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Charles S. souix falls, SD

Charles S. souix falls, SD WVFD

Cairns Helmets from 1970's and 1940 aluminum, My story Cairns 1010 black fire helmet saved my skull from burns and falling debris, numerous times to many to reacll all of them. Thanks MSA

Adam "Bo" Y. Carbon, IN


I am a second generation fireman. My dad is a career captain. I started when I was 16 and wore a 1010, shortly after I got my 880 for a Christmas gift. Two years and another department later, I'm still wearing my 880 and will never wear a different kind of helmet.

Jake E. Lillington, NC

Jake E. Lillington, NC Summerville Fire Department

The photo of this Cairns 1010 with the defender and bourkes is the result of a flash-over thankfully no one was seriously injured, just minor burns. Cairns makes a awesome product definitely the best helmets on the market

Teddy W. Bridgeville, PA

I love cairns Helmets. They have always stood up to everything i put them through from my 880, 1010 and my New Yorker leather. Excellent products and great company. I love the history and like collecting helmets from cairns.

Jeffery R. Kannapolis, NC

As a kid growing up there was nothing in this world I wanted more then to be a firefighter. From the start there was no hope for me being anything other then a firefighter because I was raised in it. While other 5,6,and 7 year old kids were climbing out of bed to watch their favoite saturday morning cartoons, yeah but not me I was up and ready to go to the fire department with my dad.I would help do truck checks, sweep the bays,wash the trucks, roll hose, anything that had to do with being a firefighter.The first fire helmet I ever put on my head was a Cairns 660,my dad still has the picture somewhere as he often reminds me of those day but that little boy grew up and became of age to join the fire service as Jr firefighter at the age of 16. I still remember that night like it was last night as the officer over PPE started chunking bunker gear boots gloves hoods saying try this on and then he tossed out a box with a helmet in it. It was a brand new still in the plastic 1010 the guys said it looked as if I had unwapped a gold nugget so now it off to classes getting certified before reaching the age of 18 so by this time I have graduated high school in 2003 and recived my state FF certs for all my hard work for christmas my dad rewarded me with a brand new N6A Sam Houston that I still wear today at my career department this fine hand crafted helmet has saved my head more then once and is now about to be a shelf piece but all my years in an around the fire service Cairns by far makes the best fire helmets and thank you for what yall do.

Pedro V. Elk grove, CA

Pedro V. Elk grove, CA East contra costa fire

While doing a 360 walk around at fully involved structure fire, i was so focused on the job at hand that i did not notice a low tree branch, all i felt was a hit and got trown back my cairns helmet protected me from hitting the tree branch and i was able to get up and continue with the task at hand, to put the fire out and protect the adjacent structures.

Michael H. New Braunfels, TX

A few years ago I worked for the US Dept of State for the Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. Many times we would respond to Indirect Fire (IDF) incidents within the "green zone" and Regional Embassy Offices. Some of the responses were to car bombs at the check points. While we were issued Kevlar helmets I always found more peace in wearing my Cairns 1010. To my amazement that would be tested one day. One particular day we were being bombarded with rockets and mortars. Due to several reported fires from the attack I donned my turnouts with my 1010. While fighting an Army mechanic shop fire we took several more rounds. Some of the shrapnel hit us during the event. We made a quick knock down and went to a hard structure for safety. While inside a safe structure I looked at my helmet and saw a piece of shrapnel stuck in it. I quickly looked inside the shell and it did NOT penetrate the helmet. For that reason I, and my family, am thankful for my Cairns!

Donald G. Talking Rock, GA

Donald G. Talking Rock, GA City of Woodstock FD, Woodstock, GA

A few years ago, I had got off shift and was driving home in my pick up truck. As I entered a left hand blind curve, a car was coming from the other direction but in my lane. I jerked the wheel to the right to avoid an impact but it was too late. The car hit just behind the drivers door and hit the rear wheel. The impact broke the drive shaft, severed the parking brake cable and drove the leaf springs up through the bed. It spun me around so that I was now facing the drivers door of the car that hit me. I jumped out to check on the driver, but as soon as I took my foot off the brake, the truck would roll towards the car. No drive shaft for gears, no parking brake....what to do? I grabbed my Cairns 1010 sitting in the passenger floor now and tossed it under the drivers side rear wheel. A perfect chock to hold the truck so that I could render aid to the driver of the car. That helmet has since been retired, replaced with another Cairns 1010.

Thomas M. Murfreesboro, TN

Thomas M. Murfreesboro, TN LVFD

I have had my Cairns 1010 for two years and it is the most comfortable I have ever worn! Keep up the good work!

Lance S. Allentown, PA

Lance S. Allentown, PA Fountain Hill Fire Department

Cairns has been an intergal part of my firefighting career. I started off with a Cairns 660 Metro. I then bought my own Cairns 1044 and got plenty of use out of that helmet until I was recently promoted to EMS Lieutenant. I now wear an orange Cairns 1010 Defender. I have never trusted anything else but Cairns for my protection. Thank you for making such a great product. Please keep up the superior craftsmanship. The attached photo I have titled "The corporate ladder".

Jeremy W. Dallas, NC

Jeremy W. Dallas, NC Spencer Mountain Road VFD

Hello everybody my name is Jeremy i have grown up in the fire service. my father is a veteran of 25 years in it. And throughout his and my career in it we have always relied Cairns helmets. As of now he has a 1010 and I have a 1044 my first helmet that he gave to me is a 1010 that i have hanging up on my wall. One day i hope to be able to have the honor of wearing a new yorker.

Gabriel D. Georgetown, TX

Back in 2008 I was in the Fire Academy. We were in live burn weeks and doing nothing but live burn car fire dumpster fire house fire and a hotel fire. When we were in one of the house fire skills a piece of the roof feel off and hit me in the head at the time i didnt know that it cracked my helmet I had a Cairns 1010 that I had got from my father for my birthday. when we got out of the fire I looked at my helmet and could not see or feel the crack. The next thing we did was the Flash over chamber. I went in with the helmet. I could feel the heat on my head. It wasnt alot. when we got out I saw that the top of my helmet was melted and the inside was burned. It never burned thro I was really lucky ever since then I have had cairns helmets untill now my department has morning pride and I just dont have the money to buy a cairns yet

Mark B. Milwaukee, WI

I have been a pround owner of carins products since I got into the fire service 6 years ago. I started with a 1010 then went to a 880 when wy department swithced to a different manufacturers helmet. I then moved up to a '91 new yorker that I refinished myself. I love this helmet but fear I will have to retire it due to it not meeting requirements. In my eyes carins products are the gold stadard when it comes to technology, comfort, and customer service.

Tyler S. Lexington, KY

I was on a working fire last summer during the overhaul stage of a single story shotgun style home with several additions over the years. While operating a member of the crew i was operating pulled a ceiling joist down while pulling ceilings and the joist came straight down on top of my N6A and other than seeing a few stars and stumbling a bit from the confusion associated with the sudden hit i was able to continue operating at the scene. My Leather helmet took the hit and shows no signs of damage. I own three Cairns Helmets a 1044 w/defender that i purchased to where at my volunteer house which has since been turned into a training helmet i wear to Live fire classes. This helmet has exceeded all expectations and more. I was issued a 1010 by my employer and loved it up until i purchased my N6A. Thank you for making such a great product.

Doug C. Independence, KY

I have been a Cairns customer for the past 20 years and love the way they fit and most of all the quality, look and design of the helmets. I currently have a Cairns 1010 and hope to be the proud owner of a Leather New Yorker some day. Thank you for protecting us and representing the Fire Service.

Marty M. Dallas, TX

In 2006 our engine was dispatched on a second alarm for a working grain silo fire. Upon arrival there was heavy black smoke pouring from the third story windows. Command immediately assigned our engine to rapid intervention for crews trapped on the third floor. I ordered my crew to throw a 35ft ladder to the third floor to start providing escape routes for the fire fighters working on that floor. Just as we had the ladder raised, but not locked in, a master stream was introduced from the other side of the building trying to cover the escape of the fire fighters. The tactic projected large chunks of metal from the fire floor out our window. We were quickly being rained on by metal weighing up to 25lbs, of various shapes and jagged edges. The largest piece struck the halyard man directly in his Cairns 1010 helmet. He was visibly shocked and lost control of the halyard. Meanwhile, all four of us were still taking direct hits from metal ourselves. The incident did result in a serious thumb injury to one crew member. With that said, it is my belief that without quality helmets, my halyard man would have sustained brain injuries. He was able to complete his shift, after we issued him a new helmet, as the incident did crack his helmet. More than that though, we all were able to complete the ladder raise, evacuate our injured fire fighters from the scene. I have refused to wear anything but a Cairns ever since. Marty Mayes, Captain Retired

Jason D. Kent City, MI

My Cairns 1010 has kept me safe in every situation I have ever been in. I have had drywall and hot ember fall on my helmet with no injury to myself. Thankfully, I have never had to put my helmet to any extreme tests. I have endured countless extrication and extrication practices with injury to myself or my colleges - as we all wear the Cairns 1010. Thank you for making such a great product while still making it affordable for departments to purchase for their members.

Adam L. Southport, NC

Adam L. Southport, NC Boiling Spring Lakes Fire Rescue

This is a picture of me at a control burn in Pinehurst, NC in 2005. This was not long after I had completed DOD fire school through the USAF. I'm wearing a Cairns 1010 with Bourke Eye Shields that I had installed. This helmet was my first helmet I was issued when I first started in the fire service. I still own and use this helmet today.

James M. Roselle Park, NJ

About 10 years ago, my fire department responded to a reported fire in a 2 story occupied garden apartment complex. Upon arrival, smoke was visible from several windows on division 2. My engine crew of 4 secured a water supply and stretched a 1/34" preconnect to the apartment door and forced entry and did a primary search of the fire apartment which was negative. The crew then began to knock down the fire which was discovered in the kitchen. I was the lead fireman on the nozzle. As I was applying water on the fire, I heard what I thought sounded like rocks hitting my helmet and face shield. About 10 minutes into the job, the fire was knocked down and my crew retreated to the exterior where I discovered my entire helmet and face shield was covered in molten jelly/jam. The jelly/jam jar apparently exploded when the cold water from the nozzle hit it. The jar pieces were later found on the kitchen counter in the area of fire origin. I escaped with nothing more than some redness just below the helmet brim. There is no question in my mind that if I had not been wearing my Cairns 1010 helmet I would have suffered severe burns injuries to my head and face. Also, this same helmet has served me faithfully for many years after this event. Thank you for permitting me to tell my story. Your superior firemen products are outstanding! Sincerely, James D. McCrady.

David S. Valatie, NY

David S. Valatie, NY Niverville Fire Department

I am a 15 year member of the Fire Service. My career so far has been filled with Cairns. From the first time that I put on my fathers helmet which is when I became hooked on Cairns. I will never choose anything else. I own six of my own helmets. I also have a Cairns charm that I wear on my necklace with my St. Flourian for good luck. My love for Cairns has been picked up by my Fire Department. My Chief just purchased new Cairns 1010s for every Firefighter. We all are proud of the Cairns name. Thank you for keeping me safe in the past and in the future.

James B. Assonet, MA

I am a huge fan of Cairns helmets and trust their superior quality. They are not only very comfortable but they are also light weight. In regards to the safety of these helmets, I can recall several incidents where my helmet protected me. However, 1 specific occasion comes to mind. In 1999 I was fighting a set fire in a restaurant and the drywall ceiling came down on myself and my partner. Lucky, I was wearing my Cairns 1010 and walked away without a scratch. THANK YOU CAIRNS!!!

Matt W. McEwen, TN

Matt W. McEwen, TN McEwen Fire Department

I bought my Cairns 1010 in 2001 when I joined the Castile Fire Department in Western N.Y. for three years. Then, I moved to Tennessee in 2004 where I joined the McEwen Fire Department. Over the past ten years my helmet has seen multiple incidents. One of the most memorable incidents happened in the winter of 2009 - 2010 where we were paged out for a working structure fire. I was in our first engine out. On arrival, we had heavy smoke and flames showing from a two story house. Myself and another firefighter made entry and an initial attack in the basement where the majority of the fire was located. During the initial attack, my helmet received heavy heat and smoke damage. The basement and first story of the house had heavy damage. The second story was a save from fire extension. The house had little content, because it was in the finishing steps of construction. Being a rural fire department, we had two mutual aided tankers to the scene. We operated on-scene for approximately two hours. This is mainly where my helmet received its appearance. This helmet is still in-service today.

Daniel F. Verona, PA

Daniel F. Verona, PA Unity VFD Station 233

Over the past five years I’ve been in the Fire service. I have seen and have learned many new things. But, during my experiences I have become heavily reliant on MSA products from SCBAs, helmets, and goggles to a MSA CO Detector that was attached to a First in bag that alerted us of high levels when there was no indication of a problem since we were sent there for a elderly man who had falling and was injured. And, the other time when my crew and I were overhauling after a residential fire and part of the ceiling came crashing down on my head. Luckily enough, I was not injured because my Cairns 1010 did its job. I would like to thank you guys for everything that you do to keep us safe.

Dan F. Verona, PA

I have used Cairns helmets for the past 5 years. The dependability of these helmets are excellent. From the Structural 360S to my Cairns 1010, I believe these products are the best on the market. Thanks for all that you do.

Dustin D. Glendale Springs, NC

After years of using Bullard and not having the option of using a Cairns, our department finally agreed on going with Cairns helmets, and I'm so happy now! It's been a long time coming. I finally have a black Cairns 1010 with a Defender Visor with Bourkes Eye Shield! I had to literally beg and plead for it. I melted my Bullard in a training fire, and later when we ordered new turnout gear I was calling around for prices and arranging for dealers to come and give us a demonstration for different types of gear. We had enough grant money to order 3 sets of gear, and then he asked us about what type of helmets we needed. The other guys said just give us the regular helmets, and then I spoke up. It was my only chance to get a Cairns. I said the only helmet I trust and the only helmet that's built to last and take the heat is the Cairns Traditional Composite Fire helmets, and I went on telling them about the safety feature where the helmet shell can flip off and the inner shell stays fastened to your head and your still protected. Immediately the dealer throws in his two cents and says "you should get the Morning Pride Ben-2." "It's the toughest helmet on the market and it has a safety feature where the chin strap pops loose. If you have a situation where you fall through the floor and the back brim catches something so it doesn't break your neck." And I'm thinking shut up. Don't ruin this for me; I want Cairns. He just wanted us to buy his line of helmets to get himself more of a commission. I said the Ben-2 may have a break away chin strap but how does that protect your head when you fall through the floor after it breaks away. Your no longer protected, but the Cairns breaks away leaving the inner shell still on your head and you still have protection! I trust Cairns, you can keep your Ben-2. He looked puzzled, but the other guys saw that the Cairns had way better safety features. The next thing I know we ordered 4 Cairns 1010s. And in the future, each time we order gear we are going with Cairns! When you are in a firehouse with a bunch of narrow minded guys who don't wanna spend a few extra bucks for safety and you finally get them to go with a Cairns it's nothing short of a miracle! But I wanna say Cairns is the best helmet ever made! It's truly the firefighters helmet.

Ralston S. Lenoir, NC

Hello my name is Ralston, I wanted to say thank you for all you do in the Fire service!!! How you supply firefighters all over the world with gear and everything else that helps them do their job better. But I am a firefighter at my Department, North Catawba, and love every minute of it. Thanks everyone that has something to do with the Fire service everyday!! I know when I work I thank my personal Lord and savior for giving me another day to serve him as a fireman and child of God. But Cairns has protected me for along time as I go about my duty as a fireman. But I am thankful that Cairns has protected my Dad (my hero) as he has been a firefighter for 23 Years now and he has loved his cairns 1010. But it has been put up to the test against fire, heat, and everything! It is a outstanding helmet. But thank you guys for your time and God bless you all for what you do! Your brother in the fire service, Ralston.

Stephen D. Sheet Harbour, NS

Stephen D. Sheet Harbour, NS Halifax Fire Department

Different brothers will watch my back but only a Cairns can cover my head. The 660C Metro was great. I love my 1010; covered me in a bale out a window one nasty day. Hope to be wearing a white leather some day. The best helmet there is. Stay safe brothers.

Craig H. Coolville, OH

My Cairns story I guess is short since my department currently wears a different brand of traditional helmet which will hopefully change with this years AFG. However, I did a short tour with a neighboring dept. I had a Cairns 1010 which I will say felt much lighter and stronger. I've noticed they did not chip or crack as easy as the ones we have now and those 1010s have had a hard life but they did their job and did it well. Happy 175th Cairns keep up the great tradition.

Byron G. Liberty, NC

Byron G. Liberty, NC Chapel Hill Fire Department

When I began my fire service career over 25 years ago, I quickly became interested in the history and tradition associated with the job. I began collecting antique fire equipment early on, and I enjoy sharing that part of the history with younger firefighters as they get started. The helmets pictured are part of my collection, some of which I have worn throughout my career. Left to right are a Cairns 350 Aluminum Senator, a Cairns Classic 1000 that I used for many years as a Live Fire Instructor, a Cairns Leather War Baby complete with a letter from a Cairns family member describing the history behind that model, a Cairns 1010 that I currently wear as a Senior Captain with Chapel Hill, a brand new Cairns N6A Sam Houston ready for service, a Cairns Metro 660C that was my first helmet at Chapel Hill, and my pride & joy - a Cairns N5A New Yorker painted Carolina Blue with our IAFF Local Ram Mascot on the front. Enjoy the picture, remember the history & tradition, and Be Safe!

Jason R. Bristol, CT

Jason R. Bristol, CT Town of Canton Volunteer Fire and EMS

Our department uses the cairns 1010 or 1044 for our protection of choice, I've had my 1010 now for 6 years and it has protected me from all sorts of hazards, but one in particular was a house fire we fought on a February morning. All was going to plan until a good amount of ceiling tiles came down on me and my partner; most striking me in the head. Thanks to my Cairns helmet I walked away without a scratch. THANK YOU CAIRNS.

Greg S. Bothwell, ON

I have a Cairns 1010 that I wear on every call I go on. My dad who was the past Chief at our hall told me I had to have to wear it to be safe so that he knows I'm safe. He wore Cairns helmets for 25 years before he retired and now the tradition carries on with me wearing one hopefully for another 25 years. No other helmet goes on my head, keep up the great work! Be safe and god bless :)

Billy W. hopewell, NJ

Billy W. hopewell, NJ Hopewell Fire department and EMU

I don't have many stories from firefighting since I'm just a year into it, but 2 do stick out, the first was when I was a junior (Foreman I believe, rockin a blue 1044) and I hadn't eaten, footing a ladder for our drill when everything goes dark, I passed out. kinda rolled off my deputy (now the chief) chief and smashed on the ground. Lost the lid after I hit but the way I landed it was a good thing. The second one is similar, graduated to my black 1010, middle of firefighter one. A friend Anthony and myself were told to search the room, while the hose team sits at the door waiting for an all clear, trying to be hot shots in the small room, we went separate ways, well he kinda forgot me and got back to the hose team that it was clear, lets just say I was between the training prop and the hose team and the nozzleman didn't quite understand hitting the ceiling, smashed my head on the prop and cracked my visor (hit like square on the thumbwheel, I'm surprised i didn't break that. Well sorry I couldn't bring the shock and awe into your competition but that's the best I've got. Thanks for making great helmets. That not only help in a fire, but when your just starting out and make the mistakes that shape you as a person.

Nicholas B. Lyme, NH

My fire department just recently bought new Cairns 1044s. I already had the Cairns 1010 and loved it. Best helmet. Fits perfect, but its getting old and I have no money to replace it with recent things moneys been getting short. Me and my dad were inside a building checking for an alarm in the boiler room and a tool feel off the top shelf; well thank God I had the helmet on.

Dustin M. Tar Heel, NC

We were fighting a structure fire. When the ceiling fell it hit one of my buddies in the head. If it wouldn't have been for his Cairns 1010 helmet, he wouldn't be here right now. It's gotta be a miracle the great things that yall do. I just want to say thank u for the great gear and pride in your work.

Doug S. New Castle, PA

I have worn a Cairns 1010 since I joined the fire service, I have heard guys say that they are uncomfortable, and they had switched over to a Mornin Glory helmet because of comfort. The helmets I have worn have actually I think have kept me from seizures on a fire scene, or on the scene of accidents, due to the fact that I am a clumsy person, I'll drop something even if I have firm grip on the piece. Also, I can be walking slow, and carefully on a road that is covered in ice, and I will slip and fall on my left hip, with my head hitting the ground at a quick pace, as I land. The seizures I get I can not control, and also I do not know when I have one coming, and the seizures are linked to the stem of my brain, and something hitting my head can cause a seizure,but also stress can even cause one. I think the number of times I have fallen on the roads and on ice, even at fires alone, and my head with the Cairns 1010 helmet on has actually kept me safer than without that helmet, as some members do at my department.

Ronni B. Wetumpka, AL

Ronni B. Wetumpka, AL Wetumpka Fire Department

On September 12, 2007, I respond to a structure fire as a Lieutenant (Orange 1010 Helmet) with the Wetumpka Fire Department. On arrival we found heavy fire in the back of the structure. Me and and a probationary firefighter (with a brand spanking new yellow Cairns 1444 helmet) entered the structure and began to work or way to the seat of the fire. As we were going down the hallway towards the bedrooms, the hallway flashed. All we could do was flow as much water as possible and try to get to the seat of the fire. When we exited the structure upon knocking the fire down, we had a chance to look at our helmets. It was then that we noticed ALL the reflectors had been burned off along with some of the paint on mine and some major discoloration to his. Fortunately neither one of us suffered any burns and all credit is due to Cairns for making such a great helmet.

Adam H. Wexford, PA

Adam H. Wexford, PA Marshall Township VFD

My name is Adam Hartwig, I have been a Firefighter for 5 years now. I go to school at Penn State Erie, and while I am at school I volunteer as a FF/EMT as well. This past year I responded to the Union City Fire where a structural collapse sent debris flying onto the top of our engine and onto me and my partner. My Cairns 1010 saved me from becoming seriously injured (The picture shown is myself on the Left and my partner on the Right just after the collapse of the Bravo side of the structure when debris rained down on us). In a second incident last winter, I was returning to the Fire House in the ambulance from picking up hose from a structure fire we were on. I came across a vehicle into a guard rail on a dark windy road. I put the emergency lights and stopped to provide aid. While providing aid, I was attempting to walk to the back of the vehicle to get road flares when I slipped on ice. My feet went up in the air, and my head hit off the ambulance, and then I hit the ground. My Cairns 1010 took most of the blow, cracking it. However, my partner said that I was out for 30s to a minute. This incident resulted in 4 months of time off, being drove around my family and friends, and still today headaches and problems.

Dustin S. Hershey, PA

Dustin S. Hershey, PA Middletown Volunteer Fire Department

Cairns 1010 - company issued

Dan F. Verona, PA

In the 5 years I have worked in Fire/EMS I have trusted only one Helmet Company and that would be MSA. In the fire department I wear a Cairns 1010 and performing in EMS I choose to wear Cairns Rescue 360R. MSA has the best products on the market and I wouldn’t want to wear anything else other than MSA.

Jacob E. Jasper, GA

Jacob E. Jasper, GA Hinton Volunteer Fire Department

Firefighter Jacob Edwards with the Hinton Fire Department in the turnout gear with red/silver triple trim wearing a Cairns 1010 with Bourke eye shields during a training session



Rich F. Shawnigan Lake, BC

The traditional helmet is the best their is - it looks good! Its safe and sets the standard.

Michael P. Edwardsville, IL

At FDIC a few years back each of the tables in the after show meet and greet had different Cairns helmets on them. Our table had a great looking black Cairns 1010 with Defender eye protection. I decided to put the helmet on and wear it around while getting food and beverages. I had several firefighters ask me questions about the helmet and the eye protection in particular. Being very familiar with the helmet, I proceeded to answer their questions and show them the defender operation. While standing back at our table one of the firefighters I had explained the helmet to came back by. He advised me that he was the Chief of his department and wanted to advise me that based on our conversation his department was switching helmets and wanted to know who he needed to contact to place an order. He thought I WORKED for Cairns. I explained to him what had happened and we enjoyed a good laugh. He told me that he had never had a sales person explain the helmet to him so well and show him the operation and quirks of the defender eye protection. We tracked down a real Cairns sales person and they began to talk. I'd like to think that I helped this department replace their other helmets with, in my opinion, the more superior Cairns 1010 with Defender eye protection. It would be awesome after these years if I could win a Cairns myself.

Tom F. Raywick, KY

During an acquired structure burn October 24, 2010 we had an incident causing the ceiling to collapse. Five firefighters were approximately fifteen feet into the structure at the time of the collapse. A firefighter and myself were manning a backup line at this time. As the ceiling fell it hit the rear brim of the firefighter backing up the nozzleman on the attack line. The firefighter that was struck by the debris was able to remove his self from the structure with only some shoulder bruising. As we examined his Cairns 1010, it was quickly observed that the liner/shell had performed as designed. The shell rotated back, leaving the liner intact on the firefighters head saving him from incurring a certain neck injury.

John M. Horseheads, NY

Been in the fire service for 26 years. Been wearing a Cairns helmet for 24 of them. From a 660C Metro to a Cairns 1010 to a N5A New Yorker. I love the product. Good job Cairns and MSA.

Matthew B. Windsor, ON

Matthew B. Windsor, ON Windsor Fire & Rescue

I have been fortunate enough to work in the Fire service for 30 years. During that time I have collected many fire related items, especially helmets. This helmet is the prize. I looked long and hard to locate a leather high eagle N5A New Yorker helmet. I was always too late or too little on the money. I finally succeeded two years ago when it all came together and I was in the right place at the right time. The helmet is dated 1773 but I believe this is a commemorative date. The front piece shield has only the number 14 on it and no identifying fire company or city. I understand that it may have been a presentation piece given for recognition however, there was little that the previous owner knew about the origin. It appears to be the style used in the 1880s although there is no date of manufacture. The interior leather looks very old and the vent button is marked Cairns and Bros. Nonetheless, it caps off a career that started with a model 770 Philadelphian, 660C Metro, Cairns 1010, and finally a B-TRD as a Captain, all of which are part of my collection. I was lucky in that I never had to use the capabilities of the helmets, but I knew it was always there, on top.

Mark L. Palm Coast, FL

Mark L. Palm Coast, FL Flagler County Fire & Rescue

We used to wear 660C Metros but then in 2001 after 9-11 we started to switch to the 1010s. First the officers and then the rest switched over. I myself bought a black 1010 & then a White 1010 when I became Chief, I still have both. I have tried others but the comfort of Cairns is just better than the rest.

Joshua H. Mt. Pleasant, PA

Joshua H. Mt. Pleasant, PA Mt. Pleasant V.F.D

This is a picture of myself wearing my Cairns 1010, doing extraction of a PT Cruiser from a vehicle accident.

Joe C. Saginaw, MI

Joe C. Saginaw, MI Saginaw Township Fire Department

Every day I go to work, every time i put on my gear and get on that rig, whether its a disregarded fire alarm or a fully involved structure fire my life depends on my Cairns 1010. The Quality and dependability of Cairns helmets puts my mind at ease so that I can focus on saving someone else's life and or property. Keep up the good work and awesome tradition!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Adam S. St. Louis, MO

Adam S. St. Louis, MO St. Louis City Fire Department

Responded to a call for wiring (2 company response) in a one story brick shotgun style home, upon arrival we found heavy smoke pushing from the front of the house and were being told that there was a person possibly inside, we called for a first alarm assignment. Riding lead off, I stretched an 1 3/4" line to the front door and made entry. As soon as we made entry we realized we were going into the home of a hoarder and there was a lot of debris to crawl across. I was about 25 feet into the house and found heavy heat and fire coming from a basement stair case. I started attacking the flames and advancing the line down the stairs when the line went limp on me and my company. Flames re-emerged and overtook my company as we retreated to the front door. The temperature at the time of the fire was about 10F and had caused our initial hydrant to be frozen. The 4th responding company assisted to make the plug and we were able to attack the flames again. There ended up not being any trapped occupants and the fire was brought under control in about 25 minutes with a lot of overhaul from the materials in the home. My Cairns 1010 helmet saved my scalp unfortunately my hood didn't provide as much protection and I sustained some burns around my mask seal. The Post Dispatch had this article about the fire,

Pat L. Middletown, DE

Pat L. Middletown, DE Volunteer Hose Company Of Middletown

I joined the fire house at the age of 15. When I turned 16 I got a brand new Cairns 1010. I was involved in a basement fire when I was 17 and burnt my helmet up, but I was protect from being burnt. Here is the picture of the helmet.

Shane N. Jasper, GA

Shane N. Jasper, GA Hinton Volunteer Fire Department

Sergeant Shane Nelson Wearing a Cairns 1010 with amber Bourkes.

Justin R. Lima, OH

Was fighting a two story balloon frame construction fire with the first floor room on fire. While attacking the fire a ceiling fan and some drywall fell directly on top of my Cairns 1010. If it had not been for the helmet I would have been seriously injured.

Thomas M. Murfeesboro, TN

Thomas M. Murfeesboro, TN Lascassas Volunteer Fire Department

We had recently had a structure fire Monday and my partner went in to hit the final hot spots and my Cairns 1010 was very comfortable and it very well protected my head from the nails sticking out of the burnt up frame. So thank you all keep up the good work.

Rob C. Guerneville, CA

Rob C. Guerneville, CA Russian River Fire Protection District

I have been using Cairns helmets since my fire service career began in 1991. I currently have the newer style 880. Prior to that I was using a Cairns 1010. When the Cairns 880 came back, I didn't hesitate. I really like the traditional look. It is a well balanced comfortable wearing helmet.

Michael H. Pottstown, PA

My dept. has Cairns 1010s. Mine is beat up, but but it is like a Timex. I have had boards hit my helmet drywall, tools, bricks. My helmet got chips, and cracks in it but my head never got hurt.

Timothy G. Schenectady, NY

Back in the summer of 2004, I responded to a house struck by lightning. I was on the third-due apparatus (a ETA/engine-tanker) and saw dark smoke pushing from the eaves on either side of the house. I went inside with a pike pole and the first handline. All of us were in full PPE and SCBAs. At the time, I was wearing a Cairns 1010 with Bourke Eye Shields. I started to pull down walls and ceilings to find the fire. Eventually, I found the fire and the handline started to extinguish it throughout the second floor. At the same time, we had a team working on the roof above us performing ventilation. Throughout the next ten minutes of these operations going on, I hooked up with the hose team to check on their progress. The smoke was dim and white so I was able to stand. While I stood there, something fell from above. This long, but heavy, object hit me on the right side brim of my helmet and fell next to my right boot. I looked down and, lull and behold, a six-pound flat head ax had fallen through the roof out of one of the firefighter's hands, who was performing ventilation. After exiting the structure, I checked my helmet and discovered no dents or serious scratches. I was impressed that the Cairns 1010 helmet stood up to that kind of abuse and didn't have to take it out of service. In turn, the helmet saved me from being taken out of service too. By properly wearing the helmet and utilizing it in a hazardous atmosphere, this piece of equipment protected and saved my life. I entrust Cairns 1010 or any other of Cairns' helmets. Thank you for all your dedication and hard work.

Kevin B. Waterloo, NY

July 2009 the Waterloo Fire Dept was providing rescue and fire support for our local county fairs demolition derby. I was assigned to the extrication team and standing by along the side of the "crash coarse" when 2 vehicles collided. It caused pieces to fly every direction. During the time of the collision I felt something hit my helmet. Someone came over and asked if I was ok? I said yes and asked why. The firefighter was holding a piece of the bumper shock that had struck the shield holder and the top of my Cairns 1010 helmet. The shield holder was bent and a couple of chips where missing from my helmet but it was still in good shape. I still have the helmet and have it as my back up helmet as my department issued me a new Cairns 1010. It did its job and save my head during the demos. I will always wear a Cairns! THANK YOU!!!!

Doug A. Juliette, GA

Doug A. Juliette, GA Monroe Co. Emergency Services

It has been a few years, but I remember it very well. I Love my Cairns 1010. I had a house fire about 2 in the morning and me and our crew made an interior attack. The fire was already venting through the roof. We made a great knock back and just about had it out and the rear corner started falling and one of the trusses fell and hit me and my fellow Firefighters in the head. Thanks to my Cairns 1010 I walked away.

Nathan B. Milledgeville, GA

While working a 3 alarm structure just last month, my Cairns 1010 saved my rear yet again. While pulling ceiling to knock the fire out running the rafters, I saw out of the corner of my eye the seams all the way across the room start to split. I quickly told my nozzleman to cover up, and as I did, the whole kit and caboodle came down on top of our heads. After the initial shock wore off, and we finished the job, I looked at me helmet, and all that happened was a few burnt tets and some scuffed paint. Every helmet I own is Cairns, and an N6A is next on the list. I won't ever buy a different brand.

Ralston S. Lenoir, NC

Ralston S. Lenoir, NC NCFR (North Catawba Fire-Rescue)

Hi My name is Ralston. Today I'm going to tell you a story about my Twin Brother and His Cairns 1010. Myself and my twin brother Mason are premature. We were born 27 weeks early. I weighed 2lbs, 3oz and Mason weighed 2lbs, 2oz. We were so small my Dad could hold us in his hand and take his wedding ring and put it all the way up are arms. We were in the Hospital for 3 months. I came home first, but my brother came home a couple of week's after I did. My brother got the bad end of things when he was being born. He had to have open heart surgery when he was 3 days old and had surgery on his intestine. The doctors told my mother my twin brother would never be able to sit up or walk, he would be blind and would never be able to be on his own when he got older. But, God proved the doctors wrong! Today on February 15, 2011 my Brother is a Junior Firefighter with me and will be one for a year on February 23, 2011. He is not blind. He can walk on his own. He can run (not as fast as the normal person but it's running for him). My twin brother is the most caring and loving person you will ever meet. He will do anything for you!! If he can't, he will do his best. I love my Brother with all my heart. I don't know what i would do without him, but God has Blessed me with him for 15 Years now. My Father has been in the Fire Service for 23 Years now. We grew up in it, and we love every bit of it. My Brother has a Yellow Cairns 1010. One of the Captions at my Department gave it to him and said he could use it for anything he wanted to. My brother has been on fires and wrecks and woods fires. I know he will be safe wearing his Cairns Helmet, and I'm glad there are people in God's world that would put people on this earth to make Cairns helmets and etc. To protect myself and my brother. I'm happy to say that my brother is alive today and is with me everyday!. i just wanted to say thank you for reading my story and thank you for all you guys and girls do. God bless all of my brothers and sisters in the Fire and Medical service. Your brother, Ralston.

Jakob S. Garrett, IN

My name is Jakob Shultz. I am a volunteer firefighter on Corunna Fire Department. I have been in the fire service for 11 months and I am attending college for Fire Science. Our department had its one and only house fire in November, my very first house fire. During the attack, I was backup man on the nozzle inside of the home. My nozzle man went to shoot towards the ceiling, so, I crouched down to give him a better handle. As I was crouched, my nozzle man and I had a partial ceiling fall on us. At that point, we radioed the IC to evacuate everyone due to unsafe conditions. If it wasn't for my Cairns 1010 helmet and my partners Cairns 1044, we could have been seriously injured in that house, but we both made it out safely. After a little clean up job, our helmets look good as new and are still being used today.

Patrick H. Buffalo, NY

I am a second generation fire fighter following my father's footsteps. Hired in 2010 I am two weeks from the end of my probation and was in the Market for a Cairns helmet when I came across this giveaway. My father's career and time on this world was cut short after a structural fire in Buffalo eastside went horribly wrong. A roof collapsed on his leaving him without oxygen for several minutes causing irreversible damage to his brain. " It's a story that made headlines around the world when on April 30, 2005, Donny Herbert, a 43-year old Buffalo firefighter, stunned his doctors, family and friends when he suddenly emerged from a vegetative stupor after nearly 10 years. Over the next 16 hours, Donny, who had been deprived of oxygen for six minutes when the roof of a burning building caved in on him in December 1995, began talking and became his old lovable self again, catching up with family and friends on the decade he'd lost. Donny gradually slipped back into a vegetative state and died in December 2006" - - 60 minute clip which aired november 2007;photovideo - He always wore the city issued non traditional helmet, because he could not afford nothing else, But i remember one day as a little child how happy he was when our family bought him his first traditional helmet a Cairns 1010 which one day became the cover picture on the book about my dad. Today it sits on my mom's mantle silt covered with the front holder bend from the roof collapse (no other damage). Your helmet with the actions taken by the Buffalo Firefighters gave my family another 11 years which I will always cherish. Thanks You Patrick Herbert

Matt B. Toledo, OH

Matt B. Toledo, OH Toledo Fire and Rescure Deaprtment, Toledo, OH

The Crew I was assigned to for the day responded to a structure fire in a 2 story multi-family dwelling. Upon our arrival we had light smoke conditions with no visible fire from side Alpha. Myself and another member entered the structure with an 1 3/4 hose line and proceeded to Division 2 to attack the fire. When we reached division 2 we encountered high heat and began to attack the fire. Somehow we lost water pressure and the flames now were over taking us. My partner retreated to the stairwell and I had the nozzle and moved back as well. Come to find out his helmet, made by another manufacturer, melted and compressed his hood onto his ears causing extensive second degree burns. My 1010 held up and I made it out unhurt! It was a lesson to us both in water supply and having water before an attack is started. It also forced him to get a new helmet! I still wear Cairns 880 and love them! I have gone through 3 different Cairns helmets during my 11 years here and plan on using many more. Thanks for protecting my melon from damage! Lt Matt Brixey

Tyler S. Lenoir, NC

Tyler S. Lenoir, NC Gamewell Fire Department

My fire department had just started doing overhaul of a structure fire. The crew was in the kitchen area and before they started overhaul we had soaked the attic of the home so that we could get the fire from up there out. I had stepped out onto the drive way to take a breather and the next thing i had heard was a loud crash. I ran to the doorway to find part the ceiling on the ground. The ceiling had fallen from where all of the water had weighed it down. Luckily all firefighters in side were either wearing there Cairns 1010 or there 880 when it fell on there heads. Everyone walked away with no injuries. The only helmets that my fire department uses is Cairns because we know we can trust them. Thank you for your great helmets.

Thomas M. Murfeesboro, TN

Thomas M. Murfeesboro, TN Lascassas Volunteer Fire

I got my 1010 for Christmas and it was great. The day after I was down at the station and we got a call so was very excited. So far i have been on 14 calls with my 1010. Thank you MSA/Cairns.

Mason M. Melbourne, KY

On 12/8/2010 our engine 1301 responded to the community to the northeast of us (Dayton KY) to assist in a structure fire. 5 agencies were called in due to the cold weather freezing the hydrants. While laddering the building to vent a 3rd story window fellow Firefighter/Engineer Jason Smith was footing the back-side of the ladder facing the structure. Without warning the wooden soffet underneath the gutters on the front of the 3 story house broke loose. The very large piece of flaming debris from 3 stories up fell directly on top of FF Smith knocking him unconscious and to the ground. Crews quickly removed FF Smith from the "danger zone" and he woke up enough to walk to the ambulance fore evaluation. Without his Cairns 1010 on it was quite clear that FF Smith would not have survived such a blow, let alone walk away from it. The story was carried on all local news stations and was and article on firefighter The helmet did exactly as designed and saved him from death or serious injury. FF Smith was back to full working capacity that day.

Patrick R. millersport, OH

Patrick R. millersport, OH Millersport Fire Department

I am a 22 year old firefighter from ohio. I am the youngest in a family of firefighters. Myself, my twin brother, my older brother and my father are all firefighters. I am a full time part timer, i work for 5 departments all paid and volunteer for my home department at which i am very active. My very first fire I made entry through heavy smoke filled conditions to the back room with another member of the department. Once we started extinguishment, I could see that the fire had made it through the ceiling and into the attic. Conditions began to worsen. The heat began to melt my shield on my 1010, and breathing became difficult because my face piece began to cloud up from the heat. I knew it was time to get out of the house. We turned around and took off out of the room. Part of the ceiling let go and came down on top of us. We were not hurt, once we were able to get our bearings back from being smacked in the head we were able to make it out of the structure with ease. To this day I have worn a few different makes, models and types of helmets. The 1010 is still my favorite helmet. For its height, look, weight, and protection. I personally believe the cairns 1010 is the best helmet on the market and I will continue to wear it with pride. Thanks for this opportunity. FF/Emt Patrick Redd

Ryan L. Riverbank, CA

Ryan L. Riverbank, CA Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District

I have had other helmets in the past, but there is a never a concern for safety with my ppe when it comes to wearing a Cairns helmet on the fireground. There have been many incidents where the Cairn's helmet structure has protected me in what I feel is better than any other helmet could do. The picture is of me when I was an engineer wearing my Cairns 1010 walking to the fire with confidence.

Rob T. Tilbury, ON

Rob  T. Tilbury, ON Chatham-Kent Fire

On entering a house fire for an interior attack, me and my partner were pulling in a 1 3/4 hand line when a door way and some ceiling fell striking both our Cairns Fire Helmets, My Cairns 1044 and his Cairns 1010 stood up to this falling debris with out injuring us at all!

Fred D. Youngstown, OH

Fred D. Youngstown, OH Youngstown Fire Dept.

In 1995, I was working a fire in an occupied auto body shop. as we were advancing, without warning, a 8' shop light fell down and struck me square on my head! I was disoriented, and was led to safety, but had no injuries due to the fact that I was wearing my cairns Sam Houston helmet that I had since 1991. at that time, the only damage done to my helmet was that the front holder was bent! Since 2004, I've been using a 1010, since our large fire load forced me to retire my faithful Houston. this helmet now sits on my TV in my main cave, and reminds me how lucky i was to escape serious injury that day, and how this trusty helmet has seen the worst fires, and was with me thru our "war years"! At least 3-400 fires or more I had with this protective helmet thru the years, and it was the best! I wouldn't use any other brand of helmet!!! 175 years means something to me!!!

Joey R. Honey Grove, TX

Joey R. Honey Grove, TX Honey Grove Fire Dept

This helmet is the result of a flash over in an adjoining room to the entry room of an abandoned nursing home fire. All firefighters escaped with minor burns but the gear was severely damaged. The Cairns 1010 helmet did its job.

John B. Barrington, NH

John B. Barrington, NH Barrington Fire & Rescue, Barrington, NH

Me on the roof preparing to vent with my trusted Cairns 1010

Chris H. Hudson, NY

Chris H. Hudson, NY Greenport Pumper Co. No. 1

This is the aftermath of a collapse the occurred during an early morning fire at a Pellet Stove Supply store. After sweeping the room with a MSA Evolution TIC it was deemed safe to enter and open up an interior wall for master stream operations. While opening the interior wall the ceiling had a partial collapse. Myself and two other firefighters were hit with debris and knocked to the floor, we were dragged out by exterior members standing by at a the door Upon exiting a total collapse of the area occurred. Little did we know that due to double 5/8" sheetrock around the room we we unaware of the real danger ahead of us. Also above us was a small office space that we were unaware of. My Cairns N5A New Yorker took the hit from falling debris and the only damage received was a bent shield holder. The other two firefighters with me both use Cairns 1010s. These products have stood up to the test and still come out on top.

Mike H. Owego, NY

Mike H. Owego, NY Owego Fire Department

Cairns is the only helmet I've worn and would trust to have my head in a fire. The attached photo is my Cairns 1010 which was in service for 6 years.

Jeff S. Belmont, NH

Jeff S. Belmont, NH Tilton-Northfield Fire & EMS

I was doing overhaul on the 2nd floor following a 2 alarm fire in an occupied dwelling when my Cairns 1010 was put to the test and came out with my respect. Myself and 2 other firefighters were in the bedroom pulling ceiling and a couple of the rafters that had partially burnt through when one end of one of the rafters that a fellow firefighter was working on broke free. The rafter was still attached on one end, so it came down like a pendulum and hit me between the shoulder blades. My helmet absorbed a good blow to the back of it and was knocked forward, over my eyes. If I had not been wearing my chinstrap it would have been knocked completely off my head and I may have suffered an injury to my head. My Cairns 1010, did exactly what is expected of it and saved me from a sure head injury, so thank you for creating such a great product! FF/EMT Jeff Sheltry

john s. middleburgh, NY

john s. middleburgh, NY Middleburgh fire dept

I have been a volunteer firefighter and when I started out I went and bought my very own Cairns 1010 (black) helmet. Well that being 10 years ago....that black helmet now hangs on my living room wall. That helmet had seen many going calls and one that stands out, is the fire on Easter morning 2006. This fire was indeed the one that put that helmet on my wall in the first place. That fire was reported around 7am and was 2 doors down from the house I was raised in. The fire was reported as a working fire with entrapment of two elderly people, in the fire filled apartment. At the time, I was the dept Lieutenant and just changed the shield and stayed with my Cairns 1010...well at the fire FF Burton and myself entered the rear of the apartment doing S&R and found and pulled both unconscious parties to safety. At which time was turned over to waiting ems, and both parties did make it. But as for the helmet itself, well it took a real beating at the fire. At some point the rear brim, failed and cracked. The same helmet was in service for about one week there after, in wait for my new helmet and even seen one more fire call a brush fire where the bourke saved my eye when the chainsaw failed and took a bit out of the bourke. Now that I'm Asst Chief I still run with a Cairns 1010, just white now. My members now run with the 1044 defender-bourkes combo and love them. I will never own anything other then a CAIRNS! Your helmet let me to do my job on that Easter morning, as your helmet did it's job!

John B. Atlanta, GA

John B. Atlanta, GA DeKalb Fire/Rescue

I wore a Cairns 1010 at my last job that I just recently resigned from in October 2010. It protected me numerous times in structure fires and other IDLH environments. Great fit, good look, and lightweight. Loved the helmet. To top it all off, at my going away party from Woodlawn Fire Division (Cincinnati, Ohio), my captain surprised me by presenting me with my duty helmet (Unbeknownst to me he had asked the Chief prior to the party and was given approval) The helmet pictured is the one. Thanks.

Samuel B. League City, TX

Samuel B. League City, TX San Leon Volunteer Fire Dept

This is my Cairns 1010, I have ran it into every wall dropped it while getting out from the truck after being too tired to care after a long call, its been burned up, I have had to replace the eagle because of training, I've had fence posts with nails on the end slammed on my head during overhaul and I thank that helmet everyday. A lot of people say that your SCBA and your air is your life and I agree with that but to me your head is the most important thing on your body and needs to be protected.

Kyle T. Hortonville , WI

Kyle T. Hortonville , WI Hortonville Hortonia Fire District

My Cairns 1010 Helmet protected me when my Dept. was on a Extrication Call involving a victim trapped in machinery. The tool that we were using came loose and hit my helmet and face shield. Without my helmet i would have been severely injured. Thanks Cairns.

Erik J. Fairhaven, MA

Erik J. Fairhaven, MA Fairhaven Fire Dept.

I Have always used Cairns since 2003-present and love It. I bought cairns 1010 when i got on my dept as a volunteer fire fighter. Its a great helmet sits on my head well and has protected my head dozens of times from pulling ceiling hitting my head on beams fighting a fire in a crawl space. My dept gave me a morning pride had it fell a part in my first fire with it the eagle fell off and the rubber trim came off So I went back to my Cairns1010. I became a professional fire fighter where i work as a volunteer fire fighter. I bought a Leather cairns N5A New Yorker and love it. Have only seen one fire with it but is great. I come from a long line of fire fighters and they all had leather cairns N5A new yorker. Cairns is the only helmets I will use.

Michael C. Pensacola, FL

Michael C. Pensacola, FL Myrtle Grove Vol. Fire Department

I was on the initial interior attack team on a 2 story house. In the process of the attack, due to fire damage in the attic, and water from our hoses, the ceiling gave way, with it came insulation and drywall that were still on fire. Thankfully my Cairns 1010 helmet saved me from burns and head injuries that could have resulted.

Tom S. Thornton, IL

i had a tv fall on top of my head. I was wearing a Cairns 1010. The only damage was to the eagle.

Brandon G. Bluff City, TN

Brandon G. Bluff City, TN Avoca Fire Rescue

That's my dad and me. My dad is in a Cairns 1010.

Stephen W. Sylva, NC

Stephen W. Sylva, NC Sylva Fire Dept.

My Sammy and 1010

Jody F. Balch Springs, TX

It was my last shift as a rookie. That day i was tending to my rookie duties when around 3 in the afternoon we were dispatched to a fire at an apartment complex. I quickly got dressed and when we arrived on scene all i could see is flames blowing out from under the eve's of the building. I bailed off the truck behind my captain and made entry at the door. I was instructed to feed the hoseline in to him and another firefighter. There i was at the doorway feeding in the line when i heard a window shatter. Just as it shattered i tried to get all 220 pounds of my body under my helmet. The window was directly above my head. My Cairns 1010 i purchased a month prior had just seen its first fire and protected my head. I love my cairns 1010 and still to this day have it in service. Thanks

Jeffrey M. Oriskany, NY

On a late fall day in 2007, the village of Oriskany experienced a wind storm with winds of 40-60 miles per hour. Multiple trees and wires were down across our fire district. As I was directing traffic around one downed tree, a 3-inch diameter limb fell and struck me on the head. Luckily I was wearing my Cairns 1010 helmet, which saved me from getting seriously injured. I was transported to the hospital, diagnosed with only a slight concussion. Thanks Cairns. - Chief Jeffrey J. Midlam (Oriskany Fire Dept.)

Jason M. North Chili, NY

We were responding for a basement fire in Clarendon NY. at the time i was with the Holley fire Department.. Report of smoke coming from the windows so we doubled timed it..I was packing up in the back along with some of my other brothers when we heard on the radio.. "Holley 31 the intersection is clear". So we knew fire police had the intersection. The driver not realizing the intersection had a very big Crown in the middle of the adjacent road.. proceeded to continue at the at speed...At what still not sure. When going threw this intersection we were told by fire police that ALL TIRES were off the ground at least 3 feet.. Now me being in back packing up as we Jumped the intersection..My Cairns 1010 was on my head THANK GOD. My head hit the roof of the truck so hard it Took my eagle and bent it over crushing it. If i wouldn't of had that helmet on i would have had a serious head injury. Your guys and girls make a great product I have had My 1010 For about 9 Yrs and would never think of owning anything different.

Adam G. Belton, SC

Back in 2006, our department was dispatched to a commercial structure fire at our local flea market not even a half mile from our station. Upon arrival we found a restaurant well involved and a few exposures being threatened. Myself and a fellow firefighter made entry into the restaurant to find the kitchen in the rear to be fully involved. As we made our way through the front, we slid and fell due to grease and water on the floor. My chin strap on my Cairns 1010 was not as tight as I thought it was and my helmet came off. As we picked ourselves up, we straightened out our stuff, including my helmet, and proceeded to the seat of the fire. We didn't make four steps and we had a huge light fixture and more debris fall right on our heads. We didn't have a scratch on us. I was amazed on how it protected us. It was almost as if nothing fell on us. We were able to extinguish the fire and no other damage was done. Thanks for designing and constructing such a great helmet.

Roger F. Noblesville, IN

We were assisting another local fire department on a residence fire. Upon our arrival we found a one-story pre-fab home fully engulfed in flames. When we went to do overhaul we were pulling ceilings and hitting hot spots that were left in the house. A fellow firefighter was pulling ceilings to look for a hot spot when a whole piece of sheet rock came down on my head. I was wearing my cairns 1010 model helmet that I purchased in 1998. it protected my head as it has done so many times before. I have used other helmets before and keep going back to Cairns I like the way they fit and the protection is superior to any other one I have used.

Jeremy C. Valatie, NY

Cairns has been a true part of my firefighting career. I have only chosen cairns for my helmets and would not have any other helmet as part of my protection. I have been a firefighter for 16 years and am a vol. and a paid staff at a combi dept. I have older style 1010 and a 1044 as my gear for those dept. Cairns is the best in the market for helmets.

Scot M. Union Grove, WI

During training they give us the Cairns 660C Metro helmet an during our last fire drill we had to sit in the fire an watch it an explain what was going on during that period of time it got upwards of 700 degrees and we backed out to cool down an while taking out gear off i noticed my shield on my cairns actually started to melt but it held up pretty good an still very useable only around the edges did it melt so all in all good helmet cant wait till we get our traditionals this week again its the Cairns 1010 i believe, thanks guys

Bryan M. Webster, NY

i currently have a department issued Cairns 1010 model helmet, and one cold night in january sitting around the fire house with a couple other guys we got an ems call, we quickly jumped in the rescue and took off, while returning from the ems call we were called to the possible house fire on east main street, we pulled into the fire house and jumped onto the engine company. we pulled up to a 2 1/2 story older wood frame home smoke from the front door and heavy fire from the rear of the structure, we stretched an 1 3/4 hand line through the front door and were met with intense heat and fire beginning to lick up the stairs, we enter the back room and began to attack the seat of the fire in the rear, the next engine grabbed the back up line and proceeded straight up the stairs where the fire was beginning to advance, as the crew went up the stairs and was met with a great deal of heat, they didn't know that the 2nd floor had flashed just before they arrived, and the ceiling was begin to break apart, i remember as we handed the hand line off to another back up crew, we all met outside to rehab and change bottles, my fellow company member whom was on the back up line came up to talk to us his brand new N5A New Yorker in hand but it didn't look as it did a month before when he received it for christmas, the brass eagle was bent and disfigured the helmet cracked and charred, he explained to us that pieces of the ceiling began to fall on him and his crew, while we all got a bit of smoke on our helmets we were astonished that his helmet looked the way it did and that he was completely unscathed. to this day that company member still wears that same N5A, proudly and is very open to telling his story.

Rick E. Johnstown, PA

I have owned a N5A New Yorker since i started in the fire service since march of 1996. i started out with a used one until 1998 when i bought a new New Yorker. I had that helmet in service until 2007 when i had to take it out of service due to heat damage. Since then i have been using a Cairns 1010. I will only use Cairns helmets because of the craftsmanship and the durability of the helmets. I am looking forward to owning New Yorker again someday.

Mike E. West Mifflin, PA

We had a well off house fire with possible entrapment. My crew stretched an attack line and began entry into the building. Approximately 15' into the building a large beam fell striking me in the head. I truly believe that if I had not been wearing my Cairns 1010 then I would have been injured, or worse, killed.

Web M. Milledgeville , GA

I have been wearing Cairns Helmets for my entire career. I have been on the job since 1970. Regardless of the situation whether it is in training, live fire, or on a call, my Cairns Helmets have sustained high heat, ceiling material and superheated water falling on top of me, and glass and metal rebounding during extrication situations. My Cairns helmets have saved me from head and facial injury on a regular basis . So whether I win a new Cairns helmet or not, is academic, because I am already a winner...every time I return from safely from a call . Thanks Cairns/MSA . P.S. I own and have worn the Topguard, Cairns 880, 881, Classic 1000, Sam Houston, and currently the Cairns 1010. Your helmets are like the Timex watch, they take a beating and keep on protecting .

Samuel H. Las Vegas, NM

My story is not that of one where the helmet saved me, rather the helmet made me feel safe and proud. Every time the alarm activated, I knew we made the right decision when we ordered the new helmets. My Cairns 1010 with the 4 inch faceshield was a symbol of tradition and pride, it was lightweight, compared to other models on the market.

Adam J. Havelock, NC

Adam J. Havelock, NC Dalton F.D. 2000-2007/ USMC - 2007-present

In January of 2007, a few months before I left Dalton F.D. for Marine Corps boot camp, we had a fire at Columbia Recycling. One of my assignments was for me and my partner to go into a part of the building that had not suffered as much damage from the fire and try to hit hotspots with a 2 1/2" handline. While in there we were bombarded by burning debris and large pieces of wood that could have caused serious gashes or even a fracture. Fortunately we had our Cairns 1010s and they protected our heads without so much as one bad scratch.

Nathan P. Orleans, VT

My Dept has used cairns 1010 for about ten years now. The one story that I can think of happened when one of our guys was pulling a drop ceiling in an office of the florescent lights fell out (not just the bulb the whole fixture) And struck him square in the head. It knocked him down for a second but he got back up and continued to pull the ceiling. later that night we looked at his helmet.....not a scratch on it...

Scott K. Hightstown, NJ

A few months back we had a house fire in our local. I was on the nozzle of the first line in the structure. Fire was in the upstairs bed room on the Alpha side of the building. Myself and the Lieutenant ( who was my back up man) mad enter. about halfway up the stair we were met with black smoke and alot of heat, banking us down to the ground. As I made it to the landing of the second floor we found fire to the left of the stairs in the front bedroom. We called for water and as the line was charged the sheetrock that was placed over the plaster and latthe began to fall on both of our heads. At first I thought someone else on the team was pulling the ceiling on me but after watching it fall in other places in the room i realized what was happening. We knock the fire down and began overhaul. After going to rehab one of the guys said something to about my helmet. I looked down at it and realized the paint on the top of it was cracked and a piece of paint was missing from it. Nothing else was wrong with the helmet and i got luck that i had such a great helmet to protect me. Althought I do not have a picture due to having to place paint back on the helmet per my chiefs request, i figured that Cairns would like to here my story. I have two new yorkers, a 1010 and have friends that have nothing but Cairns. I do not never see purchasing another interior structure other then one that has a Cairns name on it.

Steven S. Dayton, OH

When I was active.. Our dept wore Cairns 1010 helmets. We went on a mutual aid call to a rural area. Myself and one other Fire Fighter was the 5th engine in. 1 story house with attic fully involved and just broke through the roof. My partner and myself pulled the "2nd" attack line... 300' 1-3/4" hose and made entry into the rear of this house. Crews were pulling ceiling in the kitchen area but not in the living room area where the fire was bowing the ceiling. This was one of those "Stand Up" operations.. I took my hose line and was making my own hole to be able to get a ladder into the attic and put this thing out. The fire load in the area above my head was heavy due to the family storing items in the attic above where I was working... Next thing I know is almost the whole room fell in on me! Not my partner or anyone else just on me! The debris knocked me flat down ringing my bell pretty good. I got up and our crew went outside. I went back to the house, after a air bottle change and just as I was about to enter and the porch roof collapsed on me...Panel board and shingles... Again knocking me flat. Command wanted to send me to the hospital and I refused... The helmet took 2 heavy blows and stood its cracks, no divots, just discolored the paint abit and breaking the plastic clear shield. I still have that helmet in my small collections but I have to admit...This helmet took a beating that day and thanks to it I have no injuries or neck problems from that fire. Thanks to Cairns they made a great helmet that gave me the protection I needed. Sorry no photo but I was kinda busy fighting the fire at the time!

Sean M. worcester, PA

We were at a commercial building fire when I was doing a primary search for workers that were trapped when there was a partial building collapse in the area that we were in and my cairns msa 1010 saved me from what doctors believed what would of been permanent brain damage when a 20 pound chunk of the concrete ceiling collapsed on my head.

Cody P. Canton, NC

It was a 2 o'clock in the morning early residential structure fire. A two story home with flames and heavy smoke showing from the second floor upon arrival. All occupants had made it safely out of the residence. I was the lead man on the initial two man attack team. We made our entry on the first floor through the front door and started our way up the stairs leading to the second floor. About the time we made it to the first landing to make a 90 degree turn to proceeded up the last 6 steps, an upstairs window busted causing the second floor to flash and come pouring down the stair well. When this occurred it also brought wall members and roofing joist down the stair well, striking me in the head. I was grateful to have had on my Cairns 1010 helmet to protect me from the falling debris. The helmet held up extremely well and has since been retired. But I am proud to say that we use Cairns station wide now for there dependability and just over all great products. Thanks, Captain Cody Parton

Andrew J. College Station, TX

My first helmet was a Cairns 1010, it served me faithfully through several structure fires and grass fires alike in Brazos county.

Bennie M. San Antonio, TX

I have worn Cairns Helmets for almost 20 years and have purchased a 1010, 1044, and an N6A Houston within the last 15 years. These helmets have protected me during the 13 years that I was assigned to the Heavy Rescue Team in the SAFD. I still use your helmet and purchased an N6A Houston leather helmet about 2 years ago for use during training of cadets for the San Antonio Fire Department.

Frank B. Marietta, GA

On April 16 2001, at 01:00 am we were dispatched on a house fire the fire was inside on the second floor the first arriving company arrived to find heavy fire coming from a room on the second floor. When my company arrived command advised us that there was someone trapped on the second floor on the c-side of the house and we needed to find the victim we advanced to the second floor attempting to locate the victim when some part of the roof collapsed on us we were all wearing our gear but one of my guys was wearing his Cairns leather helmet when it fell and hit him knocking him to the floor we were able to pull him free and continue on with our search and found the victim. After all of that he came to us outside and if it wasn't for his Cairns leather he would have more than likely broke his neck. Myself was wearing a Cairns 1010 but now i think if i had one like that i would have more confidence and be safer than if i was wearing something else.

Daniel W. Winston Salem, NC

I was doing overhaul and a piece of burnt 2x4 fell from the ceiling and hit me on top of my head, thankfully for my Cairns 1010, it didn't even hurt.

Tyler M. Lyndon , VT

I don't have a story of how they have protected myself or someone i know. But I just wanted to say Cairns makes the best helmets out there. I have worn helmets from morning pride, bullard and phenix. and none feel as comfortable or light as my Cairns 1010. Love your products. Will never wear any other helmet then a Cairns.

Dustin W. Hayden, CO

On a structure fire in an old house while the department training officer was making entry in to the second story of wood frame house the brick chimney fell on the fire fighter, knocking him down the stairs. The firefighter was protected from head injuries by his use of a Cairns 1010 helmet.

Jeff M. Newark, NY

I want to say it was 1996 when I bought my first Cairns 1010, I only had it for a little while and I wore the helmet to the NYS Accident Vehicle Extrication Training being held in Lyons, NY. We were in the early days of the course and we were mostly working with hand tools rather than hydraulics. My team was working on using a high lift jack to pull the steering column. As we were raising the jack and it was getting near it's highest point the jack kicked out and lever came crashing down on the back of my new Cairns 1010 taking a small chunk out of the helmet. I felt the impact through my helmet and was definitely thankful that I was wearing it as I would have definitely had an ambulance ride if I was not wearing it.

Tymothy D. Tigerton, WI

I bought a Bullard USTM6 and the outer shell cracked within 6 weeks of it being used. Contacted Bullard and they wouldn't stand behind their product. They said it was exposed to too many elements. Now I have a Cairns 1010! By far the best helmet I've ever used. Have had no problems and I don't foresee any happening.

John M. Uniontown, OH

When I first got a fire job it was with Uniontown Fire Dept. And all probies got tactical tupperware from Bullard. Even in probie school I wore one. You could feel the heat right through it even in in the burn building. But after we were on the dept for a year we finaly earned our Cairns 1010. I was like a kid at Christmas. Then we had a structure fire one night. I threw on my pac and lid and went in with my partner. This fire was a hot one. And we were going up stairs. When we got to the top of the stairs, my head was cool and I couldn't feel the heat. I had to stand up at the top of the steps to pull some hose around the corner. I reached up and could feel the brass eagle but no leather shield. When i went to rehab i found my leather shield had melted and my reflector had as well but the whole time I was fine my head was nice and cool and comfortable. When I went back in I just went back up and fixed my shield and stayed low. Cairns will forever be my helmet company of choice. We even use them at my new dept in Hartville. But I have always wanted to be a leather head.

Joshua P. Leroy, NY

Joshua  P. Leroy, NY Leroy

My Cairns 1010 has kept me safe for 16 years. Just a great bucket to have on. Also keeps the snow of my skull in these upstate NY winters.

Steven Y. Gouverneur, NY

Steven Y. Gouverneur, NY Gouverneur Fire Company Inc.

As Chief of the Gouverneur Fire Company Inc., Gouverneur, NY, I would not have nothing but a Cairns Helmet on my members. These helmets do nothing but perform to the riggers of the job as one of the busiest departments in our area. You keep making a great product and we'll keep buying them. Myself and my Assistants wear the 660C Metros and my members wear the Cairns 1010s.

Jamie F. Marthasville, MO

I have been a volunteer fire fighter for 24 years and a career fire fighter for 17 years. Both jobs I rely on my Cairns 1010 helmet to get me back home in one piece!!! While working a structure fire about three years ago is where I learned how important it was to have a high quality helmet protecting me instead of a 'Bargain Brand". While pulling ceilings during overhaul operations I hooked some storage items in the attic space and had a World War Two bayonet in its sheath fall down and clock me on my helmet and knock out a chunk of my helmet. It also rang my bell but with the helmets suspension system taking most of the shock I was able to get my stuff together and continue doing my job. I am a firm believer in your product like all the rest of my fellow fire fighters here at Cottleville Fire Protection District in Missouri.

Preston R. Sale Creek, TN

I am currently the owner of two Cairns helmets, one 1010 and one 1044. I have always wore Ben 2's until a close friend of mine was involved in a line of duty death. He is one of the chiefs of a neighboring department and made an attempt to save the firefighter that was killed in the line of duty when the floor he was on collapsed into the burning basement. My friend, the chief, risked his own life to attempt to pull the firefighter to safety but was unsuccessful. He suffered severe burns to his ears but the rest of his head was saved thanks to a Cairns. This event lead me to buy my 1010 and I was so impressed with it I bought the 1044. I stand behind Cairns 100% and recommend them to everyone.

Jason K. Whiteland, IN

Jason K. Whiteland, IN Whiteland Volunteer Fire Department

One day after a strong storm system had started a house fire. I had just bought my new Cairns 1010 helmet 4 days prior due to me being promoted to department safety officer and due to the fact that our department was in need of updating all of our outdated helmets that we had. The house fire was on the border of our area and we were called in as a 3rd due engine company. That day I was the officer on the engine due to the fact that the line officer was out of service. My company made it onto the scene and was order to relive the teams on the inside. Most of the fire had been knocked down but due to the home being a large home with many add-ons we had fire hiding in many places. My team had came out and switched our bottles when command had us go and do overhaul of the master bedroom. While in the room then 2 of my firefighters were on the line hitting hots spots when me and my engineer were in a walk in closet just inside the master bedroom. we were pulling the ceiling down when all of a sudden the ceiling came crashing down on top of myself and my engineer. We were pulled from the area very fast due to our other team members being right there. If we did not have our new Cairns helmets then its hard telling what would have happened to us. I still have that helmet today to remind me of my close call. But mostly a few days after that happened then my first child was born. The helmet saved my life and my team's life. And for that I am thankful but grateful that you have built a helmet that allowed me to say i survived. The photo that I am sending with this is that of me and my first born Bryce. I am wearing the helmet that saved my life.

Neal B. Murfreesboro , TN

Neal  B. Murfreesboro , TN Lascassas Volunteer Fire Dept.

I have been wearing Cairns helmets since day one in the fire service. Cairns is the best helmet around in my book. I have had a few close calls in my fire service career and I know for a fact that if not for my Cairns 1010 I would've sustained serious injury or worse. During winter 2009, I found myself operating at a house fire early in the morning. My partner and myself proceeded into the rear of the house to locate the fire. While operating inside the house a support beam from the ceiling collapsed forcing the weight of the beam and ceiling directly down on my partner and myself striking both of us directly in the head and shoulders. I firmly believe that if it had not been for my helmet and it being as durable as it is I would have suffered from a head injury or worse. Both my partner and myself both escaped this close call with no injuries and my helmet was still serviceable . This is the reason that I swear by Cairns helmets and recommend any Cairns helmet to all fellow firefighters in the market for a good helmet.

Stephen W. Sylva, NC

Stephen W. Sylva, NC Sylva Fire Dept.

Father's and Son's 1010

Chris F. Pittsfield, ME

My Cairns 1010 helmet that i purchased on The Fire Store website has saved my life more then once since i bought it. I responded to a fully involved structure fire in the winter of 2006 in my response district at a 2 1/2 story wood frame structure. Roughly 30 mins into the scene, a portion of the second floor gave way, landing on myself and partially my partner as well. Most of the floor landed on my head, if not for my cairns 1010 helmet, i may have suffered more injury then i did. So thank god for cairns helmets being so sound and well built. Keep up the good work folks!!!!!!

Shawn M. Pittsburgh, PA

Shawn M. Pittsburgh, PA Seneca Area Emergency Services/Mount Troy VFC

At the time of this incident I was a Firefighter/ Safety Officer with Etna VFD. We were on a daylight structure fire in Millvale Borough, after a great Blitz attack by the Millvale guys, Myself and another Etna Firefighter Darius Allman were in the building doing some overhaul and checking hot spots. We were in opposite corners of the room starting to pull some ceiling when the entire ceiling came down on top of us. Thanks to the Cairns 1010's that we were both wearing, instead of being rushed off to the hospital with serious injuries, we were both able to walk outside on our own and laugh about the incident. We Still laugh about it to this day.