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Jim K. Throop, PA

Jim K. Throop, PA Wm. Walker Hose Co.

I have a been wearing Cairns helmets all my career. I have to say that Cairns/MSA produces the best helmets in the fire service. I currently will only wear a Cairns Leather helmet, unless I am teaching a burn class then it either my 360 or 660. The picture shows just a sampling of the Cairns helmets that I currently wear and will continue to wear as long as I can. Thanks for making such a great and safe product.

Dan F. Verona, PA

In the 5 years I have worked in Fire/EMS I have trusted only one Helmet Company and that would be MSA. In the fire department I wear a Cairns 1010 and performing in EMS I choose to wear Cairns Rescue 360R. MSA has the best products on the market and I wouldn’t want to wear anything else other than MSA.