft they were piloting (literally just before the engine fire started). If both crews and I hadn't have been wearing the Cairns helmets we would be goners, but thanks to the Engineers at MSA, designing, probably the strongest helmet I have ever worn. That Cairns helmet saved my life that day. They sure look heavy and clunky, but those darned things are are probably one of the lightest helmets I've worn, and gosh darn it they sure can take a beating (considering debris was flying everywhere). P.S. Kudos to Every MSA Engineer and Designer for making good high quality safety gear and appliances. Keep up the good work over there at MSA! I wish I had more hands to give all of you at MSA 26 plus thumbs up!

Patrick K. Amherst, NY

We recently had a live fire training exercise and in the process of a fire attack I was unable to catch my breath. When I slumped over to try to get my breathing under control my head actually hit the floor right where there was a few burning embers. Without my helmet (a Cairns 1000) I would likely have sustained serious burns to my head. Everything luckily turned out just fine and I returned to duty the next day. I am thankful I had my helmet on and that it had a brim that kept my head off the floor and embers. Thanks for making a superb product that keeps all of us firefighters safe.

Martin L. Lac-Ste-Marie, QC

Martin L. Lac-Ste-Marie, QC Lac-Ste-Marie

With those kind of fires, you need the Cairns protection !

Dustin S. Hershey, PA

Dustin S. Hershey, PA Middletown Volunteer Fire Department

Cairns 1010 - company issued

Dan F. Verona, PA

In the 5 years I have worked in Fire/EMS I have trusted only one Helmet Company and that would be MSA. In the fire department I wear a Cairns 1010 and performing in EMS I choose to wear Cairns Rescue 360R. MSA has the best products on the market and I wouldn’t want to wear anything else other than MSA.

Skip K. Quinault, WA

While doing extrication training, a 6x6 wooden block we were using as a support for the hydraulic ram slipped and flew out and struck my Cairns helmet. A lesser helmet would have cracked, and had that wood struck my head, it would have been all over. Thanks for making a great helmet.

Jacob E. Jasper, GA

Jacob E. Jasper, GA Hinton Volunteer Fire Department

Firefighter Jacob Edwards with the Hinton Fire Department in the turnout gear with red/silver triple trim wearing a Cairns 1010 with Bourke eye shields during a training session

Nick C. Sheboygan, WI

Nick C. Sheboygan, WI Black River - Town of Wilson FD

I find this story rather funny in that it came from a time early in my career. The call was for several large piles of woodchips and mulch that were burning. Several of the lines were being repositioned except for the one I was on. The bulldozer came through and pushed down a big pile and I cracked open the nozzle. While applying water, there was an unexpected increase in pressure and next thing I know, I am flying head over heals, landing head and shoulder first into a a pile of rocks, several hose connections and a hose wye. Had I not been wearing my Cairns helmet, I would have been injured more severely that I originally was. The helmet did its job, it held up to the impact. After being treated on scene, I inspected my helmet and could not find a single scratch or dent in it. I was amazed, with how hard I came down on it. I wouldn't give up my Cairns helmet for anything!!

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH Lyme and Milton Fire Department

My Lyme Helmet Cairns 1044. The most comfortable I've put on. Also has protected me from falling ceiling debris and other falling object.



Rich F. Shawnigan Lake, BC

The traditional helmet is the best their is - it looks good! Its safe and sets the standard.

David S. Spokane, WA

Thanks Cairns! We're switching over to your helmets, and I'm excited!

Bennett C. Phillipston, MA

When I was a young boy like 3 or 4 years old I used to go down to the fire department all the time with my grandfather. I once went down and a firefighter that had gotten to know us well asked me if I wanted to try on his gear so naturally I said yes. The helmet was a Cairns Leather Helmet and I will never forget that moment. I am a firefighter now and I am waiting to save up enough money to get my own Leather helmet. Now you may be saying how I know it was a Cairns Leather Helmet, I now work with that same firefighter, he is the Lt. that is in charge of my in house training. Your helmet in essence started my career and once I get mine it will be with me through out the rest of it.

Justin M. Wheeling, WV

Called to a commercial structure fire upon arriving on scene found 100x100 commercial tractor trailer garage with smoke showing. Upon entering structure found high heat and smoke conditions. Face shield on my Cairns helmet melted due to high heat conditions. helmet became very discolored but still held up to conditions. Upon exiting the structure due to the heat and zero visibility went to vent windows on outside of garage door when top half of 16x20 door fell onto my head. Thanks to my Cairns helmet holding up to heat and severe impact of the door I was able to walk away with no injuries but helmet had to be retired due to damage. In any case win or lose thank you for making a great quality product.

Phil M. Newton, MA

They say you'll never forget your first love...I say you'll never forget your first fire helmet. I have been a firefighter for 7 years. I started my fire career at a small college fire department, Franklin Piece Fire. It is the only fully student run Fire Department in the country. They didn't have the best equipment, our first due truck was a 1969 Chevy Pumper...but what they did have that was great was the Cairns Helmets. They had a Cairns 660C Metro, which was my first helmet. I loved my Cairns, and all it stood for. I had it for 4 long years, and when it came time to graduate, and thus pass it down to the next student, I couldn't leave it behind. I bought it from my Student Fire Department with a donation to buy two Cairns helmets, and now proudly let it hang by my door. For me, that was a great deal, this helmet was a part of my history and I couldn't leave it behind. I am now a career firefighter with a Cairns 880 Chicago, because I love the product and the company. And I know I'll be a Cairns customer for life.

Joe S. Howard City, MI

Joe S. Howard City, MI Howard City Fire Dept

I started as a Junior Firefighter about 2 years ago now. I love doing it. It gives me a feeling of knowing I helped somebody and changed their lives. I love MSA and Cairns.

Max C. Jay, ME

Max C. Jay, ME Waterboro Fire/EMS and Jay Fire Department

This photo was taken after exiting an acquired structure we used for training. It was a regional training covering box alarms, and they used theater smoke to simulate fire. My particular job was the "can man" and performed a primary search on the first floor with my company. My freshly painted (at that time, it is not so "fresh" anymore) N5A New Yorker is on my head.

Wayne C. Sewell, NJ

Ever since i walked into my grandfathers house as a young child I knew that I wanted to be a fireman. His home was littered with statues and memorabilia. I learned of his 20+ year career as a Captain in the Newark, New Jersey Fire Department. One of the most amazing stories of his that I know of is the fires that he and his crew battled during the 1967 riots. Not only were the fires some of the most dangerous they'd ever faced, but the people rioting added an extra threat, as they would throw bricks and cinder blocks off of roofs down at their roofless fire apparatus. If it weren't for a few pieces of 1/4 inch plywood and and his Cairns leather helmet, who knows what kind of injury could have resulted. Winning this helmet would mean the world to me, I've wanted one ever since I first joined my department 3 years ago and It would be an honor to carry on not only the tradition of the fire service, but that of my late grandfather as well.

Dustin D. Jefferson, NC

After 11 years of being a firefighter, and after a couple experiences gone wrong, I have seen first hand that a Cairns is the only helmet I trust. I've used Boulard's and watched them crack and bubble under high heat situations, and I've talked with other firefighters about Fairness and there is no comparison! You can't beat a Cairns helmet when your life depends on it. Cairns is a helmet made for a true smoke eater for the one who gets in there and fights the blaze!

Joshua D. Johnstown, PA

I have worn Cairns helmets for the past 10 years. I have seen some situations where the helmets have saved my head. The most recent involved a tree down on a residence. During the process of cutting the tree to remove it from the property a limb fell on my head, thanks to the outstanding Cairns products I did not even feel the impact. One of my officers then asked if I was okay and told me a limb had impacted the back of my helmet. I live by the quality of your products and the N5A New Yorker I wear is so rugged that I did not feel any impact from the tree limb. As like anyone who uses your products I could go on forever about how I love your products but this is just the tip of the iceberg. GO CAIRNS!!!

Vinny J. Braintree, MA

At a recent fire I was running the pump when the crew pulled a man from the I was helping to pull the man from the front door someone ventilated the window on the 2nd floor and a big piece of glass came down and hit me on the head. Without the Cairns helmet I would have a nice part in my skull.

Michael P. Edwardsville, IL

At FDIC a few years back each of the tables in the after show meet and greet had different Cairns helmets on them. Our table had a great looking black Cairns 1010 with Defender eye protection. I decided to put the helmet on and wear it around while getting food and beverages. I had several firefighters ask me questions about the helmet and the eye protection in particular. Being very familiar with the helmet, I proceeded to answer their questions and show them the defender operation. While standing back at our table one of the firefighters I had explained the helmet to came back by. He advised me that he was the Chief of his department and wanted to advise me that based on our conversation his department was switching helmets and wanted to know who he needed to contact to place an order. He thought I WORKED for Cairns. I explained to him what had happened and we enjoyed a good laugh. He told me that he had never had a sales person explain the helmet to him so well and show him the operation and quirks of the defender eye protection. We tracked down a real Cairns sales person and they began to talk. I'd like to think that I helped this department replace their other helmets with, in my opinion, the more superior Cairns 1010 with Defender eye protection. It would be awesome after these years if I could win a Cairns myself.

Mike P. Edwardsville, IL

Mike P. Edwardsville, IL Edwardsville Fire Department

After my Lieutenant swearing in ceremony my daughter wanted to do nothing else but wear my new Cairns 1044 helmet all over the city council chambers. She didn't want to take it off.

Daniel H. Medford, OR

As a professional firefighter it is obvious that that the Cairns helmet is an essential part of day to day PPE. I have not had one particular incident where the helmet saved my life, but rather multiple incidents when the helmet had saved me from minor to possibly major injuries. The helmet allows me and my fellow brothers to get the job done and come home safe.

Rob S. Baden, ON

Rob S. Baden, ON Kitchener Fire Dept

The attached picture is of the day Daddy came home from his first day of work to show off his shiny new helmet.

Daniel F. Verona, PA

I have worn MSA Cairns helmets for the last five years and they have saved my head on more than one occasion. I prefer MSA helmets over any other company for the simple fact that I know that there products work and will keep me safe.

Adam S. Shamokin, PA

Adam S. Shamokin, PA Shamokin Fire Bureau

I had bought a N6A Sam Houston deluxe about three years ago, and what I have to say about Cairns/MSA is that the craftsmanship is unbelievable. It goes everywhere with me and I beat it up and it still looks brand new. I recommend Cairns helmets to everyone that I talk to. I love the way they are built and I will never buy from different company.

Andrew K. Palm Coast, FL

I have used Cairns Fire helmets over the last 20 years in the fire service as well as the past 5 generations of my family. Thanks for protecting the Keppler family heads for over 150 years.

Mike K. Fairfield, PA

Mike K. Fairfield, PA Fairfield Fire and EMS

My N5A New Yorker on the front of Engine Rescue 2

Kyle R. Shamokin, PA

Kyle R. Shamokin, PA Independence fire company

I have a leather N5a New Yorker that I have had for 12 years and my helmet was bought new and has seen many fires and has saved me many times from stuff falling on my head (walls, ceilings, glass and even. Tools that were dropped from about 8 feet) to keeping hot embers off me and water. I will never buy another helmet. Other then having stress cracks and a new front holder and some paint missing, she is tough and there is no better. I've melted face shields and plastic helmets but never my leather. Leather for ever.

Eric M. Flower Mound, TX

Each and every day we send folks to calls, we are confident in the headgear we are wearing. We employ 97 shift personnel who answer the call, conduct live burn training, and rely on the 175 years of tradition, engineering, and the quality of Cairns products.

Robert Regan R. 8085 SW 55th Ave, FL

On 9/11/2002 in North Brunswick NJ Maple Meade Station 2 while fighting a house fire I was attacking the fire from the garage to keep the fire from spreading. When I entered threw a side door and held the nozzle and started to flow water the ceiling started to collapse. Some of the debris hit me in the head and neck. If I wasn't wearing a Cairns helmet I would of took a nasty blow and probably been knocked out. Most of the pressure was in my neck. I was taken to the hospital and told that if I wasn't wearing any protective gear it could of been worse. I received a strain in my right side neck area causing me not to be able to move my neck. I was out of work for a while. I went to therapy and it helped. Still to this day I can't turn my neck all the way to the right.

Daniel M. Detroit, MI

Daniel M. Detroit, MI Wayne County Fire Academy

My Cairns 880 Tradition has my life in its hands. And it hasn't failed yet.

Laurie-Lee D. Barrie, ON

I am a civilian fire service instructor at the Canadian Forces Fire and CBRN Academy on Base Borden. We instruct firefighters (both military and civilian) from across Canada. Here, as a civilian instructor, we have to provide much of our own gear. Some can be signed out or ordered, but often takes months to receive. When I first started out instructing here I was fortunate enough to have had great friends (who are also in the fire services) who helped me to scrounge up proper PPE and bunker gear. One of the items given to me was a Cairns helmet. During the structure phase in the training area (on one of my 1st courses that I taught on) we were assigned one of the oldest burn towers to use for our course (which is no longer being used). Some of the concrete above the door frames came lose and a large piece fell on my head. Lucky for me, I was wearing my Cairns helmet! Unfortunately I had to take it out of service. I would love to have another one some day (they are not only excellent helmets, perfect for all weather conditions, but look great too)!

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA

I purchased this Cairns N5A New Yorker Leather Helmet from the 1960's on EBAY. The helmet was for a firefighter at my station that was leaving us after 12 years to be a Seattle Firefighter. The helmet was in need of some TLC but Firefighter Miller was worth it. Firefighter Miller was our union president and an excellent firefighter to say the least. I spent many hours sanding the helmet and more coats of paint than I can remember. I had the helmet shield done at Fry Fabrications in Phoenix, Arizona. When I handed Firefighter Miller the helmet at his going away party he was shocked and got teary eyed. We will miss working with Firefighter Miller, Seattle got a great firefighter.

Travis G. Manchester, OH

I love my 1044 Cairns helmet. If you want a helmet that will withstand the fire and heat as well as the elements of nature you face being a firefighter, then Cairns is your Company. Great job guys at building the best helmet out there and good showing at FDIC this year and amazing booth with nice people. All anybody could ask for. Keep it up and I'll wear Cairns for life.

Tom F. Raywick, KY

During an acquired structure burn October 24, 2010 we had an incident causing the ceiling to collapse. Five firefighters were approximately fifteen feet into the structure at the time of the collapse. A firefighter and myself were manning a backup line at this time. As the ceiling fell it hit the rear brim of the firefighter backing up the nozzleman on the attack line. The firefighter that was struck by the debris was able to remove his self from the structure with only some shoulder bruising. As we examined his Cairns 1010, it was quickly observed that the liner/shell had performed as designed. The shell rotated back, leaving the liner intact on the firefighters head saving him from incurring a certain neck injury.

Gordon W. Indianapolis, IN

Gordon W. Indianapolis, IN Wayne Township Fire Department

The Helmet that started it all. When I was born into this world in 1975 my father was already a firefighter. He volunteered as a firefighter here on the West side of Indianapolis with the Wayne Township Fire Department. He kept his first helmet and gave it to me at the age of 3 when he replaced it with a Leather Cairns. I wore and carried that helmet every where I went as a child, hell, I grew up with my father's helmet. I know that over the years staring at that helmet and growing up around the fire service greatly influenced my choice to become a Firefighter. I joined the US Army to become a Firefighter and have served our beloved country as one for 15 years now as one. I also was lucky enough after going through a rigorous hiring process and recruitment school, to get hired onto the now, Full time Career Department of Wayne Township. The very same Department in which my father volunteered over 18 years of his life for free I became a part of as Professional Firefighter. Upon completion of the Fire Academy here at Wayne, I was issued my own Cairns 880. I have used the same helmet for over 5 years now. It has been pieced and glued back together over its years of service to our community because of a loyalty to a brand, a tradition, and a helmet I grew up with. That helmet will be my son's helmet when I can someday have my own Leather just as my Father did. My Hero and his Helmet started a Second Generation of Firefighters and what is soon to be a third with my son as he too has already made up his mind. I have kept my Fathers helmet my entire life over 35 years now and restored it to OEM to the best of my capabilities. It now hangs proudly on my wall of Firefighting Achievements where it will be passed down. A Cairns MSA Helmet, an original skull cap and protector of firefighting knowledge. Ours will never to leave our family, so as to stand for a purpose, a reason and a man and his helmet who started it all for us, the Walker Firefighting Clan.

Ron S. Oak Harbor, OH

We've been using Cairns for 25 years.


Eli C. PARIS, KY Hutchison Station Vol. Fire


Allen C. Urbana, IL

Allen C. Urbana, IL Carroll Fire Department, Champaign County, IL  (MABAS Div. 28)

Leather forever!

Shane B. West Jefferson, OH

I am a probationary firefighter but I have seen, in my young career, the quality and durability of Cairns helmets. other helmet brands do not stand up to the test like your helmets do. To go along with the quality, Cairns has a rich history in the fire service which I honor and respect very much.

Tom D. Washington, MO

A few years back, my Captain, two other firefighters and myself, responded to a mutual aid call to a neighboring town. After several hours of fighting what was ultimately a loosing battle, we lost a historic building. As we sat in dismay on the rear bumper of our ladder truck discussing the what could have been, my Captain took off his Cairns helmet and set it between us. The time finally came when we were released and we jumped back into our seats and took off for home. When we arrived, my Captain, already in a mad mood because of the loss, could not find his helmet. Even angrier now that he thought his helmet might still be at the scene, ranting and raving, about having to return to that location, he stops to take a breath and we hear the faintest thumping sound. bump.....bump.....bump.....bump..... we start looking around and as we approach the rear of the truck it gets louder, the closer we get the better we can hear it, BUMP.....BUMP.....BUMP. when we get to the very back of the apparatus we see what is making the noise. Our Captains Cairns helmet is hanging from the chin strap buckle, dangling from the space between the bumper and the truck. We all stared wide eyed at or Captain to see what he was going to do. Then we all broke in laughter. From then on in honor of how strong your equipment is we compare everything to it. "Man that held up like an MSA helmet", "that knot is as strong as an MSA helmet buckle".

John M. Horseheads, NY

Been in the fire service for 26 years. Been wearing a Cairns helmet for 24 of them. From a 660C Metro to a Cairns 1010 to a N5A New Yorker. I love the product. Good job Cairns and MSA.

Kyle W. Bethel, OH

IT was the first day of 2011. We got called out for a working structure fire to a condo complex in our district. Let me first say that only a few months before this we had gotten new turnout gear including new Cairns Helmets. When we turned onto the main road from the firehouse we could see this massive plume of smoke rising in the air like a downtown sky scraper. To make a long story short we entered the front of the condo shortly after arriving. My officer and another Firefighter entered through the front door. Maybe 20 secs later the hallway fell onto the first Firefighter and knocked him to the floor. My officer called a mayday and grabbed his SCBA strap to pull him back outside. Outside the firefighter stood up, stretched his neck and said "Im alright". His helmet was covered in ash, drywall dust, and soot, but it had done its job and allowed all of us to finish ours.

Laife F. Mt Zion, IL

I remember the first working fire I responded to. It was a third alarm, mutual aid in a two story residential home. My department had a crew inside on the second floor pulling ceiling while other departments were outside trying to fight the flames. Well, the roof collapsed on them...covering them all in smoldering debris. Thank God they all escaped quickly, but I remember seeing debris caked at least a foot high on their helmets as they exited the building. It was a scary realization of the dangers of being a firefighter, but I'm glad to know the helmets can hold up through the worst.

Alan S. Hudson's Hope, BC

Alan S. Hudson's Hope, BC Hudson's Hope Fire & Rescue Service

This is my helmet when I was in Rankin Inlet, Nunavut. We routinely dealt with -40 temperatures and my helmet always kept me safe and identifiable. It served me well there and continues to serve me here in Hudson's Hope.



Daniel R. Medina, OH

I have been in the fire service for more than twenty years and have been in quite a few fires and other fun events and have always worn Cairns, there is nothing better in my world than this helmet and I do the research and I am very picky about what protects my head. Please keep up the outstanding work. P.S. Thank you Dan!

Jamie T. Amherstburg, ON

We were called to a fire in a small apartment building. When we got there we could see the flames inside the building through the windows of the main floor. Upon entering the building, it was found that renovations were in progress on many of the units in the building, including the one that the fire was seen in. In the attempted entry into the involved apartment unit, a stove was partially blocking the swing of the front door. My partner and I found this out when we tried to enter and were thwarted abruptly! Coincidentally, the door opened enough to allow heat and flame out of the unit giving us each a blast of heat and fire at the ceiling level and banking down to us with extreme impact! We regained our perspective, with a hoseline in hand, gained entry and dowsed the fire getting the situation under control. Thanks to my partner's direction, my training and my gear (mainly my Cairns helmet) all participants were well and safe!

Joey B. Chatham, IL

While fighting a residential structure fire my Cairns fire helmet saved my dome! The truss members collapsed on our crew, resulting in what could have been serious injuries. My helmet had to be replaced (department policy) due to a golf ball sized dent it made. Helmets can be replaced but my head cannot! So once again, thanks for making quality helmets that make us feel safe and protected. Keep up the great work!

Jeff H. Columbia, TN

I am a lieutenant at Spring Hill Fire Department. I have not made any heroic saves. I have never had to call for mayday or been in a situation where my helmet saved me. I am proud to call myself a brother. I support companies that support us. I am extremely proud to put on my uniform every third day. There are so many people trying to hinder the growth of the fire service. We, as brothers, have to stick together and support each other. I am sure there are many others more deserving of this helmet. Thank you for being a company firefighters can count on. Thank you for your time.

Jeff W. Plainfield, IL

One of my friends on the Chicago fire dept. that is on a truck company had a axe fall two stories and hit him in the head, and if he wasn't wearing his Chicago 880 helmet he would have been a goner. He suffered a minor concussion. But that awesome helmet did save his life.

Mark B. Bovey, MN

Retired 20 years ago as a fireman and fire instructor, I wore a N5A New Yorker, first one was regular leather, then got the compliant leather helmet, Bourke Eye Shield, Milwaukee strap, was one of only 4 or five guys in Mn and ND that knew what a real fireman's helmet was. Leather to take the crunch, shed water etc.. Now there all buying them since 911. I wish they would buy real fire engines in this area as well. With Seagrave for years, and now with KME. Hard to sell in this area.

Mark L. Palm Coast, FL

Mark L. Palm Coast, FL Flagler County Fire & Rescue

We used to wear 660C Metros but then in 2001 after 9-11 we started to switch to the 1010s. First the officers and then the rest switched over. I myself bought a black 1010 & then a White 1010 when I became Chief, I still have both. I have tried others but the comfort of Cairns is just better than the rest.

Jason B. Eagle River, WI

I bought my Cairns 1044 helmet with Defender and it is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn. The Defender is great eye protection and is a great product. I love the fact that they slide up inside the helmet and out of the way. It's a lot better than carrying safety glasses around. The Defender is easy to deploy and is always there when you need eye protection. My next helmet will definitely be a Cairns. Thanks for a great product.

Travis G. Manchester, OH

Hello, my name is Travis Gilkison. I am the Chief cadet for the Manchester Fire dept. We use Cairns/MSA helmets and we will be switching to MSA SCBAs with are first new township engine in over 35 years. The firefighters use Cairns 1044 helmets and the cadets use 664 Invader helmets. We have over 75 years of fire tradition in the small town of Manchester, and the story I am telling is very sad to are town and other fire departments in the county. Just 2 days ago a former Chief of the Manchester Fire Dept passed away. Herman A. Carter was the fire chief of Manchester for 22 years and a member for over 60 years. In 1983 he was voted to be the new chief of the Manchester Fire Dept, up until 2005 when he became sick. Herman was a military man, devoted husband and father, and would do anything to help anyone he could in the town. Herman was the longest running chief in are fire department history, fighting and uncountable amount of fires in his life time. When he was chief he didn't think there was any helmet better then a Cairns and we still have many of the old leather and tin helmets from the 1950 and 60's when Herman was just a firefighter. As I said earlier, we still use Cairns helmets today as our chief still thinks they are the best. We have had two structure fires in the last two weeks which is very rare for are small town, and are Cairns 1044 helmets held up to the smoke and flames in the very hot fires. Two of are firefighters helmets were melted and black but they held up great and I will never fight a fire in anything other then a Cairns helmet. Are former Chief Herman A. Cater will be buried in his class A's and his white 1044 helmet, he will be carried on are 1991 Grumman engine. I hope anyone who read's this will prey for his family and friends. Thank you for reading my story and I hope every Firefighter and EMS worker are safe in your amazing product's. Keep Herman A. carters family in your prayers tonight. Thank you

Harry D. Tyrone, PA

Harry D. Tyrone, PA Blazing Arrow Hook and Ladder Fire Co. Tyrone, PA.

I know it isn't the Christmas season but its not every day that you see Santa Claus wearing a Cairns N5A New Yorker. The Tyrone Fire Dept takes Santa around town each Christmas Eve. We blow the sirens and run the red lights and people come running out to greet Santa and the Fire department as they go by. Santa has his own sleigh that is built to fit in the hosebed of our engine. It has been a tradition in Tyrone since the 1950's. People look forward to it every year. The firefighters make a whole day of it by decorating the trucks in Christmas Lights and other seasonal items. I have had the honor to be Santa Clause for the last six years but have participated since 1990. It makes me happy to see all of the smiles on the faces of the kids and the adults every year. It never gets old. Tradition never gets old just like my 1991 New Yorker. It is a great tradition.I will never wear anything else. You guys make a great product.

William W. Fayetteville, PA

Hands down, Cairns helmets are the finest helmets on the market. I have been wearing a Cairns Leather N5A New Yorker helmet since I joined the department in 1981. Myself and several of my fellow firefighters have burned the finish off of these helmets beyond recognition. Some of these helmets were reconditioned and put back into service and worn for several years later protecting us from the dangers that we face every day. I own fourteen of these helmets today and wouldn't think of owning anything else.

Kevin D. Silvana, WA

While at training, I felt something fall on my helmet and could not figure it out as nothing was above us. I was only after I took off my helmet did I find a small mole behind the shield. It must have been dropped by a hawk from above my position! I was alive so I guess the helmet saved us both!

Joshua H. Mt. Pleasant, PA

Joshua H. Mt. Pleasant, PA Mt. Pleasant V.F.D

This is a picture of myself wearing my Cairns 1010, doing extraction of a PT Cruiser from a vehicle accident.

Arthur G. Westbrook, CT

I can't really think of any time specific just the everyday use, wear and tear I put on my gear, top quality helmets. thank you

Brenden H. Litchfield, CT

Brenden H. Litchfield, CT Bantam Fire Dept

MSA now acquired Cairns, and I own three MSA helmets from the 1970s. These were seen on the TV show Emergency!

Joe C. Saginaw, MI

Joe C. Saginaw, MI Saginaw Township Fire Department

Every day I go to work, every time i put on my gear and get on that rig, whether its a disregarded fire alarm or a fully involved structure fire my life depends on my Cairns 1010. The Quality and dependability of Cairns helmets puts my mind at ease so that I can focus on saving someone else's life and or property. Keep up the good work and awesome tradition!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Robert F. swartz creek, MI

Robert F. swartz creek, MI Gaines Township Fire dept

All my life I always wanted to be a firefighter like my great uncle, my grand father, my uncle, and my dad. Like every firefighting dad he was my hero, always sharing story's with me. On a summer day a few years back my father's dept was dispatched for a gas station fire. on their arrival they found this building to be 45% involved. He and his partner made the initial interior attack, when my father opened the hand line he went sliding across the floor and smacked up against a shelf knocking his mask half off his face and broke the face shield but the 660C Metro helmet remained intact and now sits on my shelf.

Adam S. St. Louis, MO

Adam S. St. Louis, MO St. Louis City Fire Department

Responded to a call for wiring (2 company response) in a one story brick shotgun style home, upon arrival we found heavy smoke pushing from the front of the house and were being told that there was a person possibly inside, we called for a first alarm assignment. Riding lead off, I stretched an 1 3/4" line to the front door and made entry. As soon as we made entry we realized we were going into the home of a hoarder and there was a lot of debris to crawl across. I was about 25 feet into the house and found heavy heat and fire coming from a basement stair case. I started attacking the flames and advancing the line down the stairs when the line went limp on me and my company. Flames re-emerged and overtook my company as we retreated to the front door. The temperature at the time of the fire was about 10F and had caused our initial hydrant to be frozen. The 4th responding company assisted to make the plug and we were able to attack the flames again. There ended up not being any trapped occupants and the fire was brought under control in about 25 minutes with a lot of overhaul from the materials in the home. My Cairns 1010 helmet saved my scalp unfortunately my hood didn't provide as much protection and I sustained some burns around my mask seal. The Post Dispatch had this article about the fire,

Kendell S. Springhill, NS

Just a great helmet to wear

Ryan B. Round Hill, VA

Ryan B. Round Hill, VA Purcellville Volunteer Fire Department

Picture of my Cairns Leather Sam Houston after a working structure fire. Custom shield was handmade by myself. I love to continue the tradition and pride of making handmade custom shields for myself and my fellow brothers.

Pat L. Middletown, DE

Pat L. Middletown, DE Volunteer Hose Company Of Middletown

I joined the fire house at the age of 15. When I turned 16 I got a brand new Cairns 1010. I was involved in a basement fire when I was 17 and burnt my helmet up, but I was protect from being burnt. Here is the picture of the helmet.

Mark W. Altoona, PA

Mark W. Altoona, PA City of Altoona Fire Department

Cairns helmets have been on the top of my head since my fire service career started (1985) in the volunteer sector, then progressed to a career department (1992) and became a certified fire instructor(1993-present). Thanks for protecting me all of these years.....

John M. horseheads, NY

Been in the fire service for 26 yrs and have always loved MSA and Cairns helmets

Nathan R. Honey Brook, PA

Nathan R. Honey Brook, PA Honey Brook Fire Company

This picture is from a training burn in West Chester, PA. It was the first fire this brand new N5A New Yorker had ever seen.

Shane N. Jasper, GA

Shane N. Jasper, GA Hinton Volunteer Fire Department

Sergeant Shane Nelson Wearing a Cairns 1010 with amber Bourkes.

Thomas H. Leduc, AB

Thomas H. Leduc, AB Nisku Fire Rescue

Cairns is the way to go. I've never had a problem with there helmets. We put them through there paces quite often and they really stand up to the beating. Thanks for all your hard work in designing and testing to make sure we are safe. I am proud to where a Cairns helmet.

Justin R. Lima, OH

Was fighting a two story balloon frame construction fire with the first floor room on fire. While attacking the fire a ceiling fan and some drywall fell directly on top of my Cairns 1010. If it had not been for the helmet I would have been seriously injured.

Kody S. Alliance, NE

I've had three N5A New Yorkers in my time as a firefighter and every one of them has been used and abused. I've wore every other leather out there but nothing is as comfortable and more durable then the New Yorker. Its my helmet of choice and will always be my helmet of choice!!!

Thomas M. Murfeesboro, TN

Thomas M. Murfeesboro, TN Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department

We had recently had a structure fire Monday and my partner went in to hit the final hot spots and my Cairns 1010 was very comfortable and it very well protected my head from the nails sticking out of the burnt up frame. So thank you all keep up the good work.

Leland K. Rockford, MN

I am in firefighter one class. One of training classes I went out to the truck bay and started putting on my turn out gear. I drop something on the floor and went to stand up and I hit my head on a shut off valve for filling the the trucks. I had my helmet on, If I didn't I would have a good size cut in my head.

Donald W. Coleraine, MN

Donald W. Coleraine, MN Coleraine Fire Department

I love my Cairns 1044 with the Defender Visor. The helmet fits like a baseball hat and is the most comfortable one that I have found!

Joshua C. Altoona, PA

One firefighter from one of our neighboring departments was standing below a large plate glass window. When someone broke the window out with a pike pole, it came down in several large pieces. The pieces of glass hit his Cairns helmet and broke up saving his life.

Rob C. Guerneville, CA

Rob C. Guerneville, CA Russian River Fire Protection District

I have been using Cairns helmets since my fire service career began in 1991. I currently have the newer style 880. Prior to that I was using a Cairns 1010. When the Cairns 880 came back, I didn't hesitate. I really like the traditional look. It is a well balanced comfortable wearing helmet.

Michael H. Pottstown, PA

My dept. has Cairns 1010s. Mine is beat up, but but it is like a Timex. I have had boards hit my helmet drywall, tools, bricks. My helmet got chips, and cracks in it but my head never got hurt.

Timothy G. Schenectady, NY

Back in the summer of 2004, I responded to a house struck by lightning. I was on the third-due apparatus (a ETA/engine-tanker) and saw dark smoke pushing from the eaves on either side of the house. I went inside with a pike pole and the first handline. All of us were in full PPE and SCBAs. At the time, I was wearing a Cairns 1010 with Bourke Eye Shields. I started to pull down walls and ceilings to find the fire. Eventually, I found the fire and the handline started to extinguish it throughout the second floor. At the same time, we had a team working on the roof above us performing ventilation. Throughout the next ten minutes of these operations going on, I hooked up with the hose team to check on their progress. The smoke was dim and white so I was able to stand. While I stood there, something fell from above. This long, but heavy, object hit me on the right side brim of my helmet and fell next to my right boot. I looked down and, lull and behold, a six-pound flat head ax had fallen through the roof out of one of the firefighter's hands, who was performing ventilation. After exiting the structure, I checked my helmet and discovered no dents or serious scratches. I was impressed that the Cairns 1010 helmet stood up to that kind of abuse and didn't have to take it out of service. In turn, the helmet saved me from being taken out of service too. By properly wearing the helmet and utilizing it in a hazardous atmosphere, this piece of equipment protected and saved my life. I entrust Cairns 1010 or any other of Cairns' helmets. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work.

Jacob E. Jasper, GA

Jacob E. Jasper, GA Hinton Volunteer Fire Department

Upon going into my first fire, It was nothing like I expected from the previous training fires I had participated in. I had debris falling down on me and could not see much of anything. I was wearing a Cairns N5A New Yorker. As the debris was falling down some of it hit my helmet. My Cairns helmet protected me and kept me from getting hurt.

Kevin B. Waterloo, NY

July 2009 the Waterloo Fire Dept was providing rescue and fire support for our local county fairs demolition derby. I was assigned to the extrication team and standing by along the side of the "crash coarse" when 2 vehicles collided. It caused pieces to fly every direction. During the time of the collision I felt something hit my helmet. Someone came over and asked if I was ok? I said yes and asked why. The firefighter was holding a piece of the bumper shock that had struck the shield holder and the top of my Cairns 1010 helmet. The shield holder was bent and a couple of chips where missing from my helmet but it was still in good shape. I still have the helmet and have it as my back up helmet as my department issued me a new Cairns 1010. It did its job and save my head during the demos. I will always wear a Cairns! THANK YOU!!!!

Tom H. Leduc, AB

Tom H. Leduc, AB Nisku fire

We wear the Cairns 1044. These helmets provide great protection. I submitted a picture of my self when we were training probies. I like these helmets because they are light weight and provide good protection while keeping the tradition at the same time. Thank you for all your hard work and keep it up.

Steve G. Richland, PA

Steve G. Richland, PA City of Lebanon

Arriving on scene of a single story detached house with smoke showing seemed like your run of the mill fire. Upon entering the house as part of the truck crew, I began my search for victims. While my search was proving negative, I came upon the fire room and just as I found it, the room flashed. I encountered a high amount of heat and narrowly escaped. Completing my search I then attempted to extinguish the fire with my can as the line arrived. It was only once I left the building I realized what had happened. I removed my helmet (a Cairns Leather N5A New Yorker) and it was burnt, worse than any helmet I had worn before. The helmet remained intact and kept me safe. After the fire I sent the helmet back to Cairns and it was refinished and the helmet still serves me today. The helmet has taken a large amount of abuse, but it keeps ticking. Cairns provides a great quality helmet at an affordable price. Thank you for your time.

Andrew S. doverplains, NY

Andrew S. doverplains, NY City of Poughkeepsie Fire,NY

My Dad collects fire helmets. This one is a very special helmet, it belonged to one of his favorite Captains at work. His daughter gave it to Dad last week. It was his old Lieutenant helmet that he wore during the very busy 80's...lots of fires! Sadly the Captain had to retire due to Alzheimer's at a fairly young age, even though he had over 30 years on the job!

Daniel S. DoverPlains, NY

Daniel S. DoverPlains, NY Dover FD, DoverPlains, NY 36 Truck!

I have worn my helmet for nearly 17 of the 20 years I have been a fireman. Old school N5A New Yorker, impact cap, no ratchet...Black, Bourkes, with a Boston Style device. This is a working man's helmet..seen a lot of fires in those 17 years, even here in suburbia. It's cracked, bent, stained, and smokey, but never once has it failed to protect me. I will never give up my lid, I will never sell my lid, I will never repaint my lid. It earned every mark, burn, and bend, the sacrifices of keeping the fireman who wears it safe. It is an American Classic, replaced by too many safety rules, regulations, and ideals put forth by people who have most likely never worn any type of fire helmet. For those who have, and those who do, there is a special place for an old school New Yorker...certainly in our hearts, but more so first due!

Karl M. Phillipsburg, NJ

Karl M. Phillipsburg, NJ Stewartsville Fire Co. 1 Greenwich Township, NJ / Green Knoll Fire Company Bridgewater, NJ

Greetings, my back story on my Cairns helmets begins back in June of 1998 where I received my N5A New Yorker helmet as a graduation gift. I had begged and pleaded with my father to let me buy one. Not even a week in use, I responded to a barn fire and came out with it loaded with chicken feathers. It was quite a sight. A year later while attending the NJ State Fireman's Association Convention, I came upon a vendor selling used leather helmets. This gentlemen was the owner of the now widely used . At the time he was selling parts and used helmets, which I purchased one as a back up. (I couldn't have just one) Early in the year 2000, I was fighting a fire when a concrete wall started to collapse. As I and other firemen ran from the collapsing wall I swear I felt a "brush" on my back. Later that day I took my helmet off to find the front holder smashed. Obviously during that fire I was hit in the head and didn't even notice it. I still use my Cairns helmet today which has been repainted countless times. I have used the using their parts department many times and have had the best customer service and repair products. I thank cairns for providing such a great product and tradition to the fire service. I have included a photo of my Great Grandfather's helmet from when he was a fireman in NY. My grandfather estimated that his father was a volunteer in Morris Park from around the 1910's. It now sits on my filing cabinet in the Code Enforcement office where I work.

Doug A. Juliette, GA

Doug A. Juliette, GA Monroe Co. Emergency Services

It has been a few years, but I remember it very well. I Love my Cairns 1010. I had a house fire about 2 in the morning and me and our crew made an interior attack. The fire was already venting through the roof. We made a great knock back and just about had it out and the rear corner started falling and one of the trusses fell and hit me and my fellow Firefighters in the head. Thanks to my Cairns 1010 I walked away.

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH Lyme and Milton

I used my Cairns 1044 in Milton, New Hampshire at a chimney fire with extension. The chimney was only 10 feet tall but a piece of the brink fell off and hit the helmet. I didn't even feel a thing. I will only use Cairns helmets. I just don't feel safe using any other type. In fact, I got my other fire dept. Lyme to switch from a Bullard Fire Helmet to a Cairns 1044 and I'm not even an officer!

Charles L. St. Clair, PA

My Cairns helmet protected me from head injury in a collapse in a working structure fire. We were on the first floor, and the roof collapsed on top of us. The helmet worked perfect for all of us! Thanks for making the best helmets out their.

Beau S. Cridersville, OH

I had a cairns 1044 with a Defender Visor and Bourkes , and the first fire I had it on I had a piece of plaster and lathe fall from the ceiling and it only left a couple scratches on the top. AMAZING products Cairns keep up the awesome work!!

Nathan B. Milledgeville, GA

While working a 3 alarm structure just last month, my Cairns 1010 saved my rear yet again. While pulling ceiling to knock the fire out running the rafters, I saw out of the corner of my eye the seams all the way across the room start to split. I quickly told my nozzleman to cover up, and as I did, the whole kit and caboodle came down on top of our heads. After the initial shock wore off, and we finished the job, I looked at me helmet, and all that happened was a few burnt tets and some scuffed paint. Every helmet I own is Cairns, and an N6A is next on the list. I won't ever buy a different brand.

Tyler H. Latrobe, PA

Tyler H. Latrobe, PA Lloydsville Volunteer Fire Department

Well, I love taking pics, and this is of my blue Cairns 880.

Travis M. Charlton, MA

Travis M. Charlton, MA Southbridge Fire Dept.

At 0230 hours on October 17th, 2010 Southbridge fire alarm began to receive calls for a building fire on Pearl St. We rolled with a single engine company because the crew for our ladder company were on an ambulance call bringing a patient of a motorcycle wreck to a Worcester hospital. En route, we received a report of people trapped in the building. At this point the acting officer ordered a third alarm which recalled all off duty members. Upon arrival we had heavy fire showing from the rear second and third floors of an occupied three Decker. We effected a rescue from a third floor window over a ground ladder and myself and the acting officer stretched a line into the second floor stairwell. We were going to attempt to hold the fire until more help arrived and do a quick search. We popped a door into a second floor apartment where I crawled in and began a search. I made it about 5 feet into the room when it rolled over and I was chased out by heavy fire. We hit it with the line and at that point a large piece of plaster and lath struck me on the head. After going back outside to change my bottle I was made aware of the condition of my equipment, my Cairns Leather N5A New Yorker had most of the paint burnt off in some spots down to the leather. My coat which had been black was now orange in most spots from the high heat and I had 2nd degree burns to both arms and legs. Through all of this, my Cairns leather helmet protected me. The damage was all cosmetic and the helmet is still in service. I've never owned anything but Cairns leather helmets, and this incident reinforced my belief that Cairns is the best and the only helmet I will ever buy. Leather forever!

Ralston S. Lenoir, NC

Ralston S. Lenoir, NC NCFR (North Catawba Fire-Rescue)

Hi My name is Ralston. Today I'm going to tell you a story about my Twin Brother and His Cairns 1010. Myself and my twin brother Mason are premature. We were born 27 weeks early. I weighed 2lbs, 3oz and Mason weighed 2lbs, 2oz. We were so small my Dad could hold us in his hand and take his wedding ring and put it all the way up are arms. We were in the Hospital for 3 months. I came home first, but my brother came home a couple of week's after I did. My brother got the bad end of things when he was being born. He had to have open heart surgery when he was 3 days old and had surgery on his intestine. The doctors told my mother my twin brother would never be able to sit up or walk, he would be blind and would never be able to be on his own when he got older. But, God proved the doctors wrong! Today on February 15, 2011 my Brother is a Junior Firefighter with me and will be one for a year on February 23, 2011. He is not blind. He can walk on his own. He can run (not as fast as the normal person but it's running for him). My twin brother is the most caring and loving person you will ever meet. He will do anything for you!! If he can't, he will do his best. I love my Brother with all my heart. I don't know what i would do without him, but God has Blessed me with him for 15 Years now. My Father has been in the Fire Service for 23 Years now. We grew up in it, and we love every bit of it. My Brother has a Yellow Cairns 1010. One of the Captions at my Department gave it to him and said he could use it for anything he wanted to. My brother has been on fires and wrecks and woods fires. I know he will be safe wearing his Cairns Helmet, and I'm glad there are people in God's world that would put people on this earth to make Cairns helmets and etc. To protect myself and my brother. I'm happy to say that my brother is alive today and is with me everyday!. i just wanted to say thank you for reading my story and thank you for all you guys and girls do. God bless all of my brothers and sisters in the Fire and Medical service. Your brother, Ralston.

Donovan C. Anaheim, CA

I was on an active structure fire when a joist gave way and whacked me on the side of my helmet and kept me safe and sound.

Blake K. Madison, WI

Blake K. Madison, WI Shorewood Hills Fire Department

A picture of my new Cairns 1044 next to the Q siren.

Jakob S. Garrett, IN

My name is Jakob Shultz. I am a volunteer firefighter on Corunna Fire Department. I have been in the fire service for 11 months and I am attending college for Fire Science. Our department had its one and only house fire in November, my very first house fire. During the attack, I was backup man on the nozzle inside of the home. My nozzle man went to shoot towards the ceiling, so, I crouched down to give him a better handle. As I was crouched, my nozzle man and I had a partial ceiling fall on us. At that point, we radioed the IC to evacuate everyone due to unsafe conditions. If it wasn't for my Cairns 1010 helmet and my partners Cairns 1044, we could have been seriously injured in that house, but we both made it out safely. After a little clean up job, our helmets look good as new and are still being used today.

Jeff G. Fort Erie, ON

Since I have only been in the Fire Service several years as a volunteer, my experiences are limited in general, and specifically limited involving a Cairns product. That does not change the fact that head protection is a vital component to our safety. Today we wear various helmets for specific duties ranging from Structural Firefighting to Auto Extrication and Water Rescue. My family members who used to volunteer as well, wore the appropriate headgear provided to them as well. Our head protection is vital to completing a task safely, regardless of make brand and model of helmets used. The main thing is we take care of ourselves within our means and within our municipal budgeting, some with high end gear, some with entry level. Would I wear a Cairns Helmet proudly? You bet I would.

Duane R. Onancock, VA

My father and I are volunteer fire fighters. We got a call one night that a single story residence was on fire. Upon arrival we got reports that there was still someone trapped in the house. I watched as my dad entered the house to do a primary search, he was in a bedroom on the C-side of the house when he found a victim. He dragged the victim around to the B-side of the structure. All the sudden the room caved in on my dad and the victim. If it wasn't for my dads PPE and his Cairns 880 helmet, he and the victim would probably have died. I want to thank you so much for the protection and quality of your helmets.

Blake K. Madison, WI

A firefighter on another department I was on was working at the scene of a barn fire when a large cement brick fell and hit him in the head. He was not injured, but was checked out just for safety reasons. He was wearing a Cairns helmet, and it prevented him from getting seriously injured.

Sean M. St. Paul, AB

Sean M. St. Paul, AB St. Paul Fire Deptartment (volunteer)

In May of 2010 I attended my vwry first Large fire with the st. Paul Fire Dept,At the Hansen Hotel in St. Paul, Alberta. As a volunteer, didn't have a lot of formal training. At approx 1 am the fire had been burning for about 4 hours. It was a large 3 story hotel. at approx 1 am the east wall of the Hotel without much warning collapsed outward and threw bricks everywhere, I was hit in the head with a couple of those bricks. and had I not been wearing my Cairns helmet, I surly would be dead or at least seriously injured as the bricks were large and still very hot. I have attached a pic of one of the smaller brick pieces that hit me, and I saved it.

Justin R. Bath, NY

Well we get on scene of a working structures fire and we were told to ventilate the first story windows. Needless to say one of the guys decided it would be too much of a difficulty to get a tool that he would rather use his helmet instead. He ended up breaking one window and then projecting the helmet into the window mean while hitting the interior team with his helmet. As this helmet hit the interior team knocking off one of our members helmets. As this happened he felt around and picked up the one projected in through the window when the team was called out of the house. This is how Cairns helmet has protected a member in the line of duty.

Michael P. Westerville, OH

I was working for a small vol. fire department we had a training fire I went in to do the last round through the house, we had most of the fire in the back rooms, I went into the front door got about 20 feet in the front door when the floor gave way and I went into the basement the basement was fully involved when I stood up and looked around. I got to looking around and found the basement steps and made my way out of the house when I got out my helmet was scorched and smoking I was fine but my gear and helmet was condemned due to the heat and the intense fire, I still have that helmet it is hanging on my wall it is a Cairns 660C Metro if i remember right.

Rj B. Elizabethtown, NC

A buddy of mine owns a cairns helmet and he absolutely loves it. ha got it from the fire store bout a year ago. well, one call we got, it saved his life. We had a single story structure fire, fully involved. he was one of the few who was chosen to go in wit the search team for any persons in the building. About 10 minutes into the search. The roof caved in and then gave in, and one of the support beams fell right on his head he told us. He said if it weren't for his Cairns helmet of his, he would have never made it. Then about a few minutes later, after the fire was controlled. I heard him say "thank you god for savin my life and ableling the helmet to be strong enough to save my life, thank you". That's the story of how your cairns helmet saved my friends life, thank you for all the hard work yall do to ensure our safety. god bless.

Justin C. Hope, RI

Justin C. Hope, RI Potterville Fire Department

A long day of water supply training in 100 degree heat! The Cairns N5A New Yorker was on for 8 hours and was as comfortable as a baseball cap!!

Patrick H. Buffalo, NY

I am a second generation fire fighter following my father's footsteps. Hired in 2010 I am two weeks from the end of my probation and was in the Market for a Cairns helmet when I came across this giveaway. My father's career and time on this world was cut short after a structural fire in Buffalo eastside went horribly wrong. A roof collapsed on his leaving him without oxygen for several minutes causing irreversible damage to his brain. " It's a story that made headlines around the world when on April 30, 2005, Donny Herbert, a 43-year old Buffalo firefighter, stunned his doctors, family and friends when he suddenly emerged from a vegetative stupor after nearly 10 years. Over the next 16 hours, Donny, who had been deprived of oxygen for six minutes when the roof of a burning building caved in on him in December 1995, began talking and became his old lovable self again, catching up with family and friends on the decade he'd lost. Donny gradually slipped back into a vegetative state and died in December 2006" - - 60 minute clip which aired november 2007;photovideo - He always wore the city issued non traditional helmet, because he could not afford nothing else, But i remember one day as a little child how happy he was when our family bought him his first traditional helmet a Cairns 1010 which one day became the cover picture on the book about my dad. Today it sits on my mom's mantle silt covered with the front holder bend from the roof collapse (no other damage). Your helmet with the actions taken by the Buffalo Firefighters gave my family another 11 years which I will always cherish. Thanks You Patrick Herbert

William B. Trenton, FL

My story is simple. My great-grand father was a firefighter my grand father was also a fire fighter (FDNY) my father on the other hand broke out of the family business and became a cop (NYPD). I don't really know what went wrong, he might have feel and hit his head as a child. As for me, well, I'm in the family business and I'm a firefighter in Florida. As far as I know, both grandfathers had a Cairns, and to my Dismay, I cannot use them on duty. So, I would just like my own to pass down to my son who hopefully will keep it in the family business

Adam F. Ayr, ON

I haven't been doing this long, but the helmet is the best fitting helmet I have ever had on my head. Keep up the good work because a lot of people depend on on your product.

Matt B. Toledo, OH

Matt B. Toledo, OH Toledo Fire and Rescure Deaprtment, Toledo, OH

The Crew I was assigned to for the day responded to a structure fire in a 2 story multi-family dwelling. Upon our arrival we had light smoke conditions with no visible fire from side Alpha. Myself and another member entered the structure with an 1 3/4 hose line and proceeded to Division 2 to attack the fire. When we reached division 2 we encountered high heat and began to attack the fire. Somehow we lost water pressure and the flames now were over taking us. My partner retreated to the stairwell and I had the nozzle and moved back as well. Come to find out his helmet, made by another manufacturer, melted and compressed his hood onto his ears causing extensive second degree burns. My 1010 held up and I made it out unhurt! It was a lesson to us both in water supply and having water before an attack is started. It also forced him to get a new helmet! I still wear Cairns 880 and love them! I have gone through 3 different Cairns helmets during my 11 years here and plan on using many more. Thanks for protecting my melon from damage! Lt Matt Brixey

Allen K. Verona, PA

I got my first leather about a year and half ago and it has seen a lot of work since then. I love wearing it because its a huge symbol in the tradition in the fire service and I'm all about that and the brotherhood of the job. I am currently trying to get a new one one due to the fact that i don't wanna ruin what my helmet has seen and to keep nice to give to my son one day.

Tyler S. Lenoir, NC

Tyler S. Lenoir, NC Gamewell Fire Department

My fire department had just started doing overhaul of a structure fire. The crew was in the kitchen area and before they started overhaul we had soaked the attic of the home so that we could get the fire from up there out. I had stepped out onto the drive way to take a breather and the next thing i had heard was a loud crash. I ran to the doorway to find part the ceiling on the ground. The ceiling had fallen from where all of the water had weighed it down. Luckily all firefighters in side were either wearing there Cairns 1010 or there 880 when it fell on there heads. Everyone walked away with no injuries. The only helmets that my fire department uses is Cairns because we know we can trust them. Thank you for your great helmets.

DEREK K. Venice, FL

DEREK K. Venice, FL Englewood Fire Department

I was forced to buy a used N6A (Houston) off ebay due to the halt in production. I am happy with it but disappointed that it isn't "mine." I'm waiting for production to begin again. Thanks

Brad H. North Pole, AK

I have been in the fire service for over 25 years starting at the age of 14 in South Central Pennsylvania near the Mason Dixon Line. I have worn just about every helmet out there in my career and generally a Cairns. It took me almost twenty years before I got my first leather, an N5A New Yorker, and it has seen much action. I just got finished refurbishing it so I will get some pictures posted of it. I also have a Aluminum Senator that I have in my small helmet collection. I am looking at also giving it a new life by repainting it so it like the leather will last long after I am gone. Thanks for making the best helmets out there and keeping the tradition of hand made leather crafting alive for generations to come!

Gary M. Blairsville, PA

I knew that Cairns would be the only helmet I would ever own after a vehicle accident late one night involving a vehicle into a tree resting at the top of an embankment. As I proceeded over to the vehicle I slipped and knocked my 880 off of my head as I hit the ground. My 880 fell to ground and as I reached to recover it I knocked it over the hillside on which the car was resting atop and it fell over the hill. I was unable to find it due to the hillside being well over 100 feet high and extremely steep. I chose to wait until morning figuring that I'd have to buy a new helmet anyhow as nothing could survive a fall like that. I returned to the accident scene the following morning to find that the hillside was almost 200 feet in height and that an access road resided at the bottom. Thinking that I would find my helmet in pieces after seeing the area in the daylight I chose to go to the access road and recover the pieces for insurance purposes. Upon arrival of the area in which I believed my helmet to be I began searching for parts of it to recover when I found that it was in fact not in pieces but fully intact with only minor scratches, even the brass eagle survived the fall without breaking. The only thing that was lost was my rubber band that had been holding my light on and it was found shortly after a few feet from the bottom of the hill. I immediately inspected the helmet and found no structural damage, no cracks, and only one screw missing from the eagle which had been loose for some time. I placed the helmet back in my car with my turnout gear and continue to use it to this day over two years after the incident. The helmet actually saved me in a structure fire in which a large chunk of plaster over 8 feet in diameter fell from a ceiling with my helmet and air pack, which incidentally was an MSA taking the brunt of the hit.

Bryan H. Cheraw, SC

Bryan H. Cheraw, SC Cheraw Fire Department

On the morning of October 27, 2007 while operating an exterior of a structure fire. I was manning a hoseline when fire broke thru the roof of a structure. Thus causing the remains of the roof to flip to the outside, landing on me. It knocked me towards the fire. I was wearing my airpack but was not on air at the time, nor had my face piece in place. However I did have my helmet on as required. Luckily it was a Cairns 660C, department issue. I received multiple face and neck burns and was sent to Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta GA, 3 hours away. I learned later that what fell was heavy timber structural material, and had it not been for my helmet. I wouldn't be here today. I was out of work recovering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns for 2 1/2 months. Still love my job to this day. Thanks Cairns for saving my life!

Steve P. Sydney, NS

One day while responding to a grass fire. First I thought, grass fire I don't need to wear my helmet. But while getting off the pumper I said that I better put on my helmet. The captain in charge told me to grab a water back pack to extinguish the fire. I opened the compartment which held the extinguisher. The type of door on this compartment is one hinged on the top. So as I walked to grab the extinguisher the door failed and started to close above, hitting my helmet and not my head. This door came with a lot of force as the spring hinge inverted causing the door to come down with a lot of force. Lucky I had my helmet on and it saved me from injury.

Trenton P. Greensboro, NC

Trenton P. Greensboro, NC Greensboro Fire Department

I was attending a live burn with my company about two years ago. We were inside and the fire had reached the attic. While extinguishing the fire, my Cairns Sam Houston Leather Helmet protected my head from the falling debris.

Zachary H. Dearborn, MO

We were doing training burnings. Training accident gone bad. I was the Firemen to light the fire and well there was too much gas in the Diesel mixture we was using. blew out all the window, fried my gear, but helmet saved me when the ceiling failed and came down on my head.


Cairns has protected me for the past 6 years that I have belonged to Baden fire department. Cairns is the brand of helmets all 45 volunteers wear to protect us when responding to emergency calls.

Tim L. McKeesport, PA

I've always worn Cairns for 8 years of service.

John H. Sheridan, CA

My Father is a retired Captain he wore a Cairns classic 1000 for 25 years. Every time he came home after a shift, we used to fight over who got to wear his helmet so we could play firefighter. Now that I am firefighter myself and have my own helmet, I like to think its like we are passing on a torch from one generation to another.

Zachary H. Portland, IN

During the January 2005 ice storm in east central Indiana, Portland Fire Fighters were called to assist during the brunt of the storm in their area. One member of the department was working in an area where limbs had fallen. With out warning another large limb fell on the member who was wearing his helmet. The helmet was cracked but the member sustained no serious injuries from the incident.

Jason R. Monroe Center, IL

my helmet actually protected my head during a winters storm one night. My dept. was called out onto the local interstate in the middle of the night on a nice sub zero ice covered roads night, much like what has hit the midwest here lately, 20 below zero, blowing winds and snow. It was determined we needed to have the patient Air Lifted so we called in one of the local helicopters, I tell you when its already 20 below Zero a running Helicopter does not help you stay warm lol. With the bird on the ground Flight Crew decided on hot loading the patient so due to the conditions. as we were approaching the helicopter loading doors I just conveniently found the one sure fire piece of ice on the pavement, thankfully not with the patient as the other personnel there had a hold of the backboard. unfortunately that didn't help me as I fell I went feet straight out and down, bouncing my head off the pavement of the highway with a rather audible thump. Thankfully though I did have my cairns helmet on and that protected me from any serious injuries, gave me one hell of a headache though. If I hadn't had a helmet on the impact could have been a lot worse that just a simple knock to the head. Well that's my story, not really the most exciting story but hey the helmet did its job very well i think and glad i had it on.

Thomas M. Murfeesboro, TN

Thomas M. Murfeesboro, TN Lascassas Volunteer Fire

I got my 1010 for Christmas and it was great. The day after I was down at the station and we got a call so was very excited. So far i have been on 14 calls with my 1010. Thank you MSA/Cairns.

Mason M. Melbourne, KY

On 12/8/2010 our engine 1301 responded to the community to the northeast of us (Dayton KY) to assist in a structure fire. 5 agencies were called in due to the cold weather freezing the hydrants. While laddering the building to vent a 3rd story window fellow Firefighter/Engineer Jason Smith was footing the back-side of the ladder facing the structure. Without warning the wooden soffet underneath the gutters on the front of the 3 story house broke loose. The very large piece of flaming debris from 3 stories up fell directly on top of FF Smith knocking him unconscious and to the ground. Crews quickly removed FF Smith from the "danger zone" and he woke up enough to walk to the ambulance fore evaluation. Without his Cairns 1010 on it was quite clear that FF Smith would not have survived such a blow, let alone walk away from it. The story was carried on all local news stations and was and article on firefighter The helmet did exactly as designed and saved him from death or serious injury. FF Smith was back to full working capacity that day.

Tom H. Leduc, AB

Tom H. Leduc, AB Nisku Fire department

this is a photo of us welcoming the troops home at the local airport. we all wear the Cairns 1044 helmet great helmets and they take a beating. wouldn't trust any others . i had an opportunity to tour the test labs recently and i am proud to see the testing and technology that goes into these products thanks for your hard work.

Donny E. Bethel Park, PA

Donny E. Bethel Park, PA 520th Engineer Detachment, Library VFC

I have been using cairns and MSA products since the beginning of my firefighting career at the age of 15. Currently, I'm 20 years old and I am a Firefighter for the 520th Engineer Detachment, United States Army, Ft. Drum, NY. My Detachment depends on Cairns to keep myself and all members of the detachment safe while conducting fire suppression and rescue operations.

Ron P. Tyrone, PA

Ron P. Tyrone, PA Blazing Arrow Hook and Ladder

I got my first new yorker when I 16 its been through a lot over the years including when it saved my head at a fire when a 4x4 came down and hit me i'm now 30 and still have in service but it is in bad shape badly cracked and medal showing around the brim and I can't afford a new one right now I added some pic of helmet with my pup ember

William P. Foster, RI

I have been a Volunteer firefighter at Foster Center for 10 years and have loved it. I started as a junior firefighter and I am now the Rescue Captain there. I have a Cairns 1044 right now for a helmet and I love it. I always wanted a Leather New Yorker helmet from Cairns. Your helmets are the best out there and that's a fact.

Patrick R. millersport, OH

Patrick R. millersport, OH Millersport Fire Department

I am a 22 year old firefighter from ohio. I am the youngest in a family of firefighters. Myself, my twin brother, my older brother and my father are all firefighters. I am a full time part timer, i work for 5 departments all paid and volunteer for my home department at which i am very active. My very first fire I made entry through heavy smoke filled conditions to the back room with another member of the department. Once we started extinguishment, I could see that the fire had made it through the ceiling and into the attic. Conditions began to worsen. The heat began to melt my shield on my 1010, and breathing became difficult because my face piece began to cloud up from the heat. I knew it was time to get out of the house. We turned around and took off out of the room. Part of the ceiling let go and came down on top of us. We were not hurt, once we were able to get our bearings back from being smacked in the head we were able to make it out of the structure with ease. To this day I have worn a few different makes, models and types of helmets. The 1010 is still my favorite helmet. For its height, look, weight, and protection. I personally believe the cairns 1010 is the best helmet on the market and I will continue to wear it with pride. Thanks for this opportunity. FF/Emt Patrick Redd

Rob T. Tilbury, ON

Rob T. Tilbury, ON Chatham-Kent Fire Rescue

Myself Wearing my Cairns 1044 seen some action!

Brandon D. Jane Lew, WV

Brandon D. Jane Lew, WV Jane Lew Volunteer Fire Department

I have been using my N5A Cairns New Yorker for 5 years and I love it. How ever over the past few years it has taken some damage, From 900 Degree Structure fires, Car Wrecks with entrapment, Standing on the interstate in the snow and rain. I am currently still wearing it although I'm pretty sure it wouldn't pass OSHA standards as you will see in the picture. Id love to buy a new one but right now I don't have the money to put into it.

Aaron B. Elizabethtown, PA

Aaron B. Elizabethtown, PA Rheems Fire Department

It was the 16th of November 2006 when I received my Cairns N5A New Yorker. It was a surprise 16th birthday party for me at the firehouse and I was in awe with my gift. I wanted nothing more than a Cairns leather; the helmet was by far the most beautiful, useful thing I had ever received. It was what every junior firefighter or senior ever wanted. To this day, four years later, after being painted three times (red for juniors at first, then orange, then finally black when I became a senior) and protecting my noggin for hundreds and hundreds of calls it continues to protect me adequately and serve its purpose. If I had to name a time in which I was thankful for my Cairns leather, it was during a RIT (rapid intervention team) training class. The building was filled with smoke and I just happened to hit my head on the low part of the ceiling in the stairwell during an evolution. It was a nice hit and I was surprised at how nicely my head was cushioned by the blow; I wasn't dazed at all! My front piece holder was banged up but it did its job. When I first joined the fire service back in 2005 I just figured it was a fireman ego thing to have a leather. After these years with my Cairns leather by my side, I can literally say that I will never wear another helmet. Thank You Cairns and LEATHER FOREVER!

Jeremy A. Bradford, NY

Jeremy A. Bradford, NY Bradford Vol. Fire Co.

Last year i just Cairns 1044 helmet with my fire company i thought it was the most comfortable helmet in the world i felt really safe with it. On one cold winter day my fire co got called out to a 3rd alarm fire when we got there we tamed the fire as they were venting the roof me and my crew were checking hot spots in the wall when all a sudden i felt something hit my head as i looked up there was a hole in the roof. Come to find out it was the 4x4 squared piece of the roof that had hit me i was never injured but ever since i trust Cairns with my life.

Dillon R. Manchester, OH

Dillon R. Manchester, OH Manchester FIRE-RESCUE-EMS

This photo was taken on November 1st, 2009. Just right after Midnight. The tone dropped at 12:16 A.M for Station 13 & Station 10, for a possible structure fire on Cementary Street in Manchester, Ohio. When we arrived on scene, we found the back half of the 1st story house with attic, fully involved with flames and smoke pushing towards the front. We since, we on defensive mode to attack the fire from the front to push the fire back, to stop the spread of fire to any further of the house. In the photo is (Asst. Chief. Lonnie Bilyeu, Firefighter/EMT-B Curtis Anderson & Firefighter/EMT-B Brain Sims!

Robert T. Tilbury, ON

Robert T. Tilbury, ON Chatham-kent

Helmet resting on the rear of the apparatus after a run!!

Ryan L. Riverbank, CA

Ryan L. Riverbank, CA Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District

I have had other helmets in the past, but there is a never a concern for safety with my ppe when it comes to wearing a Cairns helmet on the fireground. There have been many incidents where the Cairn's helmet structure has protected me in what I feel is better than any other helmet could do. The picture is of me when I was an engineer wearing my Cairns 1010 walking to the fire with confidence.

Ian S. Gagetown, NB

Ian S. Gagetown, NB Gagetown Fire Rescue

cooling it down after a wearhouse fire

Mark M. Hopwood, PA

Mark M. Hopwood, PA Hopwood Volunteer Fire Department

The N5A New Yorker that I wear was made when I was only six months old. It was gifted to me when I joined my department and was in near perfect condition. Since then it has chipped paint around the brim and crown. It helped me out a lot when i was struck in the head by a piece soffit-facia around 10 feet long. Without the helmet the aluminum would have put a large gash in my head or worse. In the short time i have had it it has taken a beating and can not really afford to replace it. LEATHER FOREVER.

Greg S. Cocoa, FL

Greg S. Cocoa, FL Titusville Fire and Emergency Services

With great pride I can say that Cairns has protected my wife and me for a combined total of 23 years in the fire service. My wife retired after 11 years with Orlando Fire Department and I currently work for Titusville Fire and Emergency Services. Until last year, I was the only firefighter wearing a leather helmet with our department until I had to retire my Sam Houston due to age. I have not yet purchased another due to the expense but truly want to return to wearing a helmet known for its safety, durability, and tradition.

Rob T. Tilbury, ON

Rob  T. Tilbury, ON Chatham-Kent Fire

On entering a house fire for an interior attack, me and my partner were pulling in a 1 3/4 hand line when a door way and some ceiling fell striking both our Cairns Fire Helmets, My Cairns 1044 and his Cairns 1010 stood up to this falling debris with out injuring us at all!

Terrence H. Fairfax, VA

Terrence H. Fairfax, VA Montgomery County, MD Fire Rescue

Not the greatest "in action" shot, but one none the less. Cutting a floor simulating the Columbus Drill in the floor of a house when I was a rookie. My Cairns N5A New Yorker was bright and shiny then, but since then it has seen plenty of fire here in Montgomery County. The leather has since dried out and is beginning to crack and chip away. A new Sam Houston would be great, the prices of these helmets aren't getting any cheaper. Thanks.

Duane D. Chesapeake, VA

Duane D. Chesapeake, VA Chesapeake Fire Department

This is a photo of my Cairns N5A New Yorker. I purchased it in 1994. It has kept me protected at many many fire, EMS and Rescue scenes. My department has made me retire it due to the ridiculous standard of 10 years set by NFPA. I feel incomplete without it, and with the economy the way it is, I cannot afford a new one. I hope I am selected to win a new leather, because Cairns is the BEST.

David K. Southampton, NJ

David K. Southampton, NJ Medford Farms Vol Fire Co

At approximately 15:48 hours Taskforce 172 Station 431, Engine 292, & Tender 184 were dispatched to 211 Front street in the Medford Park Section of Southampton TWP for a building fire. Q4314 and T4316 both went responding and could hear NJFFS Medford and Lebanon Towers advising they had visible smoke in the air. As the crews were headed down Rt. 206 crews could see a large column of smoke in the direction of the fire. 43900 was first on scene and reported a working garage fire. E1723 arrived first due and was advised by C1900 to take the driveway and lead off with a 2 1/2" hand line. Q4314 arrived next and was advised to pull additional hand lines to protect the exposures. T1726 and T4316 arrived simultaneously and picked up the water supplies for E1723 and Q4314. Crews from both trucks went to work with one 2 1/2", one 1 3/4", and one 1 3/4" CAFS line. RE1712, E2923, and E4311 all arrived and staged there trucks sending there manpower forward to assist. A1782, A4394, and R4399 all arrived and staged setting up rehab. B3 and B16 were both on location prior to fire units arrival hitting hot spots and keeping the fire from spreading to the woods. C2901 had command.

Britt J. Edmond, OK

Britt J. Edmond, OK Oklahoma City Fire Dept.

No story just love the helmet. I have only had it for a year.

Justin C. Kennebunk, ME

Justin C. Kennebunk, ME Kennebunk Fire Rescue and Biddeford Fire Department

My Cairns leather helmets have kept me safe in more than one close call situation. Earlier this year we responded out to the turnpike for a tractor trailer fire. Upon arrival we encountered a fully involved tractor with extension into the refrigerated box. After making an aggressive knockdown of the cab we opened the trailer box. The box was full of pallets of french fries. We used a folding ladder to access the back of the trailer so we could direct a hosestream above the pallets toward the back of the box where there was still active fire. While operating the hoseline conditions suddenly worsened as the curtain that circulates the refrigerated air the length of the box flashed over and a smoke explosion occurred. I was thrown out of the trailer from approximately 8 feet off the ground. The helmet protected my head from the obvious thermal insult that is evident by the blackening of the entire helmet as well as from the impact when I struck the ground with my back and head. I was uninjured, picked myself back up and extinguished the now well involved trailer box. The second incident was while operating a 2 1/2 between tenements at a large incendiary fire at a wood frame multiple occupancy tenement. One of the elevated master streams caused a large area of roof and shingles to come down striking me directly in the head. My head and the helmet suffered no significant damage. I trust the quality and workmanship of the Cairns/MSA leather helmet to keep me safe at my Career and my volunteer job. Obviously I am in need of a new one.

Kevin M. Negley, OH

Kevin  M. Negley, OH Negley Volunteer Fire Department

Since I've been in my fire department I have owned Cairns helmets. When I first joined I used the helmet the department gave me, until I bought a Cairns 880 Chicago. The Chicago was very comfortable and I loved the style. Everyone I've talked to in other departments said they would never own another brand. The performance of Cairns is unbeatable.

Fred D. Youngstown, OH

Fred D. Youngstown, OH Youngstown Fire Dept.

In 1995, I was working a fire in an occupied auto body shop. as we were advancing, without warning, a 8' shop light fell down and struck me square on my head! I was disoriented, and was led to safety, but had no injuries due to the fact that I was wearing my cairns Sam Houston helmet that I had since 1991. at that time, the only damage done to my helmet was that the front holder was bent! Since 2004, I've been using a 1010, since our large fire load forced me to retire my faithful Houston. this helmet now sits on my TV in my main cave, and reminds me how lucky i was to escape serious injury that day, and how this trusty helmet has seen the worst fires, and was with me thru our "war years"! At least 3-400 fires or more I had with this protective helmet thru the years, and it was the best! I wouldn't use any other brand of helmet!!! 175 years means something to me!!!

John T. Columbus, IN

I bought my first leather in 91 first year as a volunteer. Worked 7 years volunteer then went full time in 98 worn it till last month. Had to buy a 1044 could not afford a new leather would have loved another just hard being married with kids to justify spending that much on another one. Best old helmet hated to hang up.

Joey R. Honey Grove, TX

Joey R. Honey Grove, TX Honey Grove Fire Dept

This helmet is the result of a flash over in an adjoining room to the entry room of an abandoned nursing home fire. All firefighters escaped with minor burns but the gear was severely damaged. The Cairns 1010 helmet did its job.

Cris J. New Martinsville, WV

Cris J. New Martinsville, WV New Martinsville FD

My attack crew and I go to work on a Ford Crew Cab pulling a trailer load of old Shingles. Used single 1 3/4" attack line to knock out fire. With Fire out switched over to foam to keep a rekindle. Cairns helmets along with MSA SCBAs keep My Crew and I extra safe from the hazards.

David S. Kinderhook, NY

David S. Kinderhook, NY Niverville

I have three Cairns Helmets they are the only helmet I trust in the heat of battle. In the fifteen years in the Fire Service Cairns is the only one for me! I recommend Cairns to all of my Firefighter friends and tell them that I owe a lot to the Cairns Helmet. Last Year I was involved in a collapse while doing a Fire Investigation I credit the Cairns 880 with the credit for keeping me from injury. I currently have two Cairns helmets in service I have a N5A New Yorker (that I recently painted) for use during FD operations, as well as an 880 that I use for my special team operations (Hazmat & Cause and Origin teams). Thank you to Cairns for 175 years of the BEST helmet on the market!

Royce D. Patterson Heights, PA

Royce D. Patterson Heights, PA Medic Rescue

Rehab after a working alarm

Wiley G. Valdosta, GA

Wiley G. Valdosta, GA Lowndes County Fire Rescue

First Live Fire training.

Kyle A. Clifton Park, NY

When doing a drill i was carrying out a firefighter, when me and another firefighter's heads collided, but my cairns helmet protected me from getting a serious injury to the head.

Rik T. Chapel Hill, NC

Rik T. Chapel Hill, NC New Hope Volunteer Fire Department

My Cairns N6A Houston protects me every day that I work. Cairns is my favorite brand, and is now the only brand that I trust to protect me. I trust them now more than ever because they have kept my favorite leather helmet style in production but includes today's safety needs and concerns. Thanks!

Clayton V. Grand Island, FL

Clayton V. Grand Island, FL Lake County Fire Rescue

Doing Haz-mat operations wearing my Sam Houston N6A.

Gary B. Balch Springs, TX

Gary B. Balch Springs, TX Balch Springs Fire Department

I received my Sam Houston as a graduation gift from the academy in 1992. It has served me without fail through out my career. It has protected me in several hostile fire environments and ceiling collapses. To me, there is no substitute. She is a little worn now, but still on the job!

Jon K. Clinton, ME

Jon K. Clinton, ME Fairfield Fire Rescue

Me at my Firefighter 1 and 2 end test. May 24th 2010

John B. Barrington, NH

John B. Barrington, NH Barrington Fire & Rescue, Barrington, NH

Me on the roof preparing to vent with my trusted Cairns 1010

michael r. Trevose, PA

It happened about two years ago when I got my first leather fire helmet. I put it into service that day when I responded to a car fire and from then I was in love with it. Then one day about six months ago it was deemed to be out of service and can no longer use it and sadly enough I can't afford to buy a new one so I am forced to use the dept issued helmet that is much heavier and bulky.

Nicki B. North Pole, AK

Nicki  B. North Pole, AK Ft. Wainwright

I married my fireman in June! As we were taking pictures, on of my bridesmaids yelled out that we should do a "Cowboy Kiss". My husband's Cairns leather helmet worked perfect! I absolutely love this picture and am so proud of what my husband does everyday!

Neil G. Cape Coral , FL

Neil G. Cape Coral , FL Fort Myers Fire Dept.

This helmet belongs to my good pal Mario. He works for the City of Detroit and as you can see gets quite a bit of fire service. Well, as you can probably tell his N5A New Yorker is getting to the point where it needs to be replaced. I can't think of a more deserving guy than him. I was in a garage fire with Mario some years back when we both worked in Ecorse Michigan. He went in and saved a dog that was locked in a cage inside while I stretched the line. After getting the dog we managed to get the swing up door open but it came loose from the ceiling and hit Mario on the head knocking him to the floor. He was off for 3 weeks after that and came to find out that he received compression fractures to his lumbar vertebrae. The good news is that his trusty New Yorker saved his melon. If you see fit to pick my story for this contest I will gladly give the free Cairns helmet to Mario so that he can continue to serve the City of Detroit safely. By the way, I am on my 2nd Cairns leather and wouldn't trade it for the world. Sincerely, Neil Graham

James B. North Pole, AK

James B. North Pole, AK Fort Wainwright Fire Dept/ North Star Vol.

My crew and I are proud to be wearing Cairns/MSA products that serve us very well in Alaska's environment. We serve no matter what mother nature sends us, our weather can be 90 above to 60 below zero. We put our equipment to the test, and it meets and exceeds our exception. In this picture we assisted with a multiple alarm fire at 20 below zero.

David H. Harrisonburg, VA

David  H. Harrisonburg, VA Rockingham County Department of Fire Rescue

The photo included is from a few weeks ago at a possible structure fire in Harrisonburg VA. I was operating as a volunteer with Hose Company # 4 Inc. and found this picture of the incident a few days later. The significance of this incident is that just a few years before we had a fire in that same structure. It was the first fire that I had been on with my brand new Cairns N5A New Yorker that I had received as a gift. On that fire I was overhauling the structure and was struck in the head by a large fluorescent light, it did knock me down, but I was unhurt. I was more mad that I had a big crack in my helmet though. Anyway this picture is from the second incident at that structure which turn out to be a small fire around the woodstove pipe in the wall.

Chris H. Hudson, NY

Chris H. Hudson, NY Greenport Pumper Co. No. 1

This is the aftermath of a collapse the occurred during an early morning fire at a Pellet Stove Supply store. After sweeping the room with a MSA Evolution TIC it was deemed safe to enter and open up an interior wall for master stream operations. While opening the interior wall the ceiling had a partial collapse. Myself and two other firefighters were hit with debris and knocked to the floor, we were dragged out by exterior members standing by at a the door Upon exiting a total collapse of the area occurred. Little did we know that due to double 5/8" sheetrock around the room we we unaware of the real danger ahead of us. Also above us was a small office space that we were unaware of. My Cairns N5A New Yorker took the hit from falling debris and the only damage received was a bent shield holder. The other two firefighters with me both use Cairns 1010s. These products have stood up to the test and still come out on top.

William B. Prairieburg, IA

William B. Prairieburg, IA Coggon Fire and Rescue

I recently took an advanced firefighting class at the annual CITA fire school in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. And the instructors we had in the burn building well put way to much fuel (meaning pellets and couch cushions). For that burn building their was only to be 3 to 4 pellets at the most and not 5-7 plus two couch cushions. So the instructors that day had us set in there and watch the fire growth until rollover occurred and it was hotter then any other fire I have been in. Well long story short, my helmet took a lot of heat that day and has some battle scars from it. Thankfully it was built to protect us the and the ear and neck flap on the back really did save me from being burned even with heavy duty hoodie on. Its truly a weird feeling when your sitting there watching your bourke shield melt while its on your helmet which is on your head. Then you realize how hot it has to be in order for that to happen. It kinda freaks you out at first, but then your thinking crap how am I going to tell chief about this?!

Pabel T. Woodstock, GA

Pabel T. Woodstock, GA Smyrna Fire Rescue

This is going to be unorthodox because most entries will more than likely feature an emergency incident. My Cairns helmet has protected me on many fire calls but I want to mention how my Cairns has protected me in the countless live fires, extrication and technical rescue training evolutions that it has accompanied me in. I credit my Cairns helmet for protecting me and in some cases my students and or partners in hundreds of training evolutions. After hundreds of evolutions and years of emergency runs to include fires, vehicle extrications and etc, my Cairns is still here protecting me, I cant say that my counterparts using other brands have been able to stand the abuse like my Cairns. My helmet see's what I see and I feel it is part of my every shift. so much so that I felt it necessary to buy my partner one as a gift before he was deployed over seas to fight for our country. I felt that the gift of a Cairns helmet was the HIGHEST level of respect that I could show my firefighting partner.

Mike H. Owego, NY

Mike H. Owego, NY Owego Fire Department

Cairns is the only helmet I've worn and would trust to have my head in a fire. The attached photo is my Cairns 1010 which was in service for 6 years.

Jeff S. Belmont, NH

Jeff S. Belmont, NH Tilton-Northfield Fire & EMS

I was doing overhaul on the 2nd floor following a 2 alarm fire in an occupied dwelling when my Cairns 1010 was put to the test and came out with my respect. Myself and 2 other firefighters were in the bedroom pulling ceiling and a couple of the rafters that had partially burnt through when one end of one of the rafters that a fellow firefighter was working on broke free. The rafter was still attached on one end, so it came down like a pendulum and hit me between the shoulder blades. My helmet absorbed a good blow to the back of it and was knocked forward, over my eyes. If I had not been wearing my chinstrap it would have been knocked completely off my head and I may have suffered an injury to my head. My Cairns 1010, did exactly what is expected of it and saved me from a sure head injury, so thank you for creating such a great product! FF/EMT Jeff Sheltry

Eric T. Heber, UT

Eric T. Heber, UT Orem City Dept of Public Safety-Fire Division

While performing Top side ventilation training on school props, my helmet protected me from flying debris and eye protection as well.

Matt E. Richfield, WI

What can you say about a Cairns helmet that's faithful served you for nearly 25 year? It's protected me against numerous ceiling collapses, and survived it's own drops and falls without ever failing. Car wrecks and shootings -- it's seen it all. Repainted nearly four times, its leather is every bit as tough as its first day on the job. A leather New Yorker isn't something you wear -- it's some you live.

Matthew P. Winchester, VA

Back when i was in fire academy i had a Cairns helmet on and it went through several fires and bad ones at that and nothing melted off of it and it also held together through all the fires. also when i was in May Day training we had to bring our instructor through a roof hatch and when they got him up i was down in the building and when they pulled me up they bounced my helmet off the roof of the room and it didn't crack just scratched it a little but this helmet is still being used to this day and it is also 5 years old.

Brian W. Stephenson, MI

Brian W. Stephenson, MI Stephenson Fire

no real good story, but my department has the 660. they are twelve years old. i would really like the new yorker or the houston. is it true you dont make the brown color any more? we just cant afford new ppe yet. we are a very small voll. dept.

Zach P. Saluda, NC

Zach  P. Saluda, NC Saluda Fire & Rescue

This Cairns N5A New Yorker helmet has been through everything you can think of. Cairns helmets provide the reliability that firefighters can trust!

Lauralee V. Richmond, TX

Lauralee V. Richmond, TX Community Volunteer FD

Please see attached photo of my husband's cairn's helmet that helped protect him during a rescue attempt. Thanks Cairns for keeping our loved ones safe!!

Lewis M. Lawndale, NC

Lewis M. Lawndale, NC Hugh's Pond VFD

I own a Cairns N5A New Yorker. I love this helmet. I have Made a promise to myself that I will NEVER wear another Model helmet again. The comfort and durability are unmatched and the craftsmanship put into these helmets are unrivaled. Thanks to Cairns for letting me post my feelings on my helmet and I hope I win a new one!!!!

Clark d. Catasauqua, PA

Clark d. Catasauqua, PA AUSSUX

Riverdale, Prince George's County, MD Flashover. This is the helmet of Firefighter Anthony Blazek is charred black as is much of the rest of his PPE. Firefighter Blazek, a three-year volunteer at Prince George's County Fire & EMS Department Station 807, at the time of the flashover in a vacant dwelling. The crew from Truck 807 donned their PPE and SCBA and entered the structure to begin ventilation by removing windows. As the engine crew from Riverdale Heights prepared to enter the structure and extinguish the fire their hoseline sustained damage from glass or debris and broke; rendering it useless. As additional arriving firefighters stretched another hoseline into position a flashover occurred.

Kory A. Shippensburg, PA

Kory A. Shippensburg, PA West End Fire & Rescue

Cairns N5A New Yorker protects all of the firefighters and officers of West End Fire & Rescue of Shippensburg.

Wilhelm B. frederick, MD

Wilhelm B. frederick, MD United Steam Fire Engine Company #3

FROM FIREHOUSE.COM A helmet is being credited for doing its job -- protecting a firefighter. On Tuesday, a firefighter with the Independent Hose Co. in Frederick, was injured while participating in ladder evolutions training. It appears the wind blew over or caused a 28-foot ladder to slip. It then bumped into a 35-foot ladder which fell and struck Lt. Ricky Smith on the head, said Doug Orner, director of volunteer fire and rescue services. Smith, who suffered a back and ankle injury, was taken to Frederick Memorial Hospital for treatment. His helmet sustained scrapes and dents. Orner said it was fortunate that Smith was wearing the helmet. "That helmet did its job. Had he not been wearing it, this could have been a life-threatening injury," he said. The incident is being investigated by Mike Crawford, a safety officer with the Frederick County Department of Fire/Rescue Services.

Josh H. Pittsburgh, PA

An officer at my station is an amazing firefighter but hates our helmets and will not wear our the safe ones and wear his unsafe one he told me he would only wear a Cairns Helmet other than his out dated no suspension new yorker. Thank You Help me protect my brother

john s. middleburgh, NY

john s. middleburgh, NY Middleburgh fire dept

I have been a volunteer firefighter and when I started out I went and bought my very own Cairns 1010 (black) helmet. Well that being 10 years ago....that black helmet now hangs on my living room wall. That helmet had seen many going calls and one that stands out, is the fire on Easter morning 2006. This fire was indeed the one that put that helmet on my wall in the first place. That fire was reported around 7am and was 2 doors down from the house I was raised in. The fire was reported as a working fire with entrapment of two elderly people, in the fire filled apartment. At the time, I was the dept Lieutenant and just changed the shield and stayed with my Cairns 1010...well at the fire FF Burton and myself entered the rear of the apartment doing S&R and found and pulled both unconscious parties to safety. At which time was turned over to waiting ems, and both parties did make it. But as for the helmet itself, well it took a real beating at the fire. At some point the rear brim, failed and cracked. The same helmet was in service for about one week there after, in wait for my new helmet and even seen one more fire call a brush fire where the bourke saved my eye when the chainsaw failed and took a bit out of the bourke. Now that I'm Asst Chief I still run with a Cairns 1010, just white now. My members now run with the 1044 defender-bourkes combo and love them. I will never own anything other then a CAIRNS! Your helmet let me to do my job on that Easter morning, as your helmet did it's job!

Scott J. Caribou, ME

Scott J. Caribou, ME Caribou Fire & Ambulance

This is my pride and joy!

Blake O. Farmville, NC

Blake O. Farmville, NC Bell Arthur

This is my helmet a 1986 Cairns leather helmet, that I restored in 2007. I bought this helmet because our department at the time was issuing a different brand that was way to heavy. So I came across this helmet after a few years of looking to find one the year I was born, and I like all the old school firefighting. The Cairns helmets are very light and offer more protection in my opinion. It has been several fires and has held up better than any other helmet in our dept. have had anything from bricks, sheetrock, 2x4s, and to include a pike pole to fall on my head while in use, to cause no harm to me just a chip on the helmet. From wearing Bullard, Morning Pride, and Paul Conway helmets, but nothing compares to a Cairns hands down, so this is the helmet I will stick with threw out my career, and hope most of yall will. Blake O'Neal Captain Training FF I II, RT, EMT, SARTEC II, Bell Arthur Volunteer Fire Department N.C.

John B. Atlanta, GA

John B. Atlanta, GA DeKalb Fire/Rescue

I wore a Cairns 1010 at my last job that I just recently resigned from in October 2010. It protected me numerous times in structure fires and other IDLH environments. Great fit, good look, and lightweight. Loved the helmet. To top it all off, at my going away party from Woodlawn Fire Division (Cincinnati, Ohio), my captain surprised me by presenting me with my duty helmet (Unbeknownst to me he had asked the Chief prior to the party and was given approval) The helmet pictured is the one. Thanks.

Samuel B. League City, TX

Samuel B. League City, TX San Leon Volunteer Fire Dept

This is my Cairns 1010, I have ran it into every wall dropped it while getting out from the truck after being too tired to care after a long call, its been burned up, I have had to replace the eagle because of training, I've had fence posts with nails on the end slammed on my head during overhaul and I thank that helmet everyday. A lot of people say that your SCBA and your air is your life and I agree with that but to me your head is the most important thing on your body and needs to be protected.

William P. Monroe, NC

William P. Monroe, NC New Salem fire department

training makes perfection.

madilyn k. Ellwood City, PA

madilyn k. Ellwood City, PA Haarmony VFD Station 23

My boyfriend is a lieutenant for this fire department, and just recently won captain. A few months back he was called out for a commercial structure fire. He was asked by his chief to go into the warehouse and see if they can get to the bay doors to open them and do some ventilation. While they were in their his face mask melted, his helmet kept him safe. He knew it was bad when the firefighter he was with went to open the line, and the got a straight shot of steam. They walked out of the building and not minutes later the roof collapsed. He has been in multiple fires in this area, and his helmet has always been the main part of his gear to keep him safe. p.s He is the one on the left. His bunker jacket says M. Nanna on the bank in the picture, his helmet is supposed to be white, this shows how much work he does for his department and community to keep us safe, and i want to give appreciation back to him.

Ian W. oak harbor, WA

Our Cairns protect us everyday. We train and work hard, and our helmets do the same. We not only have the structural side of the firehouse, but an airfield side also. And in those tight, confined spaces we're constantly beating up our helmets. We're just glad it's Cairns taking the beating and not us. We also have a Combat Challenge Team that members of our Department are involved in. You can check us out on Facebook. 'Whidbeyfire Cct' only wears Cairns!

robert h. alexander, AK

robert h. alexander, AK crystal fire dept

i have owned a cairns 1044 w/ burkes now for the last 5 1/2 years i bought this helmet at 16 as a jr. firefighter i love this helmet it has gone though hell and back i used it at rookie school at the age of 18 and its been used on a few different depts i was on or ran with now its not yellow any more its smoked up black now and the burkes are rolled shield is started to roll up on it u cant read anything on the leather anymore i have been with crystal fire dept 5 1/2 years and this has been my lid of choice the picture i have hear is a little old i have any recent pics of my lid

Joshua T. Columbia, TN

Joshua T. Columbia, TN Franklin Fire Dept., Franklin, Tennessee

My name is Joshua Thomas, I have been a firefighter for close to 10 years, and I have grown to love this profession. I feel it’s one of only a handful that the rewards out weight the risk. I first heard of the Cairns Leather Helmets a few years ago. The moment I seen one and actually wore one, I immediately fell in love and had to have one. I started my career as a volunteer, and then was blessed to be hired in a small, yet growing dept., then into the career dept. I’m currently with now. I have worked as a Firefighter for the Franklin Fire Dept., located in Franklin, Tennessee for 4 years now. I knew this was the dept. I wanted to retire from. I had begun to save for Cairns Leather Helmet from day one. With college and other financial undertakings, my dream to own a leather helmet was placed on hold. In the early summer of 2010 I was able to purchase my first Cairns Leather Helmet. It was like Christmas had come early. I ordered the Sam Houston N6A in Black. After a few modifications, it was exactly what I had hoped for. The next day I took it into work, got it approved from my officers, and began using it. Within a few months I had used it in 2 separate fires, and a live-fire burn exercise. It performed better than I originally expected. The fit, feel, and protection it offered made me a believer. One fire in particular was your standard single-story residential structure fire. We arrived on scene with smoke showing from the front. We entered in to make an initial attack. As we made our way to the fire, we encountered a down fall of heavy heat and smoke. The ceiling began to give way, and the contains from the attic began to fall in on us. My Cairns helmet had done its job. It with stood the heat and debris that was all around us. We were able to successfully make our way to the seat of the fire, and extinguish it before any more damage was caused. Since then I had used it in a number of fires, and it is one of the best investments I have ever made. The biggest kick that I get lately is using it in pub-eds. The kids and parents get a huge kick out of hearing of the history of the Leather Fire Helmet and how it came to be and how the similar design is still being used today. I love my helmet, and I love the pride and ownership of having one. I’m currently saving to buy another helmet for my Volunteer Dept.

Ken B. Evergreen, CO

Ken B. Evergreen, CO CSA Fire Department/Kuwait

On the job in Kuwait

Marc R. Front Royal, VA

Marc R. Front Royal, VA Front Royal Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

This is me rockin the Cairns N5A New Yorker in a working house fire trying to help my buddy get a knock on the blaze.

Kyle T. Hortonville , WI

Kyle T. Hortonville , WI Hortonville Hortonia Fire District

My Cairns 1010 Helmet protected me when my Dept. was on a Extrication Call involving a victim trapped in machinery. The tool that we were using came loose and hit my helmet and face shield. Without my helmet i would have been severely injured. Thanks Cairns.

Kirk F. Garden City, KS

Kirk F. Garden City, KS Garden City Fire Dept.

We were dispatch to a reported vehicle fire that was fully involved. Our downtown firehouse was in en route to the incident. When we received a second alarm that the vehicle was inside a body shop, my station responded to the call. When we arrived on scene the whole building was fully involved. Along with one vehicle just on the outside the building on side two. We made access to the roll up doors and started to extinguish the out of control fire when metal pieces of the building started falling down from up above. A piece of thin metal from the side of the building came crashing down smack the side of my helmet and definitely got my attention. Thanks to the fine quality of the Cairns helmets, I had no injuries! Thank you for your awesome craftsmanship, Kirk Frizzell

Tom M. Bridgeport, OH

Tom  M. Bridgeport, OH Wolfhurst Fire Dept

My Cairns N5A New Yorker is the only helmet I trust to wear. It has been through a few fires and has stayed comfortable and secure to my head. I wouldn't trust any other fire helmet other than Cairns

Shawn Z. Steamboat Springs, CO

Shawn Z. Steamboat Springs, CO Yampa Valley Regional Airport/ARFF

Every time I put this helmet on, I know it will protect me. Training or tragedy, my helmet has protected me from flames or falling debris. Thank you

TJ S. Lookout Mt, GA

TJ S. Lookout Mt, GA Davis Volunteer Fire Department

We had a 50% involved house fire. We were in over haul stage and a ceiling fell in on me. I had just gotten a Cairns 1044 a few weeks before. All I felt was a bump and I turned around to see the ceiling on the floor and my partner smiling with a pike pole in his hands saying...Your ok you had a helmet on. I have only use Cairns helmets during my time in the fire service, and it will be the only kind I ever use. I love my Cairns Helmet..

Wiley G. Valdosta, GA

Wiley G. Valdosta, GA Lowndes county

My First training exercise! What a blast!

Justin M. Suisun, CA

Justin M. Suisun, CA Suisun City Fire Department

I'm currently in my 3rd year in the fire service and at my department we are issued a helmet for our probationary period and once we pass that we can purchase a helmet of our choice. When it came time for me to decide I went with the Cairns 1044. I love this helmet. It looks good, feels good, and offers great protection for the day to day hazards I encounter. I'm sure that throughout my career there will be a Cairns helmet on my head.

Brett A. Cumberland, RI

Brett A. Cumberland, RI Cumberland Hill Fire Department

This photo features my dog 'Halligan' when he was a puppy. My wife brought him into the station when I was working and he took a special interest to my Cairns N5A New Yorker. This helmet protects me on a daily basis and I choose Cairns over my department issued helmet because of Cairn's history of making top quality and dependable fire helmets.

Alley M. Merced, CA

Alley M. Merced, CA City of Merced Fire/Rescue

Proud to wear my Sam Houston. Trusted for 175 years.

Josh W. Bonner Springs , KS

Josh  W. Bonner Springs , KS KCKFD

I have owned several Cairns helmets in the past and have been very pleased with the results. I have been exposed to extremely high heat and several ceiling collapses. All of my helmets have maintained the upmost stability and have saved my head a number of times. I would definitely recommend a Cairns helmet to anyone in the fire service. I stand by Cairns and all of the products they manufacture. Thank you for making such a high quality product to help protect use in the most extreme conditions.

Josh Y. Talking Rock, GA

Josh  Y. Talking Rock, GA Gilmer County Fire

House fire Photo wearing my N5A New Yorker

Alex N. Shelton, CT

Alex N. Shelton, CT Storm Engine Co. 2

In the photo i added there are 3 generations of cairns N5A New Yorker helmets still being used to this day by these members of my company. i will never buy any other helmet except for cairns. this picture was taken in mid july of 2010.

Joseph R. Lusby, MD

Joseph R. Lusby, MD Washington DC Fire and EMS

This is after a partial ceiling collapse in a apartment fire in Washington DC.




Ashley R. Springdale, AR

Ashley R. Springdale, AR Springdale Fire

I am a fire dispatcher for the city of Springdale, Arkansas. My parents gave me a Cairns fire helmet as my high school graduation gift in 1993. I have attached a picture.

Clayton D. Mocksville, NC

Clayton D. Mocksville, NC County Line Volunteer Fire Department

I have had my Cairns Leather N5A New Yorker for about 3 years now. It has been the best helmet i have ever had. I bought it brand new right after i graduated high school and i put it to work very soon. It has seen multiple fires and held up remarkably. It is also the most comfortable helmet i have ever worn and I tell people it wears almost as good as a broke in baseball cap. i was doing a live burn with a neighboring department and it was our rotation for a burn, and they were going to do a basement fire. We went down and made attack, but in the process a stud from the wall fell down and hit me and the nozzle man. Luckily my leather was there to take the brunt of the force and protect my head. As we were making our way up the steps to exit, I hit my head on the low ceiling going up the steps. I thought I had broken the carved brass eagle off the front of my helmet. But when I got out and checked it, there was no damage to it whatsoever. I love this helmet and if i have a choice I will never anything other than a Cairns Leather! Leather Forever!

Erik J. Fairhaven, MA

Erik J. Fairhaven, MA Fairhaven Fire Dept.

I Have always used Cairns since 2003-present and love It. I bought cairns 1010 when i got on my dept as a volunteer fire fighter. Its a great helmet sits on my head well and has protected my head dozens of times from pulling ceiling hitting my head on beams fighting a fire in a crawl space. My dept gave me a morning pride had it fell a part in my first fire with it the eagle fell off and the rubber trim came off So I went back to my Cairns1010. I became a professional fire fighter where i work as a volunteer fire fighter. I bought a Leather cairns N5A New Yorker and love it. Have only seen one fire with it but is great. I come from a long line of fire fighters and they all had leather cairns N5A new yorker. Cairns is the only helmets I will use.

Michael C. Pensacola, FL

Michael C. Pensacola, FL Myrtle Grove Vol. Fire Department

I was on the initial interior attack team on a 2 story house. In the process of the attack, due to fire damage in the attic, and water from our hoses, the ceiling gave way, with it came insulation and drywall that were still on fire. Thankfully my Cairns 1010 helmet saved me from burns and head injuries that could have resulted.

joseph m. indian land , SC

joseph  m. indian land , SC pleasant valley  fire dept

This was my first leather helmet. I bought it, but was never able to wear it due to the wrong color till i moved to South Carolina . I wear this helmet with pride .

Zachary W. Cookeville, TN

Zachary W. Cookeville, TN Putnam County Fire Dept

This pic is of my helmet.

Shana M. Pittsburgh, PA

Shana M.  Pittsburgh, PA Swissvale Fire Department Local 1680

My husband at a house fire in Swissvale where he is a deputy chief for the last 10 yrs, he belongs to Local 1680, and works his 24hr shifts 9x a month but always responds to a call even when he's not working.

Derek K. Venice, FL

Derek K. Venice, FL Englewood Area Fire Control District

Hello, I have always wanted a Cairns leather fire helmet. Now when I have the opportunity to purchase one, the helmet is no longer in production (Houston). I've always wanted a Cairns leather helmet due to the tradition behind them. I'm a big supporter of tradition in the fire service. I'm a second generation Firefighter. My father started around the same age I did in California as a Wildland Firefghter. We even volunteered at the same department, different times. I've been living the dream since I was 15 when I started as an Explorer at Nokomis Volunteer Fire Department, Nokomis, Fl. In 1999. I participated in the program until I graduated from High School and turned 18 in 2003. Then I graduated to full staffing of a Volunteer Firefighter. I did my time and was promoted to Lieutenant. I was hired at Englewood Area Fire Control District in January 2006 as Firefighter/ EMT. I'm now a member of our Honor Guard. A semester away from completing A.A. Degree in Fire Science at State College of Florida. I also instruct at our academy, Englewood Fire Training Center. I also instruct CPR in our community. I hope to one day promote through the ranks to Battalion Chief. The first two links below are my departments. The next two are related to a near fatal event that I was involved in. (search: training/paid municipal/firefighter)

Tom S. Thornton, IL

i had a tv fall on top of my head. I was wearing a Cairns 1010. The only damage was to the eagle.

Stephen W. Sylva, NC

Stephen W. Sylva, NC Sylva Fire Dept.

Bull's New Sam Houston

Gary L. Binghamton, NY

Gary L. Binghamton, NY Hillcrest Fire Company, Inc.

It is not a very exciting story, but it is the only one I have. I purchased my Cairns N5A New Yorker in the fall of 1999 (see attached picture). In our department, we wore the metro style helmets at the time, but I like the look and durability of the leather. I also liked the tradition of the leather fire helmet. Now that I have made the switch to leather, I will never go back. We are a smaller fire department, who sees some action each year, but nowhere near as much as other departments. A few months after I purchased the helmet, we got called mutual aid to a fire in a dwelling that was being built. We responded our squad company and when we arrived on the scene, there was a fire in the attic area and fire started blowing out of the roof. The fire was knocked down by using a deck guns and a truck company. My crew was sent inside to start pulling the ceiling and to check for extension. As we were pulling ceiling, we were being very cautious due to the large volume of water that was used to put the fire out. As we started to poke holes in the ceiling to release some of the water that had pooled, the ceiling collapsed on us. Luckily, no one from the crew got seriously hurt, but some were complaining of sore necks. I, however, did not experience any neck pain during or after the collapse. I contribute that to my new Cairns N5A and its design. Sorry, not the most exciting story that you will read, but it is the only one I have. Thank you.

William H. Renovo, PA

William H. Renovo, PA Lock Haven Fire Department

While operating at a residential structure fire in a mutual aid companies area, my partner and i were operating on the second division of the structure trying to put a knock on the fire near the rear of the structure, when the ceiling in the room we were working collapsed on us, luckily we were not trapped, but merely inconvenienced by the incident, and thanks to my Cairns N5A New Yorker i was spared any injury from the collapse. Without my helmet i would have received serious injuries from this incident. thanks Cairns for 175 yrs of safety!

Tony O. Monroe, WA

A co-worker of mine was drilling when a section of 5" LDH supply burst. The coupling struck him in the injuries!

Josh L. Bar Mills, ME

Josh L. Bar Mills, ME Buxton Fire/ Rescue

Structure fire in my district just before shift change. Fire started in a garage fueled by propane, gasoline and welding gases. My crew made an exterior attack before fire breached the wall into the house. Once fire breached we were pulled and ordered to make a vent above the fire, while another crew positioned to attack the fire from the opposite side of the room. This is the picture of me knocking the ceiling of the fire room out as my partner holds my harness.

Andrew V. Tonawanda, NY

Andrew V. Tonawanda, NY Brighton FD

Tradition and Pride N6A Houston Leather Helmet

Charles A. South Boston, VA

Charles A. South Boston, VA Turbeville FIre Dept

I have been a Firefighter for 12 years. I have used MSA Cairns all For as long as I have been a member of the department.

Stephen G. Canton, CT

Stephen G. Canton, CT Canton Fire and Ems

I just recently became a firefighter in the town of canton after being a fire cadet for 4 years. When i became a regular i was issued a Cairns 1044 helmet. I used the fold down eye protection "the ones built in to the helmet" many a time on car accidents. One bad crash i was put in charge of cutting and breaking the windows and the the built in eye protection protected me from all of the debris that was around. it also protected many of the other guys around me. we love your products and thanks for keeping us safe in the line of duty.

Michael S. Bangor, ME

Michael S. Bangor, ME Hudson Volunteer Fire Dept

We were working a house fire on a cold March day. I was about 15 feet in the front door working a hose line when all of a sudden the ceiling came crashing down on me. It moved my helmet to the right side of my head and shook me up a little bit but the helmet did it's job and protected my head and neck from injury. Thank you Cairns for making such a GREAT product!!!

Stephen W. Sylva, NC

Stephen W. Sylva, NC Sylva Fire Dept.

My Sammy and 1010

Robert B. chesapeake, VA

Robert B. chesapeake, VA Norfolk Fire Rescue

Bus pins suv

Shana M. Swissvale, PA

My husband is a career firefighter for the paid department of Swissvale, he is a deputy chief, if it weren't for Cairns Helmets he wouldn't have a career. These helmets protect him through thick and thin, all types of fires. They are also extremely strong the helmets last for many years he never had to replace his helmet. They also look really good when worn.

John S. Glade Hill, VA

My unit was the first arriving company on a small, single story, wood-frame, residential structure in a rural part of our county. It was approximately 0400 in the morning and there were vehicles in the driveway. We had strong suspicions that someone may be home inside the residence. Upon arrival smoke and fire was showing from the Alpha/Delta corner of the structure. Myself and another firefighter forced entry through the front door and proceeded into the house. We made our way through the living room and then down the hall towards the fire. We started pushing the fire back and were making good progress on knocking it down. We entered the first bedroom we came to which contained the majority of the fire. We were in the room for several minutes when the floor gave way suddenly. I fell through the floor. Fortunately the residence was built on a crawl space, so the drop was not very far. I was disoriented for a few seconds, but quickly regained my bearings. During this time more debris, including structural members and furniture fell down on top of me. My Cairns 1044 helmet helped deflect the falling debris and prevented any head injuries. The long brim on the rear of the helmet helped to prevent any burning material from getting down into my coat. My partner was quickly able to give me a hand to self-extricate from the hole and we made our way out of the house. I did suffer some second degree burns to my wrist as I pulled myself up out of the hole. The homeowners were not at home at the time of the fire and no other firefighters were injured. The fire was quickly contained by another crew. Had my Cairns 1044 helmet not performed superbly that morning, I may have been more seriously injured or killed that day. I am very pleased with the helmet and will not wear any other brand.

Steven D. Jasper, AL

I'm 21 years old and I've been in the fire service for 3 years now. All I have used has been Cairns helmets. My dad has been in the fire service for 30 years and cairns is the only fire helmet he has ever used. It's a great helmet and they all fit comfortably. I currently have three Cairns helmets and i use all of them at different times because I'm with three different Fire Departments, and they all have Cairns helmets as well. Over all its a great helmet and i will never have a different name brand helmet.

Jody F. Balch Springs, TX

It was my last shift as a rookie. That day i was tending to my rookie duties when around 3 in the afternoon we were dispatched to a fire at an apartment complex. I quickly got dressed and when we arrived on scene all i could see is flames blowing out from under the eve's of the building. I bailed off the truck behind my captain and made entry at the door. I was instructed to feed the hoseline in to him and another firefighter. There i was at the doorway feeding in the line when i heard a window shatter. Just as it shattered i tried to get all 220 pounds of my body under my helmet. The window was directly above my head. My Cairns 1010 i purchased a month prior had just seen its first fire and protected my head. I love my cairns 1010 and still to this day have it in service. Thanks

Brandon V. Stockdale, OH

This happened to a friend of mine years ago he was doing search and rescue in a two story home when a large piece of the ceiling that was on fire fell right on his head if it wasn't for the Cairns helmet he could have be killed or injured very badly.

James M. Canton, GA

I've always known I didn't want to wear the standard (non-Cairns) issued tupperware most departments offer their firefighters. Be it a call to uphold the tradition of wearing a leather helmet or the dedication to a handcrafted work of art or the added safety and durability over cheap plastic- I knew from the start of my career I would always wear leather. I have worked for a very busy department that experienced a high volume of fire calls. Where other guys would often requisition a new helmet due to intense fire damage sustained, my leather took the beating and always remained structurally sound. When some guys had to bail out early during extinguishment operations, my leather has always protected me from high temperatures and allowed me to stay in the fight and complete my assigned tasks. Even in cold temperatures when some guys complained of freezing ears, my Cairns earflaps on my N6A Houston provided adequate warmth so I could continue rolling hose or working during adversely cold conditions. I have witnessed many entrapped firefighters- too many to be honest. In every circumstance the guys wearing a Cairns N6A Houston seemed to come out of the situation a little better than those without. Look, our career is inherently dangerous by nature, so if the added protection of a hand made leather helmet could make the difference in your life or death- why wouldn't you choose that option? I know I do and so do most of the guys I work with. Make the decision that could save your life if needed- buy a Cairns leather helmet and wear it for your entire career. You will retire before this helmet does!

Skylar M. Granville, WV

On 12/4/10 The Brookhaven VFD was toned to a reported structure fire. E-122 arrived on scene with heavy smoke showing, another firefighter and myself made entry as we were fighting the fire we heard something as the drop ceiling with double drywall came down on top of us, dropping both of us and another firefighter to the ground, none of us were hurt thanks to my cairns N5A New Yorker

Mark R. Cypress, TX

I have been a Firefighter for 20 years this year. My son, Eric Rodriguez, 20, became a full time Firefighter in April 2010. As we always worry about our children, as a Firefighter, I must depend on PPE to help me take care of my son. I know that some things are just out of our control. We lost our daughter Lil Krysta Rodriguez, 22, to a Drunk Driver on 2-11-2010. If there was only PPE we could get for her other than a "Be Careful" every day and look out for other people. Eric was involved in a single story total roof collapse on 1-13-2011. He took his crew of three in on an attack and two minutes into the house, the center gave way trapping my son face down for two to three minutes. His crew witnessed the collapse and called for him with no response. Eric was able to pull his self up and exit the structure with his crew to re-group. They went back in to finish to job. My point is this, our family found out first hand that his PPE did its job, Thank you, Mark Rodriguez and Krystas Karing Angels

Mark P. Polo, IL

I am a firefighter/EMT and i am working on becoming a paramedic. I have a N5A New Yorker right now and love it its the best helmet that i every had. I would like to take my current helmet and place it in a glass case for my daughter to have.

Eric D. Weston, WV

On a recent fire scene myself and my partner entered a burning single wide trailer fire, and made our way down the hallway towards the bedroom where the occupants were supposed to be located. The single wide was fully engulfed on this end of the residence but with confirmed entrapment we tried to make a rescue attempt. As we made our way down the hallway the fire was really getting hotter and the debris kept falling down on our helmets. Both of us were wearing Cairns N5A New Yorker helmets. Another firefighter from a mutual aid department came to back us up and he was wearing a Ben 2 plus helmet. After the search came up with no occupants at the residence we made our way back outside. Upon inspection of our helmets outside the Ben 2 plus helmet was melted in a few places and the Cairns N5A New Yorkers held up very well with just minor blistering on our stickers. Both of our helmets have the PBI earflaps and they really hold the heat off your ears and facial areas. Thanks for designing such a great and comfortable fitting helmet. Its worth the extra buck for a GREAT Helmet. - Eric Dever

Dave S. Kenosha, WI

This story involves a firefighter who will remain nameless, since I didn't get his permission to use his name. It was late December in Wisconsin. Snow was coming down on top of a blanket of snow already on the ground when the call came in for a house in Engine 4's first due area. On arrival, we found a lightweight construction single family residence with light smoke showing from the front of the residence. Deep snow and landscaping gave us only the front door to make entry so we stretched a line there. After the truck company forced the front door, my firefighter and I encountered very heavy smoke inside. We advanced the line into the house and began searching for the seat of the fire. We made it about 15 feet into the building when we found a large body of fire in a living area. With my firefighter on the nozzle and me right behind, we hit the fire and began to advance into the main fire room. As we came around a corner in zero visibility, the floor suddenly gave way and sent the nozzleman tumbling head first through the hole in the floor toward the involved basement. He reached out to stop his fall but, ultimately, it was his Cairns helmet that caught the edge of the hole and held him up, preventing him from falling through to the basement. He immediately called out for help and I was able to grab his SCBA and pull him to safety. We exited the building and switched to a defensive operation. The firefighter who fell in the hole was evaluated by EMS on scene and suffered only superficial burns to one hand. His helmet suffered only damage to the helmet shield and eagle while keeping him out of a very bad situation.

Ryan S. Kamiah, ID

Hello, I am a 2nd generation fireman and listening to my grandfather tell stories i picked up on this one about a year ago. They were at a hotel fire in Sparks Nevada where my grandfather was raised and one night they were called out for a fire at I believe it was The Marks Hotel. When they arrived it was fully engulfed and so they positioned 2 snorkel trucks on the North side with monitors to keep the blaze down. At the time my grandfather was a captain and he and his engine company were stationed on the opposite side and were for 6 hours operating a hotel loop with a great torrent of water raining down on them from the monitors on the opposite side. There was a picture taken, which I do not have access to at this time, which ran in the local newspaper which showed my grandfather and his crew in the middle of what looked like a waterfall and the water was hitting them so hard, my grandfather told me, that if he had not had his helmet that he would have most likely been bald by the end of it. My grandfather served under that helmet and came to be captain 2 years later serving for another 10 then they moved and finally came to rest here in Kamiah. Listening to his stories is what inspired me to become a fireman and I hope to serve many years under my own helmet.

Jeffrey M. Oriskany, NY

On a late fall day in 2007, the village of Oriskany experienced a wind storm with winds of 40-60 miles per hour. Multiple trees and wires were down across our fire district. As I was directing traffic around one downed tree, a 3-inch diameter limb fell and struck me on the head. Luckily I was wearing my Cairns 1010 helmet, which saved me from getting seriously injured. I was transported to the hospital, diagnosed with only a slight concussion. Thanks Cairns. - Chief Jeffrey J. Midlam (Oriskany Fire Dept.)

Josh M. Damariscotta, ME

My helmet has been through a was great when the department first gave it to me...but with all the calls and what fires or whatever i've been needs replacing...its a general bullards px style.. unfortunately we keep getting turned down for gear replacement. Be nice to have a helmet that shows off who u are and is one of the best helmets out there for firefighting. A lot of my friends have bought and love them. They look professional....Either way thanks for listening and hope you all had a good new years.

Jason M. North Chili, NY

We were responding for a basement fire in Clarendon NY. at the time i was with the Holley fire Department.. Report of smoke coming from the windows so we doubled timed it..I was packing up in the back along with some of my other brothers when we heard on the radio.. "Holley 31 the intersection is clear". So we knew fire police had the intersection. The driver not realizing the intersection had a very big Crown in the middle of the adjacent road.. proceeded to continue at the at speed...At what still not sure. When going threw this intersection we were told by fire police that ALL TIRES were off the ground at least 3 feet.. Now me being in back packing up as we Jumped the intersection..My Cairns 1010 was on my head THANK GOD. My head hit the roof of the truck so hard it Took my eagle and bent it over crushing it. If i wouldn't of had that helmet on i would have had a serious head injury. Your guys and girls make a great product I have had My 1010 For about 9 Yrs and would never think of owning anything different.

Adam G. Belton, SC

Back in 2006, our department was dispatched to a commercial structure fire at our local flea market not even a half mile from our station. Upon arrival we found a restaurant well involved and a few exposures being threatened. Myself and a fellow firefighter made entry into the restaurant to find the kitchen in the rear to be fully involved. As we made our way through the front, we slid and fell due to grease and water on the floor. My chin strap on my Cairns 1010 was not as tight as I thought it was and my helmet came off. As we picked ourselves up, we straightened out our stuff, including my helmet, and proceeded to the seat of the fire. We didn't make four steps and we had a huge light fixture and more debris fall right on our heads. We didn't have a scratch on us. I was amazed on how it protected us. It was almost as if nothing fell on us. We were able to extinguish the fire and no other damage was done. Thanks for designing and constructing such a great helmet.

Ryan B. Brewster, NY

I'm a 22 firefighter from up state New York who is following in my father foot steps. My story is my whole life really, I got my first helmet from my father who was a FDNY firefighter assigned to a rescue company in the bronx who was killed on 9/11/2001. My father showed me everything and I will never wear a helmet other than a leather N5A New Yorker. It kept my father safe for 20 plus year of heavy fire duty in the south bronx! I only trust my safety to a Carins leather N5A New Yorker just like my dad.

Dave O. Mckeesport, PA

While fighting a fire at another Fire dept. station hot tar from the roof came through the ceiling and was hitting the top of my helmet and I had no idea this was going on. It wasn't until we were outside that we discovered what had happened and the fact that I never felt the heat from the tar on my head.

Jordan D. Louisville, KY

When I was a young child I always wanted to be a firefighter because of the helmets, I just thought they looked awesome!! Currently at my department we use the 10-60's or as we all call them: salad bowls! Ill have to say I thought they were for the new guys and just knew my dream of having one of the real fire helmets was going to come true, boy was I wrong, that is what we have used for many years and will continue to do so. I would love to win one of the 12 helmets to take to work and show my command staff how good they really look and how much more firefighter friendly they really are. If that's not the case and they still say no, I would love to have it in my collection that away no matter what i can still have my dream helmet! Thank You for your time! Firefighter- Jordan Duncan

Jason K. La Porte, IN

I am honored to say that my cairns helmet has protected me from some very minor bumps and dings. I am lucky in that I have never had to rely on my cairns helmet to save my life, I know that it would be there to help me if I needed it to. Cairns has been there for my father who also served his community as a firefighter.

Matthew H. Lewisburg, PA

I was working on Engine Co. 3 of Havelock Fire&Rescue N.C. when we were at Cherry Point Marine Base. We were dispatched as Mutual Aid. After working on the alarm for a few hours. Crews were in the structure working. When Myself and another Firefighter (Robert Hanson) were on the Second division on the alpha side. When we were in a room. Then an aerial truck put its bucket up on the alpha. When it open it buckets pipes and put it through the window in the room. Which Myself and FF Hanson were in. The main stream hit me and blow me into the wall. I was pinned into the wall. Where I worked to get my PASS set off. Which alerted FF Hanson. I was removed and transported to Craven Regional Hospital. The comment was made that is was a good thing that I had a Leather helmet on the remained on my head during the incident. Havelock Newspaper, New Bern Times, Thank You for your Time Matthew J. Harrison FF/Engineer

Roger F. Noblesville, IN

We were assisting another local fire department on a residence fire. Upon our arrival we found a one-story pre-fab home fully engulfed in flames. When we went to do overhaul we were pulling ceilings and hitting hot spots that were left in the house. A fellow firefighter was pulling ceilings to look for a hot spot when a whole piece of sheet rock came down on my head. I was wearing my cairns 1010 model helmet that I purchased in 1998. it protected my head as it has done so many times before. I have used other helmets before and keep going back to Cairns I like the way they fit and the protection is superior to any other one I have used.

Codi D. Haines City, FL

I had a partial roof collapse and cracked my Cairns helmet. I was ok thanks to the well engineered Cairns I was wearing. Words can not express the gratitude that I have. Thanks, Codi Donahoe

Jeremy C. Valatie, NY

Cairns has been a true part of my firefighting career. I have only chosen cairns for my helmets and would not have any other helmet as part of my protection. I have been a firefighter for 16 years and am a vol. and a paid staff at a combi dept. I have older style 1010 and a 1044 as my gear for those dept. Cairns is the best in the market for helmets.

Todd W. Saint Cloud, FL

There is just not any other helmet which can replace my Sam Houston N6A. It is my helmet (of choice). I have personalized it with a leather chin strap and a personalized gold leaf. Thank you!

Scot M. Union Grove, WI

During training they give us the Cairns 660C Metro helmet an during our last fire drill we had to sit in the fire an watch it an explain what was going on during that period of time it got upwards of 700 degrees and we backed out to cool down an while taking out gear off i noticed my shield on my cairns actually started to melt but it held up pretty good an still very useable only around the edges did it melt so all in all good helmet cant wait till we get our traditionals this week again its the Cairns 1010 i believe, thanks guys

Scott D. Levant , ME

every time we go in side a burning structure we know were covered with 175 yrs of experience building good helmets thank you

Paul C. Washington, PA

I have been a Firefighter for 14 years. My helmets have all been Cairns. I feel Cairns helmets offer the most comfort and up to date safety requirements to keep us safe. My Cairns helmet has protected me over and over again. When I was an Instructor we taught a structural burn class. My entire gear was destroyed except my Cairns helmet. My gear was destroyed by the fire and the only piece of ppe that protected me was my Cairns helmet. I will never put any other helmet on my head unless it is a Cairns helmet. Thank you for offering such a tremendous fire helmet for those of us who depend on the utmost protection while performing such a dangerous job.

Al M. Amherst, NS

Hello my name is Al Murray, I'm 20 and a year out of fire school. In this course I was given the opportunity to do 14 shifts with the Halifax Fire and Emergency. There I met by far one of the most knowledgeable firefighters I believe ill ever have the privilege to be instructed by. His name is skip hoffmann, and he wears his Cairns helmet religiously. This helmet was battered from uncountable fires, falls, etc. His officers had ordered him to get a new helmet from stores but that was not happening.. He sanded it down, little bit of this, little bit of that and it looked like brand new. This goes to show how well Cairns helmets stand up, that all this aged helmet needed was a paint job and it was good to go again.. I love your products and hope I win your prize helmet and congratulations on 175 yrs in the fire service. - Al Murray

Aaron W. Camden, OH

Cairns Helmets saved me on My Very first structure fire. I went in with a fellow fireman we were fighting the fire from the kitchen when the other fireman got a hot amber down his back by the time i realized he was gone the drywall and some wood from the ceiling fell right on my helmet which saved me from the wood impelling me or some serious burns to my head and neck region. So Thank you Cairns for saving my Life.....

Geofrey s. lexington, NC

I really do like my new Cairns because its strong, and it wears really good.

Bryan M. Webster, NY

i currently have a department issued Cairns 1010 model helmet, and one cold night in january sitting around the fire house with a couple other guys we got an ems call, we quickly jumped in the rescue and took off, while returning from the ems call we were called to the possible house fire on east main street, we pulled into the fire house and jumped onto the engine company. we pulled up to a 2 1/2 story older wood frame home smoke from the front door and heavy fire from the rear of the structure, we stretched an 1 3/4 hand line through the front door and were met with intense heat and fire beginning to lick up the stairs, we enter the back room and began to attack the seat of the fire in the rear, the next engine grabbed the back up line and proceeded straight up the stairs where the fire was beginning to advance, as the crew went up the stairs and was met with a great deal of heat, they didn't know that the 2nd floor had flashed just before they arrived, and the ceiling was begin to break apart, i remember as we handed the hand line off to another back up crew, we all met outside to rehab and change bottles, my fellow company member whom was on the back up line came up to talk to us his brand new N5A New Yorker in hand but it didn't look as it did a month before when he received it for christmas, the brass eagle was bent and disfigured the helmet cracked and charred, he explained to us that pieces of the ceiling began to fall on him and his crew, while we all got a bit of smoke on our helmets we were astonished that his helmet looked the way it did and that he was completely unscathed. to this day that company member still wears that same N5A, proudly and is very open to telling his story.

Austin C. Somerset, PA

Recently we were dispatched to a residential basement fire in our first due district. Since we are a volunteer organization and the call was in the daytime (approx. 2:15 pm) our staffing was very short, also our district is mainly rural and the house was a few miles from our station or any of our mutual aid companies. All of these factors caused response times to be long and upon arrival the fire had worked it way up to the roof on one side of the house. We tried to make an aggressive interior attack but were pushed back by heavy fire. When we first tried to enter the structure a firefighter from one of our mutual aid companies was the first person to try to enter the door was caught in a flash of fire when the door was opened. Luckily he was wearing a Cairns leather helmet then ended up bubbling during the extreme heat of this incident.

Bill C. Freeville , NY

I have used cairns helmets for 30 years, my first one was a yellow 770 Philadelphian, then after ten years went to the 660C Metro in black, those two helmets with face shield saw many structure fires with debris falling on my head many times, and the face shield protected my eyes from broken glass at structure fires and motor vehicle wrecks. I now wear a Cairns 1044 white with face shield, and must honestly say that i have tried on other brands of helmets, but always use the cairns for quality and comfort.

Rick E. Johnstown, PA

I have owned a N5A New Yorker since i started in the fire service since march of 1996. i started out with a used one until 1998 when i bought a new New Yorker. I had that helmet in service until 2007 when i had to take it out of service due to heat damage. Since then i have been using a Cairns 1010. I will only use Cairns helmets because of the craftsmanship and the durability of the helmets. I am looking forward to owning New Yorker again someday.

Bradford P. Clinton, NY

Cairns and Brother Fire Helmets are the Stetson of Fire helmets I have worn three as a member of my fire department over the years. I have enjoyed putting them on if I did not have my gear with me. I always keep my gear at the main Clinton Fire House up in the Village 0f Clinton, NY. Cairns and Brother helmets are truly nice helmets to have when you're a firefighter for a certain fire department whether you are paid or volunteer. They are nice to have and enjoy as a firefighter.

Rick A. Wellington, PE

At a structure fire, we were exiting the building as a piece of the ceiling fell and hit me in the head. The Cairns helmet saved me from injury.

Matt J. Somerset, MA

I've been wearing a Cairns since I entered the fire service 12 years ago. I've whacked my head many times in many situations, but I've never had a head injury due to the superior protection offered by the Cairns helmet. Thanks for a great product.

Mike E. West Mifflin, PA

We had a well off house fire with possible entrapment. My crew stretched an attack line and began entry into the building. Approximately 15' into the building a large beam fell striking me in the head. I truly believe that if I had not been wearing my Cairns 1010 then I would have been injured, or worse, killed.

Jimmy C. Aurora, TX

me and my crew were pulling ceiling in an apartment fire to gain access so that we could attack the fire. we had just begun and had opened up a hole large enough to see the glow above us when a large section of the ceiling collapsed. we were all knocked to the ground and buried. fortunately we were all able to uncover and begin fighting the fire. We were all wearing our Cairns helmets preventing us from sustaining any serious injury.

Web M. Milledgeville , GA

I have been wearing Cairns Helmets for my entire career. I have been on the job since 1970. Regardless of the situation whether it is in training, live fire, or on a call, my Cairns Helmets have sustained high heat, ceiling material and superheated water falling on top of me, and glass and metal rebounding during extrication situations. My Cairns helmets have saved me from head and facial injury on a regular basis . So whether I win a new Cairns helmet or not, is academic, because I am already a winner...every time I return from safely from a call . Thanks Cairns/MSA . P.S. I own and have worn the Topguard, Cairns 880, 881, Classic 1000, Sam Houston, and currently the Cairns 1010. Your helmets are like the Timex watch, they take a beating and keep on protecting .

Donald L. Catawissa, PA

I was exiting a second floor fire via an interior stairway. I exited the building and was struck across the top of my N5A New Yorker with a three foot piece of burning wooden soffit. My partner had removed his scba facepiece and had a piece of burning lath stuck in his nomex hood. I was able to grab it and save him from further burns. Had I not been wearing a quality helmet I would have been injured to the point I would not have been able to aid him resulting in more serious burns. We both recovered from our burns and continue to protect our town today.

Tom G. Bedford, NH

I was placing salvage covers on a second floor in a bedroom when the ceiling collapsed from the weight or water during the fire operations. I was knocked into an open closet by the ceiling. My N5A New Yorker helmet saved me from being knocked out and trapped by the debris. I was shaken up and pretty sore and my helmet has shown the damage but surely saved me from allot of physical pain. My helmet has been caught in the wheel well of a truck tire and more but still keeps my head safe!

Samuel H. Las Vegas, NM

My story is not that of one where the helmet saved me, rather the helmet made me feel safe and proud. Every time the alarm activated, I knew we made the right decision when we ordered the new helmets. My Cairns 1010 with the 4 inch faceshield was a symbol of tradition and pride, it was lightweight, compared to other models on the market.

Adam J. Havelock, NC

Adam J. Havelock, NC Dalton F.D. 2000-2007/ USMC - 2007-present

In January of 2007, a few months before I left Dalton F.D. for Marine Corps boot camp, we had a fire at Columbia Recycling. One of my assignments was for me and my partner to go into a part of the building that had not suffered as much damage from the fire and try to hit hotspots with a 2 1/2" handline. While in there we were bombarded by burning debris and large pieces of wood that could have caused serious gashes or even a fracture. Fortunately we had our Cairns 1010s and they protected our heads without so much as one bad scratch.

ANTHONY K. david city, NE


Matthew P. Winchester, VA

back when i was in the fire academy i had a cairns helmet and i had 3 wood pallets fall on my head and it held up also when i was in the fire academy i was being lifted up through a roof hatch on the burn building and my helmet hit the bottom of the roof next too the hole and it didn't crack also that helmet has gotten burnt real real bad the last training burn we had and it held up its structure and all that was wrong with it was the scotch light was melted.



Jon B. Wyanet, IL

For training, we had a house to use as practice. We burned multiple times that day, but as my partner and I entered the house, the fire was rolling into the room that we entered. As we were advancing the hoseline into that room, multiple large plaster chunks fell from the ceiling and a few nailed me in the head. If it wasn't for the helmet I was wearing, I couldn't have kept going.

Michael R. Trevose, PA

For years I have been using those heavy plastic helmets and want a new lighter one. As a very active firefighter one of your helmets would do me a lot of good for the simple fact that I would never need to take it off due to the weight of it. I love the way cairns helmets fit and they are lighter than any other ones. I also like the fact that a lot of hard work and effort goes into making them. I would be proud to own and use one of the 175 the addition helmets that are being produced.

Nathan P. Orleans, VT

My Dept has used cairns 1010 for about ten years now. The one story that I can think of happened when one of our guys was pulling a drop ceiling in an office of the florescent lights fell out (not just the bulb the whole fixture) And struck him square in the head. It knocked him down for a second but he got back up and continued to pull the ceiling. later that night we looked at his helmet.....not a scratch on it...

John B. North Beach, MD

While operating on a house fire a Cairns Sam Houston protected my head from falling debris from the second floor. Nothing spectacular but it saved me a lot of trouble.

Scott K. Hightstown, NJ

A few months back we had a house fire in our local. I was on the nozzle of the first line in the structure. Fire was in the upstairs bed room on the Alpha side of the building. Myself and the Lieutenant ( who was my back up man) mad enter. about halfway up the stair we were met with black smoke and alot of heat, banking us down to the ground. As I made it to the landing of the second floor we found fire to the left of the stairs in the front bedroom. We called for water and as the line was charged the sheetrock that was placed over the plaster and latthe began to fall on both of our heads. At first I thought someone else on the team was pulling the ceiling on me but after watching it fall in other places in the room i realized what was happening. We knock the fire down and began overhaul. After going to rehab one of the guys said something to about my helmet. I looked down at it and realized the paint on the top of it was cracked and a piece of paint was missing from it. Nothing else was wrong with the helmet and i got luck that i had such a great helmet to protect me. Althought I do not have a picture due to having to place paint back on the helmet per my chiefs request, i figured that Cairns would like to here my story. I have two new yorkers, a 1010 and have friends that have nothing but Cairns. I do not never see purchasing another interior structure other then one that has a Cairns name on it.

Soren L. Wilimngton, NC

The house was fully enolved, tongue and groove ceiling was coming down all around. My Best Friend Paul Pittman and team were in Side. He tackle another firefighter out a window just before the ceiling came down. They all made it out alive. That Cairns prevented major injury. Thanks Guys!

Steven S. Dayton, OH

When I was active.. Our dept wore Cairns 1010 helmets. We went on a mutual aid call to a rural area. Myself and one other Fire Fighter was the 5th engine in. 1 story house with attic fully involved and just broke through the roof. My partner and myself pulled the "2nd" attack line... 300' 1-3/4" hose and made entry into the rear of this house. Crews were pulling ceiling in the kitchen area but not in the living room area where the fire was bowing the ceiling. This was one of those "Stand Up" operations.. I took my hose line and was making my own hole to be able to get a ladder into the attic and put this thing out. The fire load in the area above my head was heavy due to the family storing items in the attic above where I was working... Next thing I know is almost the whole room fell in on me! Not my partner or anyone else just on me! The debris knocked me flat down ringing my bell pretty good. I got up and our crew went outside. I went back to the house, after a air bottle change and just as I was about to enter and the porch roof collapsed on me...Panel board and shingles... Again knocking me flat. Command wanted to send me to the hospital and I refused... The helmet took 2 heavy blows and stood its cracks, no divots, just discolored the paint abit and breaking the plastic clear shield. I still have that helmet in my small collections but I have to admit...This helmet took a beating that day and thanks to it I have no injuries or neck problems from that fire. Thanks to Cairns they made a great helmet that gave me the protection I needed. Sorry no photo but I was kinda busy fighting the fire at the time!

Andrew V. Flushing, MI

My friend is a Lt. on Grand Blanc Fire Dept. He got a Cairns and now he's got the sharpest damn helmet on his department.

Dale B. Edwards, NY

The Edwards Fire Department was holding an Open House in October when one of our new members was cutting on a mini-van when a cutter owned by Harrisville FD sheared a nut on the cutter and took the member in the shield of his Cairns 1044. If this shield had not been down as trained while running tools he would have been hit in the forehead and could have caused so major damage.

Warren B. Bancroft, ON

About 20 years ago, before I became a firefighter, I was a news photographer and one night I was photographing crews working on a fire at a strip mall in the Toronto area. I knew the crews were wearing Cairns helmets from discussions with them at previous scenes. They were using their pike poles to pull down some roof material from the sidewalk overhang. There was some extension into that area and just as the nozzel man hit it with the stream, a pile of burning insulation, wood and siding fell, onto the head of one of the other firefighters. He was protected by his Cairns structure fire helmet from serious injury and was examined at the scene by paramedics.

Tate C. staunton, VA

we were at a trailer fire in one of our local trailer parks. The fire attack group made entry when they entered some of the roof fell on one of the guys he was wearing a N5A New Yorker and it saved his head.

Cameron P. Amelia, OH

Cairns Helmets have helped our department a lot. We have had a firefighter involved in a floor collapse. our department uses cairns helmets and when the mayday was called out we knew it would not be good because it was a old wood house. when our rit team went in to assist him in getting out they noticed his helmet had withstand a lot of damage. our department safety officer said that his cairns helmet had saved him. now on our full timers get cairns helmets and the part timers like i am only get any helmet we have available. Cairns helmets have saved a member of our department.

Stephen N. Austin, QC

Our volunteer department recently celebrated 30 years of service (1979-2009). Our departments first helmets were Cairns 910P's, and kept us safe for over 2 decades. We keep one of the helmets in the firehouse to remind everyone how much things have changed over the last 30 years. We still use Carins/MSA helmets to protect our firefighters. Happy 175th birthday!

Patrick C. New Carlisle , OH

was inside doing over haul when someone pulled ceiling and fell on head and neck if it weren't for your helmet the damages to my head and neck could have been a lot worse

Sean M. worcester, PA

We were at a commercial building fire when I was doing a primary search for workers that were trapped when there was a partial building collapse in the area that we were in and my cairns msa 1010 saved me from what doctors believed what would of been permanent brain damage when a 20 pound chunk of the concrete ceiling collapsed on my head.

john c. thorndale, PA

During a recent house fire the ceiling collapsed on my head. My N5A New Yorker helmet kept me from getting injured.

Kevin A. Coatesville, PA

helmet deflected structure pieces during partial collapse of building. It is an early N5A New Yorker I still have at home.

Scot M. Union Grove, WI

during training i use a Cairns 660C Metro helmet and it has helped me a few times when they black out our masks and have use in confined spaces going blindly an I have to say it has taken the abuse like a champ just a few scratches and that's it. thanks guys ill keep you posted when more happens

Jesse H. knoxville , TN

One of my friends had a ceiling fall on top of him and if hadn't had a Cairns helmet on he would have been injured badly.

Chad B. Watertown, SD

A bunch of guys at work ordered the 1044. My wife wants the kitchen re-modeled. Needless to say I didn't order a 1044. Someday I'll order one. But, with every passing day I'm missing out on valuable, hard earned scuffs and scratches!!! When I hand it down to my son I don't want him thinking I spent ALL of my time on the ambulance and none of it on a truck!!!

Rickey G. Randleman, NC

I hate I don't have a story, I'm just glad Cairns keeps us covered, for just in case.

Mike D. Greenwood Lake, NY

I have been wearing Cairns helmets ever since i have joined the fire department. They are a reliable helmet and i wouldn't go with any other brand helmet. Besides the comfort, there durable, and the eye protection on them are amazing, either its with the bourke shields, goggles or the defender drop down shield. During last winter of 2009 i was at a working structure fire, and as i was approaching the front door, a piece of the wood over hang burnt off and dropped down. Thank god i had my cairns helmet on because the fall of the wood hit my helmet, causing no injury to me and the helmet was still in great condition. Never had a complaint when it came to Cairn fire helmets, and i was glad to be wearing a Cairns Helmet that day!

Cody P. Canton, NC

It was a 2 o'clock in the morning early residential structure fire. A two story home with flames and heavy smoke showing from the second floor upon arrival. All occupants had made it safely out of the residence. I was the lead man on the initial two man attack team. We made our entry on the first floor through the front door and started our way up the stairs leading to the second floor. About the time we made it to the first landing to make a 90 degree turn to proceeded up the last 6 steps, an upstairs window busted causing the second floor to flash and come pouring down the stair well. When this occurred it also brought wall members and roofing joist down the stair well, striking me in the head. I was grateful to have had on my Cairns 1010 helmet to protect me from the falling debris. The helmet held up extremely well and has since been retired. But I am proud to say that we use Cairns station wide now for there dependability and just over all great products. Thanks, Captain Cody Parton

Paul F. Oshkosh, WI

Cairns structural fire helmets have protected my fellow firefighters for years.

mike b. des plaines, IL

My leather helmet not only saved my head from falling ceiling, but also allowed me to smash out the interior windows so we could get relief from the smoke & heat.

Travis M. Hyde Park, NY

Everyday in the fire service, there are a lot of injuries and a lot of close calls. The helmet is not going to catch everything, but it will catch a lot. Our helmets tell our stories, reflect our traditions, and our values. Each mark, dent, discoloration is my legacy. My helmet knows all that I encounter and stands by me at all times. Look at each helmet and at the man to which it belongs, then tell me which speaks louder.

James B. College Station, TX

From the mid 70's until now I have used a Cairns helmet. At first the plastic type of various types. I now use a leather helmet, starting in the early 80's. Sometime in the late 70's I was working a house fire, a large timber fell across my head and shoulders. The Cairns helmet cracked in a few places. However, other than a sore neck, I was fine. I feel the Cairns helmet saved my life that day.

Andrew J. College Station, TX

My first helmet was a Cairns 1010, it served me faithfully through several structure fires and grass fires alike in Brazos county.

Mark H. Huber Heights , OH

While on a working fire there was a partial collapse of the front porch which landed on one of my crew members. Because he was wearing his helmet he was ok, without it he could have been very seriously hurt.

Mark T. East Haven, CT

well i have been in the fire service since i was 14 and now i am 37. I have a friend who was trapped in a warehouse which was heavily involved in fire when the truss roof gave way and fell on him. he was wearing his leather that day and i do believe it saved his life. unfortunately our dept. lost a good man and firefighter that cold thanksgiving night.

John F. Englewood, FL

At my first structure fire in 1974 I was back up to the knob when a beam fell from the basement ceiling and nailed me in the head. The leather took the brunt of the blow and I came out of it without even a headache. My partner on the knob got it on the shoulder and broke his shoulder blade. This is one reason why I just bought a new N6A Houston when I decided to make a return to the fire service.

Cecil P. Cross Lanes, WV

I have been in the fire service for almost 23 years now and I seen a lot of helmets come and go. But the Cairns helmet has always been my choice in helmets, I put my helmet in some places you can think of and I didn't think anything about because I know what ever I'm going to do it will be there to protect my head and do a great job . So please keep up the good work and hope to hear from you soon I would love to have a new helmet from Cairns

Ted M. Shermans Dale, PA

Lovin leathers I've been a firefighter for almost twenty years the co I run with had Philly helmets then metros

Chad A. Fort Wayne, IN

My father used a N5A New Yorker Fire Helmet for his entire career as a firefighter. I have since been given his helmet of which does not meet standards of today;s firefighter. I have seen this helmet go through so much and withstand heat and a lot of on the job time and it stood the test of time for many years. I too would love to have the experience of a New Yorker style helmet but just can't spend the money on one at this time. Thanks to cairns and the New Yorker for fine craftsmanship and quality.

Bennie M. San Antonio, TX

I have worn Cairns Helmets for almost 20 years and have purchased a 1010, 1044, and an N6A Houston within the last 15 years. These helmets have protected me during the 13 years that I was assigned to the Heavy Rescue Team in the SAFD. I still use your helmet and purchased an N6A Houston leather helmet about 2 years ago for use during training of cadets for the San Antonio Fire Department.

Ronald M. Schenectady, NY

On February 12, 1995, I was assigned to a rescue company, Rescue-3. We were dispatched to a fully involved attic fire at a 2 1/2 story wood frame residence. The roof had collapsed prior to our arrival and we were sent to search the building for any occupants. My partner and I made our way through the first and second floors without finding anyone. We went to the attic which was now 3/4 open space. The fire was out at this time and we were standing in a group waiting for our next assignment. My officer said we would go down and get some tools and help with overhaul. I remember looking up at the moon and seeing a bright halo around it due to the condensation in my SCBA mask. ( At the time we did not have nose cups in our facepieces, but did shortly thereafter.) When we went to go down from the attic, I was feeling my way over slate shingles and other debris. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital ER, in severe pain, extremely hard to breathe, in a scene of chaos. I found out I fell from the attic space approximately 30' onto a blacktop driveway, landing on my right side. My fire helmet, a Cairns 660C Metro protected me from serious head trauma due to the foam cap inside. The brim on the entire right side was laid flat against the side of my head, which absorbed some of the energy as well as protecting that side. The right side of the helmet was cracked and deeply scratched, the inner foam cap was cracked. I received 18 fractures involving my ribs, right wrist, right ankle, minor fractured skull, and minor pneumothorax. (Small tear in my right lung.) I firmly believe that along with my full PPE, your helmet helped to save my life that day and 15 years later I am still working as a firefighter with 23 years on the job. Keep up the good work and continue making the best helmet in the fire service. With all respect and gratitude, Captain Ronald Maslanka

Joseph M. Stephenville, TX

On Sept. 11 2010 I was at home watching episode after episode of the twin towers tragedy and answering questions from my wife on what it feels like to be in a burning building. We watched this for a couple of hours when my pager went off at 11:00 am for a house fire near the county line. I kissed my wife good bye and headed to the station. I got to the station and jumped in the truck with a fellow fire fighter and good friend and we rushed to the scene. when we got there one crew was making entry at the front of the house and our Chief instructed us to go make entry at the rear. We made entry in the rear and started fighting the fire visibility was zero except for the glowing haze of the fire. We kept checking the walls and floor (pier and beam house) for stabilization. We were probably in the house for 3 minutes when all the sudden a big chunk of the roof came down and it both of us in the head. We abandoned the interior attack and went exterior. When we got out side we checked our helmets, a piece of ceiling was still on mine and they were both dinged and scratched a little but still in good shape. If it hadn't been for my Cairns helmet things could have been different. Thank you so much for making such a good product.

James S. Butler, PA

My name is James and I've been a volunteer fireman going on 18 yrs in February of 2011. The reason I'm sending this story is to tell how much I really on my Cairns N5A New Yorker leather helmet. It all starts about 16 yrs ago when my mother and father bought me a leather helmet for my birthday in which it is still being used at the present time and is still in good condition after all the fires and training classes I've gone through. The major reason for me to only buy cairns helmets is for the protection and how well they stand up to falling debris in fires. Throughout my years of service I've had a lot of stuff fall on me and the helmet has held up wonderful and has kept me from sustaining any injuries. So I know its not some life saving story but I just wanted to say how much I love cairns helmets and cairns is the only helmet I will ever buy and own.

Jimmy W. Franklin, GA

While conducting a training fire exercise, I was walking down the hall when a fluorescent light fixture fell and stuck me on the head. I was wearing a Cairns 880 and it was pushed down to my ears. The helmet protected me. Thanks

Douglas H. Cumberland, RI

At a training exercise 2 and a half years ago, my cairns helmet save my head from popping like a pimple in the heat. We were training in a burn trailer to simulate flashover and it got so hot inside of the trailer that my Bourke Eye Shields melted and the ear flaps discolored to red. Without my helmet my head would have been severely burned and i would most likely not be able to do the job i love any longer. Although this story is not an award winning story or a good story at that, it is a tribute to how important the use of a helmet is and there is no better helmet than a Cairns.

Frank B. Marietta, GA

On April 16 2001, at 01:00 am we were dispatched on a house fire the fire was inside on the second floor the first arriving company arrived to find heavy fire coming from a room on the second floor. When my company arrived command advised us that there was someone trapped on the second floor on the c-side of the house and we needed to find the victim we advanced to the second floor attempting to locate the victim when some part of the roof collapsed on us we were all wearing our gear but one of my guys was wearing his Cairns leather helmet when it fell and hit him knocking him to the floor we were able to pull him free and continue on with our search and found the victim. After all of that he came to us outside and if it wasn't for his Cairns leather he would have more than likely broke his neck. Myself was wearing a Cairns 1010 but now i think if i had one like that i would have more confidence and be safer than if i was wearing something else.

Casey Q. Rohnert Park, CA

I was on a scene of a vehicle extrication where I was cutting the door off with our extrication tools, when as i popped the front drivers door off a piece of metal shot off and stuck into my N6A Sam Houston. It was literally embedded into my helmet. If my N6A Houston was not on for some reason it would have done serious damage to my head. Thanks MSA/Cairns

David B. Verona, NY

We wear them all the time. They protect us from falling debris.

Jake W. Fort Valley, GA

While preforming an interior attack on a "strip mall", after advancing into the kitchen of a small restaurant, the lights from the "suspended" ceiling started falling. Luckily, only one caught my attention. Thankfully, Cairns makes a great product and provided the protection when it was needed the most.

Frank D. Elliston, VA

During operations at a structure fire I was struck in the helmet by a falling beam. The helmet functioned as designed absorbing the energy protecting me from injury. Inspection of the helmet after the incident showed no structural damage to the helmet and remained in use for 4 more years

Daniel W. Winston Salem, NC

I was doing overhaul and a piece of burnt 2x4 fell from the ceiling and hit me on top of my head, thankfully for my Cairns 1010, it didn't even hurt.

Tyler M. Lyndon , VT

I don't have a story of how they have protected myself or someone i know. But I just wanted to say Cairns makes the best helmets out there. I have worn helmets from morning pride, bullard and phenix. and none feel as comfortable or light as my Cairns 1010. Love your products. Will never wear any other helmet then a Cairns.

James A. Perry, GA

I know you are looking for a dramatic incident where one of your helmets saved or protected a firefighter from injury or even death. Unfortunately I don't have a specific incident that would qualify as dramatic. However, I would like to thank Cairns for protecting me since 1972, when I first joined the fire service. Those were the days of plastic helmets and cotton duct turnouts. Numerous times your helmets (the ONLY brand I will use) have protected me from injury. Over the years there have been hundreds of times that falling debris, ceilings, melted shingles, charged hoses and yes even fire streams have hit hit my helmet. The heat will char the surface and melt the visor but my head has always been protected. As I said, there is no specific incident to highlight the quality of your my case there are too many to count. Again, thank you for being my partner all these years. You are the true lifesaver. I always felt confident on the job. James Adams

Dustin W. Hayden, CO

On a structure fire in an old house while the department training officer was making entry in to the second story of wood frame house the brick chimney fell on the fire fighter, knocking him down the stairs. The firefighter was protected from head injuries by his use of a Cairns 1010 helmet.

Mark W. Muncy, PA

My father and brother have both worn Cairns Helmets and they both swear that they are the best helmets in the market today.

Jeff M. Newark, NY

I want to say it was 1996 when I bought my first Cairns 1010, I only had it for a little while and I wore the helmet to the NYS Accident Vehicle Extrication Training being held in Lyons, NY. We were in the early days of the course and we were mostly working with hand tools rather than hydraulics. My team was working on using a high lift jack to pull the steering column. As we were raising the jack and it was getting near it's highest point the jack kicked out and lever came crashing down on the back of my new Cairns 1010 taking a small chunk out of the helmet. I felt the impact through my helmet and was definitely thankful that I was wearing it as I would have definitely had an ambulance ride if I was not wearing it.

Tymothy D. Tigerton, WI

I bought a Bullard USTM6 and the outer shell cracked within 6 weeks of it being used. Contacted Bullard and they wouldn't stand behind their product. They said it was exposed to too many elements. Now I have a Cairns 1010! By far the best helmet I've ever used. Have had no problems and I don't foresee any happening.

John M. Uniontown, OH

When I first got a fire job it was with Uniontown Fire Dept. And all probies got tactical tupperware from Bullard. Even in probie school I wore one. You could feel the heat right through it even in in the burn building. But after we were on the dept for a year we finaly earned our Cairns 1010. I was like a kid at Christmas. Then we had a structure fire one night. I threw on my pac and lid and went in with my partner. This fire was a hot one. And we were going up stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs, my head was cool and I couldn't feel the heat. I had to stand up at the top of the steps to pull some hose around the corner. I reached up and could feel the brass eagle but no leather shield. When i went to rehab i found my leather shield had melted and my reflector had as well but the whole time I was fine my head was nice and cool and comfortable. When I went back in I just went back up and fixed my shield and stayed low. Cairns will forever be my helmet company of choice. We even use them at my new dept in Hartville. But I have always wanted to be a leather head.

Joe M. Seaford, NY

Joe M. Seaford, NY Seaford Fire Department

During responding to ground zero I was wearing your helmet. I wore it for 2 days and nights . The helmet was so comfortable. I was not fatigued a least bit. The Crew was working the east side pile. We helped with two recoveries. It took 8 hours for the first and 12 hours for the second. I thank you for the time. - Captain Joseph Morreale

Adam N. Springfield , MO

Adam N. Springfield , MO Nixa Fire Protection District

Last year we responded to an abandoned motel fire located in a neighboring district we arrived very quickly and found heavy fire involved about 50% of the building. We were working under an overhang, as you can tell from the picture we were being pretty aggressive with our attack. While pulling ceiling and checking how far the fire had advanced in the ceiling a large chunk of the ceiling fell striking me in the head. Had it not been for my leather N5A New Yorker helmet and cairns suspension system I believe I would have suffered a severe head and neck injury. I have been in a leather helmet most of my career and will never wear another helmet than Cairns. You make the best helmets in the world and a symbol of the fire service, happy birthday and thanks for a great helmet. Thanks Battalion Chief Adam Neff Nixa Fire Protection District (I’m the one on the far right in a half squat)

Paul P. Walden, NY

Paul  P. Walden, NY Walden Fire Department

We were operating at a two story ordinary with fire on the first floor with some extension on the second floor. I was the truck officer that day and working on the second floor conducting ventilation and overhaul. At this time in the department, radios were not always available and communication was always easier to face to face. The Chief in charge was looking for me so I stuck my head out the second floor window to find out what he needed. What they failed to notify me of was that they decided to let one of the mutual companies ventilate the roof, at the same time I stuck my head out the window the mutual aid company threw a 2' x 4' piece of shingled cover plywood off the roof. That piece of plywood hit me square in head good thing for me I had a strong neck and my 660C Metro helmet, I walked away without a scratch and no damage to the Metro. I still have that helmet and use it for rescue operations. I bought that helmet in 1985 and it was my first of many Cairns helmets. The enclosed picture shows me wearing that helmet at one of the many fires I fought wearing it over the years. This photo was taken at a fire in the mid 1990's.

Joshua P. Leroy, NY

Joshua  P. Leroy, NY Leroy

My Cairns 1010 has kept me safe for 16 years. Just a great bucket to have on. Also keeps the snow of my skull in these upstate NY winters.

Steven Y. Gouverneur, NY

Steven Y. Gouverneur, NY Gouverneur Fire Company Inc.

As Chief of the Gouverneur Fire Company Inc., Gouverneur, NY, I would not have nothing but a Cairns Helmet on my members. These helmets do nothing but perform to the riggers of the job as one of the busiest departments in our area. You keep making a great product and we'll keep buying them. Myself and my Assistants wear the 660C Metros and my members wear the Cairns 1010s.

John K. Palm Coast, FL

Cairns Helmets have been protecting my family for 5 generations. From tin to leather, from my Great Great Grandfather to my Brother and I. We all have worn and loved our Cairns Helmets and have them all today. In Newark, NJ during the riots my father was protected by his N5A New Yorker from more than one brick thrown from roof tops. My Grandfather had a roof collapse on him in Westfield, NJ, and came away unharmed. My Great Grandfathers fought the Great Westfield fire of 1898 in their Tin Cairns Helmets. Firefighting is a family Tradition for us and Cairns has been with us so long they feel like part of the Family. Lt. John Keppler FCFR

Jim B. North Huntingdon, PA

Jim B. North Huntingdon, PA Circleville VFD

We were dispatched to reported a house. When the first units arrived on scene they confirmed a working house fire. My partner and I made entry and was putting the fire out. then condition change and the decision was made to quite interior attack. As we were backing out I fell throw the floor and my cairns N5A New Yorker saved my life. It stopped debris form hitting me in the head.

Jamie F. Marthasville, MO

I have been a volunteer fire fighter for 24 years and a career fire fighter for 17 years. Both jobs I rely on my Cairns 1010 helmet to get me back home in one piece!!! While working a structure fire about three years ago is where I learned how important it was to have a high quality helmet protecting me instead of a 'Bargain Brand". While pulling ceilings during overhaul operations I hooked some storage items in the attic space and had a World War Two bayonet in its sheath fall down and clock me on my helmet and knock out a chunk of my helmet. It also rang my bell but with the helmets suspension system taking most of the shock I was able to get my stuff together and continue doing my job. I am a firm believer in your product like all the rest of my fellow fire fighters here at Cottleville Fire Protection District in Missouri.

Preston R. Sale Creek, TN

I am currently the owner of two Cairns helmets, one 1010 and one 1044. I have always wore Ben 2's until a close friend of mine was involved in a line of duty death. He is one of the chiefs of a neighboring department and made an attempt to save the firefighter that was killed in the line of duty when the floor he was on collapsed into the burning basement. My friend, the chief, risked his own life to attempt to pull the firefighter to safety but was unsuccessful. He suffered severe burns to his ears but the rest of his head was saved thanks to a Cairns. This event lead me to buy my 1010 and I was so impressed with it I bought the 1044. I stand behind Cairns 100% and recommend them to everyone.

Daniel W. Purlear, NC

Daniel W. Purlear, NC Millers Creek Fire Department

A member of our department, who was a captain at the time, was healing a ladder for a crew to come off the roof of a structure. One of the crew members on the roof was lowering a roof ladder and let the rope slip. The roof ladder struck the captain in the head and nearly knocked him out but thanks to his Cairns 1044 he suffered no serious injuries.

Jason K. Whiteland, IN

Jason K. Whiteland, IN Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department

One day after a strong storm system had started a house fire. I had just bought my new Cairns 1010 helmet 4 days prior due to me being promoted to department safety officer and due to the fact that our department was in need of updating all of our outdated helmets that we had. The house fire was on the border of our area and we were called in as a 3rd due engine company. That day I was the officer on the engine due to the fact that the line officer was out of service. My company made it onto the scene and was order to relive the teams on the inside. Most of the fire had been knocked down but due to the home being a large home with many add-ons we had fire hiding in many places. My team had came out and switched our bottles when command had us go and do overhaul of the master bedroom. While in the room then 2 of my firefighters were on the line hitting hots spots when me and my engineer were in a walk in closet just inside the master bedroom. we were pulling the ceiling down when all of a sudden the ceiling came crashing down on top of myself and my engineer. We were pulled from the area very fast due to our other team members being right there. If we did not have our new Cairns helmets then its hard telling what would have happened to us. I still have that helmet today to remind me of my close call. But mostly a few days after that happened then my first child was born. The helmet saved my life and my team's life. And for that I am thankful but grateful that you have built a helmet that allowed me to say i survived. The photo that I am sending with this is that of me and my first born Bryce. I am wearing the helmet that saved my life.

Neal B. Murfreesboro , TN

Neal  B. Murfreesboro , TN Lascassas Volunteer Fire Dept.

I have been wearing Cairns helmets since day one in the fire service. Cairns is the best helmet around in my book. I have had a few close calls in my fire service career and I know for a fact that if not for my Cairns 1010 I would've sustained serious injury or worse. During winter 2009, I found myself operating at a house fire early in the morning. My partner and myself proceeded into the rear of the house to locate the fire. While operating inside the house a support beam from the ceiling collapsed forcing the weight of the beam and ceiling directly down on my partner and myself striking both of us directly in the head and shoulders. I firmly believe that if it had not been for my helmet and it being as durable as it is I would have suffered from a head injury or worse. Both my partner and myself both escaped this close call with no injuries and my helmet was still serviceable . This is the reason that I swear by Cairns helmets and recommend any Cairns helmet to all fellow firefighters in the market for a good helmet.

Craig H. Orrville, OH

Craig  H. Orrville, OH Orrville Fire Department

It was my first working structure fire on the job I was riding as a proby on the first out engine, in the hydrant position. It was a rural garage fire, en-route to the scene the firefighter in the attack position turned on his air pack and realized that his tank was empty! I was automatically placed into his attack position by our assistant chief on the engine! arriving on scene we had a well involved garage fire, I pulled the nozzle off the engine, tossed it over my shoulder, put my head down and proceeded to advance the line. Moving at a good rate I ran head first in to a utility pole! I hit the pole so hard it knocked me back onto my rear and my helmet was knocked off my head! After shaking off the blow I proceeded to put my helmet back on and extinguish the structure. Had I not been wearing my Cairns 1044 I would probably still be seeing stars! I have since been wearing that same helmet for the last four years, and i love it! Well done Cairns thank you!!

Steve H. Conception Bay South, NL

Steve H. Conception Bay South, NL Conception Bay South Fire Dept

in early winter of 2009, while fighting a house fire, we were suddenly caught in a flash over while in a stair well, with the heat and flames coming down on top of us, my Structural 360S helmet kept me safe from head burns. After exiting the house I noticed that all of the reflective stickers and my visor had melted, With my Helmet discolored I knew that it had done its job. I have worn many types of Cairns Helmets and I own 5 all Structural 360S, two that have been retired, two that i have painted for Combat Challenge and one that I wear daily. Hear is a pick of me at the National Combat Challenge in Niagra Falls 2006 wearing one of my painted Structural 360S.

Trey C. Arnoldsville, GA

Trey C. Arnoldsville, GA Winterville Fire Department

This is my pride and joy. It was forced into retirement this year because of no ratchet and being over 10 years old. This is a Cairns N6A Houston. Date of MFG. 5/14/91. Love my Cairns Leather and will not wear anything else ever. Thanks for building a great helmet.

Chris F. Pittsfield, ME

My Cairns 1010 helmet that i purchased on The Fire Store website has saved my life more then once since i bought it. I responded to a fully involved structure fire in the winter of 2006 in my response district at a 2 1/2 story wood frame structure. Roughly 30 mins into the scene, a portion of the second floor gave way, landing on myself and partially my partner as well. Most of the floor landed on my head, if not for my cairns 1010 helmet, i may have suffered more injury then i did. So thank god for cairns helmets being so sound and well built. Keep up the good work folks!!!!!!

Shawn M. Pittsburgh, PA

Shawn M. Pittsburgh, PA Seneca Area Emergency Services/Mount Troy VFC

At the time of this incident I was a Firefighter/ Safety Officer with Etna VFD. We were on a daylight structure fire in Millvale Borough, after a great Blitz attack by the Millvale guys, Myself and another Etna Firefighter Darius Allman were in the building doing some overhaul and checking hot spots. We were in opposite corners of the room starting to pull some ceiling when the entire ceiling came down on top of us. Thanks to the Cairns 1010's that we were both wearing, instead of being rushed off to the hospital with serious injuries, we were both able to walk outside on our own and laugh about the incident. We Still laugh about it to this day.

David C. andersonville, TN

David C. andersonville, TN Paulette Vol. fire/rescue

The department I am in has used cairns helmets for years, And better then any other brand, They have held up great. A while back a fire fighter and a capt. where stuck in a flashover and made it out because these helmets. The gear was deystroyed, the scba was melted and put outa service, the ONLY piece of gear that was intact, and in almost perfect condition, was their helmets. These are some of the best if not the apsolute best helmets out there!

Jordan B. Clarkston, MI

I was working for Dallas fire rescue at the time, and i was in my probabtion year before i would have headed off to paramedic school. Where i was stationed we had a lot of working fires. The helmets that we were issued saved my head many of times from falling debris, plaster and drywall. But one time will stick in my head forever, we were at a residential fire with fire in the attack, we were the first unit onscene and reported out with lots of fire and smoke. I didn't have the line that day, because i was assigned to pull the ceiling so we could get to the attic. As we entered into the building i could feel the heat through my turnouts, and i knew i was going to be in for it once i stood up to start pulling. When i got up to stand and start pulling, i started to hear some creaking and thought nothing of it, but then it was to late. Next thing I knew my crew and i were buried in debris, wood, drywall and ton of stuff that was being stored up in the attic. We were able to self extricate and with the assistance of another crew we were able to put the fire out. The amazing thing though was when I got back out to the fire engine and I looked at my helmet. The whole back side was caved in right down to the impact cap and I knew right then that i was extremely lucky to have a cairns on top of my head. I want to thank MSA and Cairns for the wonderful product that you make, that saved my head and let me go back to my family that day.

Don J. Hope Valley, RI

Don J. Hope Valley, RI West Warwick  RI

I have only worn Cairns helmets since I joined the Fire Service in 1981. The Best deserve the Best. That's why I wear them.

James M. Windsor, MO

James M. Windsor, MO Windsor 4 Co. Rural Fire DEpt

Carins Fire Helmets are the only helmet i Have ever Worn. I have been through many fires, and have never had a problem. My department insist in the urban/metropolitan helmet but i will but a new helmet of the color they use any time of the day from carins before using the helmets they use. I have had roofs fall on me and other structural pieces and the helmet keeps on ticking. Deft. would't want to own any other.

Martin F. Martinsville, VA

I started my fire service in Delaware back in 1974 at the age of 20. My fire school training was taken at the Delaware State Fire School in Dover, Delaware. Back when I started we wore long coats and hip boots and big orange rubber gloves. We also rode on the back of the fire trucks trying to fasten our coats as we were going down the road to the fire. It was back in the early 80's around 1983 that a Carins helmet saved my life. It was early one morning that we were alerted for a house fire just down the street from where we were living at the time. As I ran out the door of our house I could see flames coming from the house down the street. I proceeded to the station grabbed my bunker gear and jumped on the ladder trucked. When we arrived on the scene I came off the truck with a hose line and proceeded to the front door, after the line was charged I proceeded in the front door and made my way to the center of the room where the fire was rolling up the wall and across the celing. When I attacked the fire the ceiling fell down on top of me knocking me to the floor and knocking off my helmet. After returning from the hospital a few hours later I was handed my helmet and told not to use it . Upon looking at it I saw a crack that wasn't there before the fire. That helmet was taken out of service and still hangs on my wall today. I bought that helmet back in 1975 or 76 because back then if we wanted bunker coats and pants and different helmets than what the fire company provided we had to buy them. O by the way that helmet was Carins Philadelphia. I have been on many different vol. companies over the years since then because I am a pastor and my family has moved alot since 1984. I will wear no other helmet than a Carins helmet for I believe that they are best you can buy. I have always wanted a leather helmet to wear but could never afford one. To me there's nothing like a leather New Yorker or Sam Houston. The company that I am on now uses the Carins 1010's. The fire service has been a big part of my life for the past 36 years and will continue to be as long as I live. Thank you for your dedication in providing the best in fire fighting protection we can wear.

Jason R. Monroe Center, IL

i don't have any photos for this sorry although I'm sure many people would have found it humerous to have some. Anyhow It is our dept. policy to always wear turnout gear on vehicle accidents, we dont' have seperate gear for structure fire and rescues so its always the same gear and hey when the temp is 30 degrees below Zero in the middle of Illinois Winter and you're standing in the middle of a snow and ice covered interstate you appreciate that extra layer. Well we were working a two vehicle accident, one lost control on the ice and struck the other and it just became a mess as anybody that has worked in ice/snow can I'm sure attest to, well EMS determined that the one patient needed to be air lifted so we requested one of the local Helicpoters and all was going as normal, just taking a little extra time due to the weather conditions. We got the patient packaged and staged in the ambulance where it was warmer, then once the bird was down we transfered from Ambulance, well in this scenario we were needed to assist the flight crew with loading the patient and thus we walked the patient on the gurney with the flight medic towards the bird, I'd learned before that you best have everything tied down, that means helmet, gloves everything or you'll be chasing it especially since we were doing a hot load (Helicopter is still powered up and blades spinning opposed to being shut down). well all was going good we were just about to move the patient to the helicpoters bed and load when the next thing I knew my feet went one direction and the rest of my body went the other and I was staring up at the sky. Aside from the fact that obviously free-falling to the ground kind stung , my head was ringing too because I felt when I went down the back of my head struck the ice strewn pavement beneath me. Thankfully though I did have my helmet on because I hit hard enough that it actually knocked the helmet off my head when the back of it contacted the pavement. Never really figured out why but the best guess we had was the combination of blowing winds and the churning helicopter blades just added to the slippery pavement. Anyhow I thank Cairns/MSA for the quality of their helmets because if I hadn't had one on, or it had been of sub standard quality that could have severly hurt my head from that impact. thanks MSA

Matt M. Cambrdge , MA

Matt M. Cambrdge , MA Cambridge, MA Fire Department

We responded to a pull station activation as a result of burnt food in a teen center attached to a public elementary school. We located the pull and found it to be in the gym area. Before we could fully reset the system, unknown to us the kids were allowed back in the building and almost immediately started playing basketball. Within 30 seconds I was struck in the head with a high speed flying ball. Fortunately, I was wearing my Cairns N5A New Yorker, and hardly felt a thing. Although, not the most thrilling of firefighting stories, it goes to prove the point that you will never know what is going to happen on this job.

Tim G. Loudonville, NY

While fighting a attic fire, which was caused by lightning that had struck the house, I was wearing my Cairns 1010 helmet. While taking down the sheetrock of the ceiling, a large object fell through the ceiling. This large object fell on top of my helmet and rolled off the top of my helmet and fell beside my right boot. Looked down and found out it was a 6 lb. flathead ax that fell from the hands of one of the firefighters with the ventilation team doing a roof cut. I credit my life safety to the Cairns helmet, which