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Vincent C. Mirabel, QC

Vincent C. Mirabel, QC Mille-Isles

This is one picture about my Cairns Invader 664 after one night on a house fire. Next morning I see how is my helmet with my flashlight in my streamlight rubber strap. Thanks for your help.

Travis G. Manchester, OH

Hello, my name is Travis Gilkison. I am the Chief cadet for the Manchester Fire dept. We use Cairns/MSA helmets and we will be switching to MSA SCBAs with are first new township engine in over 35 years. The firefighters use Cairns 1044 helmets and the cadets use 664 Invader helmets. We have over 75 years of fire tradition in the small town of Manchester, and the story I am telling is very sad to are town and other fire departments in the county. Just 2 days ago a former Chief of the Manchester Fire Dept passed away. Herman A. Carter was the fire chief of Manchester for 22 years and a member for over 60 years. In 1983 he was voted to be the new chief of the Manchester Fire Dept, up until 2005 when he became sick. Herman was a military man, devoted husband and father, and would do anything to help anyone he could in the town. Herman was the longest running chief in are fire department history, fighting and uncountable amount of fires in his life time. When he was chief he didn't think there was any helmet better then a Cairns and we still have many of the old leather and tin helmets from the 1950 and 60's when Herman was just a firefighter. As I said earlier, we still use Cairns helmets today as our chief still thinks they are the best. We have had two structure fires in the last two weeks which is very rare for are small town, and are Cairns 1044 helmets held up to the smoke and flames in the very hot fires. Two of are firefighters helmets were melted and black but they held up great and I will never fight a fire in anything other then a Cairns helmet. Are former Chief Herman A. Cater will be buried in his class A's and his white 1044 helmet, he will be carried on are 1991 Grumman engine. I hope anyone who read's this will prey for his family and friends. Thank you for reading my story and I hope every Firefighter and EMS worker are safe in your amazing product's. Keep Herman A. carters family in your prayers tonight. Thank you