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manny f. syracuse, NY

June of 1981 I started wearing a Cairns, my first was a metal style new Yorker, silver , then red when I became an officer, in 1982 I bought my first new Yorker and used it until 2004 when I left as chief. but have continued to wear a black leather new Yorker until today. I own 10 leathers from antiques to my latest new Yorker white 5a , I am going back in as chief in 2016 so I bought a new white one with Gold leaf front.

Nick A. Chicago Heights, IL

Nick A. Chicago Heights, IL Chicago Heights FD

M medallion Cairns and Brothers 5A New Yorker. This helmet was worn by my Dad a 30 year veteran of the department. It's stood the rigors of the 1970's till today 2014. It will be getting refurbished this year. Love the helmet love the tradition and pride along with it.

Anthony w. New providence, PA

Anthony w. New providence, PA rawlinsville fire company

nothing beats tradition, this is my second leather, before I had a 5A, now I have a 2005 N5A with a flattened brim. I could write a book with the stories this helmet could tell, every call it's the last thing I grab and the first I put away. leather forever boys, because plastic melts.

Jason M. Tonawanda, NY

Jason M. Tonawanda, NY Brighton FD, Tonawanda, NY

I have been wearing my N6A since 1998. It was given as a gift to me early in my service as a volunteer firefighter. It has always kept my head safe through many fire sceenes and training evolutions. I would never trade my N6A in for anything else. In fact I love my N6A so much that when I moved to another fire district I had my N6A referbished by MSA/Carins to do a color change. In my previous fire department wore red because I was an officer, now in my new department we all wear black. Nothing beatd the fit, style, protection and tradition like an N6A!

warren s. Pamplico, SC

warren s. Pamplico, SC Windy Hill, Carrer FF / Hannah Salem Volunteer

I Have 2 old leather helmets a 93 Sam Houston and a 92 New Yorker. Both are still in active service. I have been to too many HOTTTTT structure fire to count and they are still stong as ever. They have all been refurbished and still going. You make the best helmets known to man and God Bless you all.

Ian G. Roanoke, VA

Ian G. Roanoke, VA Cave Spring Volunteer Fire Department

My father wore a leather (I beleve it is an N5A) in Chicago. And as soon as I come into some money I will be buying either an N5A or a N6A.

Kent P. south hamilton, MA

Kent P. south hamilton, MA Hamilton FD

Hello! First off thank you for the chance to win a such a well made helmet in the first place! Since I was born I have grown up in the Fire House. My father has been a firefighter his entire life and it is all I have wanted to be. When he made deputy chief my mother bought him a Cairns N6A White Sam Houston that he has worn ever since with a gold leaf front. A picture of this helmet has been attached. When I finally became old enough to join the department I joined and was given an old beat up N5A NY'er that I restored! Although this helmet looks beautiful, It does not have an impact cap and is not as safe as I would like. I need a new helmet to protect myself at my job. As I am reaching the end of my high school career I am planning out my future in the fire services. Currently I am looking at several fire science related schools and the military! No matter what path I go down it will eventually end up with a full time firefighter/paramedic job. Thanks so much for your long lasting, traditional products that protect my brothers and sisters as they fight what others fear. have a nice day and be Safe! -Kent

Robert H. Ward, AR

On 10/27/2012 I was at a mutral aid house fire in a manufactured home with shegle roof me and my crew were pulling cealing in the master bed room trying find the fire and make a stop on it. The fire got ahead of us and the roof and ceiling gave way hitting me in the head and my crew. I was wearing my new yorker n5a and it save my head. My partner had his scuffed a little but my buddy was wearing bullard and it was cracked in back brim and broke his visor. All and all i was back fighting fire next shift with my full time dept

Kyle B. paxton, MA

Kyle B. paxton, MA Town of Vernon Fire Dept

As a member of the fire service community for almost 10 years, I have realized how imperative it is for every firefighter to feel completely confident with the PPE they are wearing. Every firefighter is faced with a new type of fire now including new forms of building construction and insulation, making for hotter fires with a greater chance of collapse increasing risk of injury tenfold. What I have learned is that through the years Cairns has been a leading name in firefighter safety. The photo I submitted was a photo of me while I was a firefighter intern for a small town in New Hampshire. Just as the photo was taken fire rolled over the ceiling from fire room of origin. I found this picture to relate because it proves that you can never predict what a firefighter will be faced with. Cairns has protected me on numerous occasions. The one that strikes me the most was while working at a residential house fire. I was on the first fire attack crew to enter the building. After being in the building for no more than five minutes a large bookshelf/cabinet type of furniture fell directly on the heads on me and my crew. Causing the nozzle man to loose control of the hose. I am positive that without Cairns, that situation would have caused me to lose consciousness. This fall only bent the bronze eagle on my helmet and some scrapes. My crew eventually regained control of the hose and knocked the fire down without injury.

sheila m. sterling, NY

sheila m. sterling, NY Fair Haven Volunteer Fire Department

i am a interior member at fair haven fire department as a woman i am always trying to prove that i do belong there and that i can do most of the stuff the men do!!! i would love to win a new helmet! our department doesnt have alot of money and it would help offset the cost of new gear....

Brian B. Deerwood, MN

Brian B. Deerwood, MN Ironton MN

I was rookie chief standing on the top of a RIT training trailer looking down when one of the guys took the shot. Ten years later still I remember the training and the tuck and roll I did out of the trailer window. No doubt the helmet saved my head during those acrobats.

Kristopher O. Herndon, VA

Kristopher O. Herndon, VA City of Manassas Fire and Rescue

First photo taken when I took delivery of my N5A. Placed on the front bumper of Tower 501.

sean f. parsippany, NJ

sean f. parsippany, NJ rockville volunteer fire department

During a training exercise with the Rockville Volunteer Fire and Rescue I was demonstrating how to use a K12 to cut through security bars on a commercial building. After cutting through the right two bars, the top of the bars felll and hit me in the head. With out wearing my helmet I would have had the security bar hit me in the head and who knows what kind of mark that would have left. I know it would not have been pretty. Thanks to my new yorker I did not have to go to the hosppital.

Kyle R. Shamokin, PA

i love the n5a leather helment there is nothing better

Tyler L. Shelbyville, IN

My Cairns Leather helmet protected my melon when a portion of a ceiling collapsed while doing overhaul at an abandoned house. The fire was suspected to be arson.

Clayton D. Mocksville, NC

Clayton D. Mocksville, NC County Line Volunteer Fire Department

My old New Yorker "Hank" Seize the day, Prepared for anything, Onward to victory Photo credit to Adam Berry

William R. ORLEANS, MA

William R. ORLEANS, MA Brewster Fire and Rescue Department

My father just recently retired from the fire service after 36 years full-time, 41 years total. For the last 34 years the two helmets that he used were both Cairns New Yorkers that protected his head and kept him safe in the line of duty. Other then a little smoke and heat damage from many years of fire, structurally they are in great shape and have held up well to many years. When he retired the only thing that he wanted was to keep his helmets as they are his prized possessions. When I graduated college with my degree is Fire Science he asked what I wanted for a graduation gift and I of course asked for my own Cairns N5a.

andrew w. clarksville, OH

andrew w. clarksville, OH clinton warren joint fire district

I recently bought a n5a helmet. It has yet to see a fire but I wouldint trade it for any other helmet on the market. Thanks for making such a good helmet!

Mark B. Milwaukee, WI

I have been a pround owner of carins products since I got into the fire service 6 years ago. I started with a 1010 then went to a 880 when wy department swithced to a different manufacturers helmet. I then moved up to a '91 new yorker that I refinished myself. I love this helmet but fear I will have to retire it due to it not meeting requirements. In my eyes carins products are the gold stadard when it comes to technology, comfort, and customer service.

Jozef T. Elizabeth, PA

One of my fellow firefighters has a n5a and it's seen fire and is still good. I am turning 18 In October and I really want a Cairns n5a black but I can't afford it and after seeing him have ceiling fall on him and debris everywhere and going into a fire alot, honestly I want a helmet that will be safe then a composite plastic one. I have always loved the leather helmet due to that it's safe light and made from leather and looks " ole school " and I just think i should try and see if I can win a leather. Everyone at my station is like get a leather it won't let you down ever but I just can't afford it due to the price over 500 dollars. So i hope this story is good enough to get picked and I would be super happy if I won a Black N5A and my goal would be success if I owned and used a leather. And Also I bought 3 other cairns 1000 and 2 1010s but I just wish I bought a leather. So please pick this story I would be grateful if I was awarded a leather helmet Thanks you Jozef

kyle w. baltimore, MD

kyle w. baltimore, MD Prince George's County Fire/EMS Dept

My department responded to a working structure fire. The structure involved was a garden style apartment, 3 stories and two breezeways. The fire started in a storage closet on the first floor and had worked up the side of the wood siding and involved the attic. Upon arrival of our first due companies (less than 3 minutes), the fire had already self ventilated through the roof. I was on my first day of off duty and per our SOP's, responded to the scene POV. When I reported to staging, I was assigned to a four man crew to advance a handline to the third floor of the structure. We pulled our line through the breezeway to the stairway (interior) of the C side of the structure. As we were advancing the line up the stairs, a portion of the ceiling fell on our crew. My Cairns N5A leather new yorker helmet took the hit for me. The right portion of my shield front bracket was broken (I had to use some tape to hold it in place after the fire). My Pass alarm was torn from my SCBA and could not be recovered from the amount of debris. Thanks to my Cairns N5A I was able to continue with my assignment and we were able to save two children from the structure fire. As for the N5A leather helmet, it performed its duties. I'm Cairns for life, baby!

Dave S. Highland Heights, OH

When I was working part time at a FD I had a leather N5A New Yorker helmet. It was great. I enjoyed wearing it on fires and on whatever calls I needed to wear full PPE. Now that I'm full time, I can't wait to finish probation so I can wear a leather helmet as my front line gear.

Tony R. Lansdowne, PA

I've been wearing a Cairns N5A New Yorker for over a decade now, and every one I've worn has proven its worth. We were backing out of the attic of a Queen Anne single-family dwelling and were on our way down the steps when part of the roof let go above us. Pieces of roof came down and landed on us, but thanks to the helmets we were wearing we sustained nothing but slightly bent helmet front holders.

Scott S. DeSoto, MO

I have worn Cairns helmets for 15 yrs. A year ago, I inherited a Cairns leather helmet with a date of 1893 on the center medallion. This helmet was my great, great uncles when he was on the job in Secaucus, NJ. It is an awesome feeling to look at the history from that helmet to the current Cairns 880 that I wear on the job today. Thank you for being an American tradition!

Kyle W. Baltimore, MD

Kyle W. Baltimore, MD Prince Georges County Fire/EMS Department

My department responded to a working structure fire. The structure involved was a garden style apartment, 3 stories and two breezeways. The fire started in a storage closet on the first floor and had worked up the side of the wood siding and involved the attic. Upon arrival of our first due companies (less than 3 minutes), the fire had already self-ventilated through the roof. I was on my first day of off duty and per our SOP's responded to the scene POV. When I reported to staging, I was assigned to a four man crew to advance a handline to the third floor of the structure. We pulled our line through the breezeway to the stairway (interior) of the C side of the structure. As we were advancing the line up the stairs, a portion of the ceiling fell on our crew. My Cairns N5A leather New Yorker helmet took the hit for me. The right portion of my shield front bracket was broken (I had to use some tape to hold it in place after the fire). My Pass alarm was torn from my SCBA and could not be recovered from the amount of debris. Thanks to my Cairns N5A I was able to continue with my assignment and we were able to save two children from the structure fire. As for a N5A leather helmet to perform its duties, I'm Cairns for life baby!

Jacob E. Jasper, GA

Jacob E. Jasper, GA Hinton Fire Department

While Fighting an interior attack in a small residential fire, I was in charge of pulling ceiling. The fire was burning pretty good above me and the ceiling was made of thick plywood. I had burned insulation and plywood fall on top of me. My Cairns N5A New Yorker Helmet kept my head safe and kept the debris from hitting my thin Nomex hood.

Adam S. Somerset, PA

In 2007 I responded to a structure fire with entrapment, occupant refusing to leave the structure. Arriving on scene crews found the double-wide trailer set on a masonry foundation with an attached garage. The garage was fully involved on side 'B' with the fire extending into the occupancy. My engine was first to arrive and proceeded to extend an attack line to the "C" side. Prior to making entry it was confirmed that the occupant, although burned had self extricated from the residence. After making initial entry into the kitchen and attached living room our nozzle team began to extinguish the fire at the extension points and contain the fire to the 'A-B' corner. It was during this time that that the interior ceiling and a fan blade from a ceiling fan collapsed over top of me. I was grateful in the situation for having my Cairns N5A New Yorker helmet fastened and in place.

Rodger B. Butler, PA

Rodger B. Butler, PA Lyndora

I bought my self a brand new N5A New Yorker and I wore it one time and this is what happened, but it did its job!!

Michael C. Roanoke Rapids, NC

On August 27, 2011 the coastal plains region of North Carolina was devastated by Hurricane Irene. My hometown of Roanoke Rapids, situated on the I-95 corridor near the NC/VA state line, received considerable damage from high winds, flooding and downed trees and power-lines. In the days following the storm my department sent crews out to assist public works with clearing trees from streets and alleys so service vehicles could get in to make repairs and offer services. On August 29 my crew came on duty and I decided that I would go out with one other crew member to clear storm debris. I am the Battalion Chief of A-shift and my thoughts were that I would have my crews carry out regular daily duties and remain fresh for whatever calls for service came in, while I handled the tree cutting with one more member. We had cleared several trees before we came across a large oak tree that was holding down a high tension line between two power poles. We carefully cut the tree and limbs away and had almost cleared the alley when we got to the portion of the tree that was holding down the line. We were both taking full safety precautions while operating the saws, using Turnout Pants, Gloves, Eye Protection and Helmets. I was wearing my personal Cairns N5A New Yorker with Bourke Eyeshields. My partner was wearing his department issued Cairns 1044. After a short discussion about what could happen I made the final cut. Despite trying to stay clear of the large limb as I cut, it still came up with the line and struck me in the face, with enough force to knock me backwards against the pile of debris. It also knocked my helmet across the alley and into a nearby yard, approximately ten yards away. I immediately started holding pressure on my bleeding face and trying to figure out what kind of truck had just hit me! My partner gathered up our equipment and had to find my lid before we could head back to the station and, and eventually the ER. The log that hit me below my right eye was approximately eight inches in diameter and about three feet long. Because I was looking down at what I was doing, the brim of my helmet caught the majority of the force from the log, right between the Bourke Eyeshields. The force of the blow pushed my safety glasses against my face and left a cut below my eye approximately one and one half inches long that was glued and steri-stripped closed at the ER. A minor injury for the amount of force that came from the high tension line. My partner and I both agree that, had I not been wearing my helmet, my face/head would have taken the full force of the blow and could have resulted in possible facial fractures or possibly a head injury. I have been on the job for 22 years and have always used Cairns Helmets, despite the fact our department only started issuing Cairns Helmets six years ago. I purchased my own. I had just bought my New Yorker this year at FDIC, after wanting one for as long as I can remember, and I am the the only guy in our department with a leather lid. My Helmet now has a nice "ding" in the brim where the log struck it. I guess I could paint over it, but I won't. I will just leave it as a reminder of how your Quality product helped me "save face". Thanks. Sincerly - Michael Clements, Battalion Chief ,Roanoke Rapids F.D.

Frank F. Cape Coral, FL

Frank F. Cape Coral, FL FMFD

I started the fire service with an N5A New Yorker and its the best a fire fighter can get, its rugged durability and safety are proven every time the alarm goes off. I just wouldn't feel safe with out it. Cairns has been a part of my family and continues from my uncle fighting fires in the Bronx and Spanish Harlem to me and soon my younger brother. It would be great if my younger brother can join the Cairns family with his very own Cairns N5A New Yorker.

Byron G. Liberty, NC

Byron G. Liberty, NC Chapel Hill Fire Department

When I began my fire service career over 25 years ago, I quickly became interested in the history and tradition associated with the job. I began collecting antique fire equipment early on, and I enjoy sharing that part of the history with younger firefighters as they get started. The helmets pictured are part of my collection, some of which I have worn throughout my career. Left to right are a Cairns 350 Aluminum Senator, a Cairns Classic 1000 that I used for many years as a Live Fire Instructor, a Cairns Leather War Baby complete with a letter from a Cairns family member describing the history behind that model, a Cairns 1010 that I currently wear as a Senior Captain with Chapel Hill, a brand new Cairns N6A Sam Houston ready for service, a Cairns Metro 660C that was my first helmet at Chapel Hill, and my pride & joy - a Cairns N5A New Yorker painted Carolina Blue with our IAFF Local Ram Mascot on the front. Enjoy the picture, remember the history & tradition, and Be Safe!

Taylor S. Richland, PA

I received my first Cairns N5A New Yorker from my father at the age of 7 and since then I have fallen in love and Cairns is the only helmet I will ever wear. You can not find a better helmet anywhere.

Rodgee B. Butler, PA

Rodgee B. Butler, PA Lyndora Truck 4

We love leathers at my station! Its cool that we can still have helmets with such a history in the fire service. Thank you MSA!!!

Brandon O. Tyrone, PA

Brandon O. Tyrone, PA Neptune fire co.

Neptune Lt.

Bill C. Freeville, NY

Back on January 31, 2010 my house burned, my department along with four mutual aid departments responded. During salvage operations, one of the members asked if there was anything I needed out of the house? I said all our medications out of the bathroom, So with nothing to carry the medications out with, they used the three cairns helmets I had hanging on the wall to carry the medications out, one leather N5A New Yorker (red), one 660C Metro (white), and one 660C Metro (black). They were smoked damaged, but I still have them and will proudly display them again as soon as I get a chance to do so.

Mark B. Milwaukee, WI

I've had Cairns helmets for my whole career. My father wore them for his 29 years in the fire service. I currently have a 880 Chicago. I have always wanted a N5A New Yorker. Just the tradition and stories that go along with such beautiful helmets that are handmade with care and pride. Your company is the highest quality maker of fire service equipment and I would be proud to wear one of your helmets.

Max C. Jay, ME

Max C. Jay, ME Waterboro Fire/EMS and Jay Fire Department

This photo was taken after exiting an acquired structure we used for training. It was a regional training covering box alarms, and they used theater smoke to simulate fire. My particular job was the "can man" and performed a primary search on the first floor with my company. My freshly painted (at that time, it is not so "fresh" anymore) N5A New Yorker is on my head.

Joshua D. Johnstown, PA

I have worn Cairns helmets for the past 10 years. I have seen some situations where the helmets have saved my head. The most recent involved a tree down on a residence. During the process of cutting the tree to remove it from the property a limb fell on my head, thanks to the outstanding Cairns products I did not even feel the impact. One of my officers then asked if I was okay and told me a limb had impacted the back of my helmet. I live by the quality of your products and the N5A New Yorker I wear is so rugged that I did not feel any impact from the tree limb. As like anyone who uses your products I could go on forever about how I love your products but this is just the tip of the iceberg. GO CAIRNS!!!

Mike K. Fairfield, PA

Mike K. Fairfield, PA Fairfield Fire and EMS

My N5A New Yorker on the front of Engine Rescue 2

Kyle R. Shamokin, PA

Kyle R. Shamokin, PA Independence fire company

I have a leather N5a New Yorker that I have had for 12 years and my helmet was bought new and has seen many fires and has saved me many times from stuff falling on my head (walls, ceilings, glass and even. Tools that were dropped from about 8 feet) to keeping hot embers off me and water. I will never buy another helmet. Other then having stress cracks and a new front holder and some paint missing, she is tough and there is no better. I've melted face shields and plastic helmets but never my leather. Leather for ever.

Scott T. Lake Tapps, WA

I purchased this Cairns N5A New Yorker Leather Helmet from the 1960's on EBAY. The helmet was for a firefighter at my station that was leaving us after 12 years to be a Seattle Firefighter. The helmet was in need of some TLC but Firefighter Miller was worth it. Firefighter Miller was our union president and an excellent firefighter to say the least. I spent many hours sanding the helmet and more coats of paint than I can remember. I had the helmet shield done at Fry Fabrications in Phoenix, Arizona. When I handed Firefighter Miller the helmet at his going away party he was shocked and got teary eyed. We will miss working with Firefighter Miller, Seattle got a great firefighter.

John M. Horseheads, NY

Been in the fire service for 26 years. Been wearing a Cairns helmet for 24 of them. From a 660C Metro to a Cairns 1010 to a N5A New Yorker. I love the product. Good job Cairns and MSA.

Matthew B. Windsor, ON

Matthew B. Windsor, ON Windsor Fire & Rescue

I have been fortunate enough to work in the Fire service for 30 years. During that time I have collected many fire related items, especially helmets. This helmet is the prize. I looked long and hard to locate a leather high eagle N5A New Yorker helmet. I was always too late or too little on the money. I finally succeeded two years ago when it all came together and I was in the right place at the right time. The helmet is dated 1773 but I believe this is a commemorative date. The front piece shield has only the number 14 on it and no identifying fire company or city. I understand that it may have been a presentation piece given for recognition however, there was little that the previous owner knew about the origin. It appears to be the style used in the 1880s although there is no date of manufacture. The interior leather looks very old and the vent button is marked Cairns and Bros. Nonetheless, it caps off a career that started with a model 770 Philadelphian, 660C Metro, Cairns 1010, and finally a B-TRD as a Captain, all of which are part of my collection. I was lucky in that I never had to use the capabilities of the helmets, but I knew it was always there, on top.

Mark B. Bovey, MN

Retired 20 years ago as a fireman and fire instructor, I wore a N5A New Yorker, first one was regular leather, then got the compliant leather helmet, Bourke Eye Shield, Milwaukee strap, was one of only 4 or five guys in Mn and ND that knew what a real fireman's helmet was. Leather to take the crunch, shed water etc.. Now there all buying them since 911. I wish they would buy real fire engines in this area as well. With Seagrave for years, and now with KME. Hard to sell in this area.

Harry D. Tyrone, PA

Harry D. Tyrone, PA Blazing Arrow Hook and Ladder Fire Co. Tyrone, PA.

I know it isn't the Christmas season but its not every day that you see Santa Claus wearing a Cairns N5A New Yorker. The Tyrone Fire Dept takes Santa around town each Christmas Eve. We blow the sirens and run the red lights and people come running out to greet Santa and the Fire department as they go by. Santa has his own sleigh that is built to fit in the hosebed of our engine. It has been a tradition in Tyrone since the 1950's. People look forward to it every year. The firefighters make a whole day of it by decorating the trucks in Christmas Lights and other seasonal items. I have had the honor to be Santa Clause for the last six years but have participated since 1990. It makes me happy to see all of the smiles on the faces of the kids and the adults every year. It never gets old. Tradition never gets old just like my 1991 New Yorker. It is a great tradition.I will never wear anything else. You guys make a great product.

William W. Fayetteville, PA

Hands down, Cairns helmets are the finest helmets on the market. I have been wearing a Cairns Leather N5A New Yorker helmet since I joined the department in 1981. Myself and several of my fellow firefighters have burned the finish off of these helmets beyond recognition. Some of these helmets were reconditioned and put back into service and worn for several years later protecting us from the dangers that we face every day. I own fourteen of these helmets today and wouldn't think of owning anything else.

Nathan R. Honey Brook, PA

Nathan R. Honey Brook, PA Honey Brook Fire Company

This picture is from a training burn in West Chester, PA. It was the first fire this brand new N5A New Yorker had ever seen.

Kody S. Alliance, NE

I've had three N5A New Yorkers in my time as a firefighter and every one of them has been used and abused. I've wore every other leather out there but nothing is as comfortable and more durable then the New Yorker. Its my helmet of choice and will always be my helmet of choice!!!

Jacob E. Jasper, GA

Jacob E. Jasper, GA Hinton Volunteer Fire Department

Upon going into my first fire, It was nothing like I expected from the previous training fires I had participated in. I had debris falling down on me and could not see much of anything. I was wearing a Cairns N5A New Yorker. As the debris was falling down some of it hit my helmet. My Cairns helmet protected me and kept me from getting hurt.

Steve G. Richland, PA

Steve G. Richland, PA City of Lebanon

Arriving on scene of a single story detached house with smoke showing seemed like your run of the mill fire. Upon entering the house as part of the truck crew, I began my search for victims. While my search was proving negative, I came upon the fire room and just as I found it, the room flashed. I encountered a high amount of heat and narrowly escaped. Completing my search I then attempted to extinguish the fire with my can as the line arrived. It was only once I left the building I realized what had happened. I removed my helmet (a Cairns Leather N5A New Yorker) and it was burnt, worse than any helmet I had worn before. The helmet remained intact and kept me safe. After the fire I sent the helmet back to Cairns and it was refinished and the helmet still serves me today. The helmet has taken a large amount of abuse, but it keeps ticking. Cairns provides a great quality helmet at an affordable price. Thank you for your time.

Daniel S. DoverPlains, NY

Daniel S. DoverPlains, NY Dover FD, DoverPlains, NY 36 Truck!

I have worn my helmet for nearly 17 of the 20 years I have been a fireman. Old school N5A New Yorker, impact cap, no ratchet...Black, Bourkes, with a Boston Style device. This is a working man's helmet..seen a lot of fires in those 17 years, even here in suburbia. It's cracked, bent, stained, and smokey, but never once has it failed to protect me. I will never give up my lid, I will never sell my lid, I will never repaint my lid. It earned every mark, burn, and bend, the sacrifices of keeping the fireman who wears it safe. It is an American Classic, replaced by too many safety rules, regulations, and ideals put forth by people who have most likely never worn any type of fire helmet. For those who have, and those who do, there is a special place for an old school New Yorker...certainly in our hearts, but more so first due!

Karl M. Phillipsburg, NJ

Karl M. Phillipsburg, NJ Stewartsville Fire Co. 1 Greenwich Township, NJ / Green Knoll Fire Company Bridgewater, NJ

Greetings, my back story on my Cairns helmets begins back in June of 1998 where I received my N5A New Yorker helmet as a graduation gift. I had begged and pleaded with my father to let me buy one. Not even a week in use, I responded to a barn fire and came out with it loaded with chicken feathers. It was quite a sight. A year later while attending the NJ State Fireman's Association Convention, I came upon a vendor selling used leather helmets. This gentlemen was the owner of the now widely used . At the time he was selling parts and used helmets, which I purchased one as a back up. (I couldn't have just one) Early in the year 2000, I was fighting a fire when a concrete wall started to collapse. As I and other firemen ran from the collapsing wall I swear I felt a "brush" on my back. Later that day I took my helmet off to find the front holder smashed. Obviously during that fire I was hit in the head and didn't even notice it. I still use my Cairns helmet today which has been repainted countless times. I have used the using their parts department many times and have had the best customer service and repair products. I thank cairns for providing such a great product and tradition to the fire service. I have included a photo of my Great Grandfather's helmet from when he was a fireman in NY. My grandfather estimated that his father was a volunteer in Morris Park from around the 1910's. It now sits on my filing cabinet in the Code Enforcement office where I work.

Travis M. Charlton, MA

Travis M. Charlton, MA Southbridge Fire Dept.

At 0230 hours on October 17th, 2010 Southbridge fire alarm began to receive calls for a building fire on Pearl St. We rolled with a single engine company because the crew for our ladder company were on an ambulance call bringing a patient of a motorcycle wreck to a Worcester hospital. En route, we received a report of people trapped in the building. At this point the acting officer ordered a third alarm which recalled all off duty members. Upon arrival we had heavy fire showing from the rear second and third floors of an occupied three Decker. We effected a rescue from a third floor window over a ground ladder and myself and the acting officer stretched a line into the second floor stairwell. We were going to attempt to hold the fire until more help arrived and do a quick search. We popped a door into a second floor apartment where I crawled in and began a search. I made it about 5 feet into the room when it rolled over and I was chased out by heavy fire. We hit it with the line and at that point a large piece of plaster and lath struck me on the head. After going back outside to change my bottle I was made aware of the condition of my equipment, my Cairns Leather N5A New Yorker had most of the paint burnt off in some spots down to the leather. My coat which had been black was now orange in most spots from the high heat and I had 2nd degree burns to both arms and legs. Through all of this, my Cairns leather helmet protected me. The damage was all cosmetic and the helmet is still in service. I've never owned anything but Cairns leather helmets, and this incident reinforced my belief that Cairns is the best and the only helmet I will ever buy. Leather forever!

Justin C. Hope, RI

Justin C. Hope, RI Potterville Fire Department

A long day of water supply training in 100 degree heat! The Cairns N5A New Yorker was on for 8 hours and was as comfortable as a baseball cap!!

Brad H. North Pole, AK

I have been in the fire service for over 25 years starting at the age of 14 in South Central Pennsylvania near the Mason Dixon Line. I have worn just about every helmet out there in my career and generally a Cairns. It took me almost twenty years before I got my first leather, an N5A New Yorker, and it has seen much action. I just got finished refurbishing it so I will get some pictures posted of it. I also have a Aluminum Senator that I have in my small helmet collection. I am looking at also giving it a new life by repainting it so it like the leather will last long after I am gone. Thanks for making the best helmets out there and keeping the tradition of hand made leather crafting alive for generations to come!

Ron P. Tyrone, PA

Ron P. Tyrone, PA Blazing Arrow Hook and Ladder

I got my first new yorker when I 16 its been through a lot over the years including when it saved my head at a fire when a 4x4 came down and hit me i'm now 30 and still have in service but it is in bad shape badly cracked and medal showing around the brim and I can't afford a new one right now I added some pic of helmet with my pup ember

Brandon D. Jane Lew, WV

Brandon D. Jane Lew, WV Jane Lew Volunteer Fire Department

I have been using my N5A Cairns New Yorker for 5 years and I love it. How ever over the past few years it has taken some damage, From 900 Degree Structure fires, Car Wrecks with entrapment, Standing on the interstate in the snow and rain. I am currently still wearing it although I'm pretty sure it wouldn't pass OSHA standards as you will see in the picture. Id love to buy a new one but right now I don't have the money to put into it.

Aaron B. Elizabethtown, PA

Aaron B. Elizabethtown, PA Rheems Fire Department

It was the 16th of November 2006 when I received my Cairns N5A New Yorker. It was a surprise 16th birthday party for me at the firehouse and I was in awe with my gift. I wanted nothing more than a Cairns leather; the helmet was by far the most beautiful, useful thing I had ever received. It was what every junior firefighter or senior ever wanted. To this day, four years later, after being painted three times (red for juniors at first, then orange, then finally black when I became a senior) and protecting my noggin for hundreds and hundreds of calls it continues to protect me adequately and serve its purpose. If I had to name a time in which I was thankful for my Cairns leather, it was during a RIT (rapid intervention team) training class. The building was filled with smoke and I just happened to hit my head on the low part of the ceiling in the stairwell during an evolution. It was a nice hit and I was surprised at how nicely my head was cushioned by the blow; I wasn't dazed at all! My front piece holder was banged up but it did its job. When I first joined the fire service back in 2005 I just figured it was a fireman ego thing to have a leather. After these years with my Cairns leather by my side, I can literally say that I will never wear another helmet. Thank You Cairns and LEATHER FOREVER!

Mark M. Hopwood, PA

Mark M. Hopwood, PA Hopwood Volunteer Fire Department

The N5A New Yorker that I wear was made when I was only six months old. It was gifted to me when I joined my department and was in near perfect condition. Since then it has chipped paint around the brim and crown. It helped me out a lot when i was struck in the head by a piece soffit-facia around 10 feet long. Without the helmet the aluminum would have put a large gash in my head or worse. In the short time i have had it it has taken a beating and can not really afford to replace it. LEATHER FOREVER.

Terrence H. Fairfax, VA

Terrence H. Fairfax, VA Montgomery County, MD Fire Rescue

Not the greatest "in action" shot, but one none the less. Cutting a floor simulating the Columbus Drill in the floor of a house when I was a rookie. My Cairns N5A New Yorker was bright and shiny then, but since then it has seen plenty of fire here in Montgomery County. The leather has since dried out and is beginning to crack and chip away. A new Sam Houston would be great, the prices of these helmets aren't getting any cheaper. Thanks.

Duane D. Chesapeake, VA

Duane D. Chesapeake, VA Chesapeake Fire Department

This is a photo of my Cairns N5A New Yorker. I purchased it in 1994. It has kept me protected at many many fire, EMS and Rescue scenes. My department has made me retire it due to the ridiculous standard of 10 years set by NFPA. I feel incomplete without it, and with the economy the way it is, I cannot afford a new one. I hope I am selected to win a new leather, because Cairns is the BEST.

David S. Kinderhook, NY

David S. Kinderhook, NY Niverville

I have three Cairns Helmets they are the only helmet I trust in the heat of battle. In the fifteen years in the Fire Service Cairns is the only one for me! I recommend Cairns to all of my Firefighter friends and tell them that I owe a lot to the Cairns Helmet. Last Year I was involved in a collapse while doing a Fire Investigation I credit the Cairns 880 with the credit for keeping me from injury. I currently have two Cairns helmets in service I have a N5A New Yorker (that I recently painted) for use during FD operations, as well as an 880 that I use for my special team operations (Hazmat & Cause and Origin teams). Thank you to Cairns for 175 years of the BEST helmet on the market!

Neil G. Cape Coral , FL

Neil G. Cape Coral , FL Fort Myers Fire Dept.

This helmet belongs to my good pal Mario. He works for the City of Detroit and as you can see gets quite a bit of fire service. Well, as you can probably tell his N5A New Yorker is getting to the point where it needs to be replaced. I can't think of a more deserving guy than him. I was in a garage fire with Mario some years back when we both worked in Ecorse Michigan. He went in and saved a dog that was locked in a cage inside while I stretched the line. After getting the dog we managed to get the swing up door open but it came loose from the ceiling and hit Mario on the head knocking him to the floor. He was off for 3 weeks after that and came to find out that he received compression fractures to his lumbar vertebrae. The good news is that his trusty New Yorker saved his melon. If you see fit to pick my story for this contest I will gladly give the free Cairns helmet to Mario so that he can continue to serve the City of Detroit safely. By the way, I am on my 2nd Cairns leather and wouldn't trade it for the world. Sincerely, Neil Graham

David H. Harrisonburg, VA

David  H. Harrisonburg, VA Rockingham County Department of Fire Rescue

The photo included is from a few weeks ago at a possible structure fire in Harrisonburg VA. I was operating as a volunteer with Hose Company # 4 Inc. and found this picture of the incident a few days later. The significance of this incident is that just a few years before we had a fire in that same structure. It was the first fire that I had been on with my brand new Cairns N5A New Yorker that I had received as a gift. On that fire I was overhauling the structure and was struck in the head by a large fluorescent light, it did knock me down, but I was unhurt. I was more mad that I had a big crack in my helmet though. Anyway this picture is from the second incident at that structure which turn out to be a small fire around the woodstove pipe in the wall.

Chris H. Hudson, NY

Chris H. Hudson, NY Greenport Pumper Co. No. 1

This is the aftermath of a collapse the occurred during an early morning fire at a Pellet Stove Supply store. After sweeping the room with a MSA Evolution TIC it was deemed safe to enter and open up an interior wall for master stream operations. While opening the interior wall the ceiling had a partial collapse. Myself and two other firefighters were hit with debris and knocked to the floor, we were dragged out by exterior members standing by at a the door Upon exiting a total collapse of the area occurred. Little did we know that due to double 5/8" sheetrock around the room we we unaware of the real danger ahead of us. Also above us was a small office space that we were unaware of. My Cairns N5A New Yorker took the hit from falling debris and the only damage received was a bent shield holder. The other two firefighters with me both use Cairns 1010s. These products have stood up to the test and still come out on top.

Matt E. Richfield, WI

What can you say about a Cairns helmet that's faithful served you for nearly 25 year? It's protected me against numerous ceiling collapses, and survived it's own drops and falls without ever failing. Car wrecks and shootings -- it's seen it all. Repainted nearly four times, its leather is every bit as tough as its first day on the job. A leather New Yorker isn't something you wear -- it's some you live.

Zach P. Saluda, NC

Zach  P. Saluda, NC Saluda Fire & Rescue

This Cairns N5A New Yorker helmet has been through everything you can think of. Cairns helmets provide the reliability that firefighters can trust!

Lewis M. Lawndale, NC

Lewis M. Lawndale, NC Hugh's Pond VFD

I own a Cairns N5A New Yorker. I love this helmet. I have Made a promise to myself that I will NEVER wear another Model helmet again. The comfort and durability are unmatched and the craftsmanship put into these helmets are unrivaled. Thanks to Cairns for letting me post my feelings on my helmet and I hope I win a new one!!!!

Kory A. Shippensburg, PA

Kory A. Shippensburg, PA West End Fire & Rescue

Cairns N5A New Yorker protects all of the firefighters and officers of West End Fire & Rescue of Shippensburg.

Marc R. Front Royal, VA

Marc R. Front Royal, VA Front Royal Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department

This is me rockin the Cairns N5A New Yorker in a working house fire trying to help my buddy get a knock on the blaze.

Tom M. Bridgeport, OH

Tom  M. Bridgeport, OH Wolfhurst Fire Dept

My Cairns N5A New Yorker is the only helmet I trust to wear. It has been through a few fires and has stayed comfortable and secure to my head. I wouldn't trust any other fire helmet other than Cairns

Brett A. Cumberland, RI

Brett A. Cumberland, RI Cumberland Hill Fire Department

This photo features my dog 'Halligan' when he was a puppy. My wife brought him into the station when I was working and he took a special interest to my Cairns N5A New Yorker. This helmet protects me on a daily basis and I choose Cairns over my department issued helmet because of Cairn's history of making top quality and dependable fire helmets.

Josh Y. Talking Rock, GA

Josh  Y. Talking Rock, GA Gilmer County Fire

House fire Photo wearing my N5A New Yorker

Alex N. Shelton, CT

Alex N. Shelton, CT Storm Engine Co. 2

In the photo i added there are 3 generations of cairns N5A New Yorker helmets still being used to this day by these members of my company. i will never buy any other helmet except for cairns. this picture was taken in mid july of 2010.

Ashley R. Springdale, AR

Ashley R. Springdale, AR Springdale Fire

I am a fire dispatcher for the city of Springdale, Arkansas. My parents gave me a Cairns fire helmet as my high school graduation gift in 1993. I have attached a picture.

Clayton D. Mocksville, NC

Clayton D. Mocksville, NC County Line Volunteer Fire Department

I have had my Cairns Leather N5A New Yorker for about 3 years now. It has been the best helmet i have ever had. I bought it brand new right after i graduated high school and i put it to work very soon. It has seen multiple fires and held up remarkably. It is also the most comfortable helmet i have ever worn and I tell people it wears almost as good as a broke in baseball cap. i was doing a live burn with a neighboring department and it was our rotation for a burn, and they were going to do a basement fire. We went down and made attack, but in the process a stud from the wall fell down and hit me and the nozzle man. Luckily my leather was there to take the brunt of the force and protect my head. As we were making our way up the steps to exit, I hit my head on the low ceiling going up the steps. I thought I had broken the carved brass eagle off the front of my helmet. But when I got out and checked it, there was no damage to it whatsoever. I love this helmet and if i have a choice I will never anything other than a Cairns Leather! Leather Forever!

Erik J. Fairhaven, MA

Erik J. Fairhaven, MA Fairhaven Fire Dept.

I Have always used Cairns since 2003-present and love It. I bought cairns 1010 when i got on my dept as a volunteer fire fighter. Its a great helmet sits on my head well and has protected my head dozens of times from pulling ceiling hitting my head on beams fighting a fire in a crawl space. My dept gave me a morning pride had it fell a part in my first fire with it the eagle fell off and the rubber trim came off So I went back to my Cairns1010. I became a professional fire fighter where i work as a volunteer fire fighter. I bought a Leather cairns N5A New Yorker and love it. Have only seen one fire with it but is great. I come from a long line of fire fighters and they all had leather cairns N5A new yorker. Cairns is the only helmets I will use.

joseph m. indian land , SC

joseph  m. indian land , SC pleasant valley  fire dept

This was my first leather helmet. I bought it, but was never able to wear it due to the wrong color till i moved to South Carolina . I wear this helmet with pride .

Gary L. Binghamton, NY

Gary L. Binghamton, NY Hillcrest Fire Company, Inc.

It is not a very exciting story, but it is the only one I have. I purchased my Cairns N5A New Yorker in the fall of 1999 (see attached picture). In our department, we wore the metro style helmets at the time, but I like the look and durability of the leather. I also liked the tradition of the leather fire helmet. Now that I have made the switch to leather, I will never go back. We are a smaller fire department, who sees some action each year, but nowhere near as much as other departments. A few months after I purchased the helmet, we got called mutual aid to a fire in a dwelling that was being built. We responded our squad company and when we arrived on the scene, there was a fire in the attic area and fire started blowing out of the roof. The fire was knocked down by using a deck guns and a truck company. My crew was sent inside to start pulling the ceiling and to check for extension. As we were pulling ceiling, we were being very cautious due to the large volume of water that was used to put the fire out. As we started to poke holes in the ceiling to release some of the water that had pooled, the ceiling collapsed on us. Luckily, no one from the crew got seriously hurt, but some were complaining of sore necks. I, however, did not experience any neck pain during or after the collapse. I contribute that to my new Cairns N5A and its design. Sorry, not the most exciting story that you will read, but it is the only one I have. Thank you.

Matthew W. Leesburg, VA

Matthew W. Leesburg, VA Washington D.C.

Newly restored N5A New Yorker 2004!

William H. Renovo, PA

William H. Renovo, PA Lock Haven Fire Department

While operating at a residential structure fire in a mutual aid companies area, my partner and i were operating on the second division of the structure trying to put a knock on the fire near the rear of the structure, when the ceiling in the room we were working collapsed on us, luckily we were not trapped, but merely inconvenienced by the incident, and thanks to my Cairns N5A New Yorker i was spared any injury from the collapse. Without my helmet i would have received serious injuries from this incident. thanks Cairns for 175 yrs of safety!

Stephen W. Sylva, NC

Stephen W. Sylva, NC Sylva Fire Dept.

My Sammy and 1010

Skylar M. Granville, WV

On 12/4/10 The Brookhaven VFD was toned to a reported structure fire. E-122 arrived on scene with heavy smoke showing, another firefighter and myself made entry as we were fighting the fire we heard something as the drop ceiling with double drywall came down on top of us, dropping both of us and another firefighter to the ground, none of us were hurt thanks to my cairns N5A New Yorker

Mark P. Polo, IL

I am a firefighter/EMT and i am working on becoming a paramedic. I have a N5A New Yorker right now and love it its the best helmet that i every had. I would like to take my current helmet and place it in a glass case for my daughter to have.

Eric D. Weston, WV

On a recent fire scene myself and my partner entered a burning single wide trailer fire, and made our way down the hallway towards the bedroom where the occupants were supposed to be located. The single wide was fully engulfed on this end of the residence but with confirmed entrapment we tried to make a rescue attempt. As we made our way down the hallway the fire was really getting hotter and the debris kept falling down on our helmets. Both of us were wearing Cairns N5A New Yorker helmets. Another firefighter from a mutual aid department came to back us up and he was wearing a Ben 2 plus helmet. After the search came up with no occupants at the residence we made our way back outside. Upon inspection of our helmets outside the Ben 2 plus helmet was melted in a few places and the Cairns N5A New Yorkers held up very well with just minor blistering on our stickers. Both of our helmets have the PBI earflaps and they really hold the heat off your ears and facial areas. Thanks for designing such a great and comfortable fitting helmet. Its worth the extra buck for a GREAT Helmet. - Eric Dever

Ryan B. Brewster, NY

I'm a 22 firefighter from up state New York who is following in my father foot steps. My story is my whole life really, I got my first helmet from my father who was a FDNY firefighter assigned to a rescue company in the bronx who was killed on 9/11/2001. My father showed me everything and I will never wear a helmet other than a leather N5A New Yorker. It kept my father safe for 20 plus year of heavy fire duty in the south bronx! I only trust my safety to a Carins leather N5A New Yorker just like my dad.

Bryan M. Webster, NY

i currently have a department issued Cairns 1010 model helmet, and one cold night in january sitting around the fire house with a couple other guys we got an ems call, we quickly jumped in the rescue and took off, while returning from the ems call we were called to the possible house fire on east main street, we pulled into the fire house and jumped onto the engine company. we pulled up to a 2 1/2 story older wood frame home smoke from the front door and heavy fire from the rear of the structure, we stretched an 1 3/4 hand line through the front door and were met with intense heat and fire beginning to lick up the stairs, we enter the back room and began to attack the seat of the fire in the rear, the next engine grabbed the back up line and proceeded straight up the stairs where the fire was beginning to advance, as the crew went up the stairs and was met with a great deal of heat, they didn't know that the 2nd floor had flashed just before they arrived, and the ceiling was begin to break apart, i remember as we handed the hand line off to another back up crew, we all met outside to rehab and change bottles, my fellow company member whom was on the back up line came up to talk to us his brand new N5A New Yorker in hand but it didn't look as it did a month before when he received it for christmas, the brass eagle was bent and disfigured the helmet cracked and charred, he explained to us that pieces of the ceiling began to fall on him and his crew, while we all got a bit of smoke on our helmets we were astonished that his helmet looked the way it did and that he was completely unscathed. to this day that company member still wears that same N5A, proudly and is very open to telling his story.

Rick E. Johnstown, PA

I have owned a N5A New Yorker since i started in the fire service since march of 1996. i started out with a used one until 1998 when i bought a new New Yorker. I had that helmet in service until 2007 when i had to take it out of service due to heat damage. Since then i have been using a Cairns 1010. I will only use Cairns helmets because of the craftsmanship and the durability of the helmets. I am looking forward to owning New Yorker again someday.

Donald L. Catawissa, PA

I was exiting a second floor fire via an interior stairway. I exited the building and was struck across the top of my N5A New Yorker with a three foot piece of burning wooden soffit. My partner had removed his scba facepiece and had a piece of burning lath stuck in his nomex hood. I was able to grab it and save him from further burns. Had I not been wearing a quality helmet I would have been injured to the point I would not have been able to aid him resulting in more serious burns. We both recovered from our burns and continue to protect our town today.

Tom G. Bedford, NH

I was placing salvage covers on a second floor in a bedroom when the ceiling collapsed from the weight or water during the fire operations. I was knocked into an open closet by the ceiling. My N5A New Yorker helmet saved me from being knocked out and trapped by the debris. I was shaken up and pretty sore and my helmet has shown the damage but surely saved me from allot of physical pain. My helmet has been caught in the wheel well of a truck tire and more but still keeps my head safe!



Scott K. Hightstown, NJ

A few months back we had a house fire in our local. I was on the nozzle of the first line in the structure. Fire was in the upstairs bed room on the Alpha side of the building. Myself and the Lieutenant ( who was my back up man) mad enter. about halfway up the stair we were met with black smoke and alot of heat, banking us down to the ground. As I made it to the landing of the second floor we found fire to the left of the stairs in the front bedroom. We called for water and as the line was charged the sheetrock that was placed over the plaster and latthe began to fall on both of our heads. At first I thought someone else on the team was pulling the ceiling on me but after watching it fall in other places in the room i realized what was happening. We knock the fire down and began overhaul. After going to rehab one of the guys said something to about my helmet. I looked down at it and realized the paint on the top of it was cracked and a piece of paint was missing from it. Nothing else was wrong with the helmet and i got luck that i had such a great helmet to protect me. Althought I do not have a picture due to having to place paint back on the helmet per my chiefs request, i figured that Cairns would like to here my story. I have two new yorkers, a 1010 and have friends that have nothing but Cairns. I do not never see purchasing another interior structure other then one that has a Cairns name on it.

Tate C. staunton, VA

we were at a trailer fire in one of our local trailer parks. The fire attack group made entry when they entered some of the roof fell on one of the guys he was wearing a N5A New Yorker and it saved his head.

john c. thorndale, PA

During a recent house fire the ceiling collapsed on my head. My N5A New Yorker helmet kept me from getting injured.

Kevin A. Coatesville, PA

helmet deflected structure pieces during partial collapse of building. It is an early N5A New Yorker I still have at home.

Chad A. Fort Wayne, IN

My father used a N5A New Yorker Fire Helmet for his entire career as a firefighter. I have since been given his helmet of which does not meet standards of today;s firefighter. I have seen this helmet go through so much and withstand heat and a lot of on the job time and it stood the test of time for many years. I too would love to have the experience of a New Yorker style helmet but just can't spend the money on one at this time. Thanks to cairns and the New Yorker for fine craftsmanship and quality.

James S. Butler, PA

My name is James and I've been a volunteer fireman going on 18 yrs in February of 2011. The reason I'm sending this story is to tell how much I really on my Cairns N5A New Yorker leather helmet. It all starts about 16 yrs ago when my mother and father bought me a leather helmet for my birthday in which it is still being used at the present time and is still in good condition after all the fires and training classes I've gone through. The major reason for me to only buy cairns helmets is for the protection and how well they stand up to falling debris in fires. Throughout my years of service I've had a lot of stuff fall on me and the helmet has held up wonderful and has kept me from sustaining any injuries. So I know its not some life saving story but I just wanted to say how much I love cairns helmets and cairns is the only helmet I will ever buy and own.

John K. Palm Coast, FL

Cairns Helmets have been protecting my family for 5 generations. From tin to leather, from my Great Great Grandfather to my Brother and I. We all have worn and loved our Cairns Helmets and have them all today. In Newark, NJ during the riots my father was protected by his N5A New Yorker from more than one brick thrown from roof tops. My Grandfather had a roof collapse on him in Westfield, NJ, and came away unharmed. My Great Grandfathers fought the Great Westfield fire of 1898 in their Tin Cairns Helmets. Firefighting is a family Tradition for us and Cairns has been with us so long they feel like part of the Family. Lt. John Keppler FCFR

Jim B. North Huntingdon, PA

Jim B. North Huntingdon, PA Circleville VFD

We were dispatched to reported a house. When the first units arrived on scene they confirmed a working house fire. My partner and I made entry and was putting the fire out. then condition change and the decision was made to quite interior attack. As we were backing out I fell throw the floor and my cairns N5A New Yorker saved my life. It stopped debris form hitting me in the head.

Adam N. Springfield , MO

Adam N. Springfield , MO Nixa Fire Protection District

Last year we responded to an abandoned motel fire located in a neighboring district we arrived very quickly and found heavy fire involved about 50% of the building. We were working under an overhang, as you can tell from the picture we were being pretty aggressive with our attack. While pulling ceiling and checking how far the fire had advanced in the ceiling a large chunk of the ceiling fell striking me in the head. Had it not been for my leather N5A New Yorker helmet and cairns suspension system I believe I would have suffered a severe head and neck injury. I have been in a leather helmet most of my career and will never wear another helmet than Cairns. You make the best helmets in the world and a symbol of the fire service, happy birthday and thanks for a great helmet. Thanks Battalion Chief Adam Neff Nixa Fire Protection District (I’m the one on the far right in a half squat)