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floryan z. Dearborn, MI

floryan z. Dearborn, MI Detroit Fire Department

Just wanted to say a big thank you for keeping the company alive. Theres alot of tradition in your helmets. I take great pride in wearing my 880 on the job. I would love to see a remake of the 350 senator using composite materials. These would look great if that could be done. Well to everyone reading be safe and God bless.

ricky c. jonesboro, LA

ricky c. jonesboro, LA use to be a volunteer foreman

i have wanted a old cairns tin fire helment for years but could never find one until now.i got this helment from goodwill.thats right i found it at goodwill and couldn't beleive my eyes it is in beautifull condition and has never been used or put on someones head.the liner is in mint condition.the helment is all original it does have a few minor scraps i dont know how old it is but i wish i did so if you can help out it would be great.the helment is red with a firemans fund still has the cairns tag inside that reads modle #350 seconds dont know what that means liner #C order was well worth the wait to get one in this condition does anyone know if this is a misprint or the value of this helment

Brandon L. Artesia, NM

Brandon L. Artesia, NM Boston Fire Department

I was on vacation back in the mid-90s on the island of Nantucket when we found the attached Cairns helmet (Aluminum 350 Senator) tucked away in a little antique shop.

Nicholas N. Connellsville, PA

Nicholas N. Connellsville, PA Connellsville TWP. V.F.D.

I was wondering if any one could help? I’ve been actively involved in the fire service for 10 years and collecting antique fire fighting equipment since I've been a little kid. I’ve always admired my father’s extensive helmet collecting, so I’ve been focusing on expanding mine. I recently found an early model Cairns and Brothers Aluminum 350 Senator. The roadblock I’ve run in to is putting a date to my unique find. I’ve found some information and different changes that the Senator helmet line has gone through (like the old versions have minimal rivets, no ear flaps, and no chin strap) which mine is similar to. My main reason for this post is to hopefully gain more information about what I have found. Either way, the research I’ve been doing has increased the passion for something I’ve grown to care so much about. Thanks.

George D. Sellersville, PA

George D. Sellersville, PA Sellersville Fire Dept.

Photo of the cairns helmet that I purchased in 1972 as it appears today. I have kept it in good condition.

Byron G. Liberty, NC

Byron G. Liberty, NC Chapel Hill Fire Department

When I began my fire service career over 25 years ago, I quickly became interested in the history and tradition associated with the job. I began collecting antique fire equipment early on, and I enjoy sharing that part of the history with younger firefighters as they get started. The helmets pictured are part of my collection, some of which I have worn throughout my career. Left to right are a Cairns 350 Aluminum Senator, a Cairns Classic 1000 that I used for many years as a Live Fire Instructor, a Cairns Leather War Baby complete with a letter from a Cairns family member describing the history behind that model, a Cairns 1010 that I currently wear as a Senior Captain with Chapel Hill, a brand new Cairns N6A Sam Houston ready for service, a Cairns Metro 660C that was my first helmet at Chapel Hill, and my pride & joy - a Cairns N5A New Yorker painted Carolina Blue with our IAFF Local Ram Mascot on the front. Enjoy the picture, remember the history & tradition, and Be Safe!