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Charles S. souix falls, SD

Charles S. souix falls, SD WVFD

Cairns Helmets from 1970's and 1940 aluminum, My story Cairns 1010 black fire helmet saved my skull from burns and falling debris, numerous times to many to reacll all of them. Thanks MSA

Jake E. Lillington, NC

Jake E. Lillington, NC Summerville Fire Department

The photo of this Cairns 1010 with the defender and bourkes is the result of a flash-over thankfully no one was seriously injured, just minor burns. Cairns makes a awesome product definitely the best helmets on the market

Justin B. Lynn Haven, FL

Justin B. Lynn Haven, FL Panama City Beach Fire Rescue

Leather Forever! N6a. Training or dark smokey always saves my a$$.

Andrew S. Hodgenville, KY

My carins 1044 is awesome. Ive only been a firefighter for 3 years now but it has already helped me. We were going into a structure fire when all the ceiling tiles decided to fall and smack us upside the helmet. The helmet took the hits very well. Thank you for your amazing quality Stuff!

Robert H. Ward, AR

On 10/27/2012 I was at a mutral aid house fire in a manufactured home with shegle roof me and my crew were pulling cealing in the master bed room trying find the fire and make a stop on it. The fire got ahead of us and the roof and ceiling gave way hitting me in the head and my crew. I was wearing my new yorker n5a and it save my head. My partner had his scuffed a little but my buddy was wearing bullard and it was cracked in back brim and broke his visor. All and all i was back fighting fire next shift with my full time dept

Anthony S. Apartment 101, MN

While operating at a training burn I was asked to move tools and other items out of the path of a garage door that was to be closed. While bending over to pick up the items, another firefighter pulled the door release cord before I was clear. This caused the double wide garage door to free fall down the track towards me. The door first impacted my head. If it were not for my helmet I would have sustained injury directly to my skull. My helmet sustained cracks and required some replacement of parts. I am glad my helmet served its purpose in protecting my head.

Kyle B. paxton, MA

Kyle B. paxton, MA Town of Vernon Fire Dept

As a member of the fire service community for almost 10 years, I have realized how imperative it is for every firefighter to feel completely confident with the PPE they are wearing. Every firefighter is faced with a new type of fire now including new forms of building construction and insulation, making for hotter fires with a greater chance of collapse increasing risk of injury tenfold. What I have learned is that through the years Cairns has been a leading name in firefighter safety. The photo I submitted was a photo of me while I was a firefighter intern for a small town in New Hampshire. Just as the photo was taken fire rolled over the ceiling from fire room of origin. I found this picture to relate because it proves that you can never predict what a firefighter will be faced with. Cairns has protected me on numerous occasions. The one that strikes me the most was while working at a residential house fire. I was on the first fire attack crew to enter the building. After being in the building for no more than five minutes a large bookshelf/cabinet type of furniture fell directly on the heads on me and my crew. Causing the nozzle man to loose control of the hose. I am positive that without Cairns, that situation would have caused me to lose consciousness. This fall only bent the bronze eagle on my helmet and some scrapes. My crew eventually regained control of the hose and knocked the fire down without injury.

David E. Chestertown, MD

David E. Chestertown, MD Kennedyville Volunteer Fire Company

I was in a training exercise when the room I was in nearly flashed. The smoke was banked down to my eye level as I was crawling through the house. I saw flames through the smoke and I knew it was only a matter of time before it flashed. If it weren't for the PBI earflaps on my N6A I can only imagine how I would have faired out.

Pedro V. Elk grove, CA

Pedro V. Elk grove, CA East contra costa fire

While doing a 360 walk around at fully involved structure fire, i was so focused on the job at hand that i did not notice a low tree branch, all i felt was a hit and got trown back my cairns helmet protected me from hitting the tree branch and i was able to get up and continue with the task at hand, to put the fire out and protect the adjacent structures.

Richard B. Saint Charles, MI

During a training session, a master stream appliance failed. The failure of the deck gun caused large pieces of shrapnel to fly in many different directions. The person on the appliance was wearing a Cairns 660C. Multiple pieces struck the firefighter in the head. His helmet protected him from serious facial and other head injuries. Without it or a quality product may not have had the same result. Our Department has used Cairns helmets since the mid 70's and we continue to use them today. Thank you.

Jose V. Modesto, CA

I know a firefighter, who was at a structure fire, walking the perimeter, when an a/c unit slid off the roof, and hit him in the head. At the time, he was wearing a leather Cairns N6A, which undoubtedly saved his life. He had to retire the helmet after the incident, but ever since, he has stated he will always buy leather, and inspired me to buy a leather myself. "Leather Forever".

Brian B. Deerwood, MN

Brian B. Deerwood, MN Ironton MN

I was rookie chief standing on the top of a RIT training trailer looking down when one of the guys took the shot. Ten years later still I remember the training and the tuck and roll I did out of the trailer window. No doubt the helmet saved my head during those acrobats.

sean f. parsippany, NJ

sean f. parsippany, NJ rockville volunteer fire department

During a training exercise with the Rockville Volunteer Fire and Rescue I was demonstrating how to use a K12 to cut through security bars on a commercial building. After cutting through the right two bars, the top of the bars felll and hit me in the head. With out wearing my helmet I would have had the security bar hit me in the head and who knows what kind of mark that would have left. I know it would not have been pretty. Thanks to my new yorker I did not have to go to the hosppital.

Richelle A. Union, MS

During salvage and over haul of a structure fire a board fell from the ceiling. It hit me in the back of the head striking my he lmet and shoulder. I was not injured. My husband of 23 years had recently passed away leaving me with an 11 year old daughter to raise. The helmet did what it is designed to do. I went home to my child healthy and fine.

brian a. walnut cove, NC

I was on a 3000 acre forest fire in Virginia and my Chief was cutting stag on the fire break.We had several spotters around tree that was being cut, but we never thought it could happen to one of our own.Once the stag was cut the top portion broke at a fork in tree and large section came down and hit the Chief across the top bridge & eagle of the helmet. There was no damage to the shell of the helmet, but the eagle was destroyed. The Chief was ok and not hurt,but was shaken up good. Thanks to the Cairns 1044 quality shell for safety.The fire was named " Bull Mountain Fire".

erik c. detroit, MI

hit in the head with a cement block and helment crack but my head stayed find.

Brian B. Defiance, OH

My Cairns helmet protected me in a very hot fire. After the fire and upon gear inspection, I noticed that my flashlight and camera mounts were melted, but there was no visible damage to my Cairns helmet. Thanks Cairns!

Tyler L. Shelbyville, IN

My Cairns Leather helmet protected my melon when a portion of a ceiling collapsed while doing overhaul at an abandoned house. The fire was suspected to be arson.

Donald G. Talking Rock, GA

Donald G. Talking Rock, GA City of Woodstock FD, Woodstock, GA

A few years ago, I had got off shift and was driving home in my pick up truck. As I entered a left hand blind curve, a car was coming from the other direction but in my lane. I jerked the wheel to the right to avoid an impact but it was too late. The car hit just behind the drivers door and hit the rear wheel. The impact broke the drive shaft, severed the parking brake cable and drove the leaf springs up through the bed. It spun me around so that I was now facing the drivers door of the car that hit me. I jumped out to check on the driver, but as soon as I took my foot off the brake, the truck would roll towards the car. No drive shaft for gears, no parking brake....what to do? I grabbed my Cairns 1010 sitting in the passenger floor now and tossed it under the drivers side rear wheel. A perfect chock to hold the truck so that I could render aid to the driver of the car. That helmet has since been retired, replaced with another Cairns 1010.

chance h. st augustine, FL

During an interior attack on a mobile home fire, an object exploded and struck me in the head and knocked me to the floor. It was protected by my Cairns Sam Houston Helmet. My nozzleman moved toward the fire inside and I quickly recovered and got back to my knees and backed him up. The Christmas tree and contents of the living room were burning and needed to be knocked out to save the home. Steven never heard or saw what had occurred. The smoke was so thick, you couldn't see you hand in front of your mask. We extinguished the fire and went into overhaul mode. As the smoke cleared I could see the object that struck me had been sitting on top of the stove. An unopened can of whole kernal corn had heated up and the can bleved. Corn kernals were every where! And the jagged remains of the can lay on the floor next to where I had entered the front door. Never would I ever considered a can of corn dangerous! Thank goodness for great Personal Protective Equipment! Leather Forever!!!

kyle R. Shamokin, PA

I've had my carins leather helmet since 1999 and from 13 years of use its been the best helmet I've ever had and there nothing better,last year my dept ran a dwelling fire on july 4th weekend and when we were laddering the house the ladder slipped and fall on my head the leather saved me from getting hurt and all the helmet got was a little bit of paint taken off

Gabriel D. Georgetown, TX

Back in 2008 I was in the Fire Academy. We were in live burn weeks and doing nothing but live burn car fire dumpster fire house fire and a hotel fire. When we were in one of the house fire skills a piece of the roof feel off and hit me in the head at the time i didnt know that it cracked my helmet I had a Cairns 1010 that I had got from my father for my birthday. when we got out of the fire I looked at my helmet and could not see or feel the crack. The next thing we did was the Flash over chamber. I went in with the helmet. I could feel the heat on my head. It wasnt alot. when we got out I saw that the top of my helmet was melted and the inside was burned. It never burned thro I was really lucky ever since then I have had cairns helmets untill now my department has morning pride and I just dont have the money to buy a cairns yet

Todd H. Boswell, IN

we was working a serious accident in 1996 and I was cleaning up around the car when the car came off the jack and my helmet was able to hold up the car long enough for me to get out from underneath the car.

Tyler S. Lexington, KY

I was on a working fire last summer during the overhaul stage of a single story shotgun style home with several additions over the years. While operating a member of the crew i was operating pulled a ceiling joist down while pulling ceilings and the joist came straight down on top of my N6A and other than seeing a few stars and stumbling a bit from the confusion associated with the sudden hit i was able to continue operating at the scene. My Leather helmet took the hit and shows no signs of damage. I own three Cairns Helmets a 1044 w/defender that i purchased to where at my volunteer house which has since been turned into a training helmet i wear to Live fire classes. This helmet has exceeded all expectations and more. I was issued a 1010 by my employer and loved it up until i purchased my N6A. Thank you for making such a great product.

Marty M. Dallas, TX

In 2006 our engine was dispatched on a second alarm for a working grain silo fire. Upon arrival there was heavy black smoke pouring from the third story windows. Command immediately assigned our engine to rapid intervention for crews trapped on the third floor. I ordered my crew to throw a 35ft ladder to the third floor to start providing escape routes for the fire fighters working on that floor. Just as we had the ladder raised, but not locked in, a master stream was introduced from the other side of the building trying to cover the escape of the fire fighters. The tactic projected large chunks of metal from the fire floor out our window. We were quickly being rained on by metal weighing up to 25lbs, of various shapes and jagged edges. The largest piece struck the halyard man directly in his Cairns 1010 helmet. He was visibly shocked and lost control of the halyard. Meanwhile, all four of us were still taking direct hits from metal ourselves. The incident did result in a serious thumb injury to one crew member. With that said, it is my belief that without quality helmets, my halyard man would have sustained brain injuries. He was able to complete his shift, after we issued him a new helmet, as the incident did crack his helmet. More than that though, we all were able to complete the ladder raise, evacuate our injured fire fighters from the scene. I have refused to wear anything but a Cairns ever since. Marty Mayes, Captain Retired

John M. Traverse City, MI

I got my Cairns 660 brand new when i joined as an explorer in 2007. it has been with me through out my career and protected my head more times than i can count, probably the most recent was a section of 5" coming off the truck and the coupling smacking me in the head but my helmet was there to protect me. it takes the abuse so i can keep doing my job.

kyle w. baltimore, MD

kyle w. baltimore, MD Prince George's County Fire/EMS Dept

My department responded to a working structure fire. The structure involved was a garden style apartment, 3 stories and two breezeways. The fire started in a storage closet on the first floor and had worked up the side of the wood siding and involved the attic. Upon arrival of our first due companies (less than 3 minutes), the fire had already self ventilated through the roof. I was on my first day of off duty and per our SOP's, responded to the scene POV. When I reported to staging, I was assigned to a four man crew to advance a handline to the third floor of the structure. We pulled our line through the breezeway to the stairway (interior) of the C side of the structure. As we were advancing the line up the stairs, a portion of the ceiling fell on our crew. My Cairns N5A leather new yorker helmet took the hit for me. The right portion of my shield front bracket was broken (I had to use some tape to hold it in place after the fire). My Pass alarm was torn from my SCBA and could not be recovered from the amount of debris. Thanks to my Cairns N5A I was able to continue with my assignment and we were able to save two children from the structure fire. As for the N5A leather helmet, it performed its duties. I'm Cairns for life, baby!

Robert S. Lake Station, IN

On 12-10-2011, I was able to pull 2 small children out of a structure fire. After pulling the first child out, the room flashed over. On mke I was able to jump from the room out the window. I then went to the front of the home where the fire was being knocked down and entered and retrieved the second child with help of a Hobart firefighter. My red hat was black and burned, but my head was fine and 2 small children are alive today with the help of my Cairns 880 fire helmet.

Scott M. Rochester, NY

It's not that much of a story, but I'll enter it anyway. Several years ago, one of the firefighters that I look up to the most and have learned a lot from was blown out of a second story window and landed on the pavement below. I'm positive that his life was saved due to his Cairns helmet. If it wasn't for your guys' helmets, I wouldn't know half the things I do about the fire service.

Vincent M. Madison, NC

While performing RIT drill practicals at my full time job as a paid firefighter, my captain fell through a hole in the floor of the department's training burn building. The hole was four foot square in size and all concrete, about ten foot in height from the first floor to the basement where he landed. He was standing and stepped back through the opening. Although he received severe injuries and was out of work for months, the outcome could have been much worse if not for his Cairns Classic 1000 helmet. It performed as advertised. The shell separated from the impact liner when he fell through the hole. Instead of losing his protection the impact liner stayed in place and protected him from a serious or fatal brain injury. The liner had several cracks and a flat spot, but my captain had no head injury. He suffered broken ribs, a broken back and a shoulder injury. There were mistakes made in the training, but there is no mistake that his Cairns helmet saved his life that day.

Michael C. Roanoke Rapids, NC

On August 27, 2011 the coastal plains region of North Carolina was devastated by Hurricane Irene. My hometown of Roanoke Rapids, situated on the I-95 corridor near the NC/VA state line, received considerable damage from high winds, flooding and downed trees and power-lines. In the days following the storm my department sent crews out to assist public works with clearing trees from streets and alleys so service vehicles could get in to make repairs and offer services. On August 29 my crew came on duty and I decided that I would go out with one other crew member to clear storm debris. I am the Battalion Chief of A-shift and my thoughts were that I would have my crews carry out regular daily duties and remain fresh for whatever calls for service came in, while I handled the tree cutting with one more member. We had cleared several trees before we came across a large oak tree that was holding down a high tension line between two power poles. We carefully cut the tree and limbs away and had almost cleared the alley when we got to the portion of the tree that was holding down the line. We were both taking full safety precautions while operating the saws, using Turnout Pants, Gloves, Eye Protection and Helmets. I was wearing my personal Cairns N5A New Yorker with Bourke Eyeshields. My partner was wearing his department issued Cairns 1044. After a short discussion about what could happen I made the final cut. Despite trying to stay clear of the large limb as I cut, it still came up with the line and struck me in the face, with enough force to knock me backwards against the pile of debris. It also knocked my helmet across the alley and into a nearby yard, approximately ten yards away. I immediately started holding pressure on my bleeding face and trying to figure out what kind of truck had just hit me! My partner gathered up our equipment and had to find my lid before we could head back to the station and, and eventually the ER. The log that hit me below my right eye was approximately eight inches in diameter and about three feet long. Because I was looking down at what I was doing, the brim of my helmet caught the majority of the force from the log, right between the Bourke Eyeshields. The force of the blow pushed my safety glasses against my face and left a cut below my eye approximately one and one half inches long that was glued and steri-stripped closed at the ER. A minor injury for the amount of force that came from the high tension line. My partner and I both agree that, had I not been wearing my helmet, my face/head would have taken the full force of the blow and could have resulted in possible facial fractures or possibly a head injury. I have been on the job for 22 years and have always used Cairns Helmets, despite the fact our department only started issuing Cairns Helmets six years ago. I purchased my own. I had just bought my New Yorker this year at FDIC, after wanting one for as long as I can remember, and I am the the only guy in our department with a leather lid. My Helmet now has a nice "ding" in the brim where the log struck it. I guess I could paint over it, but I won't. I will just leave it as a reminder of how your Quality product helped me "save face". Thanks. Sincerly - Michael Clements, Battalion Chief ,Roanoke Rapids F.D.

Jason M. Broken Arrow, OK

Jason M. Broken Arrow, OK Broken Arrow Fire Dept.

My N6A Houston helmet has protected me in many fires and various incidents throughout its life, but on 7/24/11 it saved my life. While on the second story of the 6700 sq ft house me and my other two crew members were preparing to go back out due to our low air alarms activating. I was just inside the doorway of the attic space and was giving it one more shot of water when our area of the house shook and collapsed sending me headfirst into the garage and leaving the rest of the crew on the edge of what was left of the second story. Shortly after hitting the garage floor I heard the roof tumbling down collapsing on top of me, trapping me underneath the burning rubble. While readjusting my mask I heard my guys send out a mayday over the radio and started to free myself. I was able to push some of the debris off me and crawled out from under the rest of it, low on air and with some minor burns and severe pain in the left side of my chest I looked for a way out. After exhausting a couple of different means of egress and having no tools that made the journey down with me to breach an outside wall, I went back to the previously blocked off front of the garage where this time I was able to faintly see the front of the driveway/yard. I dove, rolled,and crawled through the debris and fire to the front of the garage and into a stream of water that was from the RIT team making entry to come find me. They pulled me out the rest of the way, started treatment and put into a ambulance enroute to the hospital. After a few nights in the hospital due to minor burns, cuts and bruises, fractured ribs and a collapsed lung on the left side,they sent me home to recover. A week or two later I went to go look at my gear and realized that my helmet not only protected me from the fall but from the the looks of my bent over bill that it kept some of the heavy roof timber from crushing my neck and or back of my head. Sorry about the length, just wanted to let you know that your products can and do make a difference everyday in the lives and families of fireman. THANK YOU for the craftsmanship, quality, and pride that you guys/gals put into each of these helmets.

Pabel T. Woodstock, GA

Pabel T. Woodstock, GA Smyrna Fire Rescue

I don't want to point at one time when my Cairns helmet protected me, I want to say that the helmet is part of my every shift protection and only "it" truly knows how many times it has saved me from serious injury or worse. Cairns is the ONLY helmet I wear and trust! It doesn't matter if I'm at a fire, technical rescue or what ever the emergency is, I know that my head is COVERED! We take for granted all the light and hard thumps we take on the helmet while operating at fires, Cairns helmet is not only a protector for me but a symbol of my dedication and devotion to the profession. Nothing speaks firefighter like Cairns. The helmet also exemplifies my commitment to take all precautions to stay as safe as possible for the sake of my family. My personal investment to buy Cairns in opposition to what was issued to me is loud and clear message to all who know me that I will ONLY train, fight, and wear the best!! I believe that it is our responsibility to make every attempt possible to give our family and friends a safe return after our tour, I can honestly say that my Cairns helmet can be contributed to many of my safe returns. Thank you cairns my career partner and protector of the most important asset on the fire ground "my head"!

Rick H. Morrisonville, NY

Recently at a chimney fire I witnessed something amazing. A brick fell from the crumbling chimney and hit a buddy of mine on his Cairns 1044 helmet. It did damage the helmet, but all he got out of it was a neck ache and a head ache. Without a doubt if he had not been wearing his helmet he would be dead. The Helmet did crack and we took it out of service, but without it he would most likely be dead.

Duane R. Onancock, VA

My father and I are volunteer fire fighters. We got a call one night that a single story residence was on fire. Upon arrival we got reports that there was still someone trapped in the house. I watched as my dad entered the house to do a primary search, he was in a bedroom on the C-side of the house when he found a victim. He dragged the victim around to the B-side of the structure. All the sudden the room caved in on my dad and the victim. If it wasn't for my dads PPE and his Cairns 880 helmet, he and the victim would probably have died. I want to thank you so much for the protection and quality of your helmets.

Rj B. Elizabethtown, NC

A buddy of mine owns a cairns helmet and he absolutely loves it. ha got it from the fire store bout a year ago. well, one call we got, it saved his life. We had a single story structure fire, fully involved. he was one of the few who was chosen to go in wit the search team for any persons in the building. About 10 minutes into the search. The roof caved in and then gave in, and one of the support beams fell right on his head he told us. He said if it weren't for his Cairns helmet of his, he would have never made it. Then about a few minutes later, after the fire was controlled. I heard him say "thank you god for savin my life and ableling the helmet to be strong enough to save my life, thank you". That's the story of how your cairns helmet saved my friends life, thank you for all the hard work yall do to ensure our safety. god bless.

Patrick H. Buffalo, NY

I am a second generation fire fighter following my father's footsteps. Hired in 2010 I am two weeks from the end of my probation and was in the Market for a Cairns helmet when I came across this giveaway. My father's career and time on this world was cut short after a structural fire in Buffalo eastside went horribly wrong. A roof collapsed on his leaving him without oxygen for several minutes causing irreversible damage to his brain. " It's a story that made headlines around the world when on April 30, 2005, Donny Herbert, a 43-year old Buffalo firefighter, stunned his doctors, family and friends when he suddenly emerged from a vegetative stupor after nearly 10 years. Over the next 16 hours, Donny, who had been deprived of oxygen for six minutes when the roof of a burning building caved in on him in December 1995, began talking and became his old lovable self again, catching up with family and friends on the decade he'd lost. Donny gradually slipped back into a vegetative state and died in December 2006" - - 60 minute clip which aired november 2007;photovideo - He always wore the city issued non traditional helmet, because he could not afford nothing else, But i remember one day as a little child how happy he was when our family bought him his first traditional helmet a Cairns 1010 which one day became the cover picture on the book about my dad. Today it sits on my mom's mantle silt covered with the front holder bend from the roof collapse (no other damage). Your helmet with the actions taken by the Buffalo Firefighters gave my family another 11 years which I will always cherish. Thanks You Patrick Herbert

Bryan H. Cheraw, SC

Bryan H. Cheraw, SC Cheraw Fire Department

On the morning of October 27, 2007 while operating an exterior of a structure fire. I was manning a hoseline when fire broke thru the roof of a structure. Thus causing the remains of the roof to flip to the outside, landing on me. It knocked me towards the fire. I was wearing my airpack but was not on air at the time, nor had my face piece in place. However I did have my helmet on as required. Luckily it was a Cairns 660C, department issue. I received multiple face and neck burns and was sent to Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta GA, 3 hours away. I learned later that what fell was heavy timber structural material, and had it not been for my helmet. I wouldn't be here today. I was out of work recovering from 2nd and 3rd degree burns for 2 1/2 months. Still love my job to this day. Thanks Cairns for saving my life!

Zachary H. Dearborn, MO

We were doing training burnings. Training accident gone bad. I was the Firemen to light the fire and well there was too much gas in the Diesel mixture we was using. blew out all the window, fried my gear, but helmet saved me when the ceiling failed and came down on my head.

Mason M. Melbourne, KY

On 12/8/2010 our engine 1301 responded to the community to the northeast of us (Dayton KY) to assist in a structure fire. 5 agencies were called in due to the cold weather freezing the hydrants. While laddering the building to vent a 3rd story window fellow Firefighter/Engineer Jason Smith was footing the back-side of the ladder facing the structure. Without warning the wooden soffet underneath the gutters on the front of the 3 story house broke loose. The very large piece of flaming debris from 3 stories up fell directly on top of FF Smith knocking him unconscious and to the ground. Crews quickly removed FF Smith from the "danger zone" and he woke up enough to walk to the ambulance fore evaluation. Without his Cairns 1010 on it was quite clear that FF Smith would not have survived such a blow, let alone walk away from it. The story was carried on all local news stations and was and article on firefighter The helmet did exactly as designed and saved him from death or serious injury. FF Smith was back to full working capacity that day.

Mark M. Hopwood, PA

Mark M. Hopwood, PA Hopwood Volunteer Fire Department

The N5A New Yorker that I wear was made when I was only six months old. It was gifted to me when I joined my department and was in near perfect condition. Since then it has chipped paint around the brim and crown. It helped me out a lot when i was struck in the head by a piece soffit-facia around 10 feet long. Without the helmet the aluminum would have put a large gash in my head or worse. In the short time i have had it it has taken a beating and can not really afford to replace it. LEATHER FOREVER.

Fred D. Youngstown, OH

Fred D. Youngstown, OH Youngstown Fire Dept.

In 1995, I was working a fire in an occupied auto body shop. as we were advancing, without warning, a 8' shop light fell down and struck me square on my head! I was disoriented, and was led to safety, but had no injuries due to the fact that I was wearing my cairns Sam Houston helmet that I had since 1991. at that time, the only damage done to my helmet was that the front holder was bent! Since 2004, I've been using a 1010, since our large fire load forced me to retire my faithful Houston. this helmet now sits on my TV in my main cave, and reminds me how lucky i was to escape serious injury that day, and how this trusty helmet has seen the worst fires, and was with me thru our "war years"! At least 3-400 fires or more I had with this protective helmet thru the years, and it was the best! I wouldn't use any other brand of helmet!!! 175 years means something to me!!!

Joey R. Honey Grove, TX

Joey R. Honey Grove, TX Honey Grove Fire Dept

This helmet is the result of a flash over in an adjoining room to the entry room of an abandoned nursing home fire. All firefighters escaped with minor burns but the gear was severely damaged. The Cairns 1010 helmet did its job.

Neil G. Cape Coral , FL

Neil G. Cape Coral , FL Fort Myers Fire Dept.

This helmet belongs to my good pal Mario. He works for the City of Detroit and as you can see gets quite a bit of fire service. Well, as you can probably tell his N5A New Yorker is getting to the point where it needs to be replaced. I can't think of a more deserving guy than him. I was in a garage fire with Mario some years back when we both worked in Ecorse Michigan. He went in and saved a dog that was locked in a cage inside while I stretched the line. After getting the dog we managed to get the swing up door open but it came loose from the ceiling and hit Mario on the head knocking him to the floor. He was off for 3 weeks after that and came to find out that he received compression fractures to his lumbar vertebrae. The good news is that his trusty New Yorker saved his melon. If you see fit to pick my story for this contest I will gladly give the free Cairns helmet to Mario so that he can continue to serve the City of Detroit safely. By the way, I am on my 2nd Cairns leather and wouldn't trade it for the world. Sincerely, Neil Graham

Chris H. Hudson, NY

Chris H. Hudson, NY Greenport Pumper Co. No. 1

This is the aftermath of a collapse the occurred during an early morning fire at a Pellet Stove Supply store. After sweeping the room with a MSA Evolution TIC it was deemed safe to enter and open up an interior wall for master stream operations. While opening the interior wall the ceiling had a partial collapse. Myself and two other firefighters were hit with debris and knocked to the floor, we were dragged out by exterior members standing by at a the door Upon exiting a total collapse of the area occurred. Little did we know that due to double 5/8" sheetrock around the room we we unaware of the real danger ahead of us. Also above us was a small office space that we were unaware of. My Cairns N5A New Yorker took the hit from falling debris and the only damage received was a bent shield holder. The other two firefighters with me both use Cairns 1010s. These products have stood up to the test and still come out on top.

Jeff S. Belmont, NH

Jeff S. Belmont, NH Tilton-Northfield Fire & EMS

I was doing overhaul on the 2nd floor following a 2 alarm fire in an occupied dwelling when my Cairns 1010 was put to the test and came out with my respect. Myself and 2 other firefighters were in the bedroom pulling ceiling and a couple of the rafters that had partially burnt through when one end of one of the rafters that a fellow firefighter was working on broke free. The rafter was still attached on one end, so it came down like a pendulum and hit me between the shoulder blades. My helmet absorbed a good blow to the back of it and was knocked forward, over my eyes. If I had not been wearing my chinstrap it would have been knocked completely off my head and I may have suffered an injury to my head. My Cairns 1010, did exactly what is expected of it and saved me from a sure head injury, so thank you for creating such a great product! FF/EMT Jeff Sheltry

Lauralee V. Richmond, TX

Lauralee V. Richmond, TX Community Volunteer FD

Please see attached photo of my husband's cairn's helmet that helped protect him during a rescue attempt. Thanks Cairns for keeping our loved ones safe!!

john s. middleburgh, NY

john s. middleburgh, NY Middleburgh fire dept

I have been a volunteer firefighter and when I started out I went and bought my very own Cairns 1010 (black) helmet. Well that being 10 years ago....that black helmet now hangs on my living room wall. That helmet had seen many going calls and one that stands out, is the fire on Easter morning 2006. This fire was indeed the one that put that helmet on my wall in the first place. That fire was reported around 7am and was 2 doors down from the house I was raised in. The fire was reported as a working fire with entrapment of two elderly people, in the fire filled apartment. At the time, I was the dept Lieutenant and just changed the shield and stayed with my Cairns 1010...well at the fire FF Burton and myself entered the rear of the apartment doing S&R and found and pulled both unconscious parties to safety. At which time was turned over to waiting ems, and both parties did make it. But as for the helmet itself, well it took a real beating at the fire. At some point the rear brim, failed and cracked. The same helmet was in service for about one week there after, in wait for my new helmet and even seen one more fire call a brush fire where the bourke saved my eye when the chainsaw failed and took a bit out of the bourke. Now that I'm Asst Chief I still run with a Cairns 1010, just white now. My members now run with the 1044 defender-bourkes combo and love them. I will never own anything other then a CAIRNS! Your helmet let me to do my job on that Easter morning, as your helmet did it's job!

madilyn k. Ellwood City, PA

madilyn k. Ellwood City, PA Haarmony VFD Station 23

My boyfriend is a lieutenant for this fire department, and just recently won captain. A few months back he was called out for a commercial structure fire. He was asked by his chief to go into the warehouse and see if they can get to the bay doors to open them and do some ventilation. While they were in their his face mask melted, his helmet kept him safe. He knew it was bad when the firefighter he was with went to open the line, and the got a straight shot of steam. They walked out of the building and not minutes later the roof collapsed. He has been in multiple fires in this area, and his helmet has always been the main part of his gear to keep him safe. p.s He is the one on the left. His bunker jacket says M. Nanna on the bank in the picture, his helmet is supposed to be white, this shows how much work he does for his department and community to keep us safe, and i want to give appreciation back to him.

Kyle T. Hortonville , WI

Kyle T. Hortonville , WI Hortonville Hortonia Fire District

My Cairns 1010 Helmet protected me when my Dept. was on a Extrication Call involving a victim trapped in machinery. The tool that we were using came loose and hit my helmet and face shield. Without my helmet i would have been severely injured. Thanks Cairns.

Michael C. Pensacola, FL

Michael C. Pensacola, FL Myrtle Grove Vol. Fire Department

I was on the initial interior attack team on a 2 story house. In the process of the attack, due to fire damage in the attic, and water from our hoses, the ceiling gave way, with it came insulation and drywall that were still on fire. Thankfully my Cairns 1010 helmet saved me from burns and head injuries that could have resulted.

William H. Renovo, PA

William H. Renovo, PA Lock Haven Fire Department

While operating at a residential structure fire in a mutual aid companies area, my partner and i were operating on the second division of the structure trying to put a knock on the fire near the rear of the structure, when the ceiling in the room we were working collapsed on us, luckily we were not trapped, but merely inconvenienced by the incident, and thanks to my Cairns N5A New Yorker i was spared any injury from the collapse. Without my helmet i would have received serious injuries from this incident. thanks Cairns for 175 yrs of safety!

Josh L. Bar Mills, ME

Josh L. Bar Mills, ME Buxton Fire/ Rescue

Structure fire in my district just before shift change. Fire started in a garage fueled by propane, gasoline and welding gases. My crew made an exterior attack before fire breached the wall into the house. Once fire breached we were pulled and ordered to make a vent above the fire, while another crew positioned to attack the fire from the opposite side of the room. This is the picture of me knocking the ceiling of the fire room out as my partner holds my harness.

John S. Glade Hill, VA

My unit was the first arriving company on a small, single story, wood-frame, residential structure in a rural part of our county. It was approximately 0400 in the morning and there were vehicles in the driveway. We had strong suspicions that someone may be home inside the residence. Upon arrival smoke and fire was showing from the Alpha/Delta corner of the structure. Myself and another firefighter forced entry through the front door and proceeded into the house. We made our way through the living room and then down the hall towards the fire. We started pushing the fire back and were making good progress on knocking it down. We entered the first bedroom we came to which contained the majority of the fire. We were in the room for several minutes when the floor gave way suddenly. I fell through the floor. Fortunately the residence was built on a crawl space, so the drop was not very far. I was disoriented for a few seconds, but quickly regained my bearings. During this time more debris, including structural members and furniture fell down on top of me. My Cairns 1044 helmet helped deflect the falling debris and prevented any head injuries. The long brim on the rear of the helmet helped to prevent any burning material from getting down into my coat. My partner was quickly able to give me a hand to self-extricate from the hole and we made our way out of the house. I did suffer some second degree burns to my wrist as I pulled myself up out of the hole. The homeowners were not at home at the time of the fire and no other firefighters were injured. The fire was quickly contained by another crew. Had my Cairns 1044 helmet not performed superbly that morning, I may have been more seriously injured or killed that day. I am very pleased with the helmet and will not wear any other brand.

Brandon V. Stockdale, OH

This happened to a friend of mine years ago he was doing search and rescue in a two story home when a large piece of the ceiling that was on fire fell right on his head if it wasn't for the Cairns helmet he could have be killed or injured very badly.

Mark R. Cypress, TX

I have been a Firefighter for 20 years this year. My son, Eric Rodriguez, 20, became a full time Firefighter in April 2010. As we always worry about our children, as a Firefighter, I must depend on PPE to help me take care of my son. I know that some things are just out of our control. We lost our daughter Lil Krysta Rodriguez, 22, to a Drunk Driver on 2-11-2010. If there was only PPE we could get for her other than a "Be Careful" every day and look out for other people. Eric was involved in a single story total roof collapse on 1-13-2011. He took his crew of three in on an attack and two minutes into the house, the center gave way trapping my son face down for two to three minutes. His crew witnessed the collapse and called for him with no response. Eric was able to pull his self up and exit the structure with his crew to re-group. They went back in to finish to job. My point is this, our family found out first hand that his PPE did its job, Thank you, Mark Rodriguez and Krystas Karing Angels

Dave S. Kenosha, WI

This story involves a firefighter who will remain nameless, since I didn't get his permission to use his name. It was late December in Wisconsin. Snow was coming down on top of a blanket of snow already on the ground when the call came in for a house in Engine 4's first due area. On arrival, we found a lightweight construction single family residence with light smoke showing from the front of the residence. Deep snow and landscaping gave us only the front door to make entry so we stretched a line there. After the truck company forced the front door, my firefighter and I encountered very heavy smoke inside. We advanced the line into the house and began searching for the seat of the fire. We made it about 15 feet into the building when we found a large body of fire in a living area. With my firefighter on the nozzle and me right behind, we hit the fire and began to advance into the main fire room. As we came around a corner in zero visibility, the floor suddenly gave way and sent the nozzleman tumbling head first through the hole in the floor toward the involved basement. He reached out to stop his fall but, ultimately, it was his Cairns helmet that caught the edge of the hole and held him up, preventing him from falling through to the basement. He immediately called out for help and I was able to grab his SCBA and pull him to safety. We exited the building and switched to a defensive operation. The firefighter who fell in the hole was evaluated by EMS on scene and suffered only superficial burns to one hand. His helmet suffered only damage to the helmet shield and eagle while keeping him out of a very bad situation.

Matthew H. Lewisburg, PA

I was working on Engine Co. 3 of Havelock Fire&Rescue N.C. when we were at Cherry Point Marine Base. We were dispatched as Mutual Aid. After working on the alarm for a few hours. Crews were in the structure working. When Myself and another Firefighter (Robert Hanson) were on the Second division on the alpha side. When we were in a room. Then an aerial truck put its bucket up on the alpha. When it open it buckets pipes and put it through the window in the room. Which Myself and FF Hanson were in. The main stream hit me and blow me into the wall. I was pinned into the wall. Where I worked to get my PASS set off. Which alerted FF Hanson. I was removed and transported to Craven Regional Hospital. The comment was made that is was a good thing that I had a Leather helmet on the remained on my head during the incident. Havelock Newspaper, New Bern Times, Thank You for your Time Matthew J. Harrison FF/Engineer

Aaron W. Camden, OH

Cairns Helmets saved me on My Very first structure fire. I went in with a fellow fireman we were fighting the fire from the kitchen when the other fireman got a hot amber down his back by the time i realized he was gone the drywall and some wood from the ceiling fell right on my helmet which saved me from the wood impelling me or some serious burns to my head and neck region. So Thank you Cairns for saving my Life.....

Bryan M. Webster, NY

i currently have a department issued Cairns 1010 model helmet, and one cold night in january sitting around the fire house with a couple other guys we got an ems call, we quickly jumped in the rescue and took off, while returning from the ems call we were called to the possible house fire on east main street, we pulled into the fire house and jumped onto the engine company. we pulled up to a 2 1/2 story older wood frame home smoke from the front door and heavy fire from the rear of the structure, we stretched an 1 3/4 hand line through the front door and were met with intense heat and fire beginning to lick up the stairs, we enter the back room and began to attack the seat of the fire in the rear, the next engine grabbed the back up line and proceeded straight up the stairs where the fire was beginning to advance, as the crew went up the stairs and was met with a great deal of heat, they didn't know that the 2nd floor had flashed just before they arrived, and the ceiling was begin to break apart, i remember as we handed the hand line off to another back up crew, we all met outside to rehab and change bottles, my fellow company member whom was on the back up line came up to talk to us his brand new N5A New Yorker in hand but it didn't look as it did a month before when he received it for christmas, the brass eagle was bent and disfigured the helmet cracked and charred, he explained to us that pieces of the ceiling began to fall on him and his crew, while we all got a bit of smoke on our helmets we were astonished that his helmet looked the way it did and that he was completely unscathed. to this day that company member still wears that same N5A, proudly and is very open to telling his story.

Mike E. West Mifflin, PA

We had a well off house fire with possible entrapment. My crew stretched an attack line and began entry into the building. Approximately 15' into the building a large beam fell striking me in the head. I truly believe that if I had not been wearing my Cairns 1010 then I would have been injured, or worse, killed.

Jimmy C. Aurora, TX

me and my crew were pulling ceiling in an apartment fire to gain access so that we could attack the fire. we had just begun and had opened up a hole large enough to see the glow above us when a large section of the ceiling collapsed. we were all knocked to the ground and buried. fortunately we were all able to uncover and begin fighting the fire. We were all wearing our Cairns helmets preventing us from sustaining any serious injury.

Donald L. Catawissa, PA

I was exiting a second floor fire via an interior stairway. I exited the building and was struck across the top of my N5A New Yorker with a three foot piece of burning wooden soffit. My partner had removed his scba facepiece and had a piece of burning lath stuck in his nomex hood. I was able to grab it and save him from further burns. Had I not been wearing a quality helmet I would have been injured to the point I would not have been able to aid him resulting in more serious burns. We both recovered from our burns and continue to protect our town today.

Tom G. Bedford, NH

I was placing salvage covers on a second floor in a bedroom when the ceiling collapsed from the weight or water during the fire operations. I was knocked into an open closet by the ceiling. My N5A New Yorker helmet saved me from being knocked out and trapped by the debris. I was shaken up and pretty sore and my helmet has shown the damage but surely saved me from allot of physical pain. My helmet has been caught in the wheel well of a truck tire and more but still keeps my head safe!

Scott K. Hightstown, NJ

A few months back we had a house fire in our local. I was on the nozzle of the first line in the structure. Fire was in the upstairs bed room on the Alpha side of the building. Myself and the Lieutenant ( who was my back up man) mad enter. about halfway up the stair we were met with black smoke and alot of heat, banking us down to the ground. As I made it to the landing of the second floor we found fire to the left of the stairs in the front bedroom. We called for water and as the line was charged the sheetrock that was placed over the plaster and latthe began to fall on both of our heads. At first I thought someone else on the team was pulling the ceiling on me but after watching it fall in other places in the room i realized what was happening. We knock the fire down and began overhaul. After going to rehab one of the guys said something to about my helmet. I looked down at it and realized the paint on the top of it was cracked and a piece of paint was missing from it. Nothing else was wrong with the helmet and i got luck that i had such a great helmet to protect me. Althought I do not have a picture due to having to place paint back on the helmet per my chiefs request, i figured that Cairns would like to here my story. I have two new yorkers, a 1010 and have friends that have nothing but Cairns. I do not never see purchasing another interior structure other then one that has a Cairns name on it.

Soren L. Wilimngton, NC

The house was fully enolved, tongue and groove ceiling was coming down all around. My Best Friend Paul Pittman and team were in Side. He tackle another firefighter out a window just before the ceiling came down. They all made it out alive. That Cairns prevented major injury. Thanks Guys!

Steven S. Dayton, OH

When I was active.. Our dept wore Cairns 1010 helmets. We went on a mutual aid call to a rural area. Myself and one other Fire Fighter was the 5th engine in. 1 story house with attic fully involved and just broke through the roof. My partner and myself pulled the "2nd" attack line... 300' 1-3/4" hose and made entry into the rear of this house. Crews were pulling ceiling in the kitchen area but not in the living room area where the fire was bowing the ceiling. This was one of those "Stand Up" operations.. I took my hose line and was making my own hole to be able to get a ladder into the attic and put this thing out. The fire load in the area above my head was heavy due to the family storing items in the attic above where I was working... Next thing I know is almost the whole room fell in on me! Not my partner or anyone else just on me! The debris knocked me flat down ringing my bell pretty good. I got up and our crew went outside. I went back to the house, after a air bottle change and just as I was about to enter and the porch roof collapsed on me...Panel board and shingles... Again knocking me flat. Command wanted to send me to the hospital and I refused... The helmet took 2 heavy blows and stood its cracks, no divots, just discolored the paint abit and breaking the plastic clear shield. I still have that helmet in my small collections but I have to admit...This helmet took a beating that day and thanks to it I have no injuries or neck problems from that fire. Thanks to Cairns they made a great helmet that gave me the protection I needed. Sorry no photo but I was kinda busy fighting the fire at the time!

Warren B. Bancroft, ON

About 20 years ago, before I became a firefighter, I was a news photographer and one night I was photographing crews working on a fire at a strip mall in the Toronto area. I knew the crews were wearing Cairns helmets from discussions with them at previous scenes. They were using their pike poles to pull down some roof material from the sidewalk overhang. There was some extension into that area and just as the nozzel man hit it with the stream, a pile of burning insulation, wood and siding fell, onto the head of one of the other firefighters. He was protected by his Cairns structure fire helmet from serious injury and was examined at the scene by paramedics.

Tate C. staunton, VA

we were at a trailer fire in one of our local trailer parks. The fire attack group made entry when they entered some of the roof fell on one of the guys he was wearing a N5A New Yorker and it saved his head.

Cameron P. Amelia, OH

Cairns Helmets have helped our department a lot. We have had a firefighter involved in a floor collapse. our department uses cairns helmets and when the mayday was called out we knew it would not be good because it was a old wood house. when our rit team went in to assist him in getting out they noticed his helmet had withstand a lot of damage. our department safety officer said that his cairns helmet had saved him. now on our full timers get cairns helmets and the part timers like i am only get any helmet we have available. Cairns helmets have saved a member of our department.

Sean M. worcester, PA

We were at a commercial building fire when I was doing a primary search for workers that were trapped when there was a partial building collapse in the area that we were in and my cairns msa 1010 saved me from what doctors believed what would of been permanent brain damage when a 20 pound chunk of the concrete ceiling collapsed on my head.

Jesse H. knoxville , TN

One of my friends had a ceiling fall on top of him and if hadn't had a Cairns helmet on he would have been injured badly.

Cody P. Canton, NC

It was a 2 o'clock in the morning early residential structure fire. A two story home with flames and heavy smoke showing from the second floor upon arrival. All occupants had made it safely out of the residence. I was the lead man on the initial two man attack team. We made our entry on the first floor through the front door and started our way up the stairs leading to the second floor. About the time we made it to the first landing to make a 90 degree turn to proceeded up the last 6 steps, an upstairs window busted causing the second floor to flash and come pouring down the stair well. When this occurred it also brought wall members and roofing joist down the stair well, striking me in the head. I was grateful to have had on my Cairns 1010 helmet to protect me from the falling debris. The helmet held up extremely well and has since been retired. But I am proud to say that we use Cairns station wide now for there dependability and just over all great products. Thanks, Captain Cody Parton

mike b. des plaines, IL

My leather helmet not only saved my head from falling ceiling, but also allowed me to smash out the interior windows so we could get relief from the smoke & heat.

James B. College Station, TX

From the mid 70's until now I have used a Cairns helmet. At first the plastic type of various types. I now use a leather helmet, starting in the early 80's. Sometime in the late 70's I was working a house fire, a large timber fell across my head and shoulders. The Cairns helmet cracked in a few places. However, other than a sore neck, I was fine. I feel the Cairns helmet saved my life that day.

Mark H. Huber Heights , OH

While on a working fire there was a partial collapse of the front porch which landed on one of my crew members. Because he was wearing his helmet he was ok, without it he could have been very seriously hurt.

Mark T. East Haven, CT

well i have been in the fire service since i was 14 and now i am 37. I have a friend who was trapped in a warehouse which was heavily involved in fire when the truss roof gave way and fell on him. he was wearing his leather that day and i do believe it saved his life. unfortunately our dept. lost a good man and firefighter that cold thanksgiving night.

John F. Englewood, FL

At my first structure fire in 1974 I was back up to the knob when a beam fell from the basement ceiling and nailed me in the head. The leather took the brunt of the blow and I came out of it without even a headache. My partner on the knob got it on the shoulder and broke his shoulder blade. This is one reason why I just bought a new N6A Houston when I decided to make a return to the fire service.

Ronald M. Schenectady, NY

On February 12, 1995, I was assigned to a rescue company, Rescue-3. We were dispatched to a fully involved attic fire at a 2 1/2 story wood frame residence. The roof had collapsed prior to our arrival and we were sent to search the building for any occupants. My partner and I made our way through the first and second floors without finding anyone. We went to the attic which was now 3/4 open space. The fire was out at this time and we were standing in a group waiting for our next assignment. My officer said we would go down and get some tools and help with overhaul. I remember looking up at the moon and seeing a bright halo around it due to the condensation in my SCBA mask. ( At the time we did not have nose cups in our facepieces, but did shortly thereafter.) When we went to go down from the attic, I was feeling my way over slate shingles and other debris. The next thing I remember was waking up in the hospital ER, in severe pain, extremely hard to breathe, in a scene of chaos. I found out I fell from the attic space approximately 30' onto a blacktop driveway, landing on my right side. My fire helmet, a Cairns 660C Metro protected me from serious head trauma due to the foam cap inside. The brim on the entire right side was laid flat against the side of my head, which absorbed some of the energy as well as protecting that side. The right side of the helmet was cracked and deeply scratched, the inner foam cap was cracked. I received 18 fractures involving my ribs, right wrist, right ankle, minor fractured skull, and minor pneumothorax. (Small tear in my right lung.) I firmly believe that along with my full PPE, your helmet helped to save my life that day and 15 years later I am still working as a firefighter with 23 years on the job. Keep up the good work and continue making the best helmet in the fire service. With all respect and gratitude, Captain Ronald Maslanka

Joseph M. Stephenville, TX

On Sept. 11 2010 I was at home watching episode after episode of the twin towers tragedy and answering questions from my wife on what it feels like to be in a burning building. We watched this for a couple of hours when my pager went off at 11:00 am for a house fire near the county line. I kissed my wife good bye and headed to the station. I got to the station and jumped in the truck with a fellow fire fighter and good friend and we rushed to the scene. when we got there one crew was making entry at the front of the house and our Chief instructed us to go make entry at the rear. We made entry in the rear and started fighting the fire visibility was zero except for the glowing haze of the fire. We kept checking the walls and floor (pier and beam house) for stabilization. We were probably in the house for 3 minutes when all the sudden a big chunk of the roof came down and it both of us in the head. We abandoned the interior attack and went exterior. When we got out side we checked our helmets, a piece of ceiling was still on mine and they were both dinged and scratched a little but still in good shape. If it hadn't been for my Cairns helmet things could have been different. Thank you so much for making such a good product.

David C. andersonville, TN

David C. andersonville, TN Paulette Vol. fire/rescue

The department I am in has used cairns helmets for years, And better then any other brand, They have held up great. A while back a fire fighter and a capt. where stuck in a flashover and made it out because these helmets. The gear was deystroyed, the scba was melted and put outa service, the ONLY piece of gear that was intact, and in almost perfect condition, was their helmets. These are some of the best if not the apsolute best helmets out there!

Jordan B. Clarkston, MI

I was working for Dallas fire rescue at the time, and i was in my probabtion year before i would have headed off to paramedic school. Where i was stationed we had a lot of working fires. The helmets that we were issued saved my head many of times from falling debris, plaster and drywall. But one time will stick in my head forever, we were at a residential fire with fire in the attack, we were the first unit onscene and reported out with lots of fire and smoke. I didn't have the line that day, because i was assigned to pull the ceiling so we could get to the attic. As we entered into the building i could feel the heat through my turnouts, and i knew i was going to be in for it once i stood up to start pulling. When i got up to stand and start pulling, i started to hear some creaking and thought nothing of it, but then it was to late. Next thing I knew my crew and i were buried in debris, wood, drywall and ton of stuff that was being stored up in the attic. We were able to self extricate and with the assistance of another crew we were able to put the fire out. The amazing thing though was when I got back out to the fire engine and I looked at my helmet. The whole back side was caved in right down to the impact cap and I knew right then that i was extremely lucky to have a cairns on top of my head. I want to thank MSA and Cairns for the wonderful product that you make, that saved my head and let me go back to my family that day.

Brian J. Pea Ridge, AR

The shift started one fine day as a normal shift should, sitting around our departments "trash can" or some might call it a spitune swapping stories and doing some fine "slammery". The shift progressed just as usual when around 1530 the "good" tones started to come in, now I nor any firefighter I work with wishes the type of devistation a fire causes to anyone....but if its going to happen might as well be on my shift. We raced out of the station, dispatch reported mutiple callers reporting heavy smoke bellowing out of the listed address, no food on the stove this time. When we arrived on scene there was heavy black smoke pouring out of the front door of a single story residential duplex, type 5 construction. Me and a fellow firefighter stretched a line to the front "alpha" side of the structure. The captain was doing "captain stuff" sizing up the scene and completing his walk around. As he met up with our crew we entered through the front door where we were met with extreme heat, we had to drop down to our knees which were sticking to the carpet, as we advanced conditions got worse, it was starting to seem like a flash over might occur, fire was rolling out the hallway which led to 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. We gave a quick pop to the abis above trying to cool it off, when we got to the hallway visability was down to zero and my ears started to burn through my hood, with nothing to be seen we could feel intense heat to our right down the hallway, as we approached the back bedroom the heat became unbearable, we opened up with a straight stream into the bedroom, still zero visability when all of a sudden....Now before I continue to finish this story I would like to say for everyone who likes to bash the "truckies" let me just say this if it werent for them I may not be writting this story. Now that were back on track... when all of a sudden there was a rush of relief and visability improved, my good buddies the "truckies" had sucsessfully vented the structure giving us almost instant relief. We had several minutes to finish off the "kill" and when it was over we exited the stucture and thats when I noticed melted goggles, warped bourkes and burnt leather front. My good buddies on the truck made sure to give it a nice cleaning, bunch of lazy animals, it was like new again. The helmet held up under some tuff heat. I deffinetly recomend a cairns but I am just a "nozzlejockey".

Martin F. Martinsville, VA

I started my fire service in Delaware back in 1974 at the age of 20. My fire school training was taken at the Delaware State Fire School in Dover, Delaware. Back when I started we wore long coats and hip boots and big orange rubber gloves. We also rode on the back of the fire trucks trying to fasten our coats as we were going down the road to the fire. It was back in the early 80's around 1983 that a Carins helmet saved my life. It was early one morning that we were alerted for a house fire just down the street from where we were living at the time. As I ran out the door of our house I could see flames coming from the house down the street. I proceeded to the station grabbed my bunker gear and jumped on the ladder trucked. When we arrived on the scene I came off the truck with a hose line and proceeded to the front door, after the line was charged I proceeded in the front door and made my way to the center of the room where the fire was rolling up the wall and across the celing. When I attacked the fire the ceiling fell down on top of me knocking me to the floor and knocking off my helmet. After returning from the hospital a few hours later I was handed my helmet and told not to use it . Upon looking at it I saw a crack that wasn't there before the fire. That helmet was taken out of service and still hangs on my wall today. I bought that helmet back in 1975 or 76 because back then if we wanted bunker coats and pants and different helmets than what the fire company provided we had to buy them. O by the way that helmet was Carins Philadelphia. I have been on many different vol. companies over the years since then because I am a pastor and my family has moved alot since 1984. I will wear no other helmet than a Carins helmet for I believe that they are best you can buy. I have always wanted a leather helmet to wear but could never afford one. To me there's nothing like a leather New Yorker or Sam Houston. The company that I am on now uses the Carins 1010's. The fire service has been a big part of my life for the past 36 years and will continue to be as long as I live. Thank you for your dedication in providing the best in fire fighting protection we can wear.

Jason R. Monroe Center, IL

i don't have any photos for this sorry although I'm sure many people would have found it humerous to have some. Anyhow It is our dept. policy to always wear turnout gear on vehicle accidents, we dont' have seperate gear for structure fire and rescues so its always the same gear and hey when the temp is 30 degrees below Zero in the middle of Illinois Winter and you're standing in the middle of a snow and ice covered interstate you appreciate that extra layer. Well we were working a two vehicle accident, one lost control on the ice and struck the other and it just became a mess as anybody that has worked in ice/snow can I'm sure attest to, well EMS determined that the one patient needed to be air lifted so we requested one of the local Helicpoters and all was going as normal, just taking a little extra time due to the weather conditions. We got the patient packaged and staged in the ambulance where it was warmer, then once the bird was down we transfered from Ambulance, well in this scenario we were needed to assist the flight crew with loading the patient and thus we walked the patient on the gurney with the flight medic towards the bird, I'd learned before that you best have everything tied down, that means helmet, gloves everything or you'll be chasing it especially since we were doing a hot load (Helicopter is still powered up and blades spinning opposed to being shut down). well all was going good we were just about to move the patient to the helicpoters bed and load when the next thing I knew my feet went one direction and the rest of my body went the other and I was staring up at the sky. Aside from the fact that obviously free-falling to the ground kind stung , my head was ringing too because I felt when I went down the back of my head struck the ice strewn pavement beneath me. Thankfully though I did have my helmet on because I hit hard enough that it actually knocked the helmet off my head when the back of it contacted the pavement. Never really figured out why but the best guess we had was the combination of blowing winds and the churning helicopter blades just added to the slippery pavement. Anyhow I thank Cairns/MSA for the quality of their helmets because if I hadn't had one on, or it had been of sub standard quality that could have severly hurt my head from that impact. thanks MSA

Tom H. Elida, OH

Tom H. Elida, OH American Township Fire

Several years ago me and my team was making are way in to a apartment fire to try to save a women on the 2nd. floor when the ceiling came down on my head. With out my Cairns MSA Helment I might not be here today! Thank you.

Tim G. Loudonville, NY

While fighting a attic fire, which was caused by lightning that had struck the house, I was wearing my Cairns 1010 helmet. While taking down the sheetrock of the ceiling, a large object fell through the ceiling. This large object fell on top of my helmet and rolled off the top of my helmet and fell beside my right boot. Looked down and found out it was a 6 lb. flathead ax that fell from the hands of one of the firefighters with the ventilation team doing a roof cut. I credit my life safety to the Cairns helmet, which didn't fail during the impact nor did I receive any injury from the impact. Thank you to Cairns and it's many years of service to protecting America's firefighters.

James K. Cuba, NY

in january 26, 2009 the cuba fire dept was toned to report of a structure fire in a residence it was said to be possible intrapment. at the time i was the 2nd. luiet. and responded to the scene as the call was up the road from my residence. when i arrived on scene there was heavy smoke showing from rear of the house. a neighbor stated that they thought that somebody was still in the house,so my self and a shrieff depty went in the house to check for the resdent, and to find out that she had made out a back door to safty. while during the mop up stage of the the incident i was the officer in charge and was on the front porch at the door. i had crew working on the stairs when i decided that it was getting unsafe conditions and started to pull the crew out and as they were coming douwn the stairs the second floor ceiling gave way and collapesd on top of us. one fighter was total coverd in debri and i was coverd up to my hips with debri and the other two fire fighters had fallen down the stairs. i was able to free myself and pull the fire fighter that was buried out and the other two where able to romove them selves. i recived burns to my airway and lungs and was in the burn unit for 10 days the fire fighter that was buied had a broken leg and the other two fire fighters had some cuts nd bump and brusing

Cole B. Northumberland, PA

One day at a training we were working with a 2 and a half inch hand-line and my cairns helmet saved me a nasty concussion. The front man lost the nozzle and it swung around and hit me in the head knocking me over completely. MY helmet saved me from a horrible injury that could have went extremely bad. I love your helmets and your company and hopefully i can win myself a new wonderfully crafted helmet.

Jackie C. Carthage, MO

I have been a firefighter for over 27 years and what I am about to tell you happen many years ago. We had a working structure fire and I was one of the first in fire attack crews. The fire was in a single story wood frame house with heavy fire condition through out the residence. We extinguished the fire but the house was a total lost. I had always wore full bunker gear including my Cairns Philly Helmet but did not think much of it. I knew that I had gotten caught up in some wiring entanglement during the fire but had pulled free without additional assistance. It was not until I was rehabing that I looked at my helmet and saw the sorched marks and melted spot on the face shield. The electric wires that I had got caught up in had been live but the helmet had protected me. Falling or collasping debris I expected the helmet to protect me from but this.... Would the shock have been fatal I do not care to think about but I do believe that my trust and maybe my life had been well placed in Cairns.

Philip H. Dupo, IL

Philip H. Dupo, IL Dupo Fire Protection Dist.

We were responding to a Structure Fire. As we were pulling drywall and insulation from the ceiling the whole sheet fell on my head. Thanks to my Cairns Helmet I was perfectly fine walked out without a scratch.

Cameron P. Amelia, OH

Cairns helmets have saved a member of our fire department. A firefighter was hit by a vehicle at a car accident, the firefighter was wearing his helmet and when the car hit him his Cairns Helmet stayed on him and when he hit the ground the helmet protected him from impact to his head when he hit the ground.

Lauralee V. Richmond, TX

Lauralee V. Richmond, TX Community Volunteer FD

My husband's engine arrived first on the scene of a 3 story apartment fire in Sept. 2010. There was one confirmed trapped individual on the 3rd floor. A team of 3 firefighters rushed to the third floor to attempt a rescue. Upon reaching the third floor those fire fighters were met with a wall of fire fiercely destroying everything in it's path. For some unknown reason the victim went back into her apartment and away from site. The three firefighters retreated back down the stairs. Upon returning to the engine the second truck on the scene stared at them aghast. Smoke rolled off all three firefighters helmets. It wasn't until they took off their cairns helmets they noticed how charred and black they had become from just that 40 seconds on the third floor. Thank you Cairns for all your efforts to constantly improve your items to send my husband among others back home to their families!! Attached please find the photo of my husband's helmet after he returned home safe to me. It started out as a yellow helmet!

Brian S. Newport News, VA

I have been a Hampton firefighter for a little over 28 years and got my start as a volunteer firefighter in a small rural fire company in Lancaster County PA. In that time period I have been through a few Cairns Fire Helmets and I have been to quite a few fires. Some of the fires I have been to my Cairns helmet has protected me from a few close calls. One in particular. Back in 1992 or '93 I responded with my crew to a residential structure fire as 3rd due engine. I was the acting officer that day. When we arrived we were given an assignment of stretching the second line to the second floor of the residence. I got my orders from the BC and before I turned around the first crew was coming out stating that they had only gotten to the second floor landing and couldn't get any further due to the intense heat. I got my crew of two firefighters together and we entered the structure and followed the line upstairs. Visibility was near zero and the heat was almost unbearable. The three of us crawled down the hallway toward the room of origin, stopping every few feet cooling down the hallway hopefully preventing a flashover. Once we made the room that was on fire we started to hit the fire. I made it to one of the windows in the room and used the nozzle to break it out.One of the firefighters on the outside said that the window just shattered as it exploded outward. When I came out of the structure one of my fellow firefighters pointed to my helmet and asked if I had felt what the fire did. I said no I didn't notice anything unusual. My helmet which once was red was now blackened by the fire due to the heat . It became a little scorched but held up and protected me. Thanks to my Cairns Fire Helmet I got to fight fire another day.

Rusty L. Pylesville, MD

January 2, 1988 I was wearing a Houston at the scene of a trailer fire. Upon making entry to the fire area, I dropped 14 feet into the basement. It was found later that the trailer had a basement. As I landed on a ditch witch machine with my air pack first my back was broken. I did not injure my head due to the helmet i was wearing. The helmet came off after the impact as well as my face mask. I was surrounded by fire upon landing and the helmet suffered no damage. After the crew found me and got me out, the last thing I made the crews do was find the helmet. It was found and no worse for wear. After I recovered however, I was unable to wear the helmet due to a neck problem. I gave the helmet to one of my friends and he still has it today. Thanks for making such a great product.

Kyle M. Howie Center, NS

I usually have a hard time focusing on what i'm doing while looking through a normal flip down shield, which is why i use the defender shield patented by cairns. while doing some extrication a piece of metal flew free from the cutters, but luckily deflected off of my defender visor. had i been wearing a normal visor, chances are i would have had it up to focus on what i was doing, and would more than likely be blind in one eye today. thank you cairns

Phillip O. Munhall, PA

Phillip O. Munhall, PA Munhall Volunteer Fire Company # 1

Back in the early 1990’s, there was a large fire in a small section of our business district. The building involved was a two story structure that was used for retail space and storage on the second floor. While crews were making their interior attack, they broke open large plate glass windows in the front of the building for ventilation. By doing so, the glass fell down onto the sidewalk below where the incident commander was standing. A large section of glass hit him on the top of his helmet creating a huge gash. Without his Cairns helmet, he would have possibly suffered a life threading injury. The picture attached was taken moments before the glass fell down on top of the incident commanders below.

Sid N. Wichita, KS

At a multi alarm fire a large diameter hose line was charged. It was over pressurized and a gated wye fire appliance struck a member. His helmet was knocked off his head but the impact cap remained. If it wasn't for break away design and impact cap I believe this could have been a serious injury. I am a believer in Cairns helemts!

Preston R. Sale Creek, TN

I am currently the owner of two Cairns helmets, one 1010 and one 1044. I have always wore Ben 2's until a close friend of mine was involved in a line of duty death. He is one of the chiefs of a neighboring department and made an attempt to save the firefighter that was killed in the line of duty when the floor he was on collapsed into the burning basement. My friend, the chief, risked his own life to attempt to pull the firefighter to safety but was unsuccessful. He suffered severe burns to his ears but the rest of his head was saved thanks to a Cairns. This event lead me to buy my 1010 and I was so impressed with it I bought the 1044. I stand behind Cairns 100% and recommend them to everyone.

Daniel W. Purlear, NC

Daniel W. Purlear, NC Millers Creek Fire Department

A member of our department, who was a captain at the time, was healing a ladder for a crew to come off the roof of a structure. One of the crew members on the roof was lowering a roof ladder and let the rope slip. The roof ladder struck the captain in the head and nearly knocked him out but thanks to his Cairns 1044 he suffered no serious injuries.

Jason K. Whiteland, IN

Jason K. Whiteland, IN Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department

One day after a strong storm system had started a house fire. I had just bought my new Cairns 1010 helmet 4 days prior due to me being promoted to department safety officer and due to the fact that our department was in need of updating all of our outdated helmets that we had. The house fire was on the border of our area and we were called in as a 3rd due engine company. That day I was the officer on the engine due to the fact that the line officer was out of service. My company made it onto the scene and was order to relive the teams on the inside. Most of the fire had been knocked down but due to the home being a large home with many add-ons we had fire hiding in many places. My team had came out and switched our bottles when command had us go and do overhaul of the master bedroom. While in the room then 2 of my firefighters were on the line hitting hots spots when me and my engineer were in a walk in closet just inside the master bedroom. we were pulling the ceiling down when all of a sudden the ceiling came crashing down on top of myself and my engineer. We were pulled from the area very fast due to our other team members being right there. If we did not have our new Cairns helmets then its hard telling what would have happened to us. I still have that helmet today to remind me of my close call. But mostly a few days after that happened then my first child was born. The helmet saved my life and my team's life. And for that I am thankful but grateful that you have built a helmet that allowed me to say i survived. The photo that I am sending with this is that of me and my first born Bryce. I am wearing the helmet that saved my life.

Chris F. Pittsfield, ME

My Cairns 1010 helmet that i purchased on The Fire Store website has saved my life more then once since i bought it. I responded to a fully involved structure fire in the winter of 2006 in my response district at a 2 1/2 story wood frame structure. Roughly 30 mins into the scene, a portion of the second floor gave way, landing on myself and partially my partner as well. Most of the floor landed on my head, if not for my cairns 1010 helmet, i may have suffered more injury then i did. So thank god for cairns helmets being so sound and well built. Keep up the good work folks!!!!!!

Shawn M. Pittsburgh, PA

Shawn M. Pittsburgh, PA Seneca Area Emergency Services/Mount Troy VFC

At the time of this incident I was a Firefighter/ Safety Officer with Etna VFD. We were on a daylight structure fire in Millvale Borough, after a great Blitz attack by the Millvale guys, Myself and another Etna Firefighter Darius Allman were in the building doing some overhaul and checking hot spots. We were in opposite corners of the room starting to pull some ceiling when the entire ceiling came down on top of us. Thanks to the Cairns 1010's that we were both wearing, instead of being rushed off to the hospital with serious injuries, we were both able to walk outside on our own and laugh about the incident. We Still laugh about it to this day.

Joe M. Seaford, NY

Joe M. Seaford, NY Seaford Fire Department

During responding to ground zero I was wearing your helmet. I wore it for 2 days and nights . The helmet was so comfortable. I was not fatigued a least bit. The Crew was working the east side pile. We helped with two recoveries. It took 8 hours for the first and 12 hours for the second. I thank you for the time. - Captain Joseph Morreale