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Garrison Fire & Rescue Corp. H. Palenville, NY

Garrison Fire & Rescue Corp. H. Palenville, NY Garrison Fire & Rescue Corp.

Congratulations from all of us at Garrison Fire to Chief Buckley of Cairo FD on his wedding day! The Cairns 1044 helmet shown was purchased by the his son, AC John Buckley for the special day. Best wishes!

Robert R. Trenton, MO

Robert R. Trenton, MO Trenton Fire Department

When i took over as the Buyer for the Departments PPE i was faced with a staff of just over 20 and some how only 6 Cairns 1044 Helmets and 2 Cairns 880 Helmets. The others were donning the "Modern Brain Buckets" as we knew them as they were Simply Modern Style (Competitors) helmets. A couple of Firefighters had private owned Traditional helmets made by another competitor but they were way too heavy to be comfortable. When it came time for me to liquidate the old PPE and order the new standard of PPE i was proud to make Cairns 1044 Deluxe with Defender Visor my prime choice of my orders. As some time has gone by i have already had to replace and repair other articles of PPE but the Helmets have held strong and show little wear even on my roughest of Firefighters. Because of my time and experience with Cairns Helmets i am proud to say this January i will be outfitting five new probies with the Cairns Helmets and placing a True Leather Helmet with Goggles & Bourkes on my wishlist!

Mike K. Schenectady, NY

While operating on the second floor of a residential fire I was assigned to searching for extension along with two other firefighters. We had just received our brand new cairns 1044's a few weeks prior. While pulling ceilings a 8x8 piece of Sheetrock with two ceiling joists still attached came down on top of another firefighter and myself. I ducked and felt myself get hit in the head with what had to have been the ceiling joist due to it feeling heavy and solid. I stood back up and was unharmed due to the great stability of my cairns 1044. Thank you for the protection you provided me that day and the protection you provide to the entire fire service every day.

Andrew S. Hodgenville, KY

My carins 1044 is awesome. Ive only been a firefighter for 3 years now but it has already helped me. We were going into a structure fire when all the ceiling tiles decided to fall and smack us upside the helmet. The helmet took the hits very well. Thank you for your amazing quality Stuff!

Jose V. Modesto, CA

I know a firefighter, who was at a structure fire, walking the perimeter, when an a/c unit slid off the roof, and hit him in the head. At the time, he was wearing a leather Cairns N6A, which undoubtedly saved his life. He had to retire the helmet after the incident, but ever since, he has stated he will always buy leather, and inspired me to buy a leather myself. "Leather Forever".

brian a. walnut cove, NC

I was on a 3000 acre forest fire in Virginia and my Chief was cutting stag on the fire break.We had several spotters around tree that was being cut, but we never thought it could happen to one of our own.Once the stag was cut the top portion broke at a fork in tree and large section came down and hit the Chief across the top bridge & eagle of the helmet. There was no damage to the shell of the helmet, but the eagle was destroyed. The Chief was ok and not hurt,but was shaken up good. Thanks to the Cairns 1044 quality shell for safety.The fire was named " Bull Mountain Fire".

Lance S. Allentown, PA

Lance S. Allentown, PA Fountain Hill Fire Department

Cairns has been an intergal part of my firefighting career. I started off with a Cairns 660 Metro. I then bought my own Cairns 1044 and got plenty of use out of that helmet until I was recently promoted to EMS Lieutenant. I now wear an orange Cairns 1010 Defender. I have never trusted anything else but Cairns for my protection. Thank you for making such a great product. Please keep up the superior craftsmanship. The attached photo I have titled "The corporate ladder".

Jeremy W. Dallas, NC

Jeremy W. Dallas, NC Spencer Mountain Road VFD

Hello everybody my name is Jeremy i have grown up in the fire service. my father is a veteran of 25 years in it. And throughout his and my career in it we have always relied Cairns helmets. As of now he has a 1010 and I have a 1044 my first helmet that he gave to me is a 1010 that i have hanging up on my wall. One day i hope to be able to have the honor of wearing a new yorker.

Ashley D. Jesup, GA

My cairns 1044 defender is absolutely the safest helmet money can buy. I beleive the defender shield is the best invention yet for a fire helmet. Works perfect for keeping ash and trash out your eyes while working at a brush fire, also while working MVC scenes that require extrication. Good job guys keep up the good work in keeping us safe.

Tyler S. Lexington, KY

I was on a working fire last summer during the overhaul stage of a single story shotgun style home with several additions over the years. While operating a member of the crew i was operating pulled a ceiling joist down while pulling ceilings and the joist came straight down on top of my N6A and other than seeing a few stars and stumbling a bit from the confusion associated with the sudden hit i was able to continue operating at the scene. My Leather helmet took the hit and shows no signs of damage. I own three Cairns Helmets a 1044 w/defender that i purchased to where at my volunteer house which has since been turned into a training helmet i wear to Live fire classes. This helmet has exceeded all expectations and more. I was issued a 1010 by my employer and loved it up until i purchased my N6A. Thank you for making such a great product.

James M. Windsor, MO

Enjoy the safety and comfort of my 1044 with defend shield every day i use it. Thank you for keeping all of us safe and letting us be with our families on chirstmas.

Erick F. Jonesboro, AR

We were paged out to a car fire. I arrived on scene to a fully involved pickup truck on fire. I got packed up and started my attack from the driver's side. As I was shutting off the nozzle, the fire flashed in my face. I assumed it was a result of a chemical reaction from the cold water hitting the hot magnesium inside the truck. My Cairns 1044 helmet did its job in protecting me from the instantly high heat I was exposed to for a few seconds. My helmet was covered in gray dust; I'm guessing magnesium. Thank you Cairns for taking pride in making your helmets and making sure they are able to keep us firefighters safe in the line of battle.

Joshua B. Fort Mitchell, AL

While on a structure fire last year I had a roof cave in and land on my head. I was wearing the Cairns 1044. I was fortunate to walk away with no injuries. If it were not for my helmet doing it's job the outcome might not not have been so well.

James M. Windsor, MO

James M. Windsor, MO Windsor 4 Co. Rural Fire Dept.

I joined the way of the firefighter roughly 7 years ago and never has a call gone by that I've not worn a Cairns helmet. I have had multiple helmets due to the decommissioning of a few that have been in collapses and falls from rooftops onto concrete. I currently have a Cairns 1044 with the Defender Visor and love it. Gotta be the most comfortable and stable helmet ever. I don't expect to win this but need to let y'all know the helmets y'all produce in my opinion cannot be outdone by no other manufacturer.

Michael C. Roanoke Rapids, NC

On August 27, 2011 the coastal plains region of North Carolina was devastated by Hurricane Irene. My hometown of Roanoke Rapids, situated on the I-95 corridor near the NC/VA state line, received considerable damage from high winds, flooding and downed trees and power-lines. In the days following the storm my department sent crews out to assist public works with clearing trees from streets and alleys so service vehicles could get in to make repairs and offer services. On August 29 my crew came on duty and I decided that I would go out with one other crew member to clear storm debris. I am the Battalion Chief of A-shift and my thoughts were that I would have my crews carry out regular daily duties and remain fresh for whatever calls for service came in, while I handled the tree cutting with one more member. We had cleared several trees before we came across a large oak tree that was holding down a high tension line between two power poles. We carefully cut the tree and limbs away and had almost cleared the alley when we got to the portion of the tree that was holding down the line. We were both taking full safety precautions while operating the saws, using Turnout Pants, Gloves, Eye Protection and Helmets. I was wearing my personal Cairns N5A New Yorker with Bourke Eyeshields. My partner was wearing his department issued Cairns 1044. After a short discussion about what could happen I made the final cut. Despite trying to stay clear of the large limb as I cut, it still came up with the line and struck me in the face, with enough force to knock me backwards against the pile of debris. It also knocked my helmet across the alley and into a nearby yard, approximately ten yards away. I immediately started holding pressure on my bleeding face and trying to figure out what kind of truck had just hit me! My partner gathered up our equipment and had to find my lid before we could head back to the station and, and eventually the ER. The log that hit me below my right eye was approximately eight inches in diameter and about three feet long. Because I was looking down at what I was doing, the brim of my helmet caught the majority of the force from the log, right between the Bourke Eyeshields. The force of the blow pushed my safety glasses against my face and left a cut below my eye approximately one and one half inches long that was glued and steri-stripped closed at the ER. A minor injury for the amount of force that came from the high tension line. My partner and I both agree that, had I not been wearing my helmet, my face/head would have taken the full force of the blow and could have resulted in possible facial fractures or possibly a head injury. I have been on the job for 22 years and have always used Cairns Helmets, despite the fact our department only started issuing Cairns Helmets six years ago. I purchased my own. I had just bought my New Yorker this year at FDIC, after wanting one for as long as I can remember, and I am the the only guy in our department with a leather lid. My Helmet now has a nice "ding" in the brim where the log struck it. I guess I could paint over it, but I won't. I will just leave it as a reminder of how your Quality product helped me "save face". Thanks. Sincerly - Michael Clements, Battalion Chief ,Roanoke Rapids F.D.

Logan J. Carlisle, PA

During a mobile house fire in January our Captain and Asst. Chief made entry into the house and as they did the fire started to roll over top of them and then as they were trying to get out it flashed and caught both of them. My Captain's 1044 was smoking and his shield on the helmet was on fire.

Tommy M. Merlin, ON

While I was pulling some walls apart in a hallway looking for hot spots with another firefighter during a house fire, a chunk of the roof collapsed in bringing down the ceiling in a hallway down on both of us. Among the debris that came down on both of us were some 2 X 6 boards that were supposed to be used as a walkway in the attic, one of these boards hit me in the helmet with a fair amount of force breaking the shield on my helmet. After digging our way out of the debris with other firefighters thinking we may be injured and running to help us, I must say, I was glad to be wearing my Cairns 1044. It did exactly what I needed it to do in that moment which was protecting my head, and after putting a new shield on my helmet I continue to use it today.

Chip D. Easley, SC

Chip D. Easley, SC Gantt District Fire Dept.

My New Cairns 1044

Matthew P. Virginia Beach, VA

Matthew P. Virginia Beach, VA Newington, CT Volunteer Fire Department

Sitting in the back of Engine #2 one day, on the way back to the fire house after a run, I decided that I wanted a picture of my fire helmet (a department issued Cairns 1044). This is what I ended up with, and even though I am not with that department or don't have that helmet anymore, whenever I look at this picture, I will remember the great friends I had in the fire service and the love I have for having been a part of it.

Jason R. Bristol, CT

Jason R. Bristol, CT Town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS

Our department uses the cairns 1010 or 1044 for our protection of choice, I've had my 1010 now for 6 years and it has protected me from all sorts of hazards, but one in particular was a house fire we fought on a February morning. All was going to plan until a good amount of ceiling tiles came down on me and my partner; most striking me in the head. Thanks to my Cairns helmet I walked away without a scratch. THANK YOU CAIRNS.

Billy W. hopewell, NJ

Billy W. hopewell, NJ Hopewell Fire department and EMU

I don't have many stories from firefighting since I'm just a year into it, but 2 do stick out, the first was when I was a junior (Foreman I believe, rockin a blue 1044) and I hadn't eaten, footing a ladder for our drill when everything goes dark, I passed out. kinda rolled off my deputy (now the chief) chief and smashed on the ground. Lost the lid after I hit but the way I landed it was a good thing. The second one is similar, graduated to my black 1010, middle of firefighter one. A friend Anthony and myself were told to search the room, while the hose team sits at the door waiting for an all clear, trying to be hot shots in the small room, we went separate ways, well he kinda forgot me and got back to the hose team that it was clear, lets just say I was between the training prop and the hose team and the nozzleman didn't quite understand hitting the ceiling, smashed my head on the prop and cracked my visor (hit like square on the thumbwheel, I'm surprised i didn't break that. Well sorry I couldn't bring the shock and awe into your competition but that's the best I've got. Thanks for making great helmets. That not only help in a fire, but when your just starting out and make the mistakes that shape you as a person.

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH

My fire department just recently bought new Cairns 1044s. I already had the Cairns 1010 and loved it. Best helmet. Fits perfect, but its getting old and I have no money to replace it with recent things moneys been getting short. Me and my dad were inside a building checking for an alarm in the boiler room and a tool feel off the top shelf; well thank God I had the helmet on.

Chase W. Lebanon, MO

Chase W. Lebanon, MO Eldridge Volunteer Fire Department

Two firefighters, Deputy Chief Chase D. Waggoner and Firefighter Justin King, making entry to a heavily involved residential structure near the village of Eldridge, Missouri on Dec. 31, 2010. Deputy Chief Waggoner was wearing a brand-new, white Cairns 1044 helmet on its first call. The helmet, along with his MSA SCBA, protected Waggoner despite the fact that signs of an impending flashover forced the crew to exit the structure within two minutes of entry.

Thomas H. Leduc, AB

I think a brotherhood is forged from helmets and patches that bring us closer together the tradition of the Cairns 1044 that we wear. Thanks cairns for doing a great job.

Ronni B. Wetumpka, AL

Ronni B. Wetumpka, AL Wetumpka Fire Department

On September 12, 2007, I respond to a structure fire as a Lieutenant (Orange 1010 Helmet) with the Wetumpka Fire Department. On arrival we found heavy fire in the back of the structure. Me and and a probationary firefighter (with a brand spanking new yellow Cairns 1444 helmet) entered the structure and began to work or way to the seat of the fire. As we were going down the hallway towards the bedrooms, the hallway flashed. All we could do was flow as much water as possible and try to get to the seat of the fire. When we exited the structure upon knocking the fire down, we had a chance to look at our helmets. It was then that we noticed ALL the reflectors had been burned off along with some of the paint on mine and some major discoloration to his. Fortunately neither one of us suffered any burns and all credit is due to Cairns for making such a great helmet.

Ruben A. San Jose, CA

Ruben A. San Jose, CA CalFire

I have dedicated my life's work for the past 6 fire seasons to Calfire. From time to time I have had some bad calls and some close calls, but I would not trade it for any other career! I have an old Cairns (helmet) brain bucket that was issued to me. It's got to be older then I am, and I'm 35 now. I would love to buy my own Cairns 1044. But after pay cuts, health benefits raised pulse a 2 1/2 HR commute just to get to my station assignment I can not afford it!

Rick H. Morrisonville, NY

Recently at a chimney fire I witnessed something amazing. A brick fell from the crumbling chimney and hit a buddy of mine on his Cairns 1044 helmet. It did damage the helmet, but all he got out of it was a neck ache and a head ache. Without a doubt if he had not been wearing his helmet he would be dead. The Helmet did crack and we took it out of service, but without it he would most likely be dead.

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH Lyme and Milton Fire Department

My Lyme Helmet Cairns 1044. The most comfortable I've put on. Also has protected me from falling ceiling debris and other falling object.

Rich F. Shawnigan Lake, BC

The traditional helmet is the best their is - it looks good! Its safe and sets the standard.

Mike P. Edwardsville, IL

Mike P. Edwardsville, IL Edwardsville Fire Department

After my Lieutenant swearing in ceremony my daughter wanted to do nothing else but wear my new Cairns 1044 helmet all over the city council chambers. She didn't want to take it off.

Travis G. Manchester, OH

I love my 1044 Cairns helmet. If you want a helmet that will withstand the fire and heat as well as the elements of nature you face being a firefighter, then Cairns is your Company. Great job guys at building the best helmet out there and good showing at FDIC this year and amazing booth with nice people. All anybody could ask for. Keep it up and I'll wear Cairns for life.

Jason B. Eagle River, WI

I bought my Cairns 1044 helmet with Defender and it is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn. The Defender is great eye protection and is a great product. I love the fact that they slide up inside the helmet and out of the way. It's a lot better than carrying safety glasses around. The Defender is easy to deploy and is always there when you need eye protection. My next helmet will definitely be a Cairns. Thanks for a great product.

Travis G. Manchester, OH

Hello, my name is Travis Gilkison. I am the Chief cadet for the Manchester Fire dept. We use Cairns/MSA helmets and we will be switching to MSA SCBAs with are first new township engine in over 35 years. The firefighters use Cairns 1044 helmets and the cadets use 664 Invader helmets. We have over 75 years of fire tradition in the small town of Manchester, and the story I am telling is very sad to are town and other fire departments in the county. Just 2 days ago a former Chief of the Manchester Fire Dept passed away. Herman A. Carter was the fire chief of Manchester for 22 years and a member for over 60 years. In 1983 he was voted to be the new chief of the Manchester Fire Dept, up until 2005 when he became sick. Herman was a military man, devoted husband and father, and would do anything to help anyone he could in the town. Herman was the longest running chief in are fire department history, fighting and uncountable amount of fires in his life time. When he was chief he didn't think there was any helmet better then a Cairns and we still have many of the old leather and tin helmets from the 1950 and 60's when Herman was just a firefighter. As I said earlier, we still use Cairns helmets today as our chief still thinks they are the best. We have had two structure fires in the last two weeks which is very rare for are small town, and are Cairns 1044 helmets held up to the smoke and flames in the very hot fires. Two of are firefighters helmets were melted and black but they held up great and I will never fight a fire in anything other then a Cairns helmet. Are former Chief Herman A. Cater will be buried in his class A's and his white 1044 helmet, he will be carried on are 1991 Grumman engine. I hope anyone who read's this will prey for his family and friends. Thank you for reading my story and I hope every Firefighter and EMS worker are safe in your amazing product's. Keep Herman A. carters family in your prayers tonight. Thank you

Donald W. Coleraine, MN

Donald W. Coleraine, MN Coleraine Fire Department

I love my Cairns 1044 with the Defender Visor. The helmet fits like a baseball hat and is the most comfortable one that I have found!

Tom H. Leduc, AB

Tom H. Leduc, AB Nisku fire

We wear the Cairns 1044. These helmets provide great protection. I submitted a picture of my self when we were training probies. I like these helmets because they are light weight and provide good protection while keeping the tradition at the same time. Thank you for all your hard work and keep it up.

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH Lyme and Milton

I used my Cairns 1044 in Milton, New Hampshire at a chimney fire with extension. The chimney was only 10 feet tall but a piece of the brink fell off and hit the helmet. I didn't even feel a thing. I will only use Cairns helmets. I just don't feel safe using any other type. In fact, I got my other fire dept. Lyme to switch from a Bullard Fire Helmet to a Cairns 1044 and I'm not even an officer!

Beau S. Cridersville, OH

I had a cairns 1044 with a Defender Visor and Bourkes , and the first fire I had it on I had a piece of plaster and lathe fall from the ceiling and it only left a couple scratches on the top. AMAZING products Cairns keep up the awesome work!!

Blake K. Madison, WI

Blake K. Madison, WI Shorewood Hills Fire Department

A picture of my new Cairns 1044 next to the Q siren.

Jakob S. Garrett, IN

My name is Jakob Shultz. I am a volunteer firefighter on Corunna Fire Department. I have been in the fire service for 11 months and I am attending college for Fire Science. Our department had its one and only house fire in November, my very first house fire. During the attack, I was backup man on the nozzle inside of the home. My nozzle man went to shoot towards the ceiling, so, I crouched down to give him a better handle. As I was crouched, my nozzle man and I had a partial ceiling fall on us. At that point, we radioed the IC to evacuate everyone due to unsafe conditions. If it wasn't for my Cairns 1010 helmet and my partners Cairns 1044, we could have been seriously injured in that house, but we both made it out safely. After a little clean up job, our helmets look good as new and are still being used today.

Tom H. Leduc, AB

Tom H. Leduc, AB Nisku Fire department

this is a photo of us welcoming the troops home at the local airport. we all wear the Cairns 1044 helmet great helmets and they take a beating. wouldn't trust any others . i had an opportunity to tour the test labs recently and i am proud to see the testing and technology that goes into these products thanks for your hard work.

William P. Foster, RI

I have been a Volunteer firefighter at Foster Center for 10 years and have loved it. I started as a junior firefighter and I am now the Rescue Captain there. I have a Cairns 1044 right now for a helmet and I love it. I always wanted a Leather New Yorker helmet from Cairns. Your helmets are the best out there and that's a fact.

Rob T. Tilbury, ON

Rob T. Tilbury, ON Chatham-Kent Fire Rescue

Myself Wearing my Cairns 1044 seen some action!

Jeremy A. Bradford, NY

Jeremy A. Bradford, NY Bradford Vol. Fire Co.

Last year i just Cairns 1044 helmet with my fire company i thought it was the most comfortable helmet in the world i felt really safe with it. On one cold winter day my fire co got called out to a 3rd alarm fire when we got there we tamed the fire as they were venting the roof me and my crew were checking hot spots in the wall when all a sudden i felt something hit my head as i looked up there was a hole in the roof. Come to find out it was the 4x4 squared piece of the roof that had hit me i was never injured but ever since i trust Cairns with my life.

Rob T. Tilbury, ON

Rob  T. Tilbury, ON Chatham-Kent Fire

On entering a house fire for an interior attack, me and my partner were pulling in a 1 3/4 hand line when a door way and some ceiling fell striking both our Cairns Fire Helmets, My Cairns 1044 and his Cairns 1010 stood up to this falling debris with out injuring us at all!

John T. Columbus, IN

I bought my first leather in 91 first year as a volunteer. Worked 7 years volunteer then went full time in 98 worn it till last month. Had to buy a 1044 could not afford a new leather would have loved another just hard being married with kids to justify spending that much on another one. Best old helmet hated to hang up.

john s. middleburgh, NY

john s. middleburgh, NY Middleburgh fire dept

I have been a volunteer firefighter and when I started out I went and bought my very own Cairns 1010 (black) helmet. Well that being 10 years ago....that black helmet now hangs on my living room wall. That helmet had seen many going calls and one that stands out, is the fire on Easter morning 2006. This fire was indeed the one that put that helmet on my wall in the first place. That fire was reported around 7am and was 2 doors down from the house I was raised in. The fire was reported as a working fire with entrapment of two elderly people, in the fire filled apartment. At the time, I was the dept Lieutenant and just changed the shield and stayed with my Cairns 1010...well at the fire FF Burton and myself entered the rear of the apartment doing S&R and found and pulled both unconscious parties to safety. At which time was turned over to waiting ems, and both parties did make it. But as for the helmet itself, well it took a real beating at the fire. At some point the rear brim, failed and cracked. The same helmet was in service for about one week there after, in wait for my new helmet and even seen one more fire call a brush fire where the bourke saved my eye when the chainsaw failed and took a bit out of the bourke. Now that I'm Asst Chief I still run with a Cairns 1010, just white now. My members now run with the 1044 defender-bourkes combo and love them. I will never own anything other then a CAIRNS! Your helmet let me to do my job on that Easter morning, as your helmet did it's job!

robert h. alexander, AK

robert h. alexander, AK crystal fire dept

i have owned a cairns 1044 w/ burkes now for the last 5 1/2 years i bought this helmet at 16 as a jr. firefighter i love this helmet it has gone though hell and back i used it at rookie school at the age of 18 and its been used on a few different depts i was on or ran with now its not yellow any more its smoked up black now and the burkes are rolled shield is started to roll up on it u cant read anything on the leather anymore i have been with crystal fire dept 5 1/2 years and this has been my lid of choice the picture i have hear is a little old i have any recent pics of my lid

TJ S. Lookout Mt, GA

TJ S. Lookout Mt, GA Davis Volunteer Fire Department

We had a 50% involved house fire. We were in over haul stage and a ceiling fell in on me. I had just gotten a Cairns 1044 a few weeks before. All I felt was a bump and I turned around to see the ceiling on the floor and my partner smiling with a pike pole in his hands saying...Your ok you had a helmet on. I have only use Cairns helmets during my time in the fire service, and it will be the only kind I ever use. I love my Cairns Helmet..

Justin M. Suisun, CA

Justin M. Suisun, CA Suisun City Fire Department

I'm currently in my 3rd year in the fire service and at my department we are issued a helmet for our probationary period and once we pass that we can purchase a helmet of our choice. When it came time for me to decide I went with the Cairns 1044. I love this helmet. It looks good, feels good, and offers great protection for the day to day hazards I encounter. I'm sure that throughout my career there will be a Cairns helmet on my head.

Stephen G. Canton, CT

Stephen G. Canton, CT Canton Fire and Ems

I just recently became a firefighter in the town of canton after being a fire cadet for 4 years. When i became a regular i was issued a Cairns 1044 helmet. I used the fold down eye protection "the ones built in to the helmet" many a time on car accidents. One bad crash i was put in charge of cutting and breaking the windows and the the built in eye protection protected me from all of the debris that was around. it also protected many of the other guys around me. we love your products and thanks for keeping us safe in the line of duty.

John S. Glade Hill, VA

My unit was the first arriving company on a small, single story, wood-frame, residential structure in a rural part of our county. It was approximately 0400 in the morning and there were vehicles in the driveway. We had strong suspicions that someone may be home inside the residence. Upon arrival smoke and fire was showing from the Alpha/Delta corner of the structure. Myself and another firefighter forced entry through the front door and proceeded into the house. We made our way through the living room and then down the hall towards the fire. We started pushing the fire back and were making good progress on knocking it down. We entered the first bedroom we came to which contained the majority of the fire. We were in the room for several minutes when the floor gave way suddenly. I fell through the floor. Fortunately the residence was built on a crawl space, so the drop was not very far. I was disoriented for a few seconds, but quickly regained my bearings. During this time more debris, including structural members and furniture fell down on top of me. My Cairns 1044 helmet helped deflect the falling debris and prevented any head injuries. The long brim on the rear of the helmet helped to prevent any burning material from getting down into my coat. My partner was quickly able to give me a hand to self-extricate from the hole and we made our way out of the house. I did suffer some second degree burns to my wrist as I pulled myself up out of the hole. The homeowners were not at home at the time of the fire and no other firefighters were injured. The fire was quickly contained by another crew. Had my Cairns 1044 helmet not performed superbly that morning, I may have been more seriously injured or killed that day. I am very pleased with the helmet and will not wear any other brand.

Jeremy C. Valatie, NY

Cairns has been a true part of my firefighting career. I have only chosen cairns for my helmets and would not have any other helmet as part of my protection. I have been a firefighter for 16 years and am a vol. and a paid staff at a combi dept. I have older style 1010 and a 1044 as my gear for those dept. Cairns is the best in the market for helmets.

Bill C. Freeville , NY

I have used cairns helmets for 30 years, my first one was a yellow 770 Philadelphian, then after ten years went to the 660C Metro in black, those two helmets with face shield saw many structure fires with debris falling on my head many times, and the face shield protected my eyes from broken glass at structure fires and motor vehicle wrecks. I now wear a Cairns 1044 white with face shield, and must honestly say that i have tried on other brands of helmets, but always use the cairns for quality and comfort.

Dale B. Edwards, NY

The Edwards Fire Department was holding an Open House in October when one of our new members was cutting on a mini-van when a cutter owned by Harrisville FD sheared a nut on the cutter and took the member in the shield of his Cairns 1044. If this shield had not been down as trained while running tools he would have been hit in the forehead and could have caused so major damage.

Chad B. Watertown, SD

A bunch of guys at work ordered the 1044. My wife wants the kitchen re-modeled. Needless to say I didn't order a 1044. Someday I'll order one. But, with every passing day I'm missing out on valuable, hard earned scuffs and scratches!!! When I hand it down to my son I don't want him thinking I spent ALL of my time on the ambulance and none of it on a truck!!!

Bennie M. San Antonio, TX

I have worn Cairns Helmets for almost 20 years and have purchased a 1010, 1044, and an N6A Houston within the last 15 years. These helmets have protected me during the 13 years that I was assigned to the Heavy Rescue Team in the SAFD. I still use your helmet and purchased an N6A Houston leather helmet about 2 years ago for use during training of cadets for the San Antonio Fire Department.

Preston R. Sale Creek, TN

I am currently the owner of two Cairns helmets, one 1010 and one 1044. I have always wore Ben 2's until a close friend of mine was involved in a line of duty death. He is one of the chiefs of a neighboring department and made an attempt to save the firefighter that was killed in the line of duty when the floor he was on collapsed into the burning basement. My friend, the chief, risked his own life to attempt to pull the firefighter to safety but was unsuccessful. He suffered severe burns to his ears but the rest of his head was saved thanks to a Cairns. This event lead me to buy my 1010 and I was so impressed with it I bought the 1044. I stand behind Cairns 100% and recommend them to everyone.

Daniel W. Purlear, NC

Daniel W. Purlear, NC Millers Creek Fire Department

A member of our department, who was a captain at the time, was healing a ladder for a crew to come off the roof of a structure. One of the crew members on the roof was lowering a roof ladder and let the rope slip. The roof ladder struck the captain in the head and nearly knocked him out but thanks to his Cairns 1044 he suffered no serious injuries.

Craig H. Orrville, OH

Craig  H. Orrville, OH Orrville Fire Department

It was my first working structure fire on the job I was riding as a proby on the first out engine, in the hydrant position. It was a rural garage fire, en-route to the scene the firefighter in the attack position turned on his air pack and realized that his tank was empty! I was automatically placed into his attack position by our assistant chief on the engine! arriving on scene we had a well involved garage fire, I pulled the nozzle off the engine, tossed it over my shoulder, put my head down and proceeded to advance the line. Moving at a good rate I ran head first in to a utility pole! I hit the pole so hard it knocked me back onto my rear and my helmet was knocked off my head! After shaking off the blow I proceeded to put my helmet back on and extinguish the structure. Had I not been wearing my Cairns 1044 I would probably still be seeing stars! I have since been wearing that same helmet for the last four years, and i love it! Well done Cairns thank you!!