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Jason M. Tonawanda, NY

Jason M. Tonawanda, NY Brighton FD, Tonawanda, NY

I have been wearing my N6A since 1998. It was given as a gift to me early in my service as a volunteer firefighter. It has always kept my head safe through many fire sceenes and training evolutions. I would never trade my N6A in for anything else. In fact I love my N6A so much that when I moved to another fire district I had my N6A referbished by MSA/Carins to do a color change. In my previous fire department wore red because I was an officer, now in my new department we all wear black. Nothing beatd the fit, style, protection and tradition like an N6A!

John B. Indianapolis, IN

My crew and I were assisting in the rescue of a steel worker that was pinned between a tractor trailer and a loading dock. Before our arrival, the factory had moved their multi-ton overhead lift above the trailer in an attempt to relieve some of the weight off the worker. I was standing on the loading dock directing my employees when the straps attached to the lift broke free. When the straps broke free the lift cables with a hook on the end began to swing wildly striking me on the side of the head. Thankfully I was wearing my N6A Houston with my chinstrap in place so I sustained no injury. My N6A is so strong that it only sustained a minor nick in the brim. That day confirms the reason I wear a Cairns N6A leather helmet. It is the reason why almost all of my employees also wear the N6A. Thank you Cairns!

Vincent C. Mirabel, QC

Vincent C. Mirabel, QC Mille-Isles

This is one picture about my Cairns Invader 664 after one night on a house fire. Next morning I see how is my helmet with my flashlight in my streamlight rubber strap. Thanks for your help.

Jeff S. Belmont, NH

Jeff S. Belmont, NH Tilton-Northfield Fire & EMS

I was doing overhaul on the 2nd floor following a 2 alarm fire in an occupied dwelling when my Cairns 1010 was put to the test and came out with my respect. Myself and 2 other firefighters were in the bedroom pulling ceiling and a couple of the rafters that had partially burnt through when one end of one of the rafters that a fellow firefighter was working on broke free. The rafter was still attached on one end, so it came down like a pendulum and hit me between the shoulder blades. My helmet absorbed a good blow to the back of it and was knocked forward, over my eyes. If I had not been wearing my chinstrap it would have been knocked completely off my head and I may have suffered an injury to my head. My Cairns 1010, did exactly what is expected of it and saved me from a sure head injury, so thank you for creating such a great product! FF/EMT Jeff Sheltry

Adam G. Belton, SC

Back in 2006, our department was dispatched to a commercial structure fire at our local flea market not even a half mile from our station. Upon arrival we found a restaurant well involved and a few exposures being threatened. Myself and a fellow firefighter made entry into the restaurant to find the kitchen in the rear to be fully involved. As we made our way through the front, we slid and fell due to grease and water on the floor. My chin strap on my Cairns 1010 was not as tight as I thought it was and my helmet came off. As we picked ourselves up, we straightened out our stuff, including my helmet, and proceeded to the seat of the fire. We didn't make four steps and we had a huge light fixture and more debris fall right on our heads. We didn't have a scratch on us. I was amazed on how it protected us. It was almost as if nothing fell on us. We were able to extinguish the fire and no other damage was done. Thanks for designing and constructing such a great helmet.

Todd W. Saint Cloud, FL

There is just not any other helmet which can replace my Sam Houston N6A. It is my helmet (of choice). I have personalized it with a leather chin strap and a personalized gold leaf. Thank you!

Joe M. Seaford, NY

Joe M. Seaford, NY Seaford Fire Department

During responding to ground zero I was wearing your helmet. I wore it for 2 days and nights . The helmet was so comfortable. I was not fatigued a least bit. The Crew was working the east side pile. We helped with two recoveries. It took 8 hours for the first and 12 hours for the second. I thank you for the time. - Captain Joseph Morreale