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Jim K. Throop, PA

Jim K. Throop, PA Wm. Walker Hose Co.

I have a been wearing Cairns helmets all my career. I have to say that Cairns/MSA produces the best helmets in the fire service. I currently will only wear a Cairns Leather helmet, unless I am teaching a burn class then it either my 360 or 660. The picture shows just a sampling of the Cairns helmets that I currently wear and will continue to wear as long as I can. Thanks for making such a great and safe product.

Dan F. Verona, PA

I have used Cairns helmets for the past 5 years. The dependability of these helmets are excellent. From the Structural 360S to my Cairns 1010, I believe these products are the best on the market. Thanks for all that you do.

Peter P. Krebs, OK

Peter P. Krebs, OK Krebs Fire Department

I joined Krebs Fire Department in 1995. We are volunteer. The helmets we were given were another brand. I didn't like the way they felt and to me they were very uncomfortable. I had the opportunity to try try a Cairns Structural 360S and loved it, so I bought one with my own money. Well, about three years ago they made me Lieutenant and Purchasing Officer, so I ordered a white Cairns Structural 360S and now wear that as Lieutenant. I still have my old yellow 360S. It got me through a lot of very rough calls. I included a picture of it as well. Thank you for making a tough yet comfortable helmet!

Brett L. Redwood Meadows, AB

My second day full time on the job, we had a house fire. We had started with an interior attack on the main floor and my partner who was on the first shift working with him. After approx 5 minutes inside chunks of dry wall started falling from the vaulted ceiling. My partner had exposed himself for no more than a minute and a chunk fell on him, knocking him out. Another firefighter from a neighboring department and myself started our mayday mayday and we pulled him out. My partner was wearing a Cairns Structural 360S helmet. He went to the hospital to get checked out and was cleared in two days after the fire.

Paul F. Oshkosh, WI

Cairns structural fire helmets have protected my fellow firefighters for years.

Steve H. Conception Bay South, NL

Steve H. Conception Bay South, NL Conception Bay South Fire Dept

in early winter of 2009, while fighting a house fire, we were suddenly caught in a flash over while in a stair well, with the heat and flames coming down on top of us, my Structural 360S helmet kept me safe from head burns. After exiting the house I noticed that all of the reflective stickers and my visor had melted, With my Helmet discolored I knew that it had done its job. I have worn many types of Cairns Helmets and I own 5 all Structural 360S, two that have been retired, two that i have painted for Combat Challenge and one that I wear daily. Hear is a pick of me at the National Combat Challenge in Niagra Falls 2006 wearing one of my painted Structural 360S.