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Richard B. Saint Charles, MI

During a training session, a master stream appliance failed. The failure of the deck gun caused large pieces of shrapnel to fly in many different directions. The person on the appliance was wearing a Cairns 660C. Multiple pieces struck the firefighter in the head. His helmet protected him from serious facial and other head injuries. Without it or a quality product may not have had the same result. Our Department has used Cairns helmets since the mid 70's and we continue to use them today. Thank you.

Ashley D. Jesup, GA

My cairns 1044 defender is absolutely the safest helmet money can buy. I beleive the defender shield is the best invention yet for a fire helmet. Works perfect for keeping ash and trash out your eyes while working at a brush fire, also while working MVC scenes that require extrication. Good job guys keep up the good work in keeping us safe.

James M. Windsor, MO

Enjoy the safety and comfort of my 1044 with defend shield every day i use it. Thank you for keeping all of us safe and letting us be with our families on chirstmas.

Dustin D. Glendale Springs, NC

After years of using Bullard and not having the option of using a Cairns, our department finally agreed on going with Cairns helmets, and I'm so happy now! It's been a long time coming. I finally have a black Cairns 1010 with a Defender Visor with Bourkes Eye Shield! I had to literally beg and plead for it. I melted my Bullard in a training fire, and later when we ordered new turnout gear I was calling around for prices and arranging for dealers to come and give us a demonstration for different types of gear. We had enough grant money to order 3 sets of gear, and then he asked us about what type of helmets we needed. The other guys said just give us the regular helmets, and then I spoke up. It was my only chance to get a Cairns. I said the only helmet I trust and the only helmet that's built to last and take the heat is the Cairns Traditional Composite Fire helmets, and I went on telling them about the safety feature where the helmet shell can flip off and the inner shell stays fastened to your head and your still protected. Immediately the dealer throws in his two cents and says "you should get the Morning Pride Ben-2." "It's the toughest helmet on the market and it has a safety feature where the chin strap pops loose. If you have a situation where you fall through the floor and the back brim catches something so it doesn't break your neck." And I'm thinking shut up. Don't ruin this for me; I want Cairns. He just wanted us to buy his line of helmets to get himself more of a commission. I said the Ben-2 may have a break away chin strap but how does that protect your head when you fall through the floor after it breaks away. Your no longer protected, but the Cairns breaks away leaving the inner shell still on your head and you still have protection! I trust Cairns, you can keep your Ben-2. He looked puzzled, but the other guys saw that the Cairns had way better safety features. The next thing I know we ordered 4 Cairns 1010s. And in the future, each time we order gear we are going with Cairns! When you are in a firehouse with a bunch of narrow minded guys who don't wanna spend a few extra bucks for safety and you finally get them to go with a Cairns it's nothing short of a miracle! But I wanna say Cairns is the best helmet ever made! It's truly the firefighters helmet.

James M. Windsor, MO

James M. Windsor, MO Windsor 4 Co. Rural Fire Dept.

I joined the way of the firefighter roughly 7 years ago and never has a call gone by that I've not worn a Cairns helmet. I have had multiple helmets due to the decommissioning of a few that have been in collapses and falls from rooftops onto concrete. I currently have a Cairns 1044 with the Defender Visor and love it. Gotta be the most comfortable and stable helmet ever. I don't expect to win this but need to let y'all know the helmets y'all produce in my opinion cannot be outdone by no other manufacturer.

Jacob R. Barrington, NH

The face shield saved me... While doing a dash lift, a piece of stray plastic came flying out while doing a relief cut in the A post! Probably would have taken my eye out if it weren't for the helmet.

Michael P. Edwardsville, IL

At FDIC a few years back each of the tables in the after show meet and greet had different Cairns helmets on them. Our table had a great looking black Cairns 1010 with Defender eye protection. I decided to put the helmet on and wear it around while getting food and beverages. I had several firefighters ask me questions about the helmet and the eye protection in particular. Being very familiar with the helmet, I proceeded to answer their questions and show them the defender operation. While standing back at our table one of the firefighters I had explained the helmet to came back by. He advised me that he was the Chief of his department and wanted to advise me that based on our conversation his department was switching helmets and wanted to know who he needed to contact to place an order. He thought I WORKED for Cairns. I explained to him what had happened and we enjoyed a good laugh. He told me that he had never had a sales person explain the helmet to him so well and show him the operation and quirks of the defender eye protection. We tracked down a real Cairns sales person and they began to talk. I'd like to think that I helped this department replace their other helmets with, in my opinion, the more superior Cairns 1010 with Defender eye protection. It would be awesome after these years if I could win a Cairns myself.

Jason B. Eagle River, WI

I bought my Cairns 1044 helmet with Defender and it is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn. The Defender is great eye protection and is a great product. I love the fact that they slide up inside the helmet and out of the way. It's a lot better than carrying safety glasses around. The Defender is easy to deploy and is always there when you need eye protection. My next helmet will definitely be a Cairns. Thanks for a great product.

Donald W. Coleraine, MN

Donald W. Coleraine, MN Coleraine Fire Department

I love my Cairns 1044 with the Defender Visor. The helmet fits like a baseball hat and is the most comfortable one that I have found!

Beau S. Cridersville, OH

I had a cairns 1044 with a Defender Visor and Bourkes , and the first fire I had it on I had a piece of plaster and lathe fall from the ceiling and it only left a couple scratches on the top. AMAZING products Cairns keep up the awesome work!!

Mike D. Greenwood Lake, NY

I have been wearing Cairns helmets ever since i have joined the fire department. They are a reliable helmet and i wouldn't go with any other brand helmet. Besides the comfort, there durable, and the eye protection on them are amazing, either its with the bourke shields, goggles or the defender drop down shield. During last winter of 2009 i was at a working structure fire, and as i was approaching the front door, a piece of the wood over hang burnt off and dropped down. Thank god i had my cairns helmet on because the fall of the wood hit my helmet, causing no injury to me and the helmet was still in great condition. Never had a complaint when it came to Cairn fire helmets, and i was glad to be wearing a Cairns Helmet that day!

Kyle M. Howie Center, NS

I usually have a hard time focusing on what i'm doing while looking through a normal flip down shield, which is why i use the defender shield patented by cairns. while doing some extrication a piece of metal flew free from the cutters, but luckily deflected off of my defender visor. had i been wearing a normal visor, chances are i would have had it up to focus on what i was doing, and would more than likely be blind in one eye today. thank you cairns