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Jerome D. Fairfax, VT

Jerome D. Fairfax, VT Stephen Raymond Fire Rescue / Extinguish the misconception of Autism program

We have been lucky enough to acquire a retired pumper for my two sons. Especially important to my son Stephen as he has Autism and finds great calm in all things related to the fire service! He loves looking at my Leather New Yorker all Battle Scared and retired after 10 years of service and I was forced to start wearing a NFPA compliant helmet (unfortunately not a leather and worse yet not one of yours!) I digress I wish to share a photo with you all a coue of shots of my boys wearing their favorite helmets. They each have several but these are their favorites! They are the Cairns Philidelphian 770. Thanks for making a rock solid product line to help firefighters and EMS providers keep coming home to their famies!!

Matthew B. Windsor, ON

Matthew B. Windsor, ON Windsor Fire & Rescue

I have been fortunate enough to work in the Fire service for 30 years. During that time I have collected many fire related items, especially helmets. This helmet is the prize. I looked long and hard to locate a leather high eagle N5A New Yorker helmet. I was always too late or too little on the money. I finally succeeded two years ago when it all came together and I was in the right place at the right time. The helmet is dated 1773 but I believe this is a commemorative date. The front piece shield has only the number 14 on it and no identifying fire company or city. I understand that it may have been a presentation piece given for recognition however, there was little that the previous owner knew about the origin. It appears to be the style used in the 1880s although there is no date of manufacture. The interior leather looks very old and the vent button is marked Cairns and Bros. Nonetheless, it caps off a career that started with a model 770 Philadelphian, 660C Metro, Cairns 1010, and finally a B-TRD as a Captain, all of which are part of my collection. I was lucky in that I never had to use the capabilities of the helmets, but I knew it was always there, on top.

Bill C. Freeville , NY

I have used cairns helmets for 30 years, my first one was a yellow 770 Philadelphian, then after ten years went to the 660C Metro in black, those two helmets with face shield saw many structure fires with debris falling on my head many times, and the face shield protected my eyes from broken glass at structure fires and motor vehicle wrecks. I now wear a Cairns 1044 white with face shield, and must honestly say that i have tried on other brands of helmets, but always use the cairns for quality and comfort.

Ted M. Shermans Dale, PA

Lovin leathers I've been a firefighter for almost twenty years the co I run with had Philly helmets then metros