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Robert R. Trenton, MO

Robert R. Trenton, MO Trenton Fire Department

When i took over as the Buyer for the Departments PPE i was faced with a staff of just over 20 and some how only 6 Cairns 1044 Helmets and 2 Cairns 880 Helmets. The others were donning the "Modern Brain Buckets" as we knew them as they were Simply Modern Style (Competitors) helmets. A couple of Firefighters had private owned Traditional helmets made by another competitor but they were way too heavy to be comfortable. When it came time for me to liquidate the old PPE and order the new standard of PPE i was proud to make Cairns 1044 Deluxe with Defender Visor my prime choice of my orders. As some time has gone by i have already had to replace and repair other articles of PPE but the Helmets have held strong and show little wear even on my roughest of Firefighters. Because of my time and experience with Cairns Helmets i am proud to say this January i will be outfitting five new probies with the Cairns Helmets and placing a True Leather Helmet with Goggles & Bourkes on my wishlist!

Bryan A. Commerce, GA

Bryan A. Commerce, GA Commerce Fire Dept

Making an interior attack on a two story 2000 sq. foot structure with heavy fire on A/D side. Our crew pulled two lines to the A side pushing the fire back on both floors and we had a very quick knockdown. Coming out of the residence, a piece of a beam fell on my head. I was very glad I had my Cairns Classic 1000 on to protect my head!

Vincent M. Madison, NC

While performing RIT drill practicals at my full time job as a paid firefighter, my captain fell through a hole in the floor of the department's training burn building. The hole was four foot square in size and all concrete, about ten foot in height from the first floor to the basement where he landed. He was standing and stepped back through the opening. Although he received severe injuries and was out of work for months, the outcome could have been much worse if not for his Cairns Classic 1000 helmet. It performed as advertised. The shell separated from the impact liner when he fell through the hole. Instead of losing his protection the impact liner stayed in place and protected him from a serious or fatal brain injury. The liner had several cracks and a flat spot, but my captain had no head injury. He suffered broken ribs, a broken back and a shoulder injury. There were mistakes made in the training, but there is no mistake that his Cairns helmet saved his life that day.

Byron G. Liberty, NC

Byron G. Liberty, NC Chapel Hill Fire Department

When I began my fire service career over 25 years ago, I quickly became interested in the history and tradition associated with the job. I began collecting antique fire equipment early on, and I enjoy sharing that part of the history with younger firefighters as they get started. The helmets pictured are part of my collection, some of which I have worn throughout my career. Left to right are a Cairns 350 Aluminum Senator, a Cairns Classic 1000 that I used for many years as a Live Fire Instructor, a Cairns Leather War Baby complete with a letter from a Cairns family member describing the history behind that model, a Cairns 1010 that I currently wear as a Senior Captain with Chapel Hill, a brand new Cairns N6A Sam Houston ready for service, a Cairns Metro 660C that was my first helmet at Chapel Hill, and my pride & joy - a Cairns N5A New Yorker painted Carolina Blue with our IAFF Local Ram Mascot on the front. Enjoy the picture, remember the history & tradition, and Be Safe!

Patrick K. Amherst, NY

We recently had a live fire training exercise and in the process of a fire attack I was unable to catch my breath. When I slumped over to try to get my breathing under control my head actually hit the floor right where there was a few burning embers. Without my helmet (a Cairns 1000) I would likely have sustained serious burns to my head. Everything luckily turned out just fine and I returned to duty the next day. I am thankful I had my helmet on and that it had a brim that kept my head off the floor and embers. Thanks for making a superb product that keeps all of us firefighters safe.

Rich F. Shawnigan Lake, BC

The traditional helmet is the best their is - it looks good! Its safe and sets the standard.

John H. Sheridan, CA

My Father is a retired Captain he wore a Cairns classic 1000 for 25 years. Every time he came home after a shift, we used to fight over who got to wear his helmet so we could play firefighter. Now that I am firefighter myself and have my own helmet, I like to think its like we are passing on a torch from one generation to another.

Web M. Milledgeville , GA

I have been wearing Cairns Helmets for my entire career. I have been on the job since 1970. Regardless of the situation whether it is in training, live fire, or on a call, my Cairns Helmets have sustained high heat, ceiling material and superheated water falling on top of me, and glass and metal rebounding during extrication situations. My Cairns helmets have saved me from head and facial injury on a regular basis . So whether I win a new Cairns helmet or not, is academic, because I am already a winner...every time I return from safely from a call . Thanks Cairns/MSA . P.S. I own and have worn the Topguard, Cairns 880, 881, Classic 1000, Sam Houston, and currently the Cairns 1010. Your helmets are like the Timex watch, they take a beating and keep on protecting .